Murder On Queen Elizabeth II’s Orders

July 16 – It was Queen Elizabeth II personally, who ordered German Finance Minister Schäuble’s virtual murder of the nation of Greece in Eurozone debt-summit negotiations over July 12-13.


The Greek debt negotiations had been proceeding in June. Germany’s demands against Greece were much more moderate at that time, according to an AP wire of today carried in the New York Times. But then, those negotiations were adjourned on June 26, to await the results of the Greek referendum which was held on July 5. (In that referendum, Greeks overwhelmingly rejected the austerity demands of Germany and the Eurozone countries.)


Comment: This is a very strange situation. People have chastised the Greek finance minister for resigning and also the Greek PM for conceding to the new bailout. But the fact is that the finance minister was forced to resign and the government forced to toe the line because of sever threats to their families and the families of the rest of the government. The situation has become that serious. The Greek debt is manufactured yes, but if Greece defaults then that will destroy the European Union and the Illuminati do not want that. Some say this is all a push for WWIII – but that is a war that is never going to be allowed to take place.

Now during just the same period the negotiations were interrupted, Britain’s [Germany’s] Queen Elizabeth made a rare state visit to Germany over June 23-26, and met there with Chancellor Angela Merkel, among others. It is not known at this time whether she also met with German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble.

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But on June 25, during the Queen’s visit, Chancellor Merkel complained that Greek negotiations had “lost ground,” and Schäuble warned that the sides were moving apart.


Chancellor Angela Merkel (right) receives Queen Elizabeth II in Berlin, June 26, 2015


Then, last Saturday, July 11, on the eve of the summit which resumed the broken-off negotiations, Schäuble and the German delegation showed up with new demands, the “toughest ever,” which even their allies said “came out of the blue,” AP reports.

One summit participant “said that the extra demands were immediately perceived as provocative.” Schäuble had received and carried out the Queen’s orders.

He even demanded that Greece be thrown out of the eurozone. Although Greece was not thrown out at that time, the violations of sovereignty and genocidal conditions were so brutal that they amounted to Greece’s murder.


“This makes it very clear,” Lyndon LaRouche said today. “Schäuble is barking for the Queen.”


Yet Schäuble was still insisting on a Greek exit from the Euro today, even after Greece had signed on to his diktat. “And he’s going to get the exit he wants,” said LaRouche.


“It’s obvious he’s going to get an exit. And that’s when Greece will go to Russia. And once they go to Russia, at that point what will happen is that the European continental region will go into a spin-dive downward. And that will then shape everything”.

“This is where the British are counting on Obama, to set forth a casus belli, which will actually be a British casus belli. Saving the situation will be the pretext for the war. Russia will get an ultimatum: either you submit to us, or we will go to war with you. The British will create a confrontation between Russia and the Presidency of the United States, and Obama, the President of the United States, will go to war with Russia.”

“That’s the scenario. And the game against China, is part of the same pattern. The case is clear. The question is: who’s got the guts to face the reality? And there are very few people who have the guts to face that reality. Because, what’s going to happen, is that suddenly the institutions of the United States government, will then launch war.”

“What Schäuble has done on the Queen’s orders, will be part of the pretext. The British Empire’s policy will be, then, to get the United States to launch warfare against Russia. For which Russia will be prepared. It means the extermination of much of the human species, but the British Empire wants to reduce much of the human population anyway.”

“But that’s the reality. Let’s see what kinds of guts and brains people may have. Because there’s nothing else we can do beyond that. We’ve got to make that the challenge,” LaRouche concluded.

Comment: There are so many factions vying for control and various agendas at play here. One thing is for sure, the Greece situation is pivotal and it will be an interesting drama to watch unfold, although our thoughts are with the people of Greece, who are but pawns in the game.



6 Responses to “Murder On Queen Elizabeth II’s Orders”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Aaahhh. She never looks happier than with her own – German Rothschilds. Whereas with the people of our Celtic Nations she is a surly, miserable, bitch. But of course, we luv you marm, gawd bless ya!

