Iceland, The Land of Freedom and True Democracy, Grows Booming Economy After Jailing Bankster Criminals



Banks around the world are no longer the quaint little savings-and-loan depositories of yesterday. Today, most of them are owned or co-opted by giant mega-wealthy criminal conglomerates that charge customers for everything from cash deposits to ATM fees.

One Western country finally figured out that allowing these criminal enterprises to continue operating business as usual was hurting growth and destroying its economy, so its government decided to make some serious reforms.

Instead of bailing out the big criminal banking enterprises, Iceland instead chose to try, convict and jail criminal banksters. And as a result, the country has the fastest recovering economy in all of fiscally moribund Europe.

Public faith being restored with economy

As reported by The AntiMedia:

After Iceland suffered a heavy hit in the 2008-2009 financial crisis, which famously resulted in convictions and jail terms for a number of top banking executives, the IMF now says the country has managed to achieve economic recovery—”without compromising its welfare model,” which includes universal healthcare and education. In fact, Iceland is on track to become the first European country that suffered in the financial meltdown to “surpass its pre-crisis peak of economic output”—essentially proving to the U.S. that bailing out “too big to fail” banks wasn’t the way to go.

What is unfortunate is that Iceland seems to be the lone exception in how the country chose to handle the economic disaster: Rather than commit hundreds of billions in currency to preserving what was obviously a failed business model, the government simply let the banks fail, a decision which resulted in about $85 billion worth of defaults.

But that figure nevertheless gave the government ample justification to prosecute and convict a number of bank executives over a raft of fraud-related charges. And while the decision to proceed in that manner shocked a number of governments and financial “experts” at the time, it was a gamble that has since paid off.

Contrast Iceland’s decision with the U.S. decision to bail out its global banks and allow the bank executives to get away with defrauding the country of trillions in assets; essentially, all the government did was levy fines that ultimately were paid by corporations. So the executives essentially got away scot-free.

“Why should we have a part of our society that is not being policed or without responsibility?” special prosecutor Olafur Hauksson said following a decision by Iceland’s Supreme Court to uphold the convictions for three bankers, sentencing them to between four and five and a half years each. “It is dangerous that someone is too big to investigate—it gives a sense there is a safe haven.”

Icelander debt is also decreasing

Hauksson, a one-time police officer from a small Iceland fishing village, wound up taking the role of special prosecutor after he was asked to do so when the job announcement initially drew no takers. In addition, Iceland’s parliament helped the prosecutorial effort by relaxing secrecy laws, giving Hauksson the ability to conduct his investigations without the need of court orders.

Thus far, six of the seven convictions that were referred to the Iceland Supreme Court have been upheld; as of February, five other cases were scheduled for the nation’s top court to hear. Further, an additional 14 cases look likely to be prosecuted.

As The AntiMedia further reported, that won’t be the case in the U.S.:

By contrast, the animosity Americans felt toward their largest financial institutions after the bailout has grown bitter. After the banks pled guilty in May for manipulating global currency and interest rates, the court imposed a paltry fine of $5.7 billion—which won’t even go to the people most affected by the fraud.

Iceland’s successful prosecutions and economic recovery remain the subject of envy for Americans.

Iceland’s credit status has also improved as its public debt has fallen as well, according to global credit rating agency Moody’s.



11 Responses to “Iceland, The Land of Freedom and True Democracy, Grows Booming Economy After Jailing Bankster Criminals”

  1. Lynn says:

    Now Greece needs to jail a few…. Dispatches tonight uncovered some councils being extorted too with Lobos… all unravelling now on the MSM. BBC still in denial though, Lol.

    • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme says:

      Lynn im hoping for optimistic facts and evidence. Ive had pessimistic setbacks since reading the redefininggod blog, how extensively the cabal have orchestrated so many things the awakened people on this planet held out hope for. BRICS for a start. Also making false flags inc Hebdo, and Boston, so obvious, they want people to connect the dots. 911 too ive realised they’ve left plenty of clues for us. Despite ‘the lady protests too much’ official 911 denial and propaganda.
      I think there could very well be several layers to 911. All serving different purposes. One of the layers may well be confusion. Other layers are more intentional, I think one is to create learned helplessness and despair. Another is to awaken and make people angry. But the cabal I think have laid many cul de sacs for people at that point.

      ultimately Lynn I think Biblical prophecies they are acting out, hold some answers to what the hells going on. Maybe, combined with occult numerology, which they seem to be obsessed with, they believe if they orchestrate biblical prophecies combined with numerology and astrological physics truths, their sick NWO transhumanist dream will come closer and true.
      Suddenly, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator films look quite sinister to me. I bet its jewish backers in Hollywood funding that.
      Spielberg with schindlers list, and ET, and Close Encounters. I see a thread here, of deception. Like ive told Tapblog quite a few times now. Ill not cling to any beliefs out of pride or ego or emotion attachment. My best attempts at objective logical analysis tells me, reject the Alien UFO storyline.

      But keep the technology that’s created a cabal SSP.

      My point on this comment is, im very pleased for Iceland what its done 9or appeared to have done), turned its back on the cabal and prospered. Hungary sees to have this energy too. If I was to emigrate, I would consider Iceland or hungary.

      The trouble in my mind is the grexit narrative and fall of the Western Financial system etc etc is all cabal orchestrated.

