OMG!! MPs 10% payrise “We deserve it”

And From Guido Fawkes

IPSA has revealed the roll call of shame of MPs who begged for more cash in the pay rise consultation. Only four had the balls to go on the record:

“I know I speak for the silent majority (who are not millionaires) to say this increase is well overdue… I hope common sense will prevail and this pay rise will be honoured.” Tobias Ellwood MP

“I am supporting IPSA’s recommendations as they have been done independently of Members.” Keith Vaz MP

“IPSA… must work totally free from government influence.” Mark Field MP 

“In my view IPSA was established precisely to take away the responsibility of this sort of decision from the hands of MPs… MPs were traditionally unpaid. And parliament predicted when salaries were introduced that it would be a source of continual public disappointment and anger, as it has been… My fundamental conclusion is that an independent body such as IPSA is now and should be in the future the appropriate body to make recommendations – not MPs themselves. I believe IPSA has conducted serious research and comparisons. I believe they are in a better position than MPs to be objective. I would accept their recommendation.” Rory Stewart MP

At least they had the nerve to stick their necks out, unlike the silent majority who quietly accepted the rise…



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  1. Aldous says:

    Paul Staines/Guido Fawkes is blindingly obviously controlled opposition. If one want’s to be ‘jerked off’ and enjoys it, then his blog is the one to watch.

  2. Lynn says:

    Who has had a pay rise in the last 7 years stand up… !

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