    • Nike says:

      This Zionist Rothschild B’nai Brith puppet has never been elected by the German people. Elections are rigged. Germany has been under Zionist occupation and oppression for 70 years.
      Protesting the Merkel government’s politics: “Traitors! War mongers! Liars! Murderers! Go away!! You destroy everything! You destroy Germany, you destroy the world. Fuck off!“
      Dresden: “No war with Russia!“
      Aschaffenburg: “Merkel go away!“
      Hamburg: The allegedly “most successful“ (CEO)Merkel is the most disliked….
      Cottbus: THE RED CARD

      the same everywhere else…

      There is no “Queen Angie“
      and “Queen Lizzy“ is not ours either – simply TOO MUCH to bear…sry

      (I hope I’ve made the point)

      • Jennifer says:

        Yes Nike – point well made. We didn’t elect Queen Lizzie either. Germany is such a great country, so how did you let this happen?
        Was Angie placed, waiting, in the East in order to sneak into the West?
        I remember waiting outside for a health store to open, in Nurnberg (in 1990 after the Berlin Wall was down) alongside a hippie-ish young man. We got to chatting and he spoke very emotionally about the unification, about the ‘Soul’ of Germany being in the East. He spoke emotionally about the music of Wagner and mythology and German history. I was surprised because he was so young and yet he seemed to be part of an ‘alternative ‘lifestyle’ – not a skinhead, not an old reactionary, but an articulate young English speaker – my German goes as far as ordering a beer, sadly.
        Now maybe it seems Queen Angie has been placed to pluck the unified body of Germany to pieces. Once Again.

    • Ive emailed this on too

      It may well be, right what you say, I sense it too, aanirfan they laugh as they type it each day, people thinking its alt media.
      However theyre doing a pretty good job of it , apparently incriminating a lot of people even Israel. Aanirfans helping wake people up to lots of things, just like coleman
      I just wonder what deception aanirfans trying to achieve. Controlled disclosure but leaving out certain key things? Yes but what key things
      Aanirfans talks on holographic universe and certain Buddhist topics I find fishy.
      Things ive read elsewhere (ill send you if I ever find it again),
      Is that theres some physics lies too the cabals trying to sell. Its possible, the holographic universe thing is a deception
      (though it does seem very credivble and right the human brains incredible abilities and memory storage is because of the holographic memory, this ties in with how with cloning, they can download an entire lifetimes brain/memory which is scary and staggering)

      But ive read theres a deception matrix they want us to believe, and this may extend to deception the tunnel of light on death. Some are saying don’t walk through it. its possible Eben Alexander on Oprah Winfrey, its a cabal deception.

      This article explains what im trying to say much better. I don’t know if what im saying is wrong or right im just cautiously proceeding questioning everything and im believing less and less. Though I know theres secret space programmes guaranteed.

      If you get time to read these Men Scryfa id be interested in your feedback

      Sorry ive gone off point here, Aanirfan. Maybe good guys within the services? Probably not. if it is disinfo then Aanirfans sailing very close to the wind it seems. Maybe the cabals baks upagainst the wall with some impending galactic Superwave event Paul Laviolette talks about a lot?

    • I came across a recent Cobra article today, and it contains a passage that brought a smile to my face…

      >>>The energies of the cardinal Grand Cross have triggered all kinds of suppressed dysfunctional behavior and ideas which needed to be cleared before the activation could take place. Here I would just like to mention some Archon-induced strange ideas floating around that the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Egyptian Gods and Goddesses are »part of the false light«, are »there to deceive you« and are »part of the hierarchy that is there to enslave you«. Nothing could be further from the truth. All these beings are true beings of Light and are our friends, brothers and sisters. Without their continuous help and assistance, humanity would not survive the last few hundred years and would be extinct by now.<<<

      Normally, Cabal propagandists will ignore damaging ideas out of fear of bringing more attention to them by mentioning them. So the fact that Cobra is bringing up humanity's dawning realization of the false-light is a sign that it has become so damaging to their plans that they are forced to bring it up and attempt to combat it. Unfortunately for them, there is no way to put the genie back in the bottle. Their legion of "ascended masters," "angels and archangels," and "benevolent ETs" are now being seen as the dressed-up demons they are, and there is no going back.

      As for the suggestion that humanity wouldn't survive without the false-light demons, he is right; we would thrive without them. The beings at the top of the control pyramid contrive the existential threats against us through their "dark hats," then leak those plans to their "white hats" so they can save the day. This creates the illusion that we are being protected by the false-light. Needless to say, it's just another form of false-flag theatrics, and humanity is now seeing it for what it is. The dark hats have the Left Hand of the Hierarchy working them like puppets, and the white hats have the Right Hand working them.

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