      Unless defininggod blog is sowing disinformation? I don’t know any more

      I do know and feel (even though I don’t like or believe in organised religion), I do think the holy Spirit, is a real energy, the zero point, the Ruah, and it comes down to us via the Silver Cord into top of our heads, and connects us to our higher spiritual selves. Im sure of this Lynn

      Id like to think were in a Spiritual War and theres a huge army of Angels and do gooders and good spirits and people on this planet fighting for victory.

      defingggod blog today burst that bubble for me telling me the devil vs god good vs evil dialectic was another Cabal tool of manipulation.

      So im slightly paralysed. Any Tapblog readers who can guide and help me id appreciate

  2. Cobalt says:

    The cabal/banksters will go to any lengths to get their ‘revenge’ on a country which has shown very high levels of common sense:

    – Cobalt

  3. Remember i 2008/9 ? In the UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown froze all assets belonging to the Icelandic people, under instruction from his paymasters (the Bank of England), for no other reason than they had the temerity to confront these criminals head-on in their own country to attempt to re-take control of their own economy. Using anti-terror legislation (yes folks, that is what it was really designed for) he did as he was told to try to intimidate the People of Iceland into toe-ing the line.
    A year or so later was HAARP used to further bully them by forcing an eruption from Eyjafjallajokull volcano?
    Speculation on my part I admit, I no longer call myself by the NWO title of Conspiracy Theorist I am a Coincidence Researcher.
    Also I have stopped calling ‘them’ The Illuminati, there is nothing enlightened about these creatures except their monopoly on the Ancient Knowledge, I have renamed them ‘The Obscuri’; The Dark Ones.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Was there ever a time when we the people were not enslaved by the ruling few?
    Maybe in the times of the tribe and the clan where we owed fealty to them and they protected us.
    But I’m still sure we had to pay tythes of some sort and fight on their behalf.
    I can’t seem to recall any historical time when it was otherwise. I’m not being pessimistic. We just need to recognise the repeating pattern, and really ask ourselves, is this not how we really just accept so much of this because it’s so ingrained. Like the rescued battery hens who miss their little prisons.
    We need to break that thread somehow and establish a new healthier model. Iceland seems to be showing us the way.
    Iceland is insular – in a good way, with a strong national identity. I don’t think globalism has contaminated it so much. We need to get back to all our own nations values, cherish our differences.
    Don’t buy globalist company products, if you can buy local, regional, national. Celebrate traditional festivals in the traditional way – not in the consumerist, commercial way promoted by the corporations. Refuse Hollywood product.
    I like Sebatian Tombs idea of re-naming ‘them’ – using terms like Illuminati and Elites just makes their little egos glow with grandiosity. How about The Filthi?

  5. Jennifer says:

    Or The Abominatti.

  6. ian says:

    Gangster criminals does it for me. I certainly wouldn’t call them any name that could be construed as complimentary.

  7. Lynn says:

    They are truly the slyest manipulators of the human race. Yes this is a spiritual war between the inbred and insane. My mum used to say this was Hell and we had to each earn Heaven, we are here for a reason and I truly think we have found it. We have to bring the whole lot down in order to restart. Wont be easy but all things start small and become mighty. There may be a reason for being born into this infested Planet. A de- lousing is a pretty big one.

  8. salty says:

    The Collapse Of The Too Big To Fail Banks In Europe Is Here

    FEBRUARY 9, 2016.

    There is so much chaos going on that I don’t even know where to start. For a very long time I have been warning my readers that a major banking collapse was coming to Europe, and now it is finally unfolding.

    Let’s start with Deutsche Bank. The stock of the most important bank in the “strongest economy in Europe” plunged another 8 percent on Monday, and it is now hovering just above the all-time record low that was set during the last financial crisis. Overall, the stock price is now down a staggering 36 percent since 2016 began, and Deutsche Bank credit default swaps are going parabolic. Of course my readers were alerted to major problems at Deutsche Bank all the way back in September, and now the endgame is playing out.

    In addition to Deutsche Bank, the list of other “too big to fail” banks in Europe that appear to be in very serious trouble includes Commerzbank, Credit Suisse, HSBC and BNP Paribas. Just about every major bank in Italy could fall on that list as well, and Greek bank stocks lost close to a quarter of their value on Monday alone. Financial Armageddon has come to Europe, and the entire planet is going to feel the pain.

    The collapse of the banks in Europe is dragging down stock prices all over the continent. At this point, more than one-fifth of all stock market wealth in Europe has already been wiped out since the middle of last year. That means that we only have four-fifths left. The following comes from USA Today…

    The MSCI Europe index is now down 20.5% from its highest point over the past 12 months, says S&P Global Market Intelligence, placing it in the 20% decline that unofficially defines a bear market.

    Europe’s stock implosion makes the U.S.’ sell-off look like child’s play. The U.S.-centric Standard & Poor’s 500 Monday fell another 1.4% – but it’s only down 13% from its high. Some individual European markets are getting hit even harder. The Milan MIB 30, Madrid Ibex 35 and MSCI United Kingdom indexes are off 29%, 23% and 20% from their 52-week highs, respectively as investors fear the worse could be headed for the Old World.

    These declines are being primarily driven by the banks. According to MarketWatch, European banking stocks have fallen for six weeks in a row, and this is the longest streak that we have seen since the heart of the last financial crisis…

    The region’s banking gauge, the Stoxx Europe 600 Banks Index FX7, -5.59% has logged six straight weeks of declines, its longest weekly losing stretch since 2008, when banks booked 10 weeks of losses, beginning in May, according to FactSet data.

    “The current environment for European banks is very, very bad. Over a full business cycle, I think it’s very questionable whether banks on average are

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