Northern Ireland authorities refuse to reveal details of paedophile with links to former government on national security grounds

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Authorities in Northern Ireland are refusing to reveal what they know about a notorious convicted paedophile with close links to a former government adviser on the grounds of “national security”, despite official assurances that two major inquiries will uncover the truth about an alleged child sex-abuse ring involving leading members of the establishment.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) will not say if it holds information on Dr Morris Fraser, a convicted paedophile, following a Freedom of Information request.

The revelation is likely to fuel suspicions that there was official collusion, for political and security ends, surrounding the abuse of boys at, for example, the Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast in the 1970s. The abuse continued for years, despite several people alerting the authorities.

Speaking to The Independent on Sunday, a former boy at Kincora alleged for the first time that he was abused by Fraser, who had extensive links to like-minded groups in England and was close to an adviser to Margaret Thatcher. This is likely to be seized upon by campaigners who insist that there was a link between abuse at Kincora and in England, and cited as further evidence for the need for the inquiries to be merged.

Now two former British Army officers, who tried to expose the abuse at the care home, have expressed their disquiet at the PSNI decision to refuse to reveal what it knew about Fraser.

When asked what information the police held on Fraser, following convictions in London and the US for child sexual abuse in the early 1970s, the PSNI said that it could “neither confirm nor deny that it holds the information” and cited, alongside privacy and prejudicial disclosure issues, “Section 23(5) – Information supplied by, or concerning, certain security bodies (national security)”.

Until now it was assumed that Fraser’s dealings with the security forces were limited to those required by his research into the effects of political violence on the young.

Captain Colin Wallace, a former British Army psychological operations officer, tried to expose an alleged paedophile ring involving loyalist paramilitaries and politicians in the 1970s, which included him authoring an army memo naming alleged abusers in 1973.

He remembers Fraser attending his offices at British Army headquarters in Thiepval Barracks, Lisburn, around that year. He told the IoS: “I can remember he came on a tour of our offices. He brought a foreign individual with him and discussed inter-community conflict. Afterwards, I recall one of my bosses telling me that if Fraser requested any Army assistance or facilities in future, not to agree to it.

“One of my colleagues, an Army major, added Fraser’s name to a document which I had compiled for the press about [the Ulster loyalist group] Tara and Kincora. This gives a strong indication that Army intelligence were well aware of who he was and what he was really getting up to at that time.”

Fraser had graduated from Queen’s University, Belfast, and became a child psychiatrist at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Belfast in the late 1960s. He became a senior consultant in child psychiatry at the Royal Victoria Hospital just as the Troubles erupted in 1969. He was convicted in London in 1972 of abusing a 13-year-old boy from Belfast.


Richard Kerr, an alleged victim of child sexual abuse at Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast, claims he was trafficked to London and abused at both Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square in London in the late 1970s


However, the General Medical Council allowed Fraser to continue practising, provided he did not treat children. Fraser continued to practise even after being convicted in New York in 1974 of several counts of sodomy on children.

Fraser built close links with the late Peter Righton, another convicted paedophile, who was once a close adviser to Mrs Thatcher on children’s homes. In 1988, Fraser co-founded the Azimuth Trust, which gave sailing holidays to dozens of vulnerable boys in Devon and Cornwall. In 1993, he was convicted for possession of child pornography.

Last week the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, set up by the Government to look at allegations of child abuse by leading figures and an institutional cover-up in England and Wales, confirmed that the Official Secrets Act would be waived to allow those who had signed it to give evidence, and the Attorney General’s office has confirmed that the same will apply to the parallel Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA) inquiry in Northern Ireland.

Captain Wallace told the IoS: “Despite the recent assurances by ministers, it would appear that the PSNI is now using national security as a reason for not disclosing information about possible child sex abusers. This indicates that nothing has changed and that the legislation is still being misused to cover up such allegations. But even at its lowest, this looks like extraordinarily bad PR, at a time when the Government is supposed to be giving victims confidence in its desire to get to the bottom of the allegations of abuse.

“Even if this is a catch-all piece of official defensiveness, how are we meant to be reassured by a knee-jerk resort to ‘national security’?”

Another former British Army officer, Brian Gemmell, who said he tried to blow the whistle to his intelligence bosses in 1975, said: “This is a very dangerous conflict of interest with the ‘waiver’ the Government has offered people like myself and Colin Wallace and others who have signed the Official Secrets Act. It’s a ridiculous contradiction. It amounts to a whitewash.”

Captain Wallace said the Official Secrets Act waiver was fine as far as it went, but he asked: “What about all those intelligence officers and others who are not now resident in Northern Ireland, but who were aware of abuse allegations in the 1970s? I am unaware of any mechanism that will guarantee the HIA will be able to identify them and/or compel them – or related documents – to appear before that inquiry.

