5 Responses to “Lauren Moret describes multiple uses of HAARP technology”

  1. charles drake says:

    moret and baltis
    sounds like a kosher estate agent.
    behind the curtains all along who could have known?
    poor jewish folks all alone against the muslim iran menace.
    oh please not another hollow cause.
    why is this fella wearing a hollywood casting agents isis beard.
    that prop belongs to shimon elliot acting actor head of isis currently on vacation in dimona israhell.

    look at the smirking the grins all these clowns do is soak up your time what a joke.

    talmud and the tora is this shows real script.
    my life already

  2. Nike says:

    “Now we are to believe that the Iranians are the great evil controlling the world?? All eyes now taken off the ZIONIST JEWS… Something stinks here..” (says Jordon Rains)


    The role of the Jesuits is a very dark one. The militaristic “Jesuit Order” (founder Ignatius de Loyola, a jew) infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church; read his “Exercises”. That’s total mind control. Horrific. Nothing to do with spirituality in the following of Jesus Christ.

    No doubt, the popes John Paul II, Benedikt XVI (blackmailed to stand down?), and Franziskus (a Jesuit) are agents of the Zionist “New World Order”. Mega-rich and influential Anglo-American Zionists are in control of the US government, the US and EU military and the EU governments (the Iranians are not). These are the (“Chosen”) Ones who want a One World Government. They want all nations on earth to bow under their Tyrannical Rule.

  3. Lynn says:

    What they want and what they get may be two very different things. They are running very late in the day so something is delaying them. Maybe the lies and theatre are simply not working anymore. A few of them will be on hit lists now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Isnt it racist to want to genocide the white race? (by wars, mass immigration as a weapon, poisoning air, water, soils and food by chemtrails, HAARP, and weaponizing the weather, GMOs etc) Why would you want to destroy the very people who invented 90 to 95% of every invention. Think about that, killing off the brightest, the race with the highest average IQ in the world. This is all in judaism. They want to rule the world as their religion (The Babylonian Talmud) tells them to, they can only do this by genociding the white people of the world. Not nice at all…

      Judea Declares War On Germany

      When Israel Is Mighty

      Barbara Lerner-Spectre admits to destroying the white race

      Jews promote multiculturalism in Europe, but support racist state of Israel only for jews.

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