Dresden punished with imposition of 2000 strong migrant camp

The German city which dared to stand-up to their government’s policy of accepting Islamisation and mass migration appears to have been punished for dissent by the zero-notice imposition of a migrant camp.

Bulldozers worked throughout the night to clear away grass and to pull up trees to make the park ready to receive the large white marquees provided by the German Red Cross to house some 1,100 refugees.
That was the number, at least, that residents were given when the plans were announced. Within hours of the first migrants arriving on Saturday, the number the city-centre camp was expected to house had already been uprated to 2,000.
At the same time the gender and age makeup of the camp was announced, giving an interesting insight into the nature of ‘refugees’ to Europe and who they leave behind. Of those living in the tent city, 79.3-per-cent are men, 12.4-per-cent are women, and 8.3-per-cent are children.
A Dresden eyewitness told Breitbart the migrants had wasted absolutely no time in establishing themselves as black-market businessmen in the hitherto low-crime city. He said he had already been approached in the street by freshly arrived migrants offering to sell him drugs.
The zero-notice creation of migrant camps is now a common feature in certain parts of Europe, as governments have learnt giving notice and allowing locals chance to engage in the consultation process gives them time to organise and oppose.
After all, where plans are made known in advance and the authorities take time making careful preparations for the arrival of immigrants, the buildings earmarked for them have a frustrating habit of mysteriously burning down.
In the first half of 2015 there have been 202 such attacks on refugee centres across Germany, more already than the whole of 2014, and six times as many as the whole of 2013, reports German paper Mopo24.
Not that such shock tactics have proven reliable in cowing locals into passive acceptance when town centre plots are unexpectedly turned into migrant centres. Breitbart London reported last week on the case of Freital, a small town in the vicinity of Dresden where a refugee centre was established earlier this year with no notice.
The ownership of a local hotel quietly changed hands and again the first residents knew of the plans to establish the centre was when the lorryloads of migrants drove in.
The whole town is now under German police control which is martial law in all but name – officers can refuse entry to the town, and have set up an exclusion zone around the hotel. Locals now meet every night to protest, opposed by the police.
Dresden itself has been a marked target for left-wing activists and politicians since the city became last year the home of PEGIDA – thePatriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West.
The much maligned group has been meeting every Monday night in Dresden since Autumn 2014, to voice their opposition to a number of government policies, from the open-arms approach to migration, the Islamisation of Christian Europe, and the involvement of the German military in the Iraq-Syria conflict.
Although castigated as a rag-tag group of neo-Nazis and football hooligans, PEGIDA has consistently drawn a more peaceful crowd of professionals, families, and right-wing students.
Despite that, German intellectuals have been left dumbfounded as to why East Germans would want to complain about mass migration at all, and that the feelings of this vocal group must be down to ignorance born of living in the least ethnically diverse part of the country.
To combat this ignorance, the logic goes, Dresden must be made more diverse. Major left-wing charity chairman and former STASI spy Anetta Kahane has already declared the East of Germany “too white”, and that if she could have any wish granted it would be to culturally ‘reconstruct’ the East.
Her comments were in response to remarks by the Green-party prime minister of German state Baden-Württemberg who said that the present formula of migrants being shared out equally should be modified to make less ethnically diverse East German states take more.
The first protest against the new Dresden camp took place on Friday night, as PEGIDA supporters and concerned residents clashed with left-wing ‘antis’ outside the camp. Deutsche Welle reports “several people were hurt” and that stones and fireworks were thrown at the clash between the politically opposed groups, but did not reveal who threw them, or at who.
COMMENT from New Illuminati –  This is what comes from having a guaranteed freedom of religion when what we all really need is a guaranteed freedom FROM religion. A religion is a region with a li(e) in it ?

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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Another reason to despise the EU and Wall St. Had it not been for Wall St’s wars and looting destroying the nation states around the EU them we would not have an immigration problem.

    EU member states had promised to deliver on a European Commission plan to divide 40,000 asylum seekers from Greece and Italy over a two-year period, but fell short by almost 8,000.

    The commission is to pay member states €6,000 for each relocated asylum seeker, but a handful of countries have rebelled, with Austria and Hungary flat-out refusing to take in anybody.

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday (21 July) said the EU has failed Italy when it comes to asylum seekers and migration.

    Speaking at an event at the Vatican on climate change and human trafficking, De Blasio said the EU needs an immigration policy that helps member states cope with the thousands arriving by foot or by sea.

    “I am deeply troubled by the lack of action by the European Union and the way that Italy has been left to fend for itself very unfairly”, he said, reports AP.

  2. Anonymous says:

    EU MEP Nick Griffin confronts EU Parliament on Coudenhove Kalergi Plan – White Genocide

    American Jewish Committee Ann Schaffer: Immigration is a Jewish Issue

    The ZIONIST criminal mafia elites (a minority terrorizes the majority) wage wars for profit and power and turn into chaos and ruins one country after the other (i.e. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Ukraine,Yemen, various African countries, and the countries of the “euro zone“) Their western puppet governments and lackeys totally ignore existing laws and force mass immigration and its legalization upon the Europeans. (Fake*) War refugees as a weapon to create TENSION and CHAOS in Europe. Divide and Rule: the Zionists’ method to make sure indigenous homogenous western societies are being destabilized and finally destroyed. They want a mixed asian-negroid race in Europe to RULE there more easily (see: Thomas Barnett, Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan).

