OUTRAGEOUS TREASON! British planes bomb Syria without Parliament authorising action.

British pilots in first air strikes against Isil in Syria – live

MoD admits UK personnel carry out Syrian bombings, despite Parliament not authorising action, by being embedded with allied nations – latest reaction


 a US-led coaliton plane flies above the Syrian border town of Kobani (Ayn al-Arab) on October 23, 2014.

A US-led coalition plane flies above the Syrian border town of Kobane in October 2014 Photo: Anadolu/Getty


By , and Steven Swinford, Deputy Political Editor


• British military pilots conduct air strikes over Syria for first time
• Three RAF pilots embedded with US and Canadian air forces
• Revelation despite Commons
voting against military action in 2013
• Government accused of showing ‘insensitivity’ and lack of leadership
Video: Will it make a difference if Britain bombs Isil in Syria?

Revealed: How many planes RAF has available to fight Isil




British pilots have carried out military air strikes on Syria for the first time, the Ministry of Defence has revealed.

The UK personnel were embedded with the forces of Allied nations, including the USA and Canada, which have been conducting strikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) terror group – also known as Isis or Islamic State.

The House of Commons voted against military action in Syria in 2013 and parliamentary authorisation has so far been given only to UK air strikes against Isil in neighbouring Iraq.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon faces calls for a Commons statement following the revelation.

Details of the involvement of UK aircrew were disclosed by the MoD in response to a Freedom of Information request from the pressure group Reprieve.

“UK embeds operate as if they were the host nation’s personnel, under that nation’s chain of command,” the MoD said in its response.

“These personnel include pilots flying ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) and strike missions against Isil targets using the equipment of those units. Of these three nations, only the USA and Canada are operating in Syrian airspace.”

An MoD spokesman said that British personnel were regularly embedded in the forces of other nations, although currently there were no pilots operating in the region. The number who had previously been involved was said to have been in single figures.

“When embedded, UK personnel are effectively operating as foreign troops. That has been the case in Syria, although there are currently no pilots operating in this region,” the spokesman said.

RAF planes are already involved in surveillance flights and air-to-air refuelling operations over Syria in support of coalition strike missions.



Here is some more insight from Ben Farmer, The Telegraph’s Defence Correspondent:

The carrier USS Carl Vinson was in the Gulf launching jets for air strikes from October 2014 until April this year, meaning British pilots could have been taking part in strikes last year.



Defence Secretary Michael Fallon is facing calls for a Commons statement following the disclosure RAF pilots have taken part in air strikes on Syria.

The Ministry of Defence said the small number of aircrew involved had been embedded with US and Canadian forces attacking Islamic State (IS) forces and were effectively operating as foreign troops.


However MPs from across the political spectrum expressed concern that British personnel were involved after the House of Commons expressly voted against air strikes on Syria two years ago.

Currently, Parliament has only authorised UK forces to attack IS targets in neighbouring Iraq, where they are operating at the invitation of the government in Baghdad.



Ben Farmer, The Telegraph’s Defence Correspondent, says:

The Telegraph understands the pilots involved were from the Royal Navy.

They were flying f-18 Super Hornets from the carrier USS Carl Vinson. The strikes took place in 2015.



Ministry of Defence say “UK is not currently conducting air strikes in Syria”.


UK is not currently conducting air strikes in Syria. Embed programme with allies is long-standing. Full statement:

Embedded image permalink


Philip Dunne, defence minister, says he had been aware of the British involvement “since the election”.

He said British personnel had been embedded with US and Canadian forces since the 1950s and with the French more recently.

He said: “There have been a very small number of pilots embedded within force structures which are run by allies and they have been on limited deployments for a small duration.”

“They are not engaged in UK military activity over Syria.”



Defence procurement minister Philip Dunne has just said in a press conference at RIAT airshow at RAF Fairford: “Since the 1950s we have had personnel embedded with a small number of allies, the US, Canada and more recently France in limited roles. There are currently no [UK] pilots engaged in Syria in a strike capability.

“As for Syria, we have a very small number of pilots embedded within the force structure. These are not force elements who are under our control.”


Philip Dunne (REUTERS/Neil Hall)



The Telegraph’s Industry Editor, Alan Tovey, writes:

QuoteUK forces’ pilots delivering airstrikes in Syria will have been clearly identifiable as UK nationals, with British flags on their flight suits.

Although they would be wearing the military uniform of the nation’s forces they are embedded with, the pilots name tags and rank badges could also identify them.

