Environment minister Liz Truss has just approved use of bee-killing pesticides.

It’s no surprise – she’s just been exposed holding cosy meetings with chemical industry lobbyists. If our environment minister won’t protect bees, we need to turn the pressure onto David Cameron. He’s her boss, and that means he has the power to overturn her decision.


Bee-killer Truss.  

Prime Minister David Cameron could stop these toxic chemicals before they are spread across our fields and wreak havoc on bees. But he’ll only do it if enough of us pile on the pressure.

Please can you sign the emergency petition to Cameron now, asking him to overrule his minister and act to protect the bees?

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  1. Rowiki says:

    The spraying of rapeseed is designed to kill the plant collectively. Harvesting the seed can only be done once the plant has died off. Makes you wonder whose digesting them chemicals, U.S. Or the bees. Ask any farmer why they spray rapeseed prior to harvesting it?

  2. Chris Jones says:

    Then she has failed in her duty of care as a minister and representative and is therefore held accountable for any damage done by these toxic chemicals

    • Hi, the thoughts gone through my head a few times lately. If theyre having a laugh in the doughnut while they makeup Aanirfan each day, and the public believe it,
      again and again aanirfans posts are very revealing in all sorts of ways, certainly to excite minds to shift their awareness of the world.
      And heres another one, today, even exposing Alien ET stuff being possibly one huge SS hoax
      ”James Casbolt, from Cornwall, claims to have seen aliens.

      James Casbolt claims to have been mind controlled by the security services and this might explain why he apparently believes in aliens.”

      Again I wonder, is aanirfan written by these non existent ‘white hats’ ive stopped believing in?
      Problems I have with aanirfan
      – I suppose yes, all in all they seem to go lightly on Jews, even though some articles discuss them. Don’t think theres a T book article though that dissects the good book and properly.
      – There seems to be a theme of articles going on about homosexuality and photos of young boys in exotic places smiling
      – My comments don’t get posted

      Theres all sorts of topics on aanirfan though about false flags, etc. Aanirfans a conundrum

      BTW, that letter reply from the school, is that you

    • Actually the Casbolt article today I find very interesting, how bases and whole other worlds exist 200metres beneath uk villages. Freemasonry, occultism, jewish kabbala, Zionists, these things are all being discussed
      To what aim though? Hopefully the aim is a good one, good people are writing this

    • [I wonder if these science physics truths can start to come out now for the masses, and be used to enhance society, but leave the black magic stuff out it]
      James Michael Casbolt writes that as he began to untangle myself from the Mannequin project, he was directly helped by renegade factions in British Intelligence and the NSA, who want to see Mannequin shut down.”

      ”He says that the NSA “is very interested in creating genetically enhanced assassins and espionage agents who have certain inborn genetic traits such as PSI/psychic ability.”

      ”James Michael Casbolt says that the NSA is looking for people of certain bloodlines – very often Celtic/ blueblood/ aristocratic people.

      These people often have paranormal/PSI abilities and connections to rituals, both ancient and masonic.”

    • [Could we have cause for cautious optimism? Could 2015 really be the year when renegade factions are trying stop the evil?] [ And what must the storage places under the village for exotic antigravity craft be like? Unreal]


      ”This NSA facility, known in intelligence circles as the AL/499 base, is located 200 feet below the village. There are entrances to the facility at:
      • Greenham common (known as ‘Bravo’ entrance, which is now sealed off)
      • Watchfield Military Science College (‘Delta’ entrance)
      • Harwell laboratories in Oxfordshire
      • There are entrances to the base in Lambourne and Welford in Berkshire

      The underground base at Lambourne is the “Area 51” of the U.K. with many exotic, anti-gravity aircraft stored there.”

      ”I have had constant death threats, and even intelligence people die in very suspicious circumstances hours before arranged meetings with me; however, the mission of getting this highly classified information to the public and exposing the people perpetuating the horrors of this medical project is bigger than me and must be made public. The disregard for human life and suffering compares with the Nazi scientists’ genetic and mind control experimentation in World War II”

  3. Men Scryfa says:

    Nadine Dorries breaks electoral law court told, but don’t worry she can get away with it because she is an MP


    • Theres an unmoderated comment yet to come, that will make the others make more sense

      What am I trying to say? Whats going through my mind? Whats bothering me? Several things are bothering me. Not just on the macro level which we discuss often, but things on the micro day to day life level too, in the last week especially. On various family and personal areas.

      And then suddenly, I become aware again. How most people in this country, even small business owners, shop owners, as well as workers, are being screwed with tax tax tax every which way. I then see how the fiat central banking economic model is so so sophisticated, very finely exquisitely created….so many small step down levels, to harvest the potential energy at every point, human energy. Money is at the root of it, and how economic society is structured.
      And it becomes clear, people are doing their best day to day trying to fight each day, pay bills, even make a small profit put away each week, sadly many cant even do this.

      And then I realise again. Under places like Lambourne village military base, the village, are ”many exotic, antigravity aircraft stored there”.
      And I reflect how, a matter of 200 feet away from the surface, are free energy technologies that would make such an impact on the surface

      200 feet! Or even closer, im sure places dotted round the UK theyre hidden in loads ofplaces, central London too perhaps.

      Ill end this Men Scryfa by reflecting…..its come to me that the only way the elites seem to be able to tolerate the thought of free energy/antigravity technologies out for us all, is only within the artificial ‘reality’ of some false orchestrated ‘ET contact’. Which is what I think 2015s about. That game changing fake ‘reality’, will somehow provide enough of a distraction and fundamentally justify huge changes (for our own safety they’ll tell us), that the situation will be controlled enough where free energys not a threat to TPTB. This is my sense

      And BTW todays skynews Calais crisis, totally orchestrated Theatre, this whole immigration things been theatre for years, they wanted this situation to brew

      I hope you can agree maybe todays Annirfan Casbolt article could be an indication that renegade ‘good’ factions within the SS, disgusted by the evil they see around them, are trying to get these truths out. No Project Bluebeam narrative in this Aangirfan article at all

      I hope this is true, I hope. This could be the Achilles heel

    • The concluding final point I forget to make, question forgot to ask, after that last comment is this:

      Obviously it would suit the elites to never let free energy truths and awareness out. Theyd much prefer them never to come out. Im sure they could much more ruthlessly suppress it. And keep us in an oil based/nuclear fission petrodollar world. This would be best for TPTB

      Therefore the question is: (and I still cant think of a satisfactory answer):

      What is driving TPTB to be doing this free energy/fake ET narrative disclosure? Because theres some kind of free energy leaking going on.
      Theres some kind of pressure TPTB are experiencing to be driving this.

      It could be
      – end of the 25000 yr cycle when big Superwave energies are incoming that paul Laviolette speaks of are going to cause a serious shake up
      – Or (less likely perhaps) pressure from some renegade faction of the secret space programme

      I don’t know!

  4. NPP says:

    She represents Thetford, Thomas Paine’s home town… why are they referred to as Rt Hon.??
    E-mail her via Defra:
    Email: defra.helpline@defra.gsi.gov.uk
    Telephone: 0345 9 33 55 77

    or via her constituency:
    Rt Hon. Elizabeth Truss
    House of Commons
    London SW1A 0AA.
    Email: elizabeth.truss.mp@parliament.uk

  5. kingel says:

    SHE is acting UNLAWFULLY. Take a look at the UNALIENBLE Ancient MOLMUTINE Rights of Indigenous British Sovereigns. Link is…
    At 22:28 on the video…There ARE 3 guarantees of Society…Security for Life and Limb–Security for Property–SECURITY for the RIGHTS of NATURE.

  6. Steve says:

    That’s the problem when the MPs support Capital not the People

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