4 Responses to “Greek Tragedy with William Engdahl”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    The problem is the EU. This body has a triple purpose. It is (1) a union of bankers against people, (2) a harness with which the US can drive colonised Europe, and (3) a tool for de-industrialisation and de-education of this most developed continent. Under the EU, masses of beggars from Romania and African refugees descend on the North. Under the EU, once-industrial Latvia and Hungary became basket-cases, their high tech moved elsewhere. Under the EU, the social welfare system has been dismantled, while sexual education of children and gender games have gone into a high drive. That is why nations – from Sweden to Italy, from England to Spain – call to break up the union.

    Greece would be better off out of the EU. Everybody would.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Crime bank Goldman Sachs got a bailout of $billions more than Greece why do they not have to pay it back. Their minions control the ECB and the Bank of England and one of their lackeys racked up debts on behalf of the Greeks. Every one of them should be in gaol and the fraudulent debts cancelled.

    Shortly thereafter AIG and Goldman de facto collapsed and the rest is history, including the fact that former Goldman CEO, Hank Paulson, was “coincidentally” sitting in as Secretary of the Treasury and “coincidentally” came up with a plan for the taxpayers to bail out Goldman Sachs. Paulson, after all, was still sitting on about a quarter of a billion dollars worth of warrants on Goldman stock. This, after he was allowed to sell his GS stock worth $100s of millions on a tax-free basis. Just a little “benefit” the elitists bestow upon themselves when their brethren appoint them to a Government post.


  3. Lynn says:

    Fraud is so widespread now… The Greeks were robbed and so were we all. The EU is an ilegal ideology sold to us by deceit. Chaos is looming and we all need to keep vigilant.

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