MPs debate bombing Isil in Syria – more reasons for false flag terror

RAF Tornado GR4 in Cyprus

 Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, expected to tell MPs it is ‘illogical’ to be carrying out air strikes against Isil in Iraq but not Syria

12.50 We will get consent of MPs before any strikes, Defence Sec pledges

Michael Fallon has told MPs that any decision to launch air strikes over Syria to counter Isil will have to be signed off by MPs.

“We know Isil is directed from Northern Syria,” he said, but added the Prime Minister “recognised” the “reservations” some MPs had about Syria action in 2013.

“We will not bring a motion to this house where there is not some consensus”, Mr Fallon said. “Our position therefore remains that we would return to this House for approval before we conduct air strikes in Syria.”

Mr Fallon added that only issues of immediate national security would change that.

The Defence Secretary said he was “laying out some of the case” for air strikes today and indicated the government hopes MPs are now more open to backing action than in 2013 – when Mr Cameron was defeated on the matter.

“A number of things have changed [since then], not least the attacks that have multiplied and the spread of Isis itself,” he said.


Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, has begun the Commons debate about Isil the threat the extremist Islamists pose to Britain.

The attack on the beach in Sousse, Tunisia, last week amounted to a “day of terror”, Mr Fallon says, adding that the country’s thoughts were with the victims and their families.

He added that the terrorist threat warning in Britain remained “severe”, meaning an attack was “highly likely”.

“Disrupting violent threats to the UK mainland and our interest overseas is just one element in our broader strategy for countering Isil” Mr Fallon says. He added Britain is playing a “full part” in the anti-Isil coalition’s attempts to disrupt funding to the group.

12.00 PM backs air strikes in Syria, spokesman indicates

Mr Cameron’s official spokeswoman said that the Prime Minister had made clear during last September’s debate that he believed there was a case for UK involvement in airstrikes in Syria and intended to return to the subject at a later date. He has made clear he does not want to proceed without a consensus in the Commons in support of military action.

The spokeswoman said there was a need for “more thought, more deliberation, more time” before deciding whether to table a motion asking MPs to approve the extension of airstrikes into Syria.

Her comments appeared to be a clear indication that any vote will not come until the Commons returns from its summer break and after the election of a new Labour leader in September.

“The PM has long thought that Isil poses a threat to Britain and Isil needs to be destroyed in Syria as well as in Iraq,” the spokeswoman told a regular Westminster media briefing.

“That’s exactly what he said in the debate in the Commons last September. He set out in the debate that there was a strong case for the UK to do more in Syria and that remains his view. But he also said he wanted consensus in the House.

“The PM’s views haven’t changed. What has changed is the growing evidence that Isil represents a threat to Britain and our national security.”

The PM believes that a legal case for action was established last year when the US-led coalition commenced air-strikes in Syria, she added. The UK is already providing reconnaissance and air-to-air refuelling capacity for the Syrian operation, she pointed out.

10.00 Senior Tory MP cautions No 10 over Syria

Conservative MP Crispin Blunt, chairman of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, said that UK involvement in Syria would make little military difference on the ground, but could involve Britain in a legal “grey area”.

Mr Blunt told Today: “I would want to know whether this is a battle-winning decision. Plainly, the United Kingdom role in all this is pretty minor, and we should be concentrating on getting the battle-winning decision – which is actually getting the regional states to co-operate around the mission, which is to defeat Isil.”

He added: “There’s no military necessity for this. We are not providing very many of the aircraft. Five per cent of the missions are being flown by the United Kingdom.

“Therefore it makes no practical difference, and we are getting ourselves in to a slightly more legal grey area. I don’t think it’s as clear as people have said. It’s easy to come in as guests of the Government of Iraq at their invitation in their country. It becomes slightly more questionable when you don’t have a UN Security Council resolution and you are operating in another country.”

09.00 Lord Dannatt backs Syria air strikes

Lord Dannatt, the former Chief of the General Staff, has come out in favour of extending the bombing against Isil into Syria.

The former head of the Army was asked for his reaction on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme to Mr Fallon’s comments earlier this morning.

“So-called Islamic State – Isil, Isis, call them what you like – have no respect for the borders that currently exist. Iraq is Iraq and Syria is Syria to us, but not to them,” Lord Dannatt said.