“For example, Captain Gemmell’s intelligence report to MI5 in 1975 about Kincora should now be in the possession of the HIA if the Government really wants to demonstrate its determination to get to the truth.”


Former intelligence officer Brian Gemmell has said that MI5 forced him to cut short his investigation into the home in 1975
Former intelligence officer Brian Gemmell has said that MI5 forced him to cut short his investigation into the home in 1975


Fraser had not previously been linked to Kincora, the home run by three men who were eventually convicted over the abuse there, but a former Kincora resident has now revealed that he was abused by Fraser during counselling at the doctor’s medical offices in Belfast’s Royal Hospital in the early 1970s.

Richard Kerr, who has alleged he was trafficked from Belfast to Westminster to be abused by politicians and others, said: “I was 13. Morris abused me, in his office, two or three times on those visits. I will never forget that face. That black hair. I have never forgotten it. He was in contact with children’s homes all over Belfast.

“He had very important people above him and that’s why we were all scared. He was a child abuser, simple as that. He had influence; he had a lot of influence. I mean, he was a doctor, he was a psychiatrist.

“Complaints were being made, being brushed under the carpet like they always were back then. And it made us all feel like, if we say anything we’re going to get into trouble.”




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  1. Gorilla99 has asked David Icke questions in Hyde Park and he has generated a lot of revealing things about Icke that make me reconsider him.
    Im not saying Icke hasn’t contributed to a massive amount of interesting info with Truth, and a catalyst.
    But then the elites always intended for us to wake up didn’t they?

    This is clear to me now. Look at the twin towers illuminati 1980s card games, and Neos passport in the 1999 Matrix as two examples.

    Yet Ickes peddling some deception somewhere, not sure where. Could he be acting for powerful elephants in the room? WHat do the powers behind Icke gain by his caption on the Kincora thing above?
    The elephant elites are trying to detonate the whole system, yet telling us theres a difference between elephants and Zionists? Is that it?

  2. Tacito Monroe says:

    Sorry to go off-topic, but people have to see this: footage from the studio showing that the Jihadi John executions were staged:

  3. pauline says:

    These dirty filthy kiddy fiddlers no matter who they are,how high up the power tree they are,they all need to be brought to justice and hung ,and the dead ones need to be dug up and thrown in the sewage works,along with the newly hung filth that walk the corridors of power and rule and dictate us with iron fists ,no matter if they hide under the roof of westminister or bucking palace or the church of satan in rome

  4. Julie says:

    I truly believe there is an agenda to lower the age of consent to 13….. then lower.

    Barbara Hewson must be an agent. They must have paid her to express what she did to gauge public opinion.

    Look her up.

    “Barbara Hewson is interviewed over her controversial child sex abuse comments. She criticised Operation Yewtree, suggested the removal of complainant anonymity, introduce a strict statute of limitations, and she also calls for the age of consent to be reduced to 13.”

    • Well they can Fuck Off Julie and I apologise to Tap for my language but I am increasingly depressed at this day in day out talk talk talk. All the while the bad peole benefit while were talking.
      I am F***ing fed up. For various reasons, family crap and stresses which I know are on the micro level.
      But was it they say as above so below/ Macro level Micro level.
      Sometimes I detest immediate family for their arrogance and ignorance and my aim is to be free of certain family members . it saps my strength and energy deling with their arrogance and double standards

      As for the cabal I am very tied of them and they can F*** RIGHT OFF, believe me if the gloves come off and TSHTF I will go for the jugular and go out fighting.
      Yes this is a less rational Adam tonight but family issues have reawakened a depression feeling I have not had for years, and tonight a nadir has hit me out of nowhere, and im in no mood for crap. I will wipe the floor with the cabal. because tonight im on the edge and don’t care if I live or die tonight.
      Tomorrow I may well be back to normal Adam once ive got rid of the rotten feeling my immediate family gives me, cant wait to be away from them

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Hewson. Yes very nasty indeed.

      I am just referring to her views here (and hairdo) of course!

      Also agree Julie that the agenda is the same as it was going back to the days of PIE

      • The Metro of course is a jew owned paper, maybe Murdoch maybe not im not sure but someone said they decided to give the metro away free because people were switching off from newspapers and mainstream news. So the cabal had to resort to giving their propaganda away free on morning buses
        Are we the crow? And the cabal the eagle? Or are we the eagle?

        And another question that arises. Whats thw Metro doing showing such an image. it will have symbolism behind it.

      • It could somehow symbolise Israel landing on American Eagle this year, their plans, with jade helm etc etc and the other plans

      • Men Scryfa says:

        You are definitely asking the right questions as always.