“To all intents and purposes you are a member of whichever military you are serving with, whatever nationality you are,” said a one defence insider. “But in the event you were shot down, you would be treated as a UK national.”

Governments will have negotiated in advance how pilot exchange schemes will work in the event of a unit being sent on operations. Units taking part in exchanges will have counted the foreign fliers in their personnel numbers, meaning that not being able to send embedded pilots on missions could harm their operational status.

“You can’t just say, ‘Oh sorry, my government says I can’t go,’ and stay at home when they go on missions,” said the source, a former RAF pilot. “It would reduce the unit’s capability and from a personal point of view, you would not want to stay at home while your colleagues go off to war.”



Earlier this week, the Telegraph revealed that more than 60 Britons have died while fighting for Islamic terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.

The figure, confirmed by government sources, is twice that reported last year and suggests a sharp increase in the rate of British fighters killed in the service of Isil.

Experts say the new death toll means that nearly one in 10 of the estimated 700 British jihadists who have gone to Syria has been killed or has killed themselves in suicide attacks since the conflict started drawing in British foreign fighters in 2012.

From left: Abu Hujama al-Britani, Ifthekar Jaman, Jaffar Deghayes, Ali Kalantar




Ben Farmer, The Telegraph’s Defence Correspondent, has an update on the British pilots involved in the Syrian strikes:

The pilots would have been clearly identifiable as British, even while embedded with foreign militaries.

“Defence sources said they would have been wearing foreign flight suits, but with British insignia and patches.

“They are also likely to have been carrying British identification, a former fighter pilot said.”



Mr Farron is continuing to tour the TV studios this morning, saying the involvement of RAF pilots without the approval of Parliament was “a breach of trust with the British people” that would simply play into the hands of Isil.

“They desperately want the West to attack them and to be seen to attack them. We are utterly playing into their hands if we do this,” he told Sky News.

“For us to be involved in this at this stage, without the sanction of the British people through Parliament and without proper thought being given to the way in which we almost strengthen Isis by doing this, seems very wrong.”



Reacting to the disclosures, Ukip accused the Ministry of Defence of using a “smokescreen to deceive the British people” after MPs voted against British air strikes in Syria in 2013. Defence spokesman Mike Hookem said:

QuoteNot only that, but it shows the government don’t want a proper debate on the long term strategy against Islamic State which requires international cooperation.

“Enough British soldiers have been sent to foreign wars; we need a grand coalition including the Arab nations, Russia and China.”



So, depending on the outcome of the potential Autumn vote, Britain could launch full air strikes against Isil in Syria within months.

But as the defence budget won’t be spared from the government’s spending cuts drive, how easily could the RAF handle making this extra intervention?

We have used official figures to get a sense of how many planes Britain’s air force has available to be called in for action at short notice. Click here to see more charts.



As news of the British pilots’ involvement in Syrian air strikes sinks in, it’s worth remembering how the Chief of the Defence Staff warned operations against Isil and others have stretched the RAF’s fast jet squadrons to the limit.

Gen Sir Nicholas Houghton recently admitted that current commitments had put the RAF at “the very limits of fast jet availability and capacity”.

The number of RAF fast jet squadrons has dropped from 30 at the end of the Cold War to just seven now.

He said the RAF was now “challenged” coping with operations to defend UK airspace, deter Russian intimidation in the Baltic States – and beat back Isil in Iraq.

But he agreed with Mr Cameron that more spy planes, drones and support for special forces were now a priority for the Government’s defence review.


Gen Sir Nicholas Houghton, Chief of the Defence Staff



David Cameron, the Prime Minister, is now trying to secure Labour’s backing to step up the bombing campaign against Isil by taking part in US-led strikes against the terror group in Syria.

He is expected to call a Commons vote on the issue in the Autumn.

The Government has previously faced criticism that its part in the air campaign against Isil has been “strikingly modest” and “lamentably small”.



Tim Farron, the new Liberal Democrat leader, has warned that allowing RAF pilots to take part in air strikes over Iraq is “playing into the hands” of Isil.

He suggested that the military action is “overstepping a mandate” and that it is wrong to attack a “sovereign country”.

Mr Farron said: “Is it right for us to attack a sovereign country, is it right for us to overstep a mandate that we have not been given by the electorate or by Parliament? Is it right to incite Isis, to play into their hands and make them martyrs?”

