National fracking ban jeopardised by SNP treachery


Tim Farron, the new Lib Dem leader could be pivotal in the coming campaign to stop fracking in Britain

He has already made public statements that he will be reviewing LD policies to make them more liberal.  He has also voiced opposition to fracking.  His winning of the Party leadership should before long make the Lib Dems the next party after the Greens to be in opposition to unconventional gas drilling in Britain.  UKIP were a great disappointment in this regard and they missed a trick at the General Election by supporting the Conservative pro-fracking policy.  Carswell is still making pro-fracking noises btw, as is Owen Paterson, who has obviously not yet learned his lesson either.

A confirmed anti-fracking Lib Dem policy, which could pull support from many constituencies if it actually happens, will trouble Labour, and Andy Burnham has already made anti-fracking/anti-drilling noises.  If he wins the Labour leadership, it is possible, though by no means a certainty, that with Conservative rebels and the SNP, along with Lib Dem, a majority of MPs could be willing to vote against fracking within a few months, and bring in a UK ban, as has happened in many other countries.

As regards the Labour leadership contest, the front-runner is said to be Jeremy Corbyn by The New Statesman.  If that forecast correct, he is totally in favour of a national fracking moratorium.


Jeremy is totally opposed to fracking because he believes that ”Fracking is dangerous to the environment and causes water pollution.”. In June 2012, he sponsored an Early Day Motion in parliament calling for a moratorium on fracking.

That this House believes a moratorium should be placed on onshore and offshore exploration, development and production of shale gas via the…
If Labour, Lib Dem, SNP and Green lump their MPs together in support of a moratorium, there would only be the need for about fifteen rebels from government ranks.  There could well be many more than that number willing to break ranks to get rid of this running sore.
The betting suggests Andy Burnham will be the next leader currently.  He’s proposed a fracking moratorium
The problem leader for Labour would be Yvette Cooper.  She’s pro-fracking, but sits second in the betting not far behind Andy Burnham.  If Corbyn or Burnham makes it, a national moratorium is job-on, but Corbyn seems the more committed of the two.
UPDATE – Is the SNP playing a double game over fracking?

INEOS chairman Jim Ratcliffe has received private assurances from the SNP that it does not oppose fracking, he claimed yesterday.

The Switzerland-based billionaire said his business was given the nod earlier this year during private talks with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon — on the same day her party confirmed a moratorium on the damaging extraction process.

Mr Ratcliffe believes that an onshore shale gas industry could be operating commercially as early as 2018.

Ineos currently holds fracking exploration licences across 700 miles of Scotland, and will soon be seeking formal approval to begin drilling and carrying out seismic testing, which Mr Ratcliffe is confident will not breach the terms of the moratorium.

Frack Off Fife activist Tam Kirby told the Star that Mr Ratcliffe’s announcement “does not come as a major surprise.

“The SNP has always been very cagey when responding to queries regarding unconventional gas extraction.

“Now is the time for the SNP to come clean on the whole matter.

“If Ratcliffe is wrong, then the SNP needs to now change from having a moratorium on fracking to a complete and outright ban.”

Friends of the Earth Scotland’s Dr Richard Dixon added: “Nicola Sturgeon urgently needs to publish a note of their meeting and make a statement on what she did and didn’t say to the Ineos boss.”

A Scottish government spokesperson said that these revelations were simply what had already been said publicly on the issue, namely that “no fracking can or will take place in Scotland while the moratorium we have announced remains in place, a policy that has received wide support from both environmental groups and industry.”

The SNP not voting against fracking would change the arithmetic substantially.   You’d need over fifty Conservative/SNP rebels if these parties went against a moratorium or a ban.   That’s where a Lib Dem revival could be powerful.    Were Tim Farron to rebuild his party  by taking up a strong anti-fracking stance, as well as over electoral reform, which he’s playing as his first pitch to the marketplace, the ground would start moving, and the other parties could be compelled to follow suit.

This video won’t delete from this post.  I don’t know why!  My attack on Owen Paterson’s fracking policy when he was still Environment Secretary.







5 Responses to “National fracking ban jeopardised by SNP treachery”

  1. DICK R says:

    At last the scotch nats have done something worthwhile

  2. Lanark says:

    Ineos own Grangemouth Refinery near Falkirk. Scotland has agreed to process the Shale Gas from England’s fracking, that was the wee agreement Nicola made with Ineos boss Jim Ratcliffe. We wont be having any fracking in Scotland. We don’t need it… we’ve got the North Sea. Plus we don’t want it – so we wont have fracking at all. But our Petrochemical Industry and many jobs will flourish through England;’s decision to frack itself silly.
    It’s sort of ironic or funny – or both.

  3. Tapestry says:

    One of the threats from fracked gas is that it’s highly radioactive. North Sea gas is OK as it takes a month to come ashore after it’s lifted and the radon disperses to some extent. Fracked gas will arrive much quicker than a month. The radiation will affect people living near the plant, and many workers will develop the kind of diseases associated with radiation.

    • It is becoming clearer each day, more obvious no need to dig deep at all. Evidence such as with Fracking, the hidden hand of Satanist elites interfering driving forth Agendas in so many spheres of our lives.
      Maybe the jolting crucial gamechanging point will come in the UK (since its a small island and environmental trauma and devastation wont take long to be felt keenly) with some huge flashpoint demonstration by enough awakened outraged people.
      I don’t think the elites ever plan or intend for this country UK to proceed normally the next 50 years, no one objecting, with a toxic fracked country and destroyed communities.
      I sense the ‘elites’ fully expectand I think are wanting , using this as a tool to foment unrest
      Chuck in increased immigration pressures. Chuck in the housing shortages and high rents
      Add in economic orchestrated events at the right time
      And I think too Tap the 2011 London riots will have been a deliberate staging run, to gauge the public in a riot situation and the Elites will have been gathering lots of data then. Psychotronnic weapons may well have been used too.
      To me, it all points to some kind of converging End Point. I think somethings coming, perhaps a galactic superwave that’s been prophecised that’s not necessarily harmful atall and in fact upgrades all DNA and unleashes Higher Consciousness
      This will be a huge threat to the Cabaal
      I therefore think theres a sense of urgency and perhaps panic with the cabal now.
      But back on the subject of fracking I just hope enough in the UK can rise up and resist it
      Im copying and psting your succinct concise comment above into an email going out far and wide with the tapblog article link

  4. Lynn says:

    This really is not about Gas… this is about destruction of land and poisoning livestock contaminating water etc etc. The Agenda 21 is behind this. We are at war but so many people dont realise it yet. This country is finished.

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