Russell Brand decoded. Nice video.


Here’s a great breakdown on the nonentity Russell Brand.  Brand’s managed opposition, a Fabian, a Freemason and connected into the Establishment, partner of Jemima Khan, according to this internet broadcaster..  The background’s a bit windy, as the speaker is walking on Mt Kilimanjaro while he’s doing his well-informed analysis on Brand.  I enjoyed it nonetheless.  John St Julien makes many good observations.  Brand is Luciferian and of the system.  It goes on a bit long, but John’s a  good speaker and easy to listen to.


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  1. Gordon says:

    Always considered Brand an inferior species, a babbler and a moron. Thanks for confirming.

  2. troy says:

    my eyes opened to brand when i found out who his g’friend is/was. and who her best friends are. all fell into place then. Jemima khan formally GOLDSMITH. or Goldschmidt. elite banking family who were neighbours of the rothchilds in the 18th cent in Frankfurt.

  3. Lynn says:

    So obvious all along….another Jew leading us into the abyss.

  4. Mark says:

    ‘Dots’? Russell has many, John very few. Publicly (my quick look) reveals; Brand-like esoteric wanderings (yet to sample), veggie views and a social action/enterprise. Otherwise..? Engaging fella but to harp on so about Brand puts a bit of a skew-whiff on any overall presentation. My question would be, who else is on John’s controlled opp. list? For there’s a wee gaggle who, switching and swapping a name here and there, and far from shedding a tear, like to smile sweetly and call ‘em all “traitors”. Frankly they get right on my tits and, as it happens, always show particular disdain toward towards those “other co-opted dupes” – Christians. They’re invariably believers and seekers in spiritual dimensions and/or off-planet entities, or New Atheism.

    If Russell is intentional opposition, the need to ‘reveal the method’ and flood us with symbology and numerology is probably going a bit OTT. “And if you know about Luciferian belief…”? I thought I did a bit and therefore the understandable mystery and debate that surrounds but not John, he says some, ‘know’ and it’s this… I’m intrigued to hear more.

    As it goes. On Russ. I’m a libertarian in the ways to organise and as a vision for the post-turnaround social order. Previously Anarchist. Therefore I don’t go with his Socialist appeal. RB undoubtedly holds back/lies about what he really knows and yet is likely a complex mix that isn’t tricky to understand why and partly discernible through self-disclosure. Fabian influence, you rightly state but I’d expect having an ex like Jemima and mates in the swing of Marx, for him to mix in and out all sorts of muddy waters. Tattoos and dog tags don’t overly convince, the boy loves being contrary and brash, and just a little bit F you. The Olympic romp is the most troubling but the intense effort to pull him Illuminati with operatives on to him like a Truman show isn’t surprising he was taken… Or he’s being naïve. At least he wasn’t just pissed or stoned. Or maybe that’ll be next, the secret intoxicant. Maybe those who hear him in the ‘rooms’ know most. “Allo, my name’s Russell and I’m a…”.

    More John, please, and goodun Tap, yet again, for airing relevant accusations


  5. Lynn says:

    See him on youtube flashing obey to his wife of a few months Katie Perry….that should clear things up. MK and handler comes in to play.

  6. butlincat says:

    So many experts, so little to say.

  7. Mallory says:

    A few of my own wonderings after watching this…
    Firstly has anyone asked RB about his involvement with Fabians?
    In some videos, he laughs off being part of the illuminati but from what I have seen has he never mentioned the Fabians, which is a pity. I did feel a little like I’d been brain raped by Brand when hearing of his not so talked about connection to the Fabians, though a quick internet checks shows its nothing new.
    I like his shows and his stance in a lot of ways, but if he is indeed just another person with an agenda, especially that of a society with questionable motives then I’m immensely annoyed for not having seen through it, a lot of it makes sense and the involvement with Khan was always a little strange. In the video a good point is made that RB is just acting and actually not really living by what he preaches, but even buddhists believe having wealth in itself is not the problem. There are some people who have money who are not total selfish assholes, though when you are surrounded by people with nothing it may not seem like it.

    I don’t see how sharing out his relatively smaller wealth with would change a lot, so in his defence, getting out a positive message (if it is one) is more beneficial in a way. Lets say he has 20 million and he shares it out, well in England alone, people who aren’t greedy but rather have no choice could easily have to pay upwards of 500,000 for their own home in London, and how about maintenance?

    Well lets say he divides his 20 Million with 19 other people, so himself and 19 others are now able to buy a home in London and maintain it for however long. Great now how about the other ton of people with nothing, those 19 could employ a few people maybe but surely it would be better to work it so not one person is left out of a share, of not just RB’s money but the global elites wealth. Again this is on the assumption that Brand is not secretly some kind of satanic puppet working for the goal of depopulation and advancing only certain corporations, whilst simultaneously speaking out about paedophiles and corruption, Is it the lesser of two evils if we are to believe so.

    My conclusion I don’t know – no one does – but there are always two sides, its more and more difficult to know who to trust and not everything should be looked at in negative terms, for example the 33 on the dog tag that was apparently complete proof of an involvement with satanism, could if looked at through the eyes of a numerologist be seen as something incredibly positive – Master Teacher …”Initial setting of the Life Path Number 33 – to benefit, to serve and to help the largest possible amount of people. Due to the strong demand for justice and human rights, these numbers are often looking after the aged and disabled people, or are engaged in any other areas, benefiting the society. This number would like to heal everyone with his love.”

    The other thing after a brief read about Fabians and Fabius, it seems he in fact favoured Gradualism over all out Revolution, which seems very contrary to what RB advocates.

    I should very much like to hear his own explanation of the Fabian Society who after all recommend his books, and what exactly his motives are. He comes across as honest and sincere a lot of the time, amongst other things, so perhaps he’s unaware of the agenda himself who knows, either way my perception has been altered so Im appreciative of the reminder not to blindly follow anyone , however good it sounds, I do believe actions speak louder than words, and it odd for someone so outspoken on the monarchy, that he is still alive to tell the tales….

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