Tim Farron, the new Liberal Democrat leader



We are “already engaged in Syria” says Sir Michael Graydon, the former head of the RAF. But what does that mean? Here’s what we know:

  • The RAF now has more spy aircraft tracking Isil militants than were deployed against the Taliban in Afghanistan.
  • Another spy plane will soon begin flying reconnaissance missions over Syria within weeks.
  • Eight RAF Tornados based at Akrotiri in Cyprus have been flying armed reconnaissance missions over Iraq since September.
  • A Rivet Joint spy plane packed with electronic eavesdropping intelligence equipment has also been flying over Syria from Akrotiri and will be joined by another this summer.
  • All of Britain’s 10 Reaper drones are also in the area, as well as two Sentinel, two E3D Sentry and Shadow surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft.
  • Parliament is now preparing for a potential vote on Britain joining air strikes on militants in Syria.


RAF Tornados have been flying armed reconnaissance missions over Iraq (Heathcliff O’Malley/The Telegraph)



Sir Michael Graydon, the former head of the RAF, said that the practice of embedding British personnel with allied forces is “decades old” and that they are a “great credit” to the nation.

He said that the government had taken the “right decision” by allowing them to participate in the strikes and suggested that critics should be “realistic” and accept that “very few” personnel are involved. He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme:

QuoteThe exchange programme between ourselves and a number of allies has been going on for many decades. These individuals who represent their country abroad have been doing this extremely successfully.

“They are a great credit to their nations. They are very much embedded, and totally integrated. We are already engaged in Syria.

“Politically I respect John Baron’s position, but my personal view is that what the government has decided is right.

“Let’s be realistic, there are very few people involved in this. The practice of this it is really much more sensible to allow them to be embedded, not to make a huge issue of it.”


Sir Michael Graydon, pictured centre (Rex)



Ben Farmer, The Telegraph’s Defence Correspondent, confirms three British pilots were involved in the strikes and they were flying with the US or Canadian air forces while embedded.




John Baron, a senior Tory back-bencher who voted against military action in Syria in 2013, said that the government had shown “insensitivity” by allowing the embedded pilots to take part in the action.

He suggested on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that there has been a “lack of political leadership” and suggested that the embedded forces should be withdrawn while the vote holds sway.

He called on the government to come to the House of Commons and explain its decision, asking what would happen if British personnel are killed in Syria while embedded with US forces? Mr Baron said:

QuoteThere is an element of sophistry here. What this does show is at the very minimum an insensitivity to Parliament’s will. We voted that there should be no British intervention in Syria. The bottom line is you still have British military personnel participating in military action.

“Let me make clear I don’t blame the military. This is a lack of political leadership. We had a major vote, there should be sensitivity on this issue. Those troops or individuals should be withdrawn from the embedded programme while this vote holds sway.

“I’m not sure they specificially authorised these operations. I don’t believe they are consciously trying to get round Parliament’s will.

“But I think we are right now to ask questions. The fact is Parliament said there should be no military intervention. For many people this smacks of that.

“The government needs to come to the house and explain it’s position. What happens if British military personnel gets captured or killed while serving in Syria?”



British pilots have carried out military air strikes on Syria for the first time, the Ministry of Defence has revealed.

The UK personnel were embedded with the forces of Allied nations, including the USA and Canada, which have been conducting strikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) terror group – also known as Isis or Islamic State.

The House of Commons voted against military action in Syria in 2013 and parliamentary authorisation has so far been given only to UK air strikes against Isil in neighbouring Iraq.

But the MoD said any personnel embedded in foreign nations’ forces were effectively operating as troops of that country.


The number of pilots involved was in single figures and none is currently taking part in air strikes, a spokesman said.

British troops are regularly embedded in other nations’ forces and have operated under US command since the 1950s, including in recent operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

The MoD agrees each deployment and continually monitors the permissions granted to embedded troops.

UK forces are taking part in surveillance and air-to-air refuelling operations over Syria, and in the wake of the murder of 30 Britons in a terror attack in Tunisia last month, David Cameron and Defence Secretary Michael Fallon made clear they are considering extending air strikes against Isil into the country.

They have indicated that they would seek MPs’ approval for an extension of air strikes into Syria, but no vote is expected before the autumn.

Details of British personnel’s involvement in strikes by allied nations’ forces were revealed by a Freedom of Information request from pressure group Reprieve.


Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary


A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: “When embedded, UK personnel are effectively operating as foreign troops.

