Mel Shaw dumped on streets Nottingham approx 1900 by police

Flash Mel Shaw dumped on streets Nottingham approx 1900 by police taken her phone and money. Had quick chat public phone then heard nothing. Friends looking for her now. Sheer brutal harassment. No charges but police tried to cook up an ’emergency charge’ when they had run out of the 24 hour holding time. Will update as soon as contact again. Goddard inquiry alerted they need to say what witness protection they will provide Mel Shaw.

Brian Gerrish

See for latest Melanie Shaw report…/beechwood-child-abuse-survivor-me…

It’s up to all of us to stop this abuse of victims be it in Nottingham or elsewhere. Everything that you can do needs to be done. Letters, emails, tweets, talks in the shops, telephone calls – shout out to everyone you can. Shame the mainstream press and media into investigating, shame and expose them when they don’t. Speak to your family, friends and others who are police – their children will be next. We have to create a backlash which is so powerful the State simply cannot contain it. Not violent but forceful and unending. It really is up to us.


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  1. Mark says:

    Shocking. Good on you Brian. This is getting ludicrous. Is there any kind of rational or civil explanation? You’d think the police etc would see the increasing vulnerability they are putting themselves in. What do they think they’ll achieve? Stoke the fires of resistance or what. Peace, and God protect Mel…

  2. Nollidge says:

    Quite simple,really.
    1.Drag her miles away.
    2.Kick her out without money or phone.
    3.Rely on some murderous scumbag to zero in on an obviously vulnerable person,who might possibly have been fed/given some disorientating drug whilst in their “custody”.(Sympathetic female pigfilth asks her “Would you like a cup of tea,dear?.)
    It’s not difficult.You just have to think of the most evil thing that the pigfilth could do to her & then double it.

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