Melanie Shaw released by Devon & Cornwall Police, but is harassed anew


| Saturday, 4th July 2015

Melanie was released from Charles Cross at approximately 2104 and was in a distressed state, as her mobile phones had been confiscated

Yesterday morning at 0907 Melanie Shaw was taken to Charles Cross police station in Plymouth after being apprehended by Devon and Cornwall police at a local guest house. After an urgent text message from her, nothing more was heard until yesterday evening when Melanie called the UKColumn to say that she had been released on bail.

We understand that Melanie was questioned in respect of alleged harassment of a senior Nottingham officer dating back to January this year. Melanie is bemused by the fact that this allegation is now being put forward some six months after the event is alleged to have occurred. She also states that the allegation appears highly questionable after she has repeatedly and publicly accused Nottingham police officers of harassment, bullying and intimidating behaviour in Nottingham, and at her own home, over the last few months.

It is believed a duty solicitor was present during the police interview, but apparently no local mental health support staff were available, despite local Plymouth MP’s recently assuring members of the public that Charles Cross custody suites included such provision.

Melanie was released from Charles Cross at approximately 2104 and was in a distressed state, as her mobile phones had been confiscated by the police, and she had no money. Having warned her off from returning to her accomodation, Devon and Cornwall Police appeared prepared to allow this highly vulnerable person to sleep on the streets. In the event, Melanie received the necessary support from local members of the public who have helped her previously, and she was provided with new accomodation.

As part of her bail conditions Melanie is ordered to report back to Charles Cross police station in September.

These latest events around Melanie Shaw raise further serious questions as to the actions of both Nottingham and Devon and Cornwall Police. Just how can two major police forces use significant numbers of officers to track, report and harass a child abuse whistleblower over many months, yet claim budget cuts prevent them from carrying out front line policing to catch real and dangerous criminals?  Why did Nottingham police use 6 – 7 black dressed heavily armed officers to smash their way into Melanie’s Nottingham home, when there was then no arrest or charges laid? Why did Devon and Cornwall police use 3 male officers and 1 policewoman to hammer on the UKColumn office door at 0730 in the morning to aggressively demand the whereabouts of Melanie Shaw?

The only reasonable explanation likely to be accepted by the man on the Clapham omnibus is that the level of force was deliberately designed to harass and intimidate. That being so we must then ask why would these two police forces need to intimidate a child abuse whistleblower and members of the public supporting her? There appears just one logical answer, and that is both Nottingham and DCC police are collaborating to silence a key whistleblower in the Beechwood children’s home abuse case. If so their motives for doing such a thing are unclear.

Please read our earlier report below for further comment.

News Flash 4July 2015: Melanie Shaw Taken By Devon And Cornwall Police

At 0907 this morning 4 July 2015 Beechwood child abuse victim and whistleblower Melanie Shaw sent a text saying “Ring me urgently…I’m at station with the police, he’s been nice…well both have, 2 of the good guys…” We have heard nothing more.

Melanie had sought refuge in Plymouth after weeks of harassment and abuse by Nottingham police. It seems that Britain’s police have unbridled power and money for operations to track, harass and arrest child abuse victims. They cannot of course stop criminal bankers, corrupt MPs or perverted Judges and senior police.

The morning after her arrival in Plymouth, three aggressive male officers and one female, were hammering at the door of the UKColumn Offices demanding to know where ‘Brian’ was and the whereabouts of Melanie Shaw.

After receiving no help they departed. Rude, aggressive police, chasing not a serious criminal, but a frightened extremely vulnerable and very brave lady, who has suffered unbelievable abuse within the State ‘care system.’

We suspect that Melanie is already on her way back to Nottingham, to be held in a circle of abusive authorities acting under the so called Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements MAPPA. When David Cameron said that child abuse was a matter of National Security he meant just that. So deep, so entrenched and so vicious is institutional child abuse in Britain that its exposure is capable of bringing down the UK government. The evidence already available in the public domain shows that Westminster is desperate to cover-up the widespread penetration of paedophiles within our political and public systems.

Highly intelligent, and with an excellent memory, Melanie Shaw represents a real threat to national security. Her testimony of her own abuse and that of hundreds of other youngsters, and the trafficking and the murders, is enough to cause the highest heads to roll. She must therefore be silenced by the State at all costs.

