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    • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      The Truth About Circumcision | Doctors Reveal Psychological, Physical Trauma and Health Effects Of This Totally Unscientific Procedure
      it is unnecessary, traumatizing for a lifetime, and sexually stunting.

      It’s human nature to have compassion with our fellow living creatures, and the Cabal work tirelessly to stifle this.

      The world is and has been awash with practices designed to limit consciousness and personal empowerment for thousands of years, many hidden under the guise of medical, cultural and traditional acceptance. Rarely do we question these things
      But as I began researching this topic several months ago, I quickly realized there was something far more insidious behind it

    • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:


      Wave genetics is the process of using resonant waves and certain electromagnetic waves to affect the genes in DNA. Russian scientists have been experimenting with wave genetics for more than 80 years. Their research has shown that wave genetics has the potential to heal any illness and dramatically extend the lifespan of certain organisms, