News Flash: Melanie Shaw Taken By Devon And Cornwall Police. UK Column


| Saturday, 4th July 2015

The morning after her arrival in Plymouth, three aggressive male officers and one female, were hammering at the door of the UKColumn Offices demanding to know where ‘Brian’ was and the whereabouts of Melanie Shaw.

At 0907 this morning 4 July 2015 Beechwood child abuse victim and whistleblower Melanie Shaw sent a text saying “Ring me urgently…I’m at station with the police, he’s been nice…well both have, 2 of the good guys…” We have heard nothing more.

Melanie had sought refuge in Plymouth after weeks of harassment and abuse by Nottingham police. It seems that Britain’s police have unbridled power and money for operations to track, harass and arrest child abuse victims. They cannot of course stop criminal bankers, corrupt MPs or perverted Judges and senior police.

The morning after her arrival in Plymouth, three aggressive male officers and one female, were hammering at the door of the UKColumn Offices demanding to know where ‘Brian’ was and the whereabouts of Melanie Shaw.

After receiving no help they departed. Rude, aggressive police, chasing not a serious criminal, but a frightened extremely vulnerable and very brave lady, who has suffered unbelievable abuse within the State ‘care system.’

We suspect that Melanie is already on her way back to Nottingham, to be held in a circle of abusive authorities acting under the so called Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements MAPPA. When David Cameron said that child abuse was a matter of National Security he meant just that. So deep, so entrenched and so vicious is institutional child abuse in Britain that its exposure is capable of bringing down the UK government. The evidence already available in the public domain shows that Westminster is desperate to cover-up the widespread penetration of paedophiles within our political and public systems.

Highly intelligent, and with an excellent memory, Melanie Shaw represents a real threat to national security. Her testimony of her own abuse and that of hundreds of other youngsters, and the trafficking and the murders, is enough to cause the highest heads to roll. She must therefore be silenced by the State at all costs.

Melanie Shaw is now once again encarcerated in the gulug of the corrupt criminal British police and justice system. She will no doubt endure further abuse, bullying, harassment and solitary confinement ‘punishment regimes.’

In the time I have known Melanie I have come to recognise an unbelievably brave lady who is worth 1,000 David Camerons, Theresa Mays or Alison Saunders. In fact there is no comparison.

That our british police constables should now prostitute themsleves to a peadophilic Westminster administration is a dangerous tragedy. Their blind willingness to support criminal activity and their failure to uphold the law will certainly rebound, since the emerging police state will eventually consume them and their families…for the revolution always consumes its young.

If by some unlikely occurence we find that Melanie is receiving tender care in the hand of Devon and Cornwall Police and Mental Services I will be grateful. My sentiments stand however, as she is but one of thousands of children stolen and abused by a corrupt criminal British state.

To readers of whatever nationality, I apologise for all the actions of this vile British government and establishment. It is beholdent on all of us to take all appropriate action to bring these people to justice.

We will report further when we can.

Also from Ade on this same topic –

I had considered giving DCP Devon Cornwall Police a ring and asking them to verify that they have disappeared Melanie Shaw and confirm the information provided in the Saturday, 4th July 2015  UKcolumn report ( below ) and also to demand an explanation for their actions seemingly reminiscent of the Soviet Era KGB. However DCP do not appear to publish any contact details for a press office / media and only refer to calling 999 / 101 throughout their website.

All I could find there.


Contact centre
Devon & Cornwall Police
Police Headquarters
Middlemoor, Exeter
email: Contact centre
Tel: 101
Textphone: 67101 sms/text number for the deaf/hard hearing/speech impaired
Tel: 18001 101 Minicom/Textphone

Under the circumstances it seams reasonable to accuse DCP of evading contact with the public and non vetted press. On that basis of restricted access It also appears reasonable to accuse DCP of a lack of transparency and accountability to the public.

Here is the text from the DCP website regarding their media centre how very Soviet Union that in order to contact or view the media centre at all one is required to register in advance and seek their prior  approval.

Are the evasive DCP just shy of the public and press or do they have something to hide ?

Are DCP doing background checks on journalists before granting/denying approval and access to information ?

excerpt from DCP website

Register for Media Centre access

Please note that registration is only for recognised journalists and other approved media users. Each application will be manually checked, so it might take a little while before your registration is active.


Main Board for the Protection of Military and State Secrets

The Bolshevik, the Decree on the Press,and the Reintroduction of Censorship Two days after seizing power onNovember 7,  the new Bolshevik government in Russia adopted a decree on the press,banning-temporarily or permanently-press bodies that called for open resistance or disobedience the new to authorities or incited strife by distorting facts or calling for actions punishable by law. The interpretation of the decree was rather broad, leading to the closure of virtually all papers in opposition to the Bolsheviks.

Despite the Bolshevik promise of repeal once the revolution was over with it took another 70 years for the legislation to be quashed.

Soviet Style Psychological Abuse – Melanie Shaw

The available evidence shows that in the course of the 1960s the political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union became one of the main methods of repression. By the end of that decade many well- known dissidents were diagnosed as being mentally ill. A crucial role in this played KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov personally, who in 1967 took the helm of that organization and made de struggle against “ideological diversion” the centrepiece of his KGB work. According to a former general of the Fifth (dissident) Directorate of the Ukrainian KGB, it was Andropov who together with a selected group of associates developed the political abuse of psychiatry as a systematic means of repression. KGB offices in other republics, like in Ukraine, received detailed instructions from “the centre” how to use psychiatry either as a “preventive measure” or to remove a “hostile element” from society. 17



5 Responses to “News Flash: Melanie Shaw Taken By Devon And Cornwall Police. UK Column”

  1. Lynn says:

    This is truly shocking!! this proves our security agents are watching the victims and not the perpertraitors. We are paying them to attack us in every sense of the word. ENOUGH !!

  2. sickened says:

    If Melanie Shaw is not rescued from their clutches that poor woman will finish up dead, or will disappear inside mental health institutions.

  3. Stephen says:

    I am truly, truly shocked. I thought she was safe from the clutches of the PTB now she was released from prison. My God help and protect her. The actions of the police suggest to me Melanie is extremely dangerous to powerful people. Truth will eventually come out. I hope and pray that Melanie will live to witness it.

  4. David Howard says:

    Polygraph tests have a 100% accuracy rate when done properly. Google “The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects”

  5. Gerry says:

    Try this # +44 1392 420320, hope it helps.

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