Dr Harold Shipman, the Jewish GP, killed 600 patients and took their money

I wonder if anyone can find the article in one of the Jewish Encyclopedias – on Credit, I think – in which the author writes that the Jews created the first paper money or credit for writing out gold certificates for non-existent gold. That got the Jews kicked out of two hundred countries, and was the beginning of fractional reserve banking, which effectively legalized the counterfeiting of paper money. Malcolm Rifkind goes further and believes that the state has no right to create money at all, and that it should only be created by private banks. The result is the concentration of financial power in the hands of about 20 institutions, according to recent Swiss research into 150,000 corporations. Martin Wolf came out against the privatized creation of money in the FT about a year ago. He supports Positive Money, which is a pressure group for money reform. They have a website positivemoney.org and some good videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/PositiveMoneyUK
They have a Facebook page
I have no doubt that they are well aware that they are challenging the most dangerous and destructive mafia on Earth. Lord Stamp was talking about that mafia when he said in 1920 that ‘banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin’. The great Lord Acton famously said that ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. He was a firm opponent of the banking system, and no doubt the Rothschilds. In 2009 Angela Merkel called for ‘haircuts’ for bondholders. She quickly learnt that bondholders were sacrosanct, while the rest of us could be sheared at will. All the talk about a new German ‘Reich’ is tosh. The Germans are mere puppets, and debt collectors for the bankers. What they can’t extort, they will be forced to pay out of their own pockets.



And yes, the system is Jewish and has been since the first gold certificate was forged in the middle ages. Incidentally, Dr Harold Shipman, the Jewish GP who killed over 600 patients, justified stealing their money by saying that the money wasn’t theirs in the first place. He was right in a sense. The system of counterfeit money is in effect Jewish intellectual property, according to the Jewish encyclopedia. We ordinary mortals are merely loaned that money and so Dr Shipman felt that he could take it from his patients (and also kill them). The new idea of savers being liable for a bank’s debts, and taking ‘haircuts’ would appeal to Dr Shipman. It certainly appeals to Jacob Rothschild as he prepares World War III with George Soros and Vickie Nuland. Jacob will soon make Dr Shipman look like a humanitarian!

Gordon Logan




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    • Men Scryfa says:

      Thanks Rick. If Kennedy had said that, which he never did, then he would be doing himself out of his job as he for one would never have been permitted to become President coming from the Kennedy family as he did.

      • The Satanic Temple to unveil ‘Baphomet’ monument in Detroit and a new Unveiling in London

        ” These hidden powers of control and domination hide various things in plain sight. Since humanity has lost touch with what these symbols mean, and where they come from, a Dark Occultist can reveal the symbol under the guise of another meaning, or in this case overtly. The public has been trained to dismiss anything that counters their world view, and so long as it does so, the true meaning of these symbols goes unnoticed.
        This particular issue has been centered around the Christian symbology proliferating the American landscape, despite separation of Church and State being a widely accepted ideal. In light of that, a group has taken it upon themselves to erect their own religious symbol, as a type of proof of concept for religious impartiality. And on the face of it most Americans will recognize that a Christian organization has no more right to display their symbols than a Satanic one.

        But given the fact our would-be masters do practice various forms of Luciferian Satanism, what Passio calls The Cult of the Black Sun, it seems this is yet another social engineering event hidden under the surface of a Hegelian Dialectic debate of religious tolerance

        In my view, these Dark Occulists are masters of mind control and mental manipulation. Undoubtedly there is a reason they would choose to allow such a statue to be displayed, and given the normalizing effect that it has on the uninitiated and dumbed down public, it’s a way of desensitizing the unawakened. With many people waking up to the realities of Dark Occultism, the more pre-existing inaccurate knowledge they can associate to these symbols the less able people will be to see past the surface meanings incepted into their minds; resting on half truths and limited conclusions. But the search for truth, once taken up, will eclipse any unconsciously accepted shallowness, as the inquisitive mind seeks to know all things and discern their ultimate meanings.”