“The UK is contributing to the anti-Isil coalition air campaign against Isil targets in Syria through the provision of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

“Isil poses a direct threat to the UK and to countries around the world. The UK is not conducting air strikes in Syria. But we have a long-standing embed programme with allies, where small numbers of UK personnel act under the command of host nations.

“That has been the case in Syria, although there are currently no pilots operating in this region. When embedded, UK personnel are effectively operating as foreign troops.”


Fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) ride tanks during a parade in Raqqa, Syria (AP)


Mr Fallon said on Thursday that the UK was engaged in a “new Battle of Britain” against Isil, as he confirmed the deployment of a second RAF Rivet Joint spy plane to the region.

Earlier this month, he said there was an illogicality” about targeting Isil in Iraq – but not Syria – when the terror group did not respect international borders.

He suggested that the new Parliament might take a different view from its predecessor on strikes in Syria. Downing Street has said that more “thought and deliberation” are needed before putting the issue to a vote in the Commons.


The Royal Air Force has purchased three RC-135 Rivet Joint aircraft


Jennifer Gibson, staff attorney at Reprieve, said: “Documents obtained by Reprieve indicate that UK personnel have already been involved in bombing missions over Syria for some time – making the current debate over whether Britain should carry out such strikes somewhat obsolete.

“It is alarming that Parliament and the public have been kept in the dark about this for so long.

“Yet more worrying is the fact that the UK seems to have turned over its personnel to the US wholesale, without the slightest idea as to what they are actually doing, and whether it is legal.

“We need an open and honest debate about UK involvement in Iraq and Syria. We can’t have that, though, until the UK comes clean about what actions its personnel are already undertaking.”


Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/defence/11745689/British-pilots-in-air-strikes-against-Isil-in-Syria-live.html



36 Responses to “OUTRAGEOUS TREASON! British planes bomb Syria without Parliament authorising action.”

  1. Ian says:

    How long till the news leaks out that it’s Syrian targets that they’re “accidentally” attacking. As we’re funding training and arming Isis, it would be very odd to bomb them.

    • Nike says:

      “ISIS – ISIL – IS”
      is a CIA – Mossad operation (just like its predecessor “Al Qaeda”)
      Under the pretext of bombing ISIS, they are bombing Syria. That’s what they have wanted all along. “Regime change” in Syria. It’s the totalitarian “New World Order” (NWO) in progress. ‘They’ want to divide Iraq and Syria. It’s about land grabbing (> Ereetz Israel)

    • Julie says:

      Yes Ian, and Israel treating injured ISIS fighters.

      Reports by the UNDOF are regularly submitted to the UN Security Council, and since March 2013 have started to show that Israel admits wounded Syrians into the country for medical treatment in hospitals.

      Initially the IDF claimed that this was only for medical assistance for civilians, but then UN observers witnessed direct contact between IDF forces and ISIS fighters.

      The UN reports said that 89 rebels were transported into the Israeli-occupied zone between March and May 2014, while activists in southern Deraa province and in Quneitra quoted in media reports claim that communications increased between rebels and the Israeli military before the eruption of heavy clashes in the area.


  2. Aldous says:

    The whole Telegraph article is based on a lie anyway, as the air strikes will be against Syrian forces and not ISIL/ISIS/IS – or whatever it’s being called today. This is about attempted ‘regime destruction’ on behalf of a Greater Israel and the NWO master-plan. They seem to have dropped the term ‘regime change’ in favour of ‘regime destruction’.

    The Syrian government is hardly a ‘regime’ anyway compared to the mass murdering despots in Western ZOG REGIMES/TYRANNIES! The pilots should instead be bombing Israeli illegal settlements and pretty much anywhere in the world where they can find a Zionist scumbag lurking and plotting their latest genocide of Gentiles.

    It’s all very depressing and i feel nothing but contempt for the pilots carrying out these barbaric attacks on a sovereign nation on behalf of Israel. If/when they get shot down, I suppose they will demand to be treated under the Geneva Convention. They may be in for quite a shock seeing as they don’t give a toss about it themselves and the Rule of Law.

    They should also remember that their conscience is always watching and never forgets, especially as the suicide rate amongst US veterans is an astonishing 22 EVERY day and on average 1 serving member of the US armed forces tops themselves EVERY day!

    Under the Obama Administration, at least 22 veterans commit suicide every day. Active duty suicides in the military jumped by 30% since 2008, with one soldier, sailor, or marine expected to commit suicide in the next 25 hours. Ex-military suicides also increased 10% over the same period to about one every hour.

    Under the Obama Administration, at least 22 veterans commit suicide every day. Active duty suicides in the military jumped by 30% since 2008, with one soldier, sailor, or marine expected to commit suicide in the next 25 hours. Ex-military suicides also increased 10% over the same period to about one every hour.


    • I wonder what Michael Fallon gets up to at videoed ‘parties’. I wonder what films hes been in

      • Aldous says:

        Adam, there’ll be some serious stuff on this dirtbag that’s for sure. In the House of Rot world, that’s the only way they get so far. They say never to leave a child alone with any dog, however small and friendly the dog is. Well I wouldn’t want to leave my wife’s Pekingese alone with Fallon – and I’m not concerned about the welfare of Fallon.

  3. Julie says:

    Gordon. “Jade Helm Begins: The Complete “Texas Takeover” Guide”.

    “Although you might have missed it, the federal government re-annexed Texas on Wednesday.

    Jade Helm 15, a controversial set of military training exercises being conducted by the US Spec Ops Command in Texas, Utah, Nevada, California, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico kicked off this week and will last until September 15.”


    And in chaatanooga yesterday four marines were alleged to have been shot by an ISIS terrroist. Chaatanooga is one of the areas the Jade Helm exercises re taking place.

    And the Wal mart connection with Jade Helm.

    “Wal-Mart, however, has noticed the Harrison gap and plans to fill it with it a 155,000-square-foot Supercenter.

    Regional Planning Agency documents show plans to build the Supercenter on a 21.5-acre property on the south side of the intersection of Highway 58 and North Hickory Valley Road.

    This, even as Wal-Mart quietly and steadily makes plans to open a slew of smaller-footprint, grocery-only Neighborhood Markets in the greater Chattanooga area.

    There are at least seven Neighborhood Markets in the works, plus one that just opened in Fort Oglethorpe.

    There are also 16 full-size Wal-Mart stores within a 30-mile radius around Chattanooga.

    Market experts can’t say why the world’s largest retailer is taking such an aggressive investment strategy in Chattanooga, other than plain retail economics.”


  4. sir charles drake kgb gbh says:

    what is your beef goy?
    israel is a growing oded yinon magick of zion.
    if one looks at david sterling the man that invented the sas if one reads frank kitson inventor of the pseudo gang concept kill both sides divide conquer what what.
    you will see that london has always been a pirate and a mercenary.
    i here captured special forces are nearly always returned home are massive ransom is paid.
    nothing new under the tavistock sun.
    telegraph and scoop
    guardian for whom
    all mi5 and 6 for queen and cuntry

    • Julie says:

      The Goy don’t know about the Talmud do they Charlie. The Goy are effing stupid and that is the problem.


      Zohar, Vayshlah 177b

      That the Jewish nation is the only nation selected by God, while all the remaining ones are contemptible and hateful.

      That all property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which consequently is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples. A Jew is not bound to observe principles of morality towards people of other tribes. He may act contrary to morality, if profitable to himself or to Jews in general.

      A Jew may rob a Goy, he may cheat him over a bill, which should not be perceived by him, otherwise the name of God would become dishonoured.

      Sanhedrin 54b

      Raba said. It means this: When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this [three years old], it is as if one puts the finger into the eye; but when a small boy has intercourse with a grown-up woman he makes her as ‘a girl who is injured by a piece of wood.’…

      • Damning stuff. The question is, does what you typed above Julie get drummed into all J children at school and as teens and young adults? if it does that’s incredible

        Amongst communities, is it only key high placed respected members like doctors, legal people, rabbis, that know the above? Or do young adults with young families, who appear innocent, do they know and agree with the Evil in this book?
        if they do then its the biggest bunch of 5th columnists in our midst. But lets be sure first whos getting this drummed into them.
        Eg the black hatted rabbis etc who went to Tehran a while back on peace missions to see Ahmadinejad….they seemed like peaceful kind people who opposed their Zionist regime and went to show solidarity with iran. Are these guys also reading the T book and hating us?
        Can it be that every, every, single jew knows the passages (and worse) from the book above and believes it?

      • Julie says:

        Amongst communities, is it only key high placed respected jew members like doctors, legal people, rabbis, that know the above? Or do young adults with young families, who appear innocent, do they know and agree with the Evil in this book?

