Lord Janner: Contempt Of Court.



Lord Janner: Contempt Of Court.


On Monday 29th June the CPS announced that on the previous Saturday 27th June Lord Janner had been charged with 22 counts of Buggery and Indecent Assault against 9 different male complainants who were all minors at the time the offences were alleged to have taken place.

On 7th August at Westminster Magistrates’ Court Lord Janner, or more likely his legal representatives, are due to appear and the judicial process will be under way.

The most likely first legal challenge Lord Janner’s representatives will attempt will be to claim that due to months of adverse and prominent publicity in the MSM (and years in the AM) their client would be unlikely to receive a fair trial and so the charges should be dropped. However, David Perry QC would have taken into consideration the possibility that such a legal appeal would be made when he overturned the original decision of the DPP not to charge Lord Janner due to his health and so I doubt such a legal gambit would be successful.

What is less certain is whether some material that might be published following the CPS decision to charge Lord Janner might be considered prejudicial to a fair trial. Regardless, what is without doubt is that anyone who does publish potentially prejudicial material could find themselves in contempt of court which can carry a 2 year prison sentence if found guilty.

The CPS statement was clear;

“As there are now active criminal proceedings nothing should be said, commented on, or shared online which may prejudice those.”

CPS Blog

This covers comments on Twitter, Facebook, Forums, and comments left on blogs like The Needle.  When you leave a comment you are the publisher and you are responsible.

This case has become unusually complicated primarily due to the publicity that followed the original decision by the DPP not to prosecute Lord Janner. When this decision was taken broadcast, print, and online media could publish allegations and speculations on this case after considering the risks of civil litigation but free from the threat of criminal proceedings. This has now changed.

Professional journalists have rudimentary legal training and if part of a media organisation, access to legal advice. The chances are that you do not and some of the issues like for example, past CPS and police failures related to this case that you were free to speculate about before charging might be considered prejudicial now.

I will be taking an extremely cautious approach to allowing comments on The Needle regarding the Janner case from this point onward.

Lord Janner’s legal representatives will no doubt be scanning the internet looking for examples of prejudicial comments online that they’d hope to use to demonstrate that Lord Janner can not receive a fair hearing.

Whether you’re leaving a comment on Twitter or on a forum please think carefully before doing so and ask yourself this; even if you are willing to risk contempt of court proceedings and a possible 2 year prison sentence, do you want to be the cause of this case failing to proceed ?

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    • ”Some kind of interEstablishment War”. I find this an interesting comment by Bruce Charlton he writes an interesting article here http://charltonteaching.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/the-satanic-british-establishment.html
      His writing and thinking is often too sophisticated for me to get my mind into, I seem to think in more basic, broader strokes as I analyse the world.
      But I think, since ive started emailing him bits and pieces incl Tapblog discussions on religion etc, I sense his recent postings reflect my emails have influenced his thinking and he can pick up the ball and run with it. of course he has written a lot already about christinaity before I emailed him.

      ”On these grounds it is possible to deny that their was any such problem, and that the whole thing is a media invention – or at least a wild exaggeration based on just a handful of genuine cases. The question is why are such things being exposed now by the mass media and the police? It looks like some kind of inter-Establishment war, a war of evil versus evil, but this is not something I understand.

      On the other hand, the current media coverage is piecemeal, presented as a series of isolated ‘scandals’, and does not draw general conclusions as I am doing.

      Unfortunately, I have come to believe that it is true; and that there really was, probably still is, a monstrously wicked cult of child sexual abuse among the Establishment, which thrived in an environment of mutual protection of privilege. And since I think this is true, then it casts an horrific retrospective light on the British Establishment of the past half century.

      This stuff is so grossly abhorrent, that comparisons with Caligula and Nero spring to mind; and in general the sense is one of Satanic influence among a group that have lost their religious faith and embraced a socio-political ideal of sexual revolution – in which one barrier after another to sexual gratification has been dismantled.

      Indeed, this seems to explain the Establishment push behind the sexual revolution – the tolerance, indifference and approval of sexual adventuring and experimenting – and the fact that so many people were so easily blackmailable by the Establishment to keep quiet; with an all-seeing surveillance state and manipulable laws, backed by the irresponsible and irresistible destructive power of the mass media.”

    • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme says:

      Yes, interesting links, I was just thinking, he has evil looking eyes. They are large and round and the way they are set in his head. A fake warmth, a chilling creepiness. He is in some magic circle acc to colemansmustard.

