Greece. The Empire will strike back.

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Okay, now that we have all celebrated the beautiful Greek “NO!” to the EU plutocracy, we need to get real again and look at the Empire’s options.  Or, in fact, at the Empire’s option (with no ‘s’ at the end).

The Empire is extremely predictable.  The example of Greece is a textbook case of how the Empire uses banks to strangle a country with debt, creates a comprador ruling class, turns the national media into an instrument of imperial propaganda and tries to completely halt any democratic process by dealing only with the ruling class.  By some quasi miracle this last phase has failed in the case of Greece.

I might be mistaken, but my feeling is that the Empire never took Syriza very seriously or, if it did, it did so way too late.  As for Tsipras and Varoufakis, they probably were as suprized as the rest of us when they suddenly were “upgraded” for the leadership of a 5% party to the leaders of the entire Greek nation.  I also get the feeling that neither Tsirpas nor Varoufakis fully expected the tsunami which they unleashed with this referendum.  But whatever may be the case, was is done is done and, to the absolute horror of the Eurobureaucrats, the Greek people have spoken and right now the Empire has only one option: to either co-opt or overthrow the Greek government, which ever works best.

My strictly personal feeling is that it is too late co-opt the government.  Besides, both Tsipras and Varoufakis have become such hated figures amongst the Eurobureaucrats that overthrow is probably the preferred option.

Apparently, this process is already under way.  Varoufakis who has late has yesterday was saying “you are stuck with me” to a reporter, has now already resigned.  As for Tsipras, he appears to be begging for negotiations.  I hope that I am wrong, but I am underwhelmed by what I have seen so far.

Yet another color revolution next?

The example of Gaddafi clearly shows that a national leader can totally roll over and submit to the AngloZionists and *still* be overthrown.  My guess is that no amount of concessions from Tripras will be enough to keep him in power.  He has humiliated the Eurobureaucrats and they will not forgive him.  The only logical solution for the Empire now is to make an example of Greece.

No matter what, Greece will face extremely difficult times, both politically and economically.  We have recently seen how a country – in this case Armenia – can be easily “punished” for daring to disobey the imperial diktats.  I think that Greece right now is a much weaker and fragile country than Armenia.  For one thing, the Germans and Americans more or less run, and even own, the place.  Second, a good solid third of the country was willing to accept the terms of the ultimatum of the transnational plutocracy.  Third, Greece is surrounded by NATO and instability on all sides.  Fourth, the country’s entire media is owned by the AngloZionists.  Fifth, Greece lacks natural resources or a good market outside the EU.

Unlike others, I do not fear the Greek military too much.  Yes, it is generally on the side of thecomprador elites but the last thing the EU wants is yet another Fascist military junta in power in an EU country.  Also, the reaction of the Greek people to an overt coup might be very unpredictable.

I think that the most likely scenario is that the next thing that will happen is a Greek Maidan, followed by accusations of police brutality and all the rest of the typical color revolution scenario.  At the end of the day, what will happen will largely depend on the stance which Tsipras and his party will take: if they seek to appease the Eurobureaucrats, if they offer infinite concessions and if they act like loyal “EU patriots” they will be crushed.  But if they appeal directly to the Greek people and explain to them that this is a struggle for national-liberation and that they need the people’s support, help and protection, then they might well prevail, especially if they chose to break free from the Eurozone and turn to the Eurasian Economic Union and China for support.  I hope that I am wrong, but I don’t see Tsipras daring to do something that dramatic.  This is why I predict a color revolution next.

We shall all know soon enough.

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2 Responses to “Greece. The Empire will strike back.”

  1. Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme says:

    If this piece has truth in it, I know this sounds bizarre but I find it encouraging and reason for optimism.

    It suggest to me we are not in one giganitic Truman SHow, where the cabal are orchestrating everything from beginning to end, in a huge charade. Whether for their amusement, the power rush that gets them off trating us like pawns, or T guidebook prophecies (the shemitah is some kind of 7 dictated thing, on repeating 7s. Its made to look like this is physics/natural phenomena of God things recurring in 7s, eg 911 then the lehman crash 7 yrs later . But instead its jut them orchestrating it)

    My point here is im encouraged by the above if its true. Becaause it shows theres still enough healthy entropy/chaos/free will in the system. Maybe the likes of Gaddaffi really did have to be dealt with because unpredictable he was just doing too many good things and the cabal had to intervene

    I sense its an illusion that theyre all controlling all powerful. An illusion done by hypnotising us, programming us, and who knows maybe even entitites they send into our minds programming to guard that programming. I think these spiritual technologies might well exist.

    But there are ways of fightback. eg being healthier, eating living healthier, apparently can force many entities to leave as they don’t like inhabiting a stronger better nourished body

  2. Lynn says:

    They wont let the Greeks off, civil war is on the books…food shortages and no ATMs will soon cause friction. A few provocateurs added to the mix and BANG!! This is far from freedom yet. I also hope that common sense wins the day. The Greeks have given these Elites a bloody nose, the people of Europe need to pay attention to this as it is a 1st breakaway from the iron fist. They will help to wake the sleeping giant and bring a revolution, or they will be sucker punched and take us all with them. A lot to play for I would say.

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