Holocaust denier David Irving speaks at secret neo-Nazi meeting

David Irving, the British Holocaust-denier © Kacper Pempel


Historian and holocaust denier David Irving spoke at secret meeting of neo-Nazis and fascist sympathizers in London on Saturday, it has emerged.

The discredited academic gave a talk at the Rembrandt Hotel in Kensington, where he was billed as the world’s “MOST respected historian” and an “expert on World War II.

Irving gave a speech titled “Saturation Bombing in World War II – who is to blame?” to an audience of a 120 right-wing sympathizers, including women and children.

During his talk, Irving reportedly described the Royal Air Force (RAF) as “war criminals” for their bombing campaign over Germany and Nazi-occupied Europe.

Former Spandau prison worker Abdallah Melaouhi, who cared for Hitler’s one-time deputy Rudolf Hess during his imprisonment, was also a speaker at the event.

Melaouhi has described Hess, who hanged himself in 1987 while serving a life sentence, as “a man of great vision, intelligence and compassion.”

According to the Daily Mail, an invitation for the event asked those wishing to attend to call a mobile number at 8am on Saturday.

Attendees were then told to meet at South Kensington Tube station at 11am, where retired teacher and known fascist Michael Woodbridge led them to the four-star Rembrandt Hotel.

The talk was held in the St James function room, which had been booked under a different name.

Attendees included members of the British National Party (BNP), the far-right Greek Golden Dawn and Polish nationalist skinheads wearing camouflage.

Irving is notorious for denying the existence of Nazi gas chambers and the genocide of millions of people during World War II.

In 1996, the historian sued Professor Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin books for defamation after being called a holocaust denier. Irving lost the lawsuit, which reportedly cost him £2 million in legal fees.

Irving has been barred from entering several countries due to his holocaust denial, including Austria, Germany, Italy and Canada.
Saturday’s secret meeting comes three months after a meeting of far-right figures from around the world known as the London Forum.

Gerry Gable of anti-fascist magazine Searchlight said: “This conference is another piece of evidence of a growing series of closed international far-right extremist conferences.

The core movers range from elderly Holocaust deniers to well-educated men and women who are being trained in ideologies of hate and being made ready for potential acts of terrorism.


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  1. pauline says:

    I didnt know gable was still alive I thought he perished along side the 6 million burnt offerings,
    He quotes “the core movers are elderly holo haux deniers”so if they are all elderly just what does he think they are capable of?resserecting dead stiff Nazi’s camp commandents?Zombies even?omg he reads too many Grimms fairy holohoax story books,what next Reds under the beds,Lenin rises to fight another day maybe?
    I was a Zombie red now I am resserected to walk the streets of Moscow,oh my the fairy tales could be illuminating and enlightening.
    What about some true stories of the Holocaust of the thousands of poor souls who were burnt offerings in Dresden and died en mass in the Dresden cellers,mainly innocent non combatent women and children .
    ?now why are we not told that true story of the mass murders that happened to innocents in Dresden?

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Because that sh*t churchill was one of them

      • Men Scryfa says:

        This is the kind of future these brave men are fighting against. It is time to stand with them.



        Remember in a land (U.K.) where powerful men (Cameron’s Bosses and not Lord Sewer-l) want to legalize paedophilia, it becomes imperative to prohibit all reference to the truth that means banning any real debate about the Hologrammy and branding those who fight against child abuse as being ‘perverts’…

      • Whats to be made of this?
        I assumed this Mujica was a good guy, I hope he still is but visiting with Soros and Rockefeller in NYC I have doubts.
        Have they got at him? Blckmailed him with something?
        To what aim?
        – The judaisation of Uruguay will hollow out and ruin that place, some say its the Switzerland of s America.
        – Marijuana discussions. One would think Soros and Rockefeller wouldn’t want to promote marijuana at all with its apparent anticancer activity, cannabis oil.
        Could it be they are discussing with Mujica to introduced toxic gene engineered versions to the world market useless aginst cancer but highly addictive and toxic?

        Im sure SOME cannabis strains will exist somewhere that are therapeutic, this will need research to raise awareness which types


        According to a statement issued by the Presidency of Uruguay , Jose Mujica , 78 and David Rockefeller , 98, [met Thursday] at Rockefeller’s residence in New York and exchanged ideas concerning the process of regulation of the marijuana market in Uruguay.Rockefeller , a founder of the Bilderberg Group , the ” club” of the most influential people in the world, is enthusiastic about marijuana legalization. Mujica gave a speech Tuesday to the General Assembly UN.The Uruguayan President who once belonged to the Tupamaro guerrillas , said the meeting was a “crossing of the Rubicon ” , which means that a decisive step knowing the risk involved . The expression recalls the decision of Julius Caesar to return to Italy , crossing the Rubicon river , without permission of the Senate.However, Mujica said that Rockefeller is the ” symbol of a reality ” and that his party “always recognize the realities” .

        ”On Monday ,Mujica, who has been described as the world’s poorest president for his austere lifestyle because he donates his salary to charity, met with another billionaire investor George Soros, of Hungarian origin .

        Soros , chairman of the Open Society Foundation , offered Mujica all possible assistance to the process begun in Uruguay. They agreed that the current general policy regarding drug trafficking is not working.

        Soros then reasoned that changes can be made internationally in the future depending on Mujica’s success, and offered to support educational programs in Uruguay to combat drug and other addictions .

        Makow Comment- Masonic Jewish central banking billionaires have always bankrolled socialism and communism because they want to extend their monopoly over credit to a monopoly over everything using State Power as their instrument. Apparently, they will now allow us to use marijuana to transcend their tyrannical hell. ”

      • [not me][ive read marijuana shrinks the testes and penis of male rats]

        Adam said (September 29, 2013): Those of you who are pro pot and not thinking very critically about this problem. The long term effects of pot and the long term goals of the Illuminati are in agreement. Pot reduces male fertility. It increases estrogen and makes men more effeminate. It also reduces memory, making it easier to manipulate the public. Pot will, without a doubt, cause more negative health effects, making us more tied to the big pharma mob, and is a new revenue source for the elite. More of the public will become addicted to pot, and that is exactly where they want us–addicted to the poison they give us. God is the only power they can’t control and that is why they will do whatever they can make us forget God, including the legalization of marijuana. – http://henrymakow.com/2013/09/Illuminati-Billionaires-Love-Marxists-Marijuana.html#sthash.1YMFS9ws.dpuf

      • Men Scryfa says:

        That one was a good find. Had not seen that article though I try to read as much as I can that goes up at Henry Makow. I am glad he changed the name of the website. I was not much of a fan of “savethemales” sounded too much like “save the whales” but then maybe that was the point ?!?

        Uruguay is definitely an interesting staging post. There have been a lot of people relocating there from North America. That tells a story by itself.

        I am not that knowledgeable about the whole legalisation debate but there is certainly big money at stake. What is the benefit beyond profits is the question?

  2. Jennifer says:

    Would that be the Zionist Gerry Gable of the Zionist Searchlight magazine?
    And don’t Rothschilds own Reuters?
    So disinterested and impartial reporting then?

  3. pauline says:

    Would that be the same gerry gable who’s wife Sonia was a paid up member of The British National Front?at one time ?
    Mmm he keeps that very quiet doesnt he?
    I do believe if my memory serves me right it was around the time Martin Webster led the National Front,and Sonia used to ferry NF members around to NF meetings on her scooter,oh dear whoops the cats out the bag now

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Hess, who hanged himself in 1987 while serving a life sentence, as “a man of great vision, intelligence and compassion.”

    “Irving is notorious for denying the existence of Nazi gas chambers and the genocide of millions of people during World War II.”

    It’s about the research for truth – and Irving knows a lot of facts the public stil does not know (is not supposed to know)

    “…trained in ideologies of hate and being made ready for potential acts of terrorism.” That’s defamatory propaganda.

    who hanged himself? That’s highly improbable. The Russians wanted to release him from prison, the British did not.

  5. Men Scryfa says:

    Ah yes “ideologies of hate and…terrorism”,


    Gerry Gable a deeply sinister man with an extensive criminal history,


    1963: Gable’s Mi5 sponsored gang attack Mosley’s business and employees:


    2009: Gable’s co-religionists at Mi5 attack Mosley Jnr’s business with sex expose,


    Gerry Gable a ‘peaceful’ promoter of ‘truth’…?





    Here enjoy a critique of the cultural benefits that Gerry’s friends have wrought,




    Is this ‘by-product’ now being put into the food to send our kids nuts? If so by whom? Who owns those clinics, food companies and runs our governments?


    • Yes Uruguay and places like it may still have good things to offer, simple good ways of life. Despite the evil Monsanto have done in argentina. There seem to be quite a few anticancer therapies. Does one cancel out the other, theres a big question. yet gathering anecdotal reports will I think give a good picture to build on and guide.
      ive spoken to someone personally whos in his 60s, took cannabis oil pellets on his tongue, to cure his cancer, no chemotherapy taken.
      Hes now growing cannabis in spain.

      B17 very intriguing. Something called protocel too is interesting. I think this is a major way of attacking the cabal, if it can be done persuasively. it strikes to the heart of everyone, deep inside, possible intriguing ways to help their health and fight cancer or other things.