    The Dark Side of Mass Immigration into the U.K

    It’s about genociding the white race (going on for decades)

    *Fake war refugees: an invasion of mostly young black Muslim men into Germany causes criminality to rise and anger to grow

  3. bridget says:

    you need to acquaint yourselves with the Coudenhove kalergi plan and hwen you read up on this you will all understand what is happening in Europe and the near East. The fundamental reason for the EEC as then and EU as now what amoung many other things to implement this plan. Please also read Bernard Connolly, The Rotten Heart of Europe , by the way he put the Euro together for the Germans and the French. When you read all of the you see a plan for the diabolical disorientation of Europe and its countries.

  4. pauline says:

    Germany today,coming to a town/city near you in England tomorrow.
    The EUSSR expects England to welcome the same ammount of asylum scroungers as Germany does,what they dont want to hear is England is a tiny Island sinking under the waves of unwanted uninvited asylum scroungers ,who have no love what so ever for our once beautiful little Isle,or care not about our culture or laws,but then no shock at at all there,they are only mirroring the views of our drug snorting ,paedophile members of parliament.
    My dear mums views daily ring in my ears,though she is no longer with us ,she used to say to me as a child……There was only one man in history who entered parliament with good intentions……..that was Guy Fawks,and he was a Yorkshire man

  5. Nike says:

    Isnt it racist to want to genocide the white race? (by wars, mass immigration as a weapon, poisoning air, water, soils and food by toxic chemtrails, HAARP, weaponizing the weather, manipulating the climate, GMOs etc) Why would you want to destroy the very people who invented 90 to 95% of every invention. Think about that, killing off the brightest, the race with the highest average IQ in the world. This is all in judaism. They want to RULE THE WORLD as their religion (Babylonian Talmud, Kabbalah) tells them to, they can only do this by genociding the white people of Europe.

    Judea*Declared War On Germany
    *i.e. Zionists claiming to speak for world jewry

    When Israel Is Mighty

    Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies

    Jews promote multiculturalism in Europe, but support the racist state of Israel only for jews.
    Obviously, Israel has not yet learned to be multicultural… Jews have not yet learned to live peacefully together with Palestinians… So why not teach them first!!!!!!

  6. pauline says:

    If these people are genuine asylum seekers,why is it we only see FIT YOUNG MEN.?why do they leave their wives and young children if they are fleeing for their lives?
    These hourdes are just seeking an easy life of generous benefits and making money on the black market,they have already proved they are already trying to sell drugs.
    God help the whole world if we Indigenous born British subjects had fled UK in WW2,where in hell would they all be today.?
    Pull up the drawbridge, close the gates and put up the full signs.
    As for that Barbra spectre creature it needs to be hung drawn and quartered and fed to the deep sea crabs

    • Nike says:

      “NO“ to EU (Totalitarianism on tiptoe), Euro (Financial Terrorism) and (war waging) NATO

      Ernst Busch: Ami Go Home

      Was ist unser Leben wert,
      Wenn allein regiert das Schwert
      Und die ganze Welt zerfällt in toten Sand?
      Aber das wird nicht gescheh’n,
      Denn wir woll’n nicht untergeh’n.
      Und so rufen wir durch unser deutsches Land:

      GO HOME, Ami! Ami, GO HOME!
      Spalte für den Frieden dein Atom.
      Sag “Good bye“ dem Vater Rhein.
      Rühr’ nicht an sein Töchterlein —
      Lorelei – so lang du singst,
      Wird Deutschland sein!

      Clay und Cloy aus USA
      Sind für die Etappe da.
      Soll’n die German boys verrecken in dem Sand?
      Noch sind hier die Waffen kalt.
      Doch der Friede wird nicht alt,
      Hält nicht jeder schützend über ihn die Hand!

      GO HOME, Ami! Ami, GO HOME …

      Ami, lern’ die Melodei
      Von der Jungfrau Lorelei,
      Die dort oben sitzt und kämmt ihr gold’nes Haar.
      Wer den Kamm ihr bricht entzwei,
      Bricht sich selbst das G’nick dabei.
      Uralt ist das Märchen, traurig, aber wahr!

      GO HOME, Ami! Ami, GO HOME!
      Lass in Ruh’ den deutschen Strom!
      Denn für deinen “Way of Life”
      Kriegst du uns ja doch nicht reif.
      Gruß von Lorchen: “Bon plaisir”
      Der Kamm bleibt hier!

      Ami, hör auf guten Rat:
      Bleib auf deinem Längengrad,
      Denn dein Marshall bringt uns zu viel Kriegsgefahr.
      Auch der Frieden fordert Kampf.
      Setz’ die Kessel unter Dampf.
      Anker hoch! Das Schiff ahoi! Der Kurs ist klar!

      GO HOME, Ami! Ami, GO HOME!
      Spalte für den Frieden dein Atom.
      Sag “GOOD BYE!!!“ dem Vater Rhein.
      Rühr’ nicht an sein Töchterlein —
      Lorelei – so lang du singst,
      Wird Deutschland sein!

      AMI GO HOME – Peace March of EnDgAmE (Engaging Democrats against the Americanization of Europe –Freedom and Sovereignty for Germany) in Hanover

      God bless you all from Dresden, Germany!

    • sovereigntea says:

      You mean this creature in the video. If anywhere needs enforced multiculturalism is bolshevik israel !

      Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies


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