        Answers, well symbols can have two or more meanings. I don’t think ‘we the people’ are the Eagle if that helps.

        It might be useful to know that in the print version the sequence of photos appeared above a report about Danczuk and his marriage meltdown.

        Its obvious that Danczuk is not the “Boss”. So who then is?

        The captions were slightly different. Something about “Look Now on Only One Leg” and “A-crow-bat”…LoL

        It was on page 9.

      • Needleblog, you said has been exposed as a cabal disinformation site, like exaro

        Therfore this Heath thing needs to be viewed in light of this. However its quite obvious whats going on, controlled release of sanitised information just like with Sir Cliffs Historic Billy Graham concert ‘abuse’ by the mainstream
        So its clear whats going on , no mention of yachts and channel and rituals at sea and weights and bottom of the ocean
        But needleblog wrote that

  5. Lynn says:

    Adam you need to calm down love… this is really getting to you as they wish it to. Dont let them win. We have to stay strong and keep exposing what is going on. You can only be a messenger. We dont have the strength to fight this it is a case of numbers. We will never stop discussing what we know. Keep it in prespective and still persue your life. You have a lot of living to do and this will take care of its self. Information is beating them now. Too many know something is wrong and we all have to pull together. Dont lose site of family. You will need them.

    • Hello Lynn, im feeling better this morning, thankyou for your words
      It wasn’t so much the cabal issues that got me down, that’s a day in day out par for the course fact of life were all dealing with how we can
      I don’t even get offended or even try to convert loved ones about conspiracy issues anymore either and im fine with that. Cognitive dissonance is expected. ( I do occasionally put someone straight when they start talking about IS though )

      No, it was that even though in my dealings and approach and person that I am, is one of wanting to help, and I have no arrogance when dealing with family, or with anyone
      So when talking to trying to help a loved one whos got health problems with high BP and acid reflex, and im in a good position not just because of my background and interest in it, but also my dot connecting mind that gets seen here on Tapblog
      When that help is refused by a loved one and insults thrown back, saying im trying to be a doctor (not the case at all) .
      When pride and ignorance in the loved one thinking medical establishment is God. And I suspect too, pride that someone like me could be providing answers and direction in a different paradigm.
      All these factors in play can upset and tip someone like it did last night.
      I have slight hurt feelings and irritation. But no pride myself. Id be happy to be insulted as long as the loved one took steps on board and got his health better, as this has upset me

      As with everything Lynn it seems in this world, theres several interacting issues and dynamics going on, different layers to a situation. But esp within families.

      I do feel grateful for family and love them a lot. This storm will pass soon

      And yes it can be a straw that breaks a camels back and then all the cabal nonsense in this world can become oppressive

      I truly feel that Tapblog is managing to provide a crucial service in these times, of a place to go for people to get some kind of (not 100% obviously) of disinformation free articles and free speaking and free thinking. And analysis and exploration. Hopefully Truths going to be like a powerful genie out of a bottle soon taking on an undeniable life of its own that even the doughnut people cant stop

      Im encouraged by Gordon Logans recent comment which I replied to. it seems there exists in this world some kind of cabal counterbalance after all. White hats after all perhaps.

      im feeling better thanks Lynn

    • [An uplifting, positive common sense I think, view, from Lawrence Wilson about the Big Picture that’s going on now. he might have some facts wrong who knows. But my best judgment at this time, he seems to speak a lot of sense on certain issues. I disagree with him on geopolitics though ]

      3. This knowledge will assist anyone to handle a great shift is occurring at this time on planet earth. It is a gigantic movement of consciousness from scarcity to abundance in material and industrial terms. It is a movement from fear to self-love, from doubt to real confidence in oneself, from continuous wars over land and resources to peace within and on the outer level. If we are lucky it will result in a movement away from secrecy and horror to transparency and openness in all things, and from oppression and tyranny to self-government and self-rule for the nations.

      The true angelic and other advanced beings are assisting this process. Any information that leads to more fear, more self-doubt, more depression, or more violence for any reason is opposed to the change and must be stopped at once, both inside of yourself and in the outer world. For more on this topic, read The Great Shift on this website.

      4. You will be better prepared to oppose negative forces in yourself and in the world that do not want the great shift to occur. We all need to understand that powerful forces do not want people to be joyous, free and safe. So they stage terrorist attacks, blow up buildings, poison the population with toxic metals, chemicals, medical drugs and vaccines. They do much more to slow or stop the change described in the paragraphs above. One of the most devastating is rape. Please read the key article on this subject on this website entitled Rape, and its companion article, Healing Rape.

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