3 Responses to “How and Why Chemtrails are Made”

  1. RabbiT says:

    “How and Why” Great vid!

    Why the hell do you have to “cool us down” (19.57) in Scotland and the UK when we are bleedin well freezing as it is! – Damn it is middle of July and my heating is on thanks to these effin’ chemtrails!!!

    • Gordon says:

      Quite right RabbiT! For two years in a row we’ve had frost in July and August here in the Borders and last week there was frost in the Great Glen.

      On the subject of Chemtrails, I find that the powers that be are becoming very crafty in that they are well aware that we the people have awakened to their ploy and know what’s going on. As a result I’ve noticed that there are fewer chemtrail planes overhead yet the hills and valleys are still full of murk. I conclude therefore that they are chemtrailing in the Atlantic out of sight and our westerly winds are carrying the drift as far inland as the east coast.

  2. Ian says:

    The Deepwater Horizon incident too in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 could have affected the gulf stream flow of warmer water to the UK. There was much speculation at the time of the incident that it was affecting currents in the gulf. However I agree that it sounds very likely that they are chemtrailing out at sea or even at high altitude, as we on the west coast of Scotland have had very late frosts too.

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