Cameron doubled national debt in five years. Public unaware.

When I was at university back in the mid seventies, I asked economists about huge national debts and I was told that creditors were content with getting interest payments and didn’t want the payment of the ‘principal’. So everything was fine and dandy. The Vietnam War had got the USA into so much debt that the Fed had to close the gold window. With that the US national debt started to climb. The Jewish 9/11 wars have led to a colossal hike in the US debt as the Pentagon has pissed away trillions in treasure. Here in the UK, Cameron has played the same game and doubled the UK national debt in just five years. It’s unprecedented but the public is blissfully unaware of it. Carney has staved off disaster by keeping the BoE interest rate at 0.5% until 2020 – this is Jacob Rothschild’s reward for Cameron ‘s support of the neocons’ nuclear brinkmanship – of which the British public is unaware. Jacob Rothschild said it: ‘the geo-political situation hasn’t been so dangerous since 1945
‘ while his lieutenant George Soros calls for war on Russia and Victoria Nuland puts the fear of death into Tsipras, after wrecking Ukraine.

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  1. Aldous says:

    It’s impossible to EVER repay the principle/capital of a national debt which is meant to keep a country enslaved by it in perpetuity. These fat-cat Edomite bankers create these debts as iou’s – with no way of them ever being repaid – then sit back on their lard-asses and count the interest coming in by the billions and trillions off the backs of real work, in the main by their goy slaves. As someone whose name escapes me once said: “It’s the new form of slavery where the debtors pay for their own food and accommodation”, or words to that effect.

    The money system itself, the notes and coins that we handle every day, is not actually ‘money’ in the true sense of the word. Money by definition has a positive value but all the so-called money in circulation represents debt. If everyone was able to repay their loans and mortgages, there wouldn’t be any money in circulation at all. Worse still, the interest to repay these loans/mortgages is NEVER in circulation, hence your winners and losers who (by design) keep or lose the roof over their heads or keep or lose their job etc.

    Let Eddie Rothschild explain it like no other can!

    Swindling the Goyim Episodes 1 & 2

    I read somewhere recently that Greece received a ‘loan’ from the IMF of €320 billion, of which €20 billion went into the Greek economy/to the Greek people and €300 billion went to Goldman Sachs in interest payments! You couldn’t make this stuff up – well actually the bankers did make up this €320 billion stuff out of thin air, then just watched their engineered Greek tragedy unfold as only they know how, with decent people working their asses off for minimum wage to be income taxed and VAT’d ad infinitum.

    An old video but still worth an educational watch:

    Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve 6:33

    (Some may want to turn the volume down/mute the audio.)

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Cameron has also delayed the in out vote on EU membership in order that the TTIP will be agreed to by the corrupt EU first. Then it will not matter whether we are in or out the technocratic dictatorship will have their system of control and veto.

    Goldman Sachs – key funding of TTIP see graph here.

    Who was the driving force behind Greece becoming part of the Euro Zone hiding Greece’s outstanding debt and walking away with a substantial profit? Goldman Sachs. Who was instrumental in lining US senator’s pockets in order that “Fast Track”could be passed in order for the TPP and in turn the TTIP, a “secret document” without voters knowledge or approval, could be passed? Goldman Sachs. The bankruptcy of Greece was planned long ago so that they would have no resistance when it came time to implement the TTIP agreements.

    “the traitor is the plague” Cicero

  3. sovereigntea says:

    Current UK National Debt Numbers
    Gross National Debt
    FY 2015* £1.36 trillion
    FY 2014 £1.26 trillion
    FY 2013 £1.19 trillion
    FY 2012 £1.10 trillion
    FY 2011 £0.91 trillion
    FY 2010 £0.76 trillion
    FY 2009 £0.62 trillion
    FY 2008 £0.53 trillion

    Figures & charts here … all you need to prove they are lying deceitful buggers.

  4. sovereigntea says:

    Bank of England the Old Witch of Threadneedle Street was formed by the bankers puppet Dutch usurper Gay King Billy to fund wars and enslave the nation with usury ie interest bearing debt.

    According to the BofE website

    The Bank of England was founded in 1694 to raise funds for the government during a time of war with France.

    Key moments in the Bank’s history – a brief guide

    King William & Queen Mary
    When William and Mary came to the throne in 1688, public finances were weak. The system of money and credit was in disarray. A national bank was needed to mobilise the nation’s resources.

    William Paterson
    William Paterson proposed a loan of £1,200,000 to the Government. In return the subscribers would be incorporated as the Governor and Company of the Bank of England.

    The Royal Charter
    The money was raised in a few weeks and the Royal Charter was sealed on 27th July 1694. The Bank started life as the Government’s banker and debt-manager, with 17 clerks and 2 gatekeepers. In 1734 the Bank moved to Thread-needle Street, gradually acquiring land and premises to create the site seen today.

    Commercial functions
    The Bank managed the Government’s accounts and made loans to finance spending at times of peace and war. A commercial bank too, it took deposits and issued notes.

    The 18th Century
    During the 18th Century the Government borrowed more and more money. These outstanding loans were called the National Debt.

    The First World War: 1914-18
    During the First World War the National Debt jumped to £7 billion. The Bank helped manage Government borrowing and resist inflationary pressures.

  5. sovereigntea says:

    Oliver Cromwell the “goldsmith” and traitor who wrote the first cheque.