      Im learning fast im getting nowhere being passive hoping people will listen to me. Ive got to set up , even if it costs me money, and at least appear to resemble like im gathering info and practicing alternative therapies. Lawrence Wilsons a good strand to this but many different things need to be offered , since no one program or procedure will suit all.
      Rife machines as well. I have no doubt the cabal have put out there Rife companies selling useless machines to discredit.
      But im sure theres some good ones. The Russian deta elis company is a massive improvement using 21st century simpler technology
      Need to look into this more to see if its legit. Good spare parts policy, and repairs? A guarantee at all? This needs looking into.

      ive realised though a big part of helping close family or anyone else with alt therapies is to look as though I don’t care whether they take things or not. The trick is to let people see im operating and helping people and some kind of operation is working, hopefully some word of mouth testimonies too.
      One day my hope is a small health shop with treatment rooms at the back

      Lawrence Wilson provides a good course about legal cover and protection from the Mafia. Apparently its getting customers/patients to join up as part of a ‘private members club’. A biut like dallas buyers club perhaps. Our human rights, they cant interfere with provate members decisions then I don’t think.

      Also men scryfa thermography machines for breast screenings. Safe, non toxic. id offer those for free or very low charge. mammograms are high doses of radiation approaching Hiroshima on the woman I think.

      Bob Becks blood electrification. That’s something else ive got to look into. it might mean a patient comes for an hour a day and gets a Velcro wrist thing over the wrist arteries.

      Theres saunas, near infra red saunas

      So many things, I can tell this is a way to help communities rescue them from the evil of mafia medicine, and kick the cabal hard where it hurts

      Interesting regime you described the other day I took notes of

  6. sir charles drake says:

    not sure about irving no doubt a great historian but has he given full disclosure?
    maybe giving up the skull and bones men,the talmud kaballa the rothschild clan would have got him anthony c sutton eustace mullins dead.
    methinks he has held back on churchill and hitler and the rothschild tavistock interconnects.
    he mentions the focus group funding of churchill but keeps it vague.
    anthony c sutton.
    james bacques crimes and merciesand other losses.thomas goodrich hellstorm.
    many books by arthur koestler and the outstanding douglas reed are must reads.

  7. Nollidge says:

    Couple of quotes that I rather like;
    “Jews are freedom fighters they spend all their time fighting your freedom.”
    “Anti-semitism is a disease – you catch it from Jews”.

  8. ian says:

    Among the few brave souls who have dared to seek the truth when it is against the wishes of our owners, David Irving has forced them to review their magical “death camp” numbers. From 4 million, Auschwitz now killed 1 million or so. All the camps were death camps until they were examined by experts, then only the camps that the experts didn’t have access to, were death camps. They never mention the Typhus that the Zyclon B was there to stop, or the fact that our brave lads when they could take a break from bombing civilians in the cities, were destroying supply routes, even the ones to the camps.
    70 million souls died in WW2, yet the fabled 6,000,000, that much bandied about figure, talked about during the first world war, that magical unalterable figure, is the only one that matters. 70,000,000 dead in WW2. 60,000,000 dead under Stalin. The indigenous populations of America, Australia and everywhere else that we “civilised”. You can bandy numbers about and spit on their graves, and say Jesus never lived and there is no God, but don’t deny that the gas chambers that were built after the war were used to gas 6,000,000 jews.
    Something wrong with that. I hate no-one nor do I in anyway advocate hatred towards anyone. I’m peace loving and I don’t have extreme views. My views have changed over the years, as have the views of many people. I find it sad, very sad that we are not supposed to question something that has raised so many questions.

  9. Men Scryfa says:

    Q. Who runs the secret police in America?

    A. An FBI Chief tells his agents to visit the Holocaust Museum


  10. Nollidge says:


  11. bridget says:

    We are always reminded of this Holocaust and millions have been spent on marking this event. However the murder of 70 million white Russions is never mentioned nor is the Concentration Camps on the Rhine Meadows from 1945 to 1950 run by the Allies and where millions died. The narrative of History on the two World Wars is very suspect and selective and for a very strange reason it is a crime to question the narrative on the Holocaust which begs the question, what are they afraid of? Powerful backroom people were involved in the second world war Bernard Baruch and Henry Morgenthau really dont make it into the pages of the official history books despite having enormous imput Morgenthaus plan for Germany in 1945 caused millions of deaths of innocent men women and children, please read the Patton Papers .When one questions the narrative why are they called a Holocausr denier? This is very questionable If the holocaust narrative cant pass serious historical inspection applied to everything else without threats of being called names and being prosecuted as a criminal then the whole post war political system is questionable , what are they trying to hide?.

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