Police try another tactic to silence Melanie Shaw

Alert Melanie Shaw Please circulate widely.

Latest report is that at 2115 this evening is that Peterborough police have been using four officers 2 female and 2 male to try and intimidate an elderly lady whilst hunting for Melanie Shaw. Will the corrupt British state stop at nothing to silence a vulnerable single woman whistleblower on child abuse at Beechwood children’s home Nottingham? Aside from Melanie’s personal testimony of vile abuse and her statement that children were murdered, what makes several police forces hunt this lady with excessive force as if she were an armed criminal.



The answer lies with Prime Minister David Cameron – so scared is his government of the exposure of the Westminster role in child abuse and cover-up that he has personally declared child-abuse to be a matter of national security. Need we know more. Except to perhaps also say that Ms Goddard has started her five year obfuscation of child-abuse in UK apparently somewhat confused as to whether she is a member of the British establishment or not.

Brian Gerrish



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  1. Aldous says:

    Why would any future British PM call their disabled son Ivan? It’s a terrible name and hardly British. Did fifth cousin twice removed via a bastard bloodline to QE2 know something we don’t? How very convenient that Ivan ‘died’ as Cameron came to office/leader of the opposition. What really happened? Truth hidden in plain sight springs to mind.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Time to put the needle in?

      • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme says:

        What needle? Injection you mean?
        Id have thought it would have been something more ritualistic
        Could Ivans palsy or disability have been inflicted by others? I suppose well never know this
        Very strange and depressing and troubling, how these people treat their children. Horrifyings more the word
        Ive read that in inner freemasonry, and im sure other groups too, before a childs even conceived, theyre marked down for terrible abuse then sacrifice once born.
        Taking this decision before someones even conceived is surely one of the aspects of this whole business, (there are others I know), that are distressing

        This charade can carry on because the seamless slick way these people can lie lie lie. MSM collusions needed too of course for it to carry off
        This is whats stopping many more people waking up, they could just never believe. When the likes of him above are talking slickly on the 6pm news

        And now its clear there are clones too. It raises the question, is it the elite illuminati that clone themselves, are they in control of the situation. Or is it higher Controller forces still. How many elite freemasons are cloned, and did the Original decide to do that for himself? I suppose they must. Good for safety and confuses should prosecutions ever come

        BTW MS Julies recommended I email in my questions to the grand lodge website she gave the link. But I don’t think its safe do you, why draw unnecessary attention asking probing questions about their rituals. They wont answer anyway

        This cloning stuff is really very very weird and like a real life horror film. The article today says theyre not ensouled? That’s interesting.
        I must have read it wrongly from somewhere, I thought nothing could live unless souls or some kind of entities enter.

        Cobra too has discussed the cloning process and how technology at Montauk long island would bring the soul back down into the new clone

        So someones lying

        Unpleasant as all this stuff is. If theres to be any progress, breaking down the Matrix, real openness and freedom, truths like cloning need to be widely understood with proof hopefully. This would weaken the cabal

      • http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_genetica07.htm#clones

        I am just waking up to the seriousness of this. This is Satanic no question about it. It is an offence and assault on everything natural and good and right. It is perverting nature

        These are the same people obsessed with transhumanism and AI

        The trouble is theyre pretending to the Public technological landmarks haven’t been reached yet when they have long ago.

        How do we fight this Men Scryfa? Is there hope? Are Powerful white hat Good Forces in this world as appalled as you and I at this unfolding satanic situation? And working to stop it?

        There is no doubt anymore, its an overused statement till its lost its meaning. But there are fucking INSANE people in charge. Literally

        I cannot quite think of a silver lining and reasons for hope with all this im hoping you can provide some

        Again I hope I am right that Corey SSP whistelblower is real, that the solar warden is a good faction fighting the cabal. Maybe this is the much needed support we need, that plus Gods protection

      • http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_genetica07.htm#clones

        The Scriptures give strong indications that genetic monsters, the half-breed Nephalim will exist in the end times. God’s Word also forecasts that the mark of beast will be needed for buying & selling.

        One item conveyed by the Bible’s book of Revelation is that totally unexpected sudden change will characterize the end times. Christians need to be prepared for unusual big changes. So great will these changes be that the nations will be distressed, and men’s hearts will fail them for fear (LK 21:25-27). The Bible predicted that knowledge shall increase in the last days before Christ returns. (DN 12:4) But that knowledge will be used for evil, because the Bible also says that the world will be totally corrupt as in Noah’s time (MT 24:37)–which was a time of the genetic monsters, the half-bred Nephalim. It also says men and horses will be out of work. (ZEC 8:10) And it is believed that Nahum 2:3-4 must be describing automobiles, and that Isaiah 31:5, and 60:8 are describing and prophesying airships in the last day. The description of the “mark of the beast” is startlingly accurate in describing the microchip which is being inserted into people’s hands and foreheads. The information that is allowed out for the public to access has been heavily censored.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        The Holy Spirit. The Law and the coming End Times Army of God

        The Indwelling and upwelling of the Holy Spirit shall be made manifest.

        That is the Sword of the Spirit, The Word of God, True Israel and the True Church

        Many have said that the Lord shall raise up an End Times Army The Army of God

        Of which prophets have said there will be Two Companies.

        The Two Companies are representative of The Two Witnesses of Revelation, the Spirit of Elijah and Moses.

        One who came to bring us The Law and the other in whom The Martial Spirit of Israel (Britain) resides.

        And which Company shall you be numbered among with?

        We must find God. We must find God. Repent and Turn back to Him. Christ Jesus our Lord and King. Saviour and Victor over the Adversary.

        Waiting on God. Praying always. In Spirit and in Truth. That is In The Spirit.
        Standing in the presence of God.

        Holy Holy Holy

        The Lord God Almighty

  2. Ian says:

    Ok I’m a drama queen. My emotions are and have always been volatile, it’s the way I am and have always been, I might add, not that I would have chosen to be this way.
    My point. I have recently accessed 9 video’s by a man called Dennis Wise, who I believe, made the video “Hitler, the greatest story never told” well worth watching, I might add. He has made these 9 videos about communism through the back door. Please watch at least one to get the flavor, as they go on to touch on child sex abuse, cannibalism, ritual sacrifice etc and appear to me to be very well researched and plausible. I apologise for any toes I may be treading on, love ian.

  3. Lynn says:

    He also claimed DLA for his boy….a multi millionaire cousin of the bizzy lizzy filling in a whole bunch of forms to get benefits !! now he calls the other families that really do need it. This man is pure criminal and makes my blood boil.

  4. Emm Jay says:

    Hi Tap, would you please consider sharing the up and running online petition to support Chris Spivey? It would be deeply appreciated. Many thanks and kind regards. Emm x

    • Emm Jay says:

      Thank you so very much Tap, Bless you. It would help if I had given the link, apologies, here it is

      ht tp://www.thepetitionsite.com/128/284/484/the-right-to-face-your-accusers-in-a-court-of-law/

      Many thanks again x

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