        Adam I doubt if all secular jews, without any power, know about the ideology of evil, i.e. the Talmud, but I would imagine many do.

  5. Gordon says:

    Parliament voted on August 29/08/2013 against possible missile strikes against Syria. David Cameron, prime minister, had asked Parliament to support a motion which condemned the Syrian government for using chemical weapons in a Damascus suburb on August 21st The claim had been refuted by Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. “There has been no evidence that I used chemical weapons against my own people,” he said in an interview with CBS.

    Today, the lack of hard evidence implicating Bashar al-Assad to the August 21st chemical attack on his own people remains.

    What kind of fool did David Cameron and Obama take Assad for. Assad knew too well the consequence of the use of chemical weapons on his own people and would have been an open invitation for US and UK forces to invade his country.To use chemical weapons would have been Assad’s suicide call as was the case of President Saddam Hussein of Iraq.

    Nonetheless, Parliament voted and Cameron said he would respect the defeat of a government motion by 285-272, ruling out joining US-led strikes while the US said it would “continue to consult” with the UK, “one of our closest allies and friends”.

    Cameron has clearly reneged on his words and the Parliamentary vote not to send British forces into Syria. By so doing only exasperates the conflict which undoubtedly will raise the attention of Syrian allies Russia and Iran. Perhaps it has been the intent all along to invoke a middle-east superpower war.

    • Gordon says:

      And finally it’s out on BBC and Sky in late afternoon.

      “The UK personnel were embedded with the forces of Allied nations, including the USA and Canada.”

      That doesn’t make it right and remains illegal and treasonous.

      • AlanB says:

        Embedded maybe, but paid by us, the UK tax payer. Unless they’re now mercenaries and paid in dollars?

  6. Jennifer says:

    The traitor Graydon has referred to the demographic vote against British Forces’s intervention in Syria as ‘sophistry’.
    If we are still pretending this is a Democracy we must still abide by the conventions of one, and impeach the traitors!

    • Aldous says:

      Graydon’s got a bloody nerve and brass neck to say that when he’s now using sophistry to justify the unjustifiable. ‘Hubris’ is a word he and his traitorous ilk should bear in mind. ‘Solipsim’ is another.


      By: Henry Makow

      Modern society is based on a solipsism created by Illuminati (Cabalist) Jewish bankers and their Masonic minions.

      The word “solipsism” means a self-created reality that has little or no connection with Truth.

      The word was coined in 1874 from the Latin solus “alone” and ipse “self”.

      It is the view that self is the only object of real knowledge or the only thing that is real.

      The New World Order is dedicated to replacing Truth with a solipsism created by the same people who create money from nothing and charge interest.


      • Jennifer says:

        I’m now wondering if they put up a has-been like Graydon to test the public opinion waters re intervention in Syria. As they think people get weary of ISIS/ISIL blahblahblah, and just switch off paying attention, and just let them get away with their illegal justifications for committing to military intervention – that’s ‘sophistry’ for bombing the bejasus out of innocent Syrians.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Sorry that’s ‘democratic vote’.

  8. Aldous says:

    These pilots will be serving on ‘secondment’ and it’s pretty much taken for granted that such ‘foreign’ personnel will not take part in any military actions/adventures. If they choose to leave the UK military and join the US military (or whatever) then that’s a different matter but for these UK pilots to be engaged in a military action that the UK parliament has voted against is an absolute (but not surprising) disgrace.

    Such understandings about secondments ensure that UK personnel (in this case) are not put into harm’s way unnecessarily – and illegally. To put it bluntly, these officers are holding the Queen’s Commission and represent the UK’s Head of State. The UK is therefore bombing Syria against the wishes of the People and Parliament and it is very disingenuous of Cameron and Co to deny otherwise.

    The UK and all her Armed Forces have now become a legitimate target for those they are engaged with, in and over Syria. God help us.

  9. Aldous says:


    “Parliament is now preparing for a potential vote on Britain joining air strikes on militants (aka patriots) in Syria.”

    Hasn’t the UK already had such a vote and the answer was NO! Oh I get it, NO was the wrong result/answer so we have to have another vote then another vote if necessary to get a Yes. What a charade of a democracy.

  10. Lynn says:

    They wont stop!! you know that and I do… Regime change is the goal, they have to hear us now they are traitors and murderers. Syria and Iran are the last pieces to fall and then Bingo 7 countries all taken down for “Democracy” we know what they are doing and 2 fighter jets were captured only months ago in Syria that were dropping arms for Isis. this is a all a set up and we know it. Now how do we stop it???