      • Hi, good morning MS. Interesting heartfelt message in AIPAC vow in case you miss it.
        Any trains of thought for paths for solutions , strategies of tackling, hitting Achilles heels, of this AI/transhumanism/cloning satanic nightmare you can suggest, practical steps we all can take, will be appreciated.
        Call it looking for hope and silverlinings, im a simple guy and need things like that to stay positive
        I will offer my own suggestions and hopefully evidence for hope and optimism today or tomorrow, Corey Goodes latest post

        It is possible MS this whole thing could be blown wide open. I think theres powerful people hell bent on telling the PROPER truth to humanity, outwitting and thwarting the Cabal
        This Truth, and the exotic technologies used up on the SOlar Warden SSP, evidence for humanity of these amazing things – it could be all over for the Cabal because their deceptions would no longer work, have traction, anymore
        Ive massively almost totally stopped drinking. No more drinking in the house. Many different things being done instead to renourish and rebuild myself for the Times ahead.
        The only few real ales or one or two vodka and oranges ill ever have will be reserved for any social meetings at real ale pubs in town, so I can still enjoy life and have lubricated thoughts and conversation..and social intercourse
        You are the kind of person I can tell I would like talking to in the pub, if you are ever up this way we should go

      • Men Scryfa says:

        We are going to do that Adam when I go by your way.

        I am trying to keep clear of all the toxins that are floating about these days too. It is easier said then done.

        I think the real problem is the people not listening. If the people were ready to listen then that would be different but until that point then there will not be any change. It is a bit like breaking a spell and what we have seen is a partial breaking of the spell by Jimmy Savile dying off and then the truth all coming to the fore about him. Many of us on here like you and me were obviously well on the way to understanding long before that but it did hasten the process and Savile’s death has really helped to wake a lot of people up to the Paedo element but they are still fast asleep about the bigger picture and the wider conspiracy. Even most the people who are involved with investigating and trying to bring the paedophile scandal into the open are completely ignorant of the wider conspiracy. It is just beyond any point of reference that they have.

        It is dangerous from now on not to recognize that fact and move on.

  1. Gordon Logan says:

    I found an internet comment by someone claiming to have been in jail with Shipman. He describes a conversation in which Shipman justified stealing his victims’ money. Wikipedia describes him as the son of working class, Methodist parents, Vera and Harold Shipman, a lorry driver. So the story may well be apocryphal. The point remains however that our hellish monetary system is indeed Jewish, and Malcolm Rifkind defends it (I actually met him) while Martin Wolf opposes it.

  2. Lynn says:

    They are all murdering scum…. hiding and changing their names to fit into a fair society. All got something to hide havent they. Well we ever turn this around they will be kicked out of every country worldwide again, including the holy lands of Palestine.

  3. Men Scryfa says:

    Mrs Brant, a Jewish woman, who managed Battersby’s Chemist near
    Shipman’s Market Street practice in Hyde, was said to have handed out
    massive amounts of diamorphine to Shipman no questions asked.

  4. Men Scryfa says:

    Dr Shipman’s Prosecutor Mr Justice Henriques as he then was, once said over dinner how Shipman was the most intelligent man he had ever cross-examined.

    “Well he would say that wouldn’t he”

  5. Men Scryfa says:

    Once spoke to someone who went into that building after the trial. Something very fishy going on with that business. Bit like the Fred West murders. Funny how both turned up dead in their cells.

    Suicided by Microwave Direct Energy Weapon no doubt about it. Just like how they tried to do in Jim Kelly at Carstairs

    Kelly is still the only known survivor.

    • So…..what can we glean, whats the upshot of all this business? I can understand the goings on with Wests, part of the evil rings supplying, acting as procurers etc
      But what of Shipman?
      With the complicity of his chemist….and who knows who else aiding and benefitting from all this…..can we say this is some kind of J conspiracy?

      But to do what, achieve what? The sheer thrill of sacrificing loads of patients? Organ harvesting? Or maybe also stealing from their estates? I can see that happening if some pathologist and solicitor were in on the goings on.

      For a microwave weapn to be used, this must mean some high up powerful people were involved, benefitting oin some way from Shipmans behaviour.

      On the topic of Microwave DEW, where did you learn about it? Do you have a photo of what they look like, are they hand held? Used from vans? Do they implant thoughts into minds to suicide? Another sinister technology ive been aware of but not known too much about

      I have read somewhere down oxford st London and many other busy shopping streets, microwave psychotronic weapons are fired at the shoppers. God knows to do what. Implant thoughts perhaps

      I don’t know if ones ever been used on me. I don’t think it has. I hope not

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