Melanie Shaw is now once again encarcerated in the gulug of the corrupt criminal British police and justice system. She will no doubt endure further abuse, bullying, harassment and solitary confinement ‘punishment regimes.’

In the time I have known Melanie I have come to recognise an unbelievably brave lady who is worth 1,000 David Camerons, Theresa Mays or Alison Saunders. In fact there is no comparison.

That our british police constables should now prostitute themsleves to a peadophilic Westminster administration is a dangerous tragedy. Their blind willingness to support criminal activity and their failure to uphold the law will certainly rebound, since the emerging police state will eventually consume them and their families…for the revolution always consumes its young.

If by some unlikely occurence we find that Melanie is receiving tender care in the hand of Devon and Cornwall Police and Mental Services I will be grateful. My sentiments stand however, as she is but one of thousands of children stolen and abused by a corrupt criminal British state.

To readers of whatever nationality, I apologise for all the actions of this vile British government and establishment. It is beholdent on all of us to take all appropriate action to bring these people to justice.

We will report further when we can.



10 Responses to “Melanie Shaw released by Devon & Cornwall Police, but is harassed anew”

  1. Victims, actors, European MPs, how many more must speak before WE the British public wake up to this institutionalised horror of systematic torture, murder and abuse?.
    Is only Brian (Gerrish) and colleagues alongside Bill Maloney willing to shout into the wilderness that has become our collective conscience ???
    I feel ashamed, and shame on the authorities who instruct our Police to act to silence the victims; shame on any single officer who acts without question to further their own career interests. Have they no mind (or family) of their own ? Or is this the new version of ” only obeying orders”, That’s pathetic.
    Any person or persons who assist in the hiding a suspect or interferes with evidence or witnesses or hampering the course of an investigation shall be deemed aiding and abetting in the crime.

  2. AkhaldanSolo says:

    Good News! But, an investigation and ARREST 6 months later? Sounds more like their trying to silence her by constant harassment.

  3. Men Scryfa says:

    Silence! Hush Puppies in Parliament.

  4. ihtoit says:

    Dumb question, this is all over an incident or series of incidents alleged to have happened in January.

    Wasn’t Melanie in a Sodexo prison, in solitary confinement and being held basically incommunicado in January?

  5. Lynn says:

    If its making them squirm then someone is upset….. Keep telling the truth and word will spread. The power of communication is bigger than them.

  6. Aldous says:


    Dear All of You,

    I sense I’m breaking an unspoken rule with this letter, but I can’t keep quiet any more.

    Today I saw a picture of a weeping Palestinian man holding a plastic carrier bag of meat. It was his son. He’d been shredded (the hospital’s word) by an Israeli missile attack – apparently using their fab new weapon, flechette bombs. You probably know what those are – hundreds of small steel darts packed around explosive which tear the flesh off humans. The boy was Mohammed Khalaf al-Nawasra. He was 4 years old.

    I suddenly found myself thinking that it could have been one of my kids in that bag, and that thought upset me more than anything has for a long time.

    Then I read that the UN had said that Israel might be guilty of war crimes in Gaza, and they wanted to launch a commission into that. America won’t sign up to it.

  7. Aldous says:

    I bet Kev Boyle was harassed anew and of old but you can’t keep a good dog down?
    NO ONE TO VOTE FOR is back!

    Sunday, 5 July 2015

    “There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible
    evil of evil men.” — Edmund Burke
    “Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak.That is the deep root of the combination of savagery and self-righteousness that infects the imperial mentality — and in some measure, every structure of authority and domination.”—- US President John Adams

    “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government”– Thomas Jefferson


  8. Aldous says:

    “Remember that you are an Englishman, and have consequently won first prize in the lottery of life.”

    “Remember that you are an Israeli, and have consequently just purchased last night’s winning numbers in the lottery of life.”

    Oh well! Chosen by God to be Eternal Misfits. Get used to it.

  9. Cobalt says:

    Devon and Cornwall [POLIC]y [E]nforcers are particularly rife with Common Purpose’s ‘policies’ (i.e. an agenda).

    and then…

    – Cobalt

  10. Glenys Hutchinson says:

    What the hell are the independent monitoring boards doing at these prisons and the independent custody visitors. This is definitely unlawful in all respects.

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