By Mike King


Early on in the 1972 classic film. The Godfather, there is a scene in which Tom Hagen, the “consigliere” (counselor) of the Corleone Family, demonstrates the art of openly threatening someone without actually saying so directly. Consigliere Hagen (played by Robert Duvall) threatens a movie producer named Woltz in a manner so subtle that even many Godfather aficionados miss it.
“Mr. Woltz, — I have not threatened you.”
From the script:
WOLTZ (who’s just walked toward Tom)All right, start talking. 


Uh, I was sent by a friend of Johnny Fontane’s — His friend is my client, who’d give his

undying friendship to Mr. Woltz, if Mr. Woltz would grant us a small — favor.



Woltz is listening.



Give Johnny the part in that new war film you’re starting next week.


WOLTZ (laughs, then)

And ah, what favor would ah your friend ah grant Mr. Woltz?



You’re gonna have some union problems; my client could make then disappear. Also, one of

your top stars has just moved from marijuana to heroin



Are you trying to muscle me?



Absolutely not.



Now listen to me, you smooth-talking son-of-a-bitch! Let me lay it on the line for you and

your boss, whoever he is. Johnny Fontane will never get that movie! I don’t care how many –

– daigo guinea WOP greaseball gumbahs come out of the woodwork!



I’m German-Irish…



Well let me tell you something my Kraut Mick friend, I’m gonna make so much trouble for

you, you won’t know what hit you!



Mr. Woltz, I’m a lawyer, I have not threatened you.



I know almost every big lawyer in New York, who the hell are you?



I have a special practice; I handle one client — Now you have my number; I’ll wait for your

call — By the way, I admire your pictures very much.

[Hagen shakes Woltz’s hand, then leaves] 

What Hagen actually does in that scene  is, under the guise of “looking out for Woltz”, threaten the producer with labor strikes and public disclosure of one of his star’s drug habits! Woltz is no fool; which explains why he became so angry. He understands that the real message here is: “Do what we say or we will go to war with you.”
Woltz, at first, refuses to comply. A bloody horse’s head placed in his bed will soon change his tune!
Now, turning our attention to the Globalist Mafia; we can better interpret some stunning statements made by that arch-criminal George Soros. The initial comments from “Don” Soros came during a conference at the World Bank.

While Soros does not believe China would go directly after the United States, he claims that it’s possible the Chinese could come into conflict with a country (a puppet provocateur) that is allied with America:

“If there is conflict between China and a military ally of the United States, like Japan, then it is not an exaggeration to say that we are on the threshold of a third world war.”

Translation: “Hey China, you’re gonna have problems with one of our military allies – maybe Japan, or perhaps Vietnam. My client (Rothschild) could make them disappear.”

Soros then offers a way out for China (what a friend!). He would allow the Chinese currency, the yuan, to join the International Monetary Fund. That would allow the yuan to compete with the U.S. dollar as a potential global reserve currency. In return, the United States should require China to enact economic reforms. According toMarketWatch, Soros says that without such an agreement: “there is a real danger that China will align itself with Russia politically and militarily, and then the threat of third world war becomes real, so it is worth trying.”

Translation: “If China doesn’t come to heel, then we’ll use our puppets to simultaneously light Russia’s fuse in Eastern Europe and China’s fuse in the South Pacific; and make it look like they started it.

“Don” Soros wants China to dump Russia and join the N.W.O.

In a just-released article penned for The New York Review of Book, entitled A Partnership with China to Avoid World War, Soros explains how a strategic partnership between the US and China could prevent the evolution of two power blocks that may be drawn into World War III.

Soros elaborates on this theme.

“Both the US and China have a vital interest in reaching an understanding because the alternative is so unpalatable. The benefits of an eventual agreement between China and the US could be equally far-reaching…. If this approach could be extended to the financial and economic spheres, the threat of a military alignment between China and Russia would be removed and the prospect of a global conflict would be greatly diminished.”

