Netanyahu and AIPAC Vow to Undermine Iran Nuclear Agreement

Netanyahu at AIPAC


 By Stephen Lendman


AIPAC is an unregistered foreign agent. It operates illegally and destructively. It deplores peace. It supports wars of aggression and occupation harshness.

Netanyahu is an unindicted war criminal – a hate-mongering racist heading Israel’s fascist regime. In less than so many words, they declared war on today’s important agreement – intending to go all out to subvert it.

AIPAC issued a statement, saying it’s committed to “ensur(ing) that Iran does not develop nuclear weapons” – despite the whole world knowing it has no intention of doing so and never did.

The organization earlier issued five “requirements…to block Iran’s (nonexistent) path to a nuclear weapon and would further entrench and empower the leading state sponsor of terror.”

Fact: The region’s notorious leading state sponsor of terrorism is Israel. AIPAC supports its worst crimes.

Fact: Iran champions peace, stability and mutual cooperation among all nations. It justifiably wants its sovereign rights respected.

AIPAC denounced Tuesday’s nuclear agreement – saying it failed to meet its “requirements.” A previous article discussed them as follows:

1. “Unrestricted inspections and verification:” It wants them “anytime, anywhere,” including military facilities no country would permit free access to.

It wants them on short-notice anywhere within Iran’s borders. “No facilities can be off-limits,” it says. “Iran must not be able to veto specific inspections.”

AIPAC wants robust inspections continued until the IAEA verifies all Iranian nuclear work is peaceful. It want Tehran’s supply chain monitored to check on whether illicit purchases are made.

AIPAC owns Congress. Any member not fully supportive of Israel is targeted for replacement.

On March 18, 2014, 391 House members sent a letter to Obama saying inspections of Iranian nuclear facilities “should include an agreement granting the IAEA necessary access to inspect all suspect sites, including military facilities.”

A same day letter signed by 83 senators said “(w)e believe Iran must…submit to a long-term and intrusive inspection and verification regime.”

On March 20, 2015, 367 House members wrote Obama saying “(a)ny inspection and verification regime must allow for short notice access to suspect locations.”

2. “Possible Military Dimensions:” AIPAC wants Iran to explain earlier nuclear weaponization efforts whether or not any existed – including revealing documents perhaps never produced.

It claims a baseline must be established from which to judge future actions.

3. No sanctions relief until “Iran complies with its commitments.” AIPAC wants stiff consequences for any violations discovered.

It wants Western-controlled monitors to be judge and jury about Iran’s well-known peaceful nuclear program.

4. “Duration: Iran’s nuclear weapons quest must be blocked for decades,” says AIPAC – to prevent Tehran from becoming a nuclear threshold state.

No evidence suggests its intention to develop nuclear weapons. AIPAC demands the impossible.

It wants Tehran to prove a negative – “that it no longer seeks a nuclear weapons capability” no evidence suggests it had in the first place.

It wants Iran’s legitimate nuclear program hamstrung – limiting its research and other essential activities needed to operate effectively.

5. “Dismantlement:” AIPAC demands Iran eliminate its essential nuclear infrastructure “so it has no path to a nuclear weapon” it has no intention to develop.

AIPAC’s notion of a “good deal” is one no responsible nations with  peaceful nuclear programs would accept – nor should they. In less than so many words, it wants Congress to challenge Tuesday’s agreement and kill it.

So does Netanyahu. Virtually all his remarks are over-the-top, offensive and belligerent. He refuses to recognizes what was agreed on, saying: “Israel is not bound by this deal with Iran because Iran continues to seek our destruction. We will always defend ourselves” – against invented enemies.

Fact: No Iranian political leader or its supreme leaders said they seek Israel’s destruction. Earlier comments explained its self-destructive policies. Israel is its own worst enemy.

Netanyahu bashed P5+1 countries for negotiating an important agreement if it works – if it stands the test of time. He wants its main regional rival eliminated. Irresponsibly criticizing its legitimate nuclear program as well as falsely accusing it of terrorism and wanting Israel destroyed are thinly veiled pretexts for supporting regime change.

He lied saying “by not dismantling Iran’s nuclear program, in a decade this deal will give an unreformed, unrepentant and far richer terrorism regime the capacity to produce many nuclear bombs. In fact an entire nuclear arsenal, with the means to deliver it. What a stunning historic mistake.”

Tuesday’s deal “reward(s) Iran…with hundreds of billions of dollars” – a “cash bonanza (to) fuel (its nonexistent) terrorism worldwide, its (nonexistent) aggression in the region, and its (nonexistent) efforts to destroy Israel, which are ongoing.”

Fact: Israel is the region’s sole nuclear armed and danger power – a rogue state partnered with America, both nations willing to wage nuclear war.

Fact: The more Netanyahu blusters, the more buffoon-like he sounds – a lunatic making absurd off-the-wall accusations the whole world knows are false, duplicitous and polar opposite reality.

His comments, AIPAC’s, and anti-Iranian congressional hardliners from both parties show Tehran what it’s up against going forward.

An accompanying article said Tuesday’s agreement isn’t a done deal. A long tough road ahead needs to be crossed successfully with no guarantees of success.




6 Responses to “Netanyahu and AIPAC Vow to Undermine Iran Nuclear Agreement”

  1. Lynn says:

    This man is truly mentally insane and should be sectioned no ifs no buts. This wicked regime needs stringing up and left to rot. He has banged on about Iran and bombs and threats for years… VT played some of his speeches, going back years and the only threat to world peace is this iIegal bunch of lying, cheating, thieving, imposters.

    • Aldous says:

      “This maniac(sic) is truly mentally insane and should be sectioned no ifs no buts.”

      One can’t choose his/its parents Lynn and it may not be entirely Nut’s fault that he is a deranged, mass murdering psychopath… (Can you believe that this hateful procedure/mutilation is supposed to be carried out – with no anesthetic – within one week of the infant’s birth?)

      Circumcision Permanently Alters the Brain

      The Trauma of Circumcision

      It could be that the Khazars carry out this atrocity on their male infants because it is a ‘no going back’, permanent reminder of who and what they are – notwithstanding the permanent psychological (as well as physiological of course) damage caused by the trauma at such an early and non-consensual age.

      • Lynn says:

        Nothing would surprise me anymore Aldous, what they are capable of is sickeningly inhuman. They have a mission and no-one is going to stop them. Well we wont go down without a fight !!! Cicumscision is tribal and ritualistic…maybe small boys are all that can please the dead organ. Disgusting religion. Needs wiping out root and branch.

  2. danceaway says:

    If N is a clone, as described in the recent article on clones, then this might partially explain his amoral, soulless, conscienceless behaviour ?

    • This whole clone thing has shocked me and shaken me somewhat. I was aware of clones but never really looked into it, earlier this week I got an urge to investigate more and men scryfas helped be a catalyst for thoughts and more investigations.
      I think its indeed possible N is a clone. he does indeed have a vacant strange way about him.

      The technology, this biological tissue being reproduced like this. Then theres the ability to copy like from a hard drive, holographically, the entire lifes memories from a human brain. THIS IS MINDBLOWING AND HAS SHAKEN ME
      Where are we going. Whats going to happen.
      I really really REALLY hope its true what I read – there are positive military , positive secret societies, positive white hat people in organisations – and an entire positive faction of the SSP against the cabal, as Corey Goode is saying – who are as appaled at all this as we all are im sure
      I hope its true because we are going to need powerful support against these Satanists, Insane Satanists

      The Tesla Physics, the NDE testimonies on Youtube proving an afterlifes there, that other dimensions are real. And the evil of these Satanists in our midst. This is all pointing to the fact this is a Spiritual War and we must get aligned with , prostrated before God and the Holy Spirit to act through us and help us in this epic Battle., End Times Battle.

      We can win it by the way, I think its possible. If the white hat presence around us is true. Who organised the sting to eject Rifkind from his top position for example? WHite Hats surely?

      And BTW, my talk of God and the Holy Spirit comes from logical thought processes realising Tesla Physics is very very REAL. I used to be an atheist.

      However as we discuss often on this site, churches and synagogues and most within them are riddled with EVIL and SATANISM. This is a fact.

      Therefore our relationsihip with God and the Holy Spirit, acting as Gods Fighters in this Spiritual War, our Church is each one of us, our own hearts and Consciousneess – and each other.

      We don’t need organised religion at all , Satanist criminals have masqueraded as do gooders for centuries while they’ve subjugated, raped, killed, abused, humiliated, robbed, lied, covered up. And still it goes on


      Well not for much longer I can sense big things are happening
      I like the name danceaway btqw

  3. danceaway says:

    Yes, the trauma of circumcision is permanently damaging to the infant. The website Birth of a New Earth ( Jeanice Barcello )has many articles and videos about this horrific procedure and the consequences. It is another one of those hidden realities which is very hard to process and come to terms with.

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