    In 1655, the Jewish influx under Cromwell started. Cromwell first called Councils to consider the
    matter, but all were against it. Cromwell dismissed his counsellors and allowed the Amsterdam Jews
    to enter Britain surreptitiously. The following extracts from The Jewish Encyclopedia are most
    instructive on this matter:
    Toward the middle of the seventeenth century a considerable number of Marrano
    merchants settled in London, and founded there a secret foundation at the head of which
    was Antonio Fernandez Carjaval. They conducted a large business with the Levant, East
    and West Indies, Canary Islands and Brazil, and, above all, with the Netherlands, Spain
    and Portugal.
    Outwardly, they seemed as Spaniards and Catholics, but they held prayer-meetings at Cree
    Church Lane . . . meanwhile, public opinion in England had become prepared by the
    Puritanical movement for a sympathetic treatment of any proposal by the Judaizing sects
    among the extremists of the Parliamentary Party for the readmission of the Jews into

  6. sovereigntea says:

    Although several determined attempts were made to have the Jews removed, they maintained rather
    a precarious position until the arrival of William III, in 1688. He was surrounded by Jewish bankers
    from Amsterdam.
    In an article in The Jewish Encyclopedia on Holland, we read that the reign of William III marked a
    “period of exceptional prosperity for the Jews . . . the prince employed Jews in his negotiations
    with foreign kings . . . and Isaac Lopez Suasso (who lent 2,000,000 gulden to William for his
    descent upon England).”
    The following extract is from Sir Archibald Alison’s History of Europe:
    The Prince of Orange brought from the Republic of Holland, where it had been already practised
    and thoroughly understood, the secret of governing popular assemblies and extracting heavy
    taxes from popular communities. . . . His whole efforts were directed to gain the majority of the
    constituencies by corruption, and of votes in Parliament by patronage. . . . It was then that the
    National Debt began; and government was taught the dangerous secret of providing for the
    necessities, and maintaining the influence, of present times by borrowing money and laying its
    3payment on posterity.
    The modern banking system did not exist in Britain until Cromwell’s regime. In his history of
    England, Macaulay says that banking had not started at the time of the Restoration (1660).
    Merchants had their strong-boxes and paid out honest coin on demand. A. E. Feaveryear, in The
    Pound Sterling (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1931) fixes the origin of English banking as 1662.
    Goldsmiths started to give receipts for money held. These were passed about, and thus the cheque
    and banknote were born. The goldsmiths began to find that they could make more loans than they
    had cash. Macaulay quotes a pamphlet, published in 1695, as saying:

  7. Gordon Logan says:

    I wonder if anyone can find the article in one of the Jewish Encyclopedias – on Credit, I think – in which the author writes that the Jews created the first paper money or credit for writing out gold certificates for non-existent gold. That got the Jews kicked out of two hundred countries, and was the beginning of fractional reserve banking, which effectively legalized the counterfeiting of paper money. Malcolm Rifkind goes further and believes that the state has no right to create money at all, and that it should only be created by private banks. The result is the concentration of financial power in the hands of about 20 institutions, according to recent Swiss research into 150,000 corporations. Martin Wolf came out against the privatized creation of money in the FT about a year ago. He supports Positive Money, which is a pressure group for money reform. They have a website and some good videos at
    They have a Facebook page
    I have no doubt that they are well aware that they are challenging the most dangerous and destructive mafia on Earth. Lord Stamp was talking about that mafia when he said in 1920 that ‘banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin’. The great Lord Acton famously said that ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. He was a firm opponent of the banking system, and no doubt the Rothschilds. In 2009 Angela Merkel called for ‘haircuts’ for bondholders. She quickly learnt that bondholders were sacrosanct, while the rest of us could be sheared at will. All the talk about a new German ‘Reich’ is tosh. The Germans are mere puppets, and debt collectors for the bankers. What they can’t extort, they will be forced to pay out of their own pockets. And yes, the system is Jewish and has been since the first gold certificate was forged in the middle ages. Incidentally, Dr Harold Shipman, the Jewish GP who killed over 600 patients, justified stealing their money by saying that the money wasn’t theirs in the first place. He was right in a sense. The system of counterfeit money is in effect Jewish intellectual property, according to the Jewish encyclopedia. We ordinary mortals are merely loaned that money and so Dr Shipman felt that he could take it from his patients (and also kill them). The new idea of savers being liable for a bank’s debts, and taking ‘haircuts’ would appeal to Dr Shipman. It certainly appeals to Jacob Rothschild as he prepares World War III with George Soros and Vickie Nuland. Jacob will soon make Dr Shipman look like a humanitarian!

    • Nike says:

      “…And yes, the system is Jewish and has been since the first gold certificate was forged in the middle ages. Incidentally, Dr Harold Shipman, the Jewish GP who killed over 600 patients, justified stealing their money by saying that the money wasn’t theirs in the first place.”

      According to Babylonian Talmudic law to kill a goyim is considered as offering a sacrifice to God*

      To betray, to steal – it’s ok if a goy is the victim
      Pedophelia, sodomy, incest, bestiality is not forbidden…

  8. Lynn says:

    Majick Money…a Jewish invention and totally criminal….The Corrupt warlords have names and faces….Only a matter of time.

  9. salty says:

    State Debt Is Rising At £5,170 A Second

    JAN 2016 Friday 22ND

    Osborne era has now added £600 billion to the red column

    BRITAIN’S national debt is rising at a rate of more than £5,000 a second thanks to Chancellor George Osborne’s failed economic agenda, incompetence and his refusal to regulate banks and financial institutions, economists said yesterday.

    The accumulation of interest has taken government debt above £1.5 trillion.,170-a-second

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