Translation: “Hey China. Dump Russia and  slow down with your newly created Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) –or else!”

The Globalists don’t like the BRICS trade bloc (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa); and they don’t like the SCO (Shangai Cooperation Organization); and they don’t like the new AIIB; and they damn sure don’t like the emerging Russia-China-Iran financial-military partnerships. China is getting “too big for its britches” and so is Russia. That is why Soros has a “gracious” offer for the Chinese. As Don Corleone would say – “an offer they can’t refuse”.
The ultimate Mafia “Dons”
1- ‘Don’ Soros standing next to ‘Don’ Rockefeller (also sub-capos Paul Volcker and Ted Turner)
2- ‘Don’ Rockefeller with ‘Don’ Jacob de Rothschild




  1. Ian Thorpe says:

    Great scene from a classic film.
    Soros is one of the big players in an elitist cartel that shows utter contempt for democracy.
    And don’y you all think he looks a little more like a reptile with every month that passes – just sayin’

  2. Lynn says:

    Are these men a thousand years old….they sure look it. His (soros) eye bags would take my weekly shopping. They look decrepit and couldnt run from a mob if they tried. SOB’s !!

  3. Lynn says:

    The contempt for them is growing … Trust me they havent got much longer. Lamposts and ropes would be far too humane for these bottom dwellers. Eugh get them gone.

  4. Men Scryfa says:

    I heard he was active in Hungary, Budapest 1944-1945.

    Somebody had to decide who lived and who died.

    • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      None of my comments have been working, hopefully Mikes fixed it today

      Please check out MS when you can, Ive left comments under his gaiam tv article, ceres suburb light one too, and waiting to be moderated is this one at his latest posting, a Kathy Forti intriguing article about the Dark Side of the Moon, a Nasa loose tongue

      However perhaps even more important is my latest reply to Laviolette getting moderated, ill send you in another message so this isn’t too long

    • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:


      I agree yes. I don’t rule out alien colonies or even other civilisations. Rumour has it theres over 900 civilisation the illuminati Secret Space Programme (that’s been existence since 1950s at least, a man on Mars in 1962 according to CoreyGoodETWhistleblower) interacts with and trades with

      However I think it is prudent. In view of what has unfolded on our planet since sep 11th 2001. ( I could have picked WW2 or earlier).

      In view of the huge evidence that evil 5th columnists were at work that day. And that AlQaeda and ISIS , many many voices are seeing, are creations of bad factions of various Western Governments and one non muslim one in the middle east with its coast on the Mediterranean.

      Some voices are saying, the War on Terror is a manipulated Truman Show on us all by the Deep State.

      I think, Dr Laviolette, in view of all this. I think we should go off, FOR OUR OWN WELLBEING AND SAFETY, to err on the side of caution and maybe even go a bit far.

      Let us say, that alien civilisations DONT exist.
      We may well be proven wrong. If its true what Corey Goode is saying, then I don’t think even the illuminati cabal could possibly fake 900 different civilisations with space fleets and inhabited planets. This truth will show itself to us in good time, if it is true.

      For now, I think anything NASA and the Mainstream media tells us, or leaks, is a suspicious repeating pattern of the past.

      Yes, it may well be an alien colony on Ceres or the Dark Side of the Moon that the Mainstream Media are going to feed us.

      But the issues we must always firmly keep in mind are
      – It is entirely possible the cabal could have used their technologies with free energy to hybridise and engineer fake alien species. Apparently this is the case with the Greys, some say
      – It is possible the cabal could have deliberately created those Moon towers and strange buildings to give the illusion of Alein settlements
      – Let alarm bells ring and red flags wave, if excited hype is being pushed at us about ‘Alien Civilisations’ on the Moon or Ceres. Yet no mention of the Secret Space Programme or Nikola Tesla or T Townsend Browns Electrogravitics, and JP Morgan suppression etc, is made

      Why am I so concerned? Because there is a chance the cabal are going to use a fake alien narrative, as another layer of control and manipulation. An AlQaeda or ISIS 2.0

      If there is honesty and transparency on these issues, I will be more inclined to accept theyre genuine Alien colonies.

