Fresh batches of bee-killing pesticides are on their way to British farms right now

Prime Minister David Cameron could stop these toxic chemicals before they are spread across our fields and wreak havoc on bees. But he’ll only do it if enough of us pile on the pressure.


Environment minister Liz Truss has just approved this fresh use of bee-killing pesticides. It’s no surprise – she’s been exposed holding cosy meetings with chemical industry lobbyists. [2] If our environment minister won’t protect bees, we need to turn the pressure onto David Cameron. He’s her boss – and that means he has the power to overturn her decision.

Please can you sign the emergency petition to Cameron now, asking him to overrule his minister and act to protect the bees? It will only take a few seconds.

Bees are crucial to life on earth, we rely on them to pollinate our food. But powerful pesticides called ‘neonicotinoids’ are killing them. Earlier this year an influential group of scientists concluded that these toxic pesticides wreak “havoc” with other insects and plants in the countryside too. [3]

David Cameron has to take final responsibility for this. Does he really want to be known as the prime minister who pumped bee poison into the British countryside? A big petition, delivered personally to him, will show him the risks of failing to protect our bees. Please add your name now, and let’s stop these chemicals reaching British fields before it’s too late:


Thanks for being involved,

Cara, Nat, David and the 38 Degrees team


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