    • Aldous says:

      “Regime change is the goal…”

      Actually Lynn, regime change seems to have dropped out of fashion and it’s all about ‘regime destruction’ now. I read it somewhere but they’re not that bothered if nothing of substance replaces the Assad government and the end result is like we have now in Libya etc, just out and out mayhem and civil strife.

      The scenario somehow reminds me of the time when TPTB in aviation wanted to get rid of the First Officer (Co-pilot) and replace them with a vicious mad dog of the Rotweiller variety. You think I’m joking? The Captain’s job (and only job I might add) was to feed the vicious mad dog. The vicious mad dog’s job was to ensure that the Captain touched absolutely nothing as most plane crashes were down to pilot error!

      If we keep such a comical and surreal scenario in mind, we may not be far off from knowing and understanding what future they have planned after their regime destruction exercise/attempt for Syria.

  11. Lynn says:

    Oops UK fighter jets I meant to say.

  12. Lynn says:

    Yes Aldous bang on.. they have already carved up the loot.. I hear the share of the oil and gas lines are going to the Jews namely Rupert Murdoch etal. They cant possibly get away with this for much longer… It is pure black comedy now !!

  13. Lynn says:

    Aldous VT had the scoop on 2 UK pilots detained in Syria dropping arms… We know this is going on. We are the NWO they reside in UK the rest are puppets. We are their sanctuary and the instigators, we were infiltrated a long time ago.

  14. Julie says:

    You have to read the Talmud to understand what is going on.

    Jeff Rense site “Talmud, facts are facts is a good place to start. Michael Hoffman, the revisionist academic wrote “Judaism’s strange Gods”. He knows about the Talmud and so should you.

    Choschen Hamm 388, 15

    Happy will be the lost of Israel, whom the Holy One, blessed be He, has chosen from amongst the Goyim, of whom the Scriptures say: “Their work is but vanity, it is an illusion at which we must laugh; they will all perish when God visits them in His wrath.” At the moment when the Holy One, blessed be He, will exterminate all the Goyim of the world, Israel alone will subsist, even as it is written: “The Lord alone will appear great on that day!…

  15. Aldous says:

    @ Alan 17 Jul 2015 8:33 pm

    Alan, they say ‘follow the money’ and if these pilots are truly ‘seconded’ (embedded) with the USAF, they will be receiving LOA or Local Overseas Allowance. If these pilots are merely attached to a USAF base in the UK for cosmetic purposes, then they will not be receiving any LOA.

    They will also have to have opened a bank account in their country of secondment/embedding. There used to be a thing called FFR (Fixed Forces Rate) in the UK military to protect servicemen and women from volatility and fluctuations in the country of posting.

    If these pilots do not have an overseas bank account, they are not in recept of LOA or their pay advice does not mention the FFR, then by my reckoning, they are not embedded at all and it is all a lying smoke screen.

  16. Aldous says:

    I think the aircraft carrier reference is (possibly) another red herring to disguise the fact that these operations are being conducted from within Europe. I somehow can’t see the USAF training UK pilots to land and take off one of their carriers as it’s so demanding, fraught and seat of the pants at the best of times,

    I just feel these operations against Syria (which are obviously not against ISIL) have got to be happening from land somewhere, possibly a USAF base near you. After all, there are enough of them dotted around the world.



  17. Aldous says:

    I’ll leave it to someone else to join the dots on this one but all transactions on American bases (PX’s) anywhere in the world (including obviously UK) are conducted in $US with no exceptions.

    Obviously credit cards solve the problem but try paying in hard/local currency £€ or whatever and it’s not legal tender. These American bases are pretty much (unspecified) US sovereign territory where US laws apply.


    This is why a Yank who actually murdered the Soham girls was spirited out of the UK while patsy Ian Huntley was fingered for the crime. The same rules pretty much apply in BAOR which is why Eastender’s Dirty Den/Leslie Grantham – who murdered a German cabbie – was never really successfully prosecuted and effectively got away with murder. The same can be said of the criminal US pilot(s) who severed a cable in Italy carrying a cable car full of passengers, sending them plunging to their deaths.

    Cavalese cable car disaster (1998)



    • Bloody hell explosive claim about soham there Aldous.
      I did suspect something could be up. With all the tricks they use, including psychotronic weapons, how hard could it be to use a patsy like Huntley
      And I feel very sad when I think what could have happened to the girls on the base


      The cable car thing another outrage. WHat the F***s going on?