      On another topic I saw a youtube film a year or so ago. ‘Was savile a sorcerer?’
      I was sceptical at first but then saw they had a point.

      Even, the roads he would lead thousands down on ‘charity runs’. Apparently these were along leylines, and the consciousness energy of all the people, im assuming savile was directing it into some logo symbol they all could see……some corporate symbol but an occult one too. Maybe savile led rituals before and after the ‘fun runs’

      Even his way of speaking, now then now then etc, was said to be some kind of black magic hypnosis. How could someone who worked down the mines rise so high with such occult knowledge?
      Maybe the bevan miner thing was a fake story.

      Can you fill me in men scryfa about leylines? WHat do they use them for? Mental energy goes in them? I suppose fear energy too? I read a massive amount of fear energy got loaded into a major leyline in NE America on 911. In this spiritual war, where im on Gods side, do leylines get used for good too?

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Its considered an energy grid. The prime one in the UK is the St Michael’s Ley.

        Duncroft Approved School, Stoke Mandeville Hospital and Broadmoor Psychiatric Unit are all situated upon it. This confirms that Savile was simply following in a tradition rather than being some kind of inventor or origin for this. He was simply following in the footsteps of many others all mostly hidden.

        Going further back Cathedrals, Holy sites and Pre-historic stone circles are often located along these pathways. That is why so many occult altars are located and hidden within churches. Magnification and oscillation.

        For a similar and related reason Savile being the wily little sh*t that he was, he knew well to have his coffin encased in concrete as he did not want his remains being ‘interfered with’. Particularly the skull and a few other bones being taken for ‘ceremonial’ use later. Hypocrite.

        Remember he was the 7th of the 7th.

        Revenge of Cain. Revenge of Lamech.

        Remember he was born on 31 October 1926 – Samhain

        His mother was also born within the 3 day Occult period

        Monica Agnes Kelly born 01 November 1886

        She was termed ‘The Duchess’. The question to be debated is


  1. Julie says:

    What would happen if the truth about WW2 and the Holohoax became “mainstream”? Wouldn’t people be outraged? I’m no longer sure if the majority would care.

    Lord Greville Janner, Chairman of the Holocaust Trust. I am reading Hellstorm, the death of Nazi Germany. I can only read a few pages at a time, the accounts are so horrific. Hamburg was a holocaust in the proper sense of the word. The RAF used phosphorus which was still legal in urban areas during ww2. It was banned in 1980.

    “Anne-Lies Schmidt noted as she searched for her parents in a section of Hamburg. “Everything seemed to have melted … Women and children were so charred as to be unrecognisable … Their brains tumbled from their burst temples and their insides (spilled) from the soft parts under their ribs…. The smallest children lay like fried eels on the pavement. Even in death, they showed signs as how they must have suffered – their hands and arms stretched put as to protect themselves from the pitiless heat”

    In July 1943 the RAF and their allies burnt to death between 60,000 and 100,000 German civilians in Hamburg over several days.

    They don’t tell your children about this in school.

    • Gordon says:

      My neighbour knows thoughts regarding the Holocaust and was so delighted to inform me that his grandson got 100% mark in his recent history lesson which was about the Holocaust. I asked him to pass on my congratulations to his grandson simply because there’s some people that just can’t be bothered to research, or want to know, the truth and take everything they’re told from their peers as gospel which inevitably nurtures them to become the sheeple. Sad, but there we are.

  2. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme says:

    This a test email, my comments are no longer accepted I hope this one works

  3. Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme says:

    Ill test this one too as I want to use this name seeing as this is Spiritual War were in

  4. Lynn says:

    These total crackheads are simply losing an information war now. They have no coverr and their credibility is in shreds. These cover ups no longer work and people are speaking out. They knew this was coming hence all the paranoia and spying. We will see justice done as they melt down in panic.

  5. John says:

    I stronly feel that Alison Saunders of the CPS should now be sacked and brought before a court of common law to face charges of ;-
    1/ Perverting the cause of Justice
    2/ Malfeson in office
    3/ Aiding a criminal to escape
    And Im sure we could come up with a few more especially with cases like Melonie Shaw;-
    4/ Kidnap
    5/ Imprisonment without trial
    6/ Torture of vunerable people.
    Then we need to make sure any committee assembled to select her replacement is vetted to see if they are members of ‘common purpose’ and removed from the process.

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