Report Of FEMA Camp In South Dakota Comes In – ‘It’s All Getting Ready To Change’ As The Gates Of Hell Are Opening


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline

We’d like to thank all of our readers from across America who continue to email All News Pipeline videos and photographs of things you find suspicious in your own part of the country as the globalists continue to rape, pillage and plunder our nation and our people, they’ve clearly taking the United States under. While most Americans remain ‘numbed and dumb’ while the globalists continue to stick their collective fingers in our eyes, we take a look at a number of new photographs from our readers, including a report of a National Guard site in South Dakota that has all the appearance of a FEMA camp, as well as listen to the new video below from Sheila Zilinsky with Steve Quayle, who warns that it’s all getting ready to change as the gates of hell are opening.

With God, guns and gold now under a full-spectrum attack, world government openly run by those who don’t have Americans best interests in mind is rapidly being put into place and as these pictures show, 4 guard towers surround what could easily be a makeshift prison lead us to ask, who do they plan on putting in here? Is this just a ‘normal’ National Guard training camp or is this in preparation for something else?




Steve Quayle and Sheila Zilinsky provide us with an in-depth analysis of current events in this new video, taking a look at why gold prices are plunging and what’s really happening on the financial front as well as much more, including the war against Christians around the world while ISIS is pandered to and quite literally being run out of Washington DC and the Pentagon. While US Marines are being slaughtered with barely a peep out of the White House while the establishment rushes to defend Planned Parenthood’s baby-parts mill, we have arrived at a time in history which parallel’s the fall of the Roman empire, exemplified by the recent unveiling of a statue of baphomet in Detroit, the largest public satanic ceremony in history.

With the gates of hell now wide open in America, we’re watching the unfolding of the worst of the worst, Sheila reminds us that this is not a drill, the storm isn’t on the horizon, it is right above our heads. Quayle breaks down the destruction of the US Military and tells us about the ‘recipe to totally bring down America’ that we are now under – the destruction of the American dream while infrastructure is being put up across the country to deal with the coming economic collapse that could leave Americans homeless and hungry, begging to go to FEMA camps so that they can get their next meal. With every form of tyranny now unfolding in America, we’re witnessing dead alternative health doctors across the country and the preparation to crack down upon the rest of us who would dare stand up to tyranny and what they have planned.

We take a look at more pictures of this possible FEMA camp in South Dakota below video and also look at several other pictures that were recently sent to ANP by readers from other parts of the country.

You can purchase Sheila’s new book ‘Green Gospel’ here.


Is this a ‘normal’ National Guard training facility in South Dakota, complete with FEMA guard towers?


More ‘training equipment‘?


The next set of pictures below shows a FEMA headquarters bus set up in Texas.



These mysterious white vehicles were sent to us by a reader in Montana. Any ideas what these are for?





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