Lawsuit Begins Over Monsanto Polluting World With PCBs

Let’s hope there is some consequence for harming millions


Monsanto spun off its chemical business to a company called Solutia, but that may not provide protection in a recent lawsuit. Monsanto, along with Pfizer and Pharmacia, will have to defend themselves in court for allegations made by plaintiffs that the corporations’ manufacture of PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls, caused lymphohematopoietic cancer.

The lawsuit was filed in a St. Louis County Circuit Court, and Monsanto is a lead defendant. One of the most hated companies in the world for good reason, Monsanto manufactured PCBs from the 1920’s until 1977, when they were finally limited by government agencies and Congress. Today, PCBs have been in almost everything Americans are exposed to, from food packaging to paint.

The reason four different companies are on the defendant list is because Monsanto Chemical Co no longer exists. Of course, they wouldn’t want to be known as primarily a maker of deadly chemicals when they are trying to sell ‘food’ in the form of GM seed to the entire world through shady government back-door deals, the TPP, and seed monopolies from here to India and Mexico. That’s why Monsanto is billing itself as a sustainable agriculture company.

The Monsanto Chemical Co. dissolution created Solutia, its major spin off, and then the ‘sciences’ division of Monsanto became Pharmacia, and then finally, Pharmacia merged with Pfizer.

If you haven’t already noticed the conflict of interest. Pfizer also happens to be one of the biggest cancer drug sellers, and seems to have their own personal staff at the FDA.

The lawsuit accuses Monsanto of selling PCBs even when the mega-corp knew the chemicals didn’t break down in the environment as claimed. What’s more, Monsanto had knowledge that the chemicals could cause damage to the human body.

Hopefully this class action lawsuit will open doors for those who are saying the same about glyphosate, dicamba, and even Monsanto’s Bt corn – all proven to be damaging, and yes, premeditated by Monsanto.

The lawsuit states:

“Such conduct was gross and flagrant and done with a reckless disregard for human life and for the safety of others.”

Monsanto spokeswoman Charla Lord said:

“. . .we believe the allegations are without merit and the former Monsanto Company is not responsible for the alleged injuries.”

No one from Pfizer would comment on the lawsuit.

Hopefully Monsanto won’t be able to wiggle its way out of this lawsuit, the lawsuit filed against them in Argentina, AND the lawsuit filed against the company in California without at least a few bruises.


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  1. Lynn says:

    Lets hope is an understatement. This is pure evil and an attack on freedom. When we had a booming economy we were nurtured and looked after, we filled their factories and mines and mills. We had the best healthcare money could buy. We were worth our weight in gold as labour. Then they assett stripped us and sold us out. Cheap labour and no regulations, wow what a winner. Now we are surpless to demand. Time to get rid of the inventors, and craftsmen, and designers, we have no further use for you. Well hello we are awake to this takeover of cheap trash that is replacing the industrial revolution. Oil has taken the world over, plastic comes from oil and is cheap crap. We are now no use to these same elite who owned the mills, factorys, mines, and brands. Now we are just useless eaters. Well I have news for these Usurpers and copy cat cheaters, we will still outsmart you and we will destroy you !!

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