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  1. Drifloud says:

    This is info. about “psychiatrist” Claire Sturge (recently involved in the Hampstead Child Rape and Murder Cover-Up). She is a regular “expert” in secret family courts where children are forceably removed from caring parents. This is from a seminar entitled “The Alternative Family” in the Temple, London 2012: http://www.4pb.com/media/publications/Seminar_Notes/Alternative_Familes_Seminar_2012.pdf
    There is a court case cited, “The Role of Biological Father”, where it appears genetic incest has already been “legalised”: a baby conceived by a woman using her brother’s sperm – and the discussion just concerns the problems concerning parental responsibility of the brother/father. It doesn’t state how the brother donates his sperm, but in any case the taboo of brother impregnating sister – and the possible genetic damage to child – is evidently not deemed worthy of discussion.
    It’s then followed by “Dr” Claire Sturge’s ideas and plans for the future. She asks if a fundamental review of the family, and the roles of mothers, fathers and parents is necessary. Sturge is also concerned about the “rights of sperm”, and asks if bisexuality might be “the ideal state”.
    The chambers where the seminar took place are Jonathan Cohen’s at 4 Paper Buildings, The Temple, London. The principal “family” legal people/speakers are Alan Verdan QC, Charles Hale, Sam King and Dr Claire Sturge – all of whom work very closely together, it seems (it’s recommended you have your breakfast/lunch well in advance, before looking at their photos at the end of the pdf).
    I think families of the Talmudic Babylonian persuasion not only accept and allow incest between siblings, parents and children( including father-son sodomy, and mother-daughter too(?) – they actively encourage it. So, inter-family sex is NOT taboo at all for these “special” people(?)
    Dr Claire Sturge is the Hampstead connection – she is the “expert” who falsely claimed gabriel and alisa asked to stay with the foster carer until they were 14 or 15 (para.145 Pauffley judgement). Another connection is, I think, Ham, youngest son of Noah. Ham commits the crime of “seeing” Noah’s genitals while Noah is roaring drunk. “Seeing” is a euphemism for receiving: Noah sodomised Ham, and the sin of the father was visited upon the son, who then “cursed”, visited the same sin upon his son, Canaan. I think the Hampstead Sect believe they are (and maybe they actually are ) at Ham’s Stead, or Ham’s place, and that they are Noah’s/Ham’s/Canaan’s descendents. This goes much deeper with a lot more connections – and sounds crazy – but not as crazy as what those in the Ham’s Stead Sect actually get up to.

  2. Ian says:

    Good on ya lass. x

  3. What a brave lady Mel is and how appalling that she has been brutalised by the British political state and establishment to try and silence her. It is up to all of us to put our shoulders behind the wheel to ensure that her truth spreads and the guilty are brought to justice.


    Brave lady legend

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