Melanie Shaw says she won’t be intimidated – video.

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Also Day 5 update on Ben Fellows court case from Joy –

Day 5 We heard from Roger Cook today, he told us they used tiny camera’s during filming that could be used on the lapel, where the technical guy and Mr Entwhistle the director told the court the other day they did not have anything tiny back in 1994, another blatent inconsistency. The case is jam packed with them, all from the prosecution. Hope everybody can read the transcript one day and then it will be obvious what went on.


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  1. ferryt says:

    Ken Clarke was the on the steering committee for Bilderberg until recently.

    Like anything thrown at him he just laughs it off.

    He was chopped in the paedo purge. Sorry to let more WOMEN into government.

    I believe Mr Clarke is a big fan of star courts. Who needs a jury when we have such magnificent justice in this country.

    I believe there is a video of the police harassing Ben Fellows due to his having complained about an MP potentially sexually harassing him. This shit’s been going on for years.

  2. Ian says:

    Be careful Melanie. We need you unsuicided to carry on your fight.

  3. Men Scryfa says:

    Interesting clothing choice.

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