“As Michael Fallon has said, they don’t differentiate, and frankly it has been illogical for the last year that our forces have been engaged just in the air above Iraq and not above Syria.”

He added: “It’s important for our servicemen that they know that when they are risking their own lives and doing something potentially very dangerous, that they are doing it on behalf of the nation and with the support of the people as expressed by a vote in the House of Commons,” he said.

Calling Mr Fallon “absolutely right to open up this issue”, Mr Dannatt continued: “I think he’s also right to say that probably if we were going to take that action and bomb Syria, the issue should be put back to Parliament.

“I think the principle of getting broad-based support is a good one, a correct one, particularly after the difficulty two years ago when the notion was put of bombing president Assad’s forces in 2013. He’s right to think about it and I think he’s right to put it to Parliament.”

Lord Dannatt, the former Chief of the General Staff

08.45 What Michael Fallon said

Michael Fallon’s expected comments to the House of Commons are leading the news headlines this morning. It all begun yesterday at shortly after 1pm, when the Defence Secretary was pushed on the possibility of air strikes in Syria. Here are the key quotes.

QuoteThere is an illogicality about not being able to do it. There were reservations in the last parliament about doing anything in Syria that would prop up the Assad regime, which of course partly caused this problem in the first place.

It is a new parliament and I think new Members of Parliament will want to think very carefully about how we best deal with Isil, and the illogicality of Isil not respecting the borderlines – they don’t differentiate between Syria and Iraq, they are establishing this evil caliphate across both countries.

There is no legal bar to us operating in Syria but we don’t have the parliamentary approval for it. We don’t need it at the moment because we are playing our part in the campaign, and indeed what we do in Iraq actually frees up the US to attack in Syria.

We have made it clear we would have to go back to Parliament, yes, and ask for parliamentary authority because we don’t have that at the moment. The exception to that, as the Prime Minister has always made clear, is where we think there is an imminent threat, a very direct to British lives or for example to British hostages.

Then we reserve the right to take action without prior parliamentary approval and then coming to account for it afterwards. Isil has to be defeated in both countries and all its evil in Iraq is all being directed by its headquarters in Syria.

Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary

08.30 Good morning

Welcome to our live blog as MPs debate how Britain can best tackle the threat from Isil. The Commons debate looks set to be dominated by whether Britain should begin air strikes over Syria – extending current bombings being undertaken in Iraq.

It comes after Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, told BBC Radio Four’s World at One yesterday that the government was considering bombing Isil in Syria. Mr Fallon is now expected to say the same in a statement to MPs in the Commons, calling the current strategy “illogical”.

It is understood Number 10 is now actively considering putting air strikes over Syria to a vote before MPs, though such a move is unlikely to come before September when Labour picks a permanent leader. The ramping up in rhetoric is significant given David Cameron suffered a humiliating defeat on military action in Syria in 2013, with 30 Tory MPs rebelling against the government.




Cameron wants lawmakers to weigh UK air strikes against IS in Syria 
Cameron asks MPs to mull UK air strikes on IS in Syria 

20 Responses to “MPs debate bombing Isil in Syria – more reasons for false flag terror”

  1. Cobalt says:

    The (M)ilitary (I)ndustrial (C)omplex… AmeriKa want to bomb the you know what out of:

    You’ve got the likes of Fallon and Cameron (for example) subservient to their Zionist masters and you’ve got a recipe for another war all dumbed-down by the controlled MSM.

    – Cobalt

  2. Gordon says:

    The American and British governments in their so-called “special relationship” together with their muppet European partners in crime allies, are the real terrorist of the world and the root of all terrorism creating false flags to implement a military invasion, a coup-d’etat while destroying the culture and lives of tens if not hundred of thousands of lives of innocent people.

    Cameron should remind himself that the 2013 parliamentary vote to go to war with Syria was a resounding NO and instead of seeking legal advise on how to do so he should be seeking advice on which part of NO he doesn’t understand.

    NO means NO Mr Cameron and if you don’t understand that then try “DON’T DO IT.”

    If at first you don’t succeed try again is the all too familiar call of the day, and try they will albeit two years, five years, or ten years down the road but try they will until they achieve their hellish goal in creating their evermore hellish Satanic New World Order through chaos and destruction.

    An attack on ISIS in Syria is no more legal than the illegal use of American and European allied forces on Syria’s sovereign state territory and is clearly a rouse to oust president Bashar al-Assad from office and to destroy more of Syria’s infrastructure.

    To achieve this, be aware that a false flag will occur on British soil very shortly, but equally, be more aware that the real terrorists are sitting right there within the walls of ten Downing Street and Parliament Buildings.

  3. Cobalt says:

    Well said Gordon.

    And we are ‘due’ another ‘terrorist’ ‘attack’.

    This one resonated with me ages ago:

    – Cobalt

  4. ian says:

    All this was pre planned. General Wesley Clark on a utube video,”look it up” admits that it was all planned. They tried to invade and got knocked back by parliament, so Isis was stoked up with American gear and advisers from UK/US/Israel. Now at a high street near you, all to terrify the masses into demanding that we fuck up Syria. Bashar Al Assad an ophthalmologist, his wife Asma, and their lovely kids, booted into hiding. Lets hope that other countries intervene. love ian

  5. Men Scryfa says:

    Roll Up! Roll Up! Roll Up!

    Here we go. Here we go.

    Get ready for it


    You guessed it

    It’s Time for one more WAR FOR ISRAEL!!!

    6 million
    6 million
    6 million

    All you need to Remember is that Janner was Head of The Board of Deputies.

    That tells you all you need to know

    • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:


      > Why would the globalist intelligence agencies stage false-flag attacks that are so sloppy that any regular jagoff with an internet connection (like me) can see the inconsistencies?

      > Why would alt-media disinformation sites that are known to be globalist mouthpieces be pointing out all the inconsistencies to the public and openly labeling them false-flag attacks?

      Cui bono? (Who benefits?)

      As I noted in the excerpt above, these are the benefits the globalists accrue from such practices…

      1) These blown false-flags help to wake the people up. Dramatic events like this get lots of attention, and as people eventually catch on to the inconsistencies between “the official story” and what actually happened, they start looking for answers. As I’ve written before, the current awakening was engineered by the globalists to facilitate the transition to the NWO. They can’t run a dialectic on the population until the public is awakened to the two sides (the “evil” West and the “good” East).

      2) These events help to establish the credibility of the alt-media disinformation sites. As people begin to see the inconsistencies and look for answers, there is a whole cast of colorful alt-media characters waiting to provide them. And once the disinfo sites have established credibility with the newly awakening ones, they sell them the East versus West dialectic.

      3) These events provide “evidence” of how “evil” the West is, thus supporting the East vs. West dialectic. If you watch whom the disinformation sites blame for the attacks, you get the usual suspects…

    • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Maybe we can just drop out and not give our mental energy and time and focus to all the whole bullshit that’s seemed to have taken over the world since 2001

      Except we cant look away can we? Psycopath sick child killers are lording it over us making our laws and driving agendas forwards. its not as if theyre in a bubble to themselves minding their own business eating caviar causing no one harm. These people are sick and mean business. In an extremely subtle slow twisted way, theyre coming after us. Timed and according to sick prophecies laid down in guidebooks, and occult numerology thrown in too

      And these people that lord it over us, unspeakable things are happening to children and babies

      Not to mention theyre doing us all harm too.

      No, we cannot switch off and look away.

      I haven’t the energy to wade through his hundreds of video lectures. But ex satanic high preiest Mark Passio whos now apparently turned to God is teaching all about Natural Law and Soveriengty for each of us. Maybe his Natural Law is a way for fightback?

      I do believe and am fully aligned with God and Christ energy, and I am aligned with and fighting for good.

      This is some kind of chess game and despite the impression the Enemy wants us to have, I don’t feel they have all the moves all sewn up in front of them.

    • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:


      But the great thing about disinformation sites is that if you know how to correct for their spin, they also give you the real reasons behind everything. Take the Paris terror attacks of the past week for example. Veterans Today blurted out the real agenda behind them for everyone to see (in the VT article linked above)…

    • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Sorry for all these direct messages to you but I enjoy messaging you and I sense youre robust enough not to get irritated but to instead find them interesting. I hope the transhumanist figures for sale for 20K on your dux belloram site is a joke, it looks like Replicants from Blade Runner. We might be at clones technology but not AI yet. I don’t like talking about AI. It makes me uncomfortable, when weve got so much else on our plate to deal with

      Anyway my point of messaging
      ”Once the globalists trigger the New Lehman Event and take down the West, the Western populations will be furious at their leaders. The globalists know this. This is why they’ve been preparing to scapegoat the existing political figures and replace them with pre-marketed “outsiders” who will “set things right again.”

      OK so what do we do? Where do we go from here now we know the games exposed like this?

      Is the solution to be like in the Matrix, exist and slide through the cracks and operate and think and exist there? Apart from my net presence (im clueless about encryption and computers), I try and stay off grid as much as I can. I like cash. I don’t like unnecessary stuff I like to keep life as simple as possible. If a wife and child came on the scene, this might change a little but id battle to still stay off grid how I can. or move abroad.

      I think the point im trying to drive at Men Scryfa is … appears on the surface to us the Elites have things all sewn up, destroying this system by demonising it creating anger, so we will run like scared sheep into the eastern NWO. Alien bullshit might cement the control stranglehold as a hige distraction and One World Agenda.
      Im coming to the conclusion more and more Aliens are bullshit. I see no evidence for them. But I see plenty of jewish liars there ive spoken the unspeakable word.

      So whats our strength in this situation? Apart from asking God for help?

      – there could be a powerful resistance White Hat force invisibly infiltrated everywhere. Just like our evil Elephant friends invisibly infiltrate everywhere . Like Dimbelbys for example.

      – Maybe the salvation to all this does lie in the fact a powerful benevolent anti cabal faction of the SSP is now challenging the cabal and by their very existence of disclosures, theyre contradicting the cabal Alien Bluebeam version of lies.

      Im hopeful.
      If not im quite burned out and feel no solution. Timothy Taylor Landlord Ale at my local a nice pub is a sanctuary, but ive massively reduced my alcohol intake now. As im restoring my health and appearance with nutrition, its far more important to have a lovely woman in my life than be a slave to the nightly ritual comfort blanket of downing pints

      Anyway Goodnight Men Scryfa

  6. Men Scryfa says:

    I forgot too

    Janner, Chair of the Holocoast Educational Trust

    • Julie says:

      Yes, here is a more detailed explanation I provided to Tap in 2013.

      HET – The Holocaust Education Trust. HETT – Helping Expose The Truth
      Tue 8:06 pm UTC, 22 Oct 2013 7
      posted by Tapestry

      as opposed to HETT – helping to expose the truth!
      The Chairman of Cuadrilla, the fracking company is is Lord John Browne. Browne is the ex-Chairman of BP. “Browne is described by journalist and author Tom Bower as responsible for a “ruthless” programme of cost-cutting at BP that compromised safety, and thus the man most responsible for a string of major accidents including the Texas City Refinery explosion (2005) which killed 15 workers”. Even the corporate media slated him.

      As well as fracking he is involved with HET – Holocaust Education Trust, which holds seminars for teachers to highlight the Holocaust in schools. The Zionist Education Secretary, Michael Gove is bombarding our children with the Holocaust. No mention of Pol Pot. The charity HET is Government funded and there are 25,000 children “young ambassadors”. The Chairman is the alleged paedophile Lord Janner whose father was a Chairman of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain.

      From Wiki

      On the 8th July 2013, a groundbreaking seminar for over 500 young people, was held in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London to mark the launch of the new Ambassador programme.[9][10] The Trust’s Chief Executive, Karen Pollock, describes HET Ambassadors as “young people that have shown a commitment to enabling as many people as possible to benefit from what they have learnt.”[11] The 500 young Ambassadors – who have all participated in the Trust’s Lessons from Auschwitz Project – bore witness to speakers including world renowned historians, Professors Yehuda Bauer and David Cesarani, BBC Political Editor, Nick Robinson and Director of Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti CBE.[9]

      As part of the Ambassador programme, a cohort of 25 Regional Ambassadors (coinciding with the charity’s 25th anniversary) were appointed to help strengthen the now 20,000 strong Ambassador community by providing an Ambassador representative for each region in addition to the Trust’s Ambassador Outreach Officer. This has secured a visible presence of HET Ambassadors all across the United Kingdom, covering the regions of England (South West, South East, London and Thames Valley Chilterns, Eastern, Yorkshire and Humber and North West, East Midlands, North East, West Midlands), Scotland and Wales.[12]