      I know I keep repeating this but I think its the only way out of all this. Because the conspiracy is so big, so complex, so many horrible secrets and deceptions and crimes. THE PUBLIC CANNOT ASSIMILATE IT ALL TO WAKE UP TO IT

      Therefore what will expose and blow wide open all this BULLSHIT were subjected to from the cabal, Satanists,

      Will be SSP and SSP technology exposure. Which the cabal are fighting tooth and nail against


      Ask those questions when presented with Alien ET stuff like last nights Alien sighting tv show on freeview channel

      • Aldous says:

        Hi Adam, Ian Huntley was above all WHITE – and Whites are to be vilified and demonised while they are genocided out of existence. He was supposed to have been a convicted rapist but I believe this ‘conviction’ was along the lines of him having had consensual sex (illegally of course) with a 15 year old ‘minor’ when he was 17 or 18. I can’t recall the exact details but it’s in that sort of ball park. There’s no point in looking up the msm or wiki because all you will get is the official narrative but there are plenty of alternative media sites who seriously question Huntley’s guilt and maintain his innocence.

        How many of you really know of the true facts of the Soham murders case .
        How many of you know that the girls bodies were found on a USAF base at Lakenheath.

        How many know that USAF servicemen contaminated the scene where the bodies were found and not even 1 USAF serviceman was questioned about it.

        How many of you know that at the time of the Ian Huntley trial that hard evidence that the monster or monsters who murdered Holly and Jessica might well reside inside the razor wire at USAF Lakenheath, was provided at a Courts Martial held on 23 July 2003. A military judge found against Technical Sergeant Randy Bitter on three charges of child sex abuse. Tech Sgt Bitter pleaded guilty to carnal knowledge with a female child under 12 years of age, and two counts of indecent acts with the same victim. He was sentenced to six years imprisonment with dishonorable discharge from the United States Air Force.
        Despite the fact that Bitter was convicted less than 500 yards away from the exact point at which Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman’s bodies were dumped, not one British newspaper or television network anywhere in the land reported these horrifying crimes, details of which were made available in “Immediate Press Release #073103-4” dated 31 July 2003 at USAF Lakenheath. Predictably perhaps, these frightening lookalike offences and their obvious implications have been withheld from the jurors in the trial of Ian Huntley.

        How many of you know that Ian Huntley was drugged and tortured after his arrest and before his trial. Even when he was “confessing” he was clearly stating he didn’t know what was real and what was imaginary, even though he was perfectly 100% ok before his arrest he was suddenly brain damaged only a few months later, obviously a result of the neurleptic drugs and the treatment he was subjected to. The Home office wanted to frame someone to totally deflect all attention away from the USAF base at Lakenheath.

        (includes comments)

    • Hello Aldous. Compelling profound things you say. Ill fwd on.
      the one weakness I sense is Tech Sgt Bitter. he must have nbeen acting for higher up, high up Satanists within lakenheath?
      I cant believe that 2 girls like those 2 couldn’t have been snatched for evil reasons by high up people at lakenheath. I feel its a mistake to think its the lower level ranked guy end of story. This is a sinister thing and has higher level international elites written allover it. In my view and sense
      I am sad
      At the time, and since, I was full of venom for ian Huntley
      Now, im sensing the world differently

      what can be said? its all sad and very very sad, devastating for the parents, ive nothing to say, goodnight

  18. Gordon Logan says:

    In January the Wall Street Journal published a map of Syria and article which said that after 3 months of bombing ISIS had extended its territory three times. http://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-led-airstrikes-fail-to-slow-islamic-state-in-syria-1421271618
    Clearly whatever Obama and Cameron are doing is helping the terrorists, not hindering them. No surprise there. For some reason the British press haven’t yet found out that Obama and Cameron actively support terrorism. Readers will remember that Lord James has managed huge terrorist accounts for years at the Bank of England. He said as much in the House of Lords in 2010. It was with money from Lord James that Libya – the wealthiest country in Africa – was wrecked. Incidentally, some of the Lockerbie families are trying to reopen Megrahi’s appeal. The PanAm bombing was clearly a CIA false flag operation. A CIA officer from the US Embassy asked the Lothians Deputy Chief Constable to plant the timer that was the main evidence against Megrahi. So called “International terrorism” has been orchestrated by Mossad, the CIA and MI6 for years.

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