Pentagon Concludes America Not Safe Unless It Conquers The World — Paul Craig Roberts



Paul Craig Roberts

The Pentagon has released its “National Military Strategy of the United States of America 2015,” June 2015.
The document announces a shift in focus from terrorists to “state actors” that “are challenging international norms.” It is important to understand what these words mean. Governments that challenge international norms are sovereign countries that pursue policies independently of Washington’s policies. These “revisionist states” are threats, not because they plan to attack the US, which the Pentagon admits neither Russia nor China intend, but because they are independent. In other words, the norm is dependence on Washington.

Be sure to grasp the point: The threat is the existence of sovereign states, whose independence of action makes them “revisionist states.” In other words, their independence is out of step with the neoconservative Uni-power doctrine that declares independence to be the right of Washington alone. Washington’s History-given hegemony precludes any other country being independent in its actions.

The Pentagon’s report defines the foremost “revisionist states” as Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran. The focus is primarily on Russia.Washington hopes to co-op China, despite the “tension to the Asia-Pacific region” that China’s defense of its sphere of influence, a defense “inconsistent with international law” (this from Washington, the great violator of international law), by turning over what remains of the American consumer market to China. It is not yet certain that Iran has escaped the fate that Washington imposed on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Ukraine, and by complicity Palestine.

The Pentagon report is sufficiently audacious in its hypocrisy, as all statements from Washington are, to declare that Washington and its vassals “support the established institutions and processes dedicated to preventing conflict, respecting sovereignty, and furthering human rights.” This from the military of a government that has invaded, bombed, and overthrown 11 governments since the Clinton regime and is currently working to overthrow governments in Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, and Argentina.

In the Pentagon document, Russia is under fire for not acting “in accordance with international norms,” which means Russia is not following Washington’s leadership.

In other words, this is a bullshit report written by neocons in order to foment war with Russia.

Nothing else can be said about the Pentagon report, which justifies war and more war. Without war and conquests, Americans are not safe.

Washington’s view toward Russia is the same as Cato the Elder’s view toward Carthage. Cato the Elder finished his every speech on any subject in the Roman Senate with the statement “Carthage must be destroyed.”

This report tells us that war with Russia is our future unless Russia agrees to become a vassal state like every country in Europe, and Canada, Australia, Ukraine, and Japan. Otherwise, the neoconservatives have decided that it is impossible for Americans to tolerate living with a country that makes decisions independently of Washington. If American cannot be The Uni-Power dictating to the world, better that we are all dead. At least that will show the Russians.




International lawyer Barry Grossman says there are people in the United States who are seeking a military conflict with Russia for their own economic profits.–Deborah-James-Ukraine-crisis


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  1. Lynn says:

    America has been infiltrated by the Zionist cabal. Lets not pretend that America is to blame. These same Zionists have an agenda to make us all their chattle. The whole point is a takeover of power. They have been lied to as much as anyone. The true patriots are now the enemy. Mercenaries have been recruited to replace the once great heroes. Well the world is watching now and listening.

    • Lynn I think this is a very good site. This is a real science, physics. One day it will be taught in schools and be common knowledge, not just for the tiny few. Please see this weekends report at the link. And heres a small but pasted below. Shes on the ball this woman. Also, Jade Helm starts on July 15th don’t forget, Adam

      ”This is key point in time and a harbinger of what we can expect between July 15 and the end of December. The New Moon in Cancer (a “cardinal” or “turning point” month) begins July 15, Venus will retrograde ten days later, and one day after Venus, Uranus will retrograde. This weekend’s events will re-connect directly with August 9-10, when Uranus will come back to where it is this weekend. In other words, it will reactivate whatever is imprinted into the field now. The energetic will activate once again after Uranus moves direct and comes back to this point on April 9, 2016.

      So you see why this is a key point in time.”

  2. ian says:

    America is a thug, and as with all these types, eventually some young buck will fancy his chances. Possibly one or two that he has wronged will gang up to dish him up some of his own medicine.
    I feel that all this talk about them being able to listen to everything that you say and do is total bollocks, a psy op. Likewise all the talk of the US spying on meetings in Germany etc is in the same ballpark. The Zionist led US is right to be afraid, as it’s been a complete arsehole to a lot of people and it has payback coming, Big time first time it miscalculates, and if it goes down, it’s in for a hell of a beating..

  3. ian says:

    Trouble then would be, who’s the next thug, and would it be any less thug like?

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