      On the eve of the 8th July 2013, after the Ambassador Conference, Regional Ambassadors attended a reception in Speaker’s House in the Palace of Westminster, along with MPs, Peers and Supporters of the Trust, to celebrate the launch of the Ambassador Programme. Attendees heard from the Rt. Hon John Bercow MP and Lord Browne of Madingley, the former Chief Executive of BP and head of the Ambassador Programme.[13] Lord Browne also chaired a steering group with Regional Ambassadors on 9th July 2013 along with Doreen Lawrence OBE, Prof. Yehuda Bauer and Holocaust survivor, Kitty Hart-Moxon, discussing “why and how we remember the Holocaust and how we can communicate its relevance in contemporary British society.”[9]

      Between the 18th and 26th July 2013, for the first time, a select team of young people belonging to the HET Ambassador community, attended a seminar in Holocaust Studies at the International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.


      • Julie says:

        I must have been more reticent two years ago. Lord John Browne ex BP and Holocaust Education Trust is another homosexual Jew who was “into” rent boys.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Julie I have got some interesting s**t on that organization.

        The only way to do it is to get in there get inside people’s lives. Direct involvement. Eye opening stuff.

        Loads of MK all over many of them. Would not want to say too much but say this, if they wanted to put me on the stand or 6′ under or over the cuckoo#s nest then there would not be much point in denying zog anymore.

        Go and hang out up there where they all hang out.

        On a side note. Personally I cannot stand that Doreen Lawrence (the husband who she split with was not so bad) but they always pick the one with the ego they can use.

    • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      While apparently truthful and bang on correct. This article highlights the problem, but provides no suiggestions for solutions

      maybe the real agenda is total confusion, contradicting information, and eventual exhaustion, and learned helplessness, maybe that’s the Plan

  7. Lynn says:

    The Jews wont give up!! arrogant bunch of evil dwellers. They want that pipeline and come hell or high water they will not bow down.. Monopoly is the game they are past masters at. Contracts to the Eliites and taking down down all soveriegnty is their goal. We stopped them once and we can shout again.
    And by the way the Flottilla that was aiding Palestine with aid and supplies has been intercepted again by Israhell, saying there is no humantarian problem, yeah right !! apparently had a high ranking Tunisian on board… funny hey there is a partten going on here. Back to the chosen evil corrupt land grabbers. So f’@~ ing obvious who is behind this onslaught of destruction. They just keep going with words like mowing the lawn… Not even funny anymore. This agenda is so transparent I want to scream !!

  8. Julie says:

    The jew Malcolm Rifkind was appointed chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, on 6 July 2010.] Rifkind is an advocate for British military intervention in the Syrian Civil War, with or without a mandate from the United Nation.

    Two years Parliament said NO to
    bombing Syria. After the dubious events in Tunisia and the emergence of ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) | doubt if there will be as much dissent from Joe Public as opposed to before. I hope I’m wrong.

    It is no co-incidence that the JEW (and alleged poofter) Malcolm Rifkind COUSIN OF LEON BRITTAN advices Parliament on security affairs.

  9. Lynn says:

    Spot on Julie the dots have come full circle. We now know … who .. why …how. Game set and match. Not so clever are they.. !!

  10. Aldous says:

    I’m not happy about Lord Dannatt, the former Chief of the General Staff’s turnout for that photo opportunity. He’s an idle git if ever there was one. He’s on a charge!

    Just look at the ER insignia on his right epaulette. It looks like it’s been sellotaped on and is about to fall off. The various holes in his No.2’s above his medal ribbons and below his pilot’s wings are totally unacceptable.

    Generals who can’t dress properly should stay out of the public limelight, obey Jew orders and otherwise keep their Gentile mouths shut.

    They’re dangerous enough to have on board without virtually parading around as raw recruits with their bloody flies undone! I bet he ducks his head when a Rothschild is about, the Gentile prick.

    All such subservient ennobled traitors are now classed as Ms Adjutants who no doubt have voices as soft as boiled Asparagus.

  11. Men Scryfa says:

    More Lies for Israel = More Wars for Israel = Greater Israel Project = NWO

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