      For now though I passionately feel we must analyse the Messages Messengers are bringing us.
      I will look carefully for to see the Rt Hon Paul Hellyer (longest serving Privy Councillor) mention Townsend Brown and Nikola Tesla and the SSP

      And to end, I notice in this Kathy Forti article, no mention or acknowledgement of Tesla, T Townsend Brown, or our very own SSPs since the 1950s.

      This might be a deliberate NASA leak, and we would do well to recall that NASA was set up by Scottish Rite Freemasons, all in top positions, and is a Freemason organisation

    • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme says:

      In case you miss any trace of them , I sent 1 interesting comment to Lynn in Iceland land of freedom, and 2 in Jews are Egyptians in origin 5 months ago, one to rabbit, one to Tap

    • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme says:

      In fact Men Scryfa. it could even be possible, the redefinggod blog posts I sent you today. That blog itself might be a very slick clever disnfo site, giving 95% very interesting logical believable facts. Like you’ve said everything has many layers, such as the hampstead thing.
      yes the BRICS and all the other orchestrated fall of the west narrative rise of the east one that Blog has observed well and hit on truth. On one layer.
      On another layer , a non cabal one, maybe theres another non cabal force competing with the cabal on this whole BRICS and other things.
      Maybe the redefininggod is a cabal site to create learened helplesseness and despair? paralysis.

      Im emboldened to say this because, I got depressed today those 2 images I sent you with text in them about the cabal dialecetic of good evil spiritual war.
      Ive realised maybe that is the tiny deception lie in the whole of that site they want us to swallow?

      The reason I say this is, abundant evidence exists for entity attachments, and exorcisms. I think the good vs evil battle is real enough and relevant enough to us for our needs right now.

      That blog seem s to be disinfo on that point, or being far too high up airy fairy that’s not relevant to us now.

      Just look at The upsetting articles. The articles that create a desire to hunt these fuckers down and try them and jail them etc etc etc etc etc. The Portugal article about mad. This alone tells us theres a battle of good and evil going on

      Ill end my train of thought here and get some sleep, goodnight

  5. Lynn says:

    He is a hungarian Jew !! he just got lucky.

    • Lynn says:

      Oh yes they do and they are all in on it…. Putin isnt the saint they would have us believe. Its a set up !!

      • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme says:

        If its a set up Lynn this could in some peoples minds feel like were doomed, like a cork on the huge waves of this fierce ocean.
        If its a set up then this means the Monsanto GMO evil has been set up, for us to ‘run ‘ from, and flee into the arms of the good BRICS Russia strict GMO free policy
        Can they really all be in on it? Lavrov?

        Could there be 2 Putins and Lavrovs, cloned. Being used by either side?

        IS there even a ‘Good’ side to all this, whos fighting for us? Im betting my money and psychological health and sanity that there is some benevolent Spirtual force fighting for us whos fully aligned with God/Source

        SO wheres the evidence were not doomed? Im still not sure except to say why would they go through this BRICS charade if they didn’t have to watch their step and do things slyly

        And what about Rifkinds removal? In the sting? Surely that shows some white hat force at work?

  6. salty says:

    George Soros: A psychopath’s psychopath

    February 13, 2016.

    When a psychopath lies, or steals, or manipulates – or does whatever he thinks is required to get what he wants – he has no greater emotional connection with his actions than you or I have with yesterday’s lunch.

    We, the non-psychopaths, tell little lies and do little wrongs. But we have a limit beyond which we will not go. For the psychopath, scale makes no difference. Stealing a family’s savings, or crashing an economy, or destroying a country is of no more consequence to the psychopath than deciding not to return ten bucks to a cashier who had made a mistake.

    And no matter what evil the psychopath meticulously plotted and practiced against you, to him, what happens is your fault. Always.

    Which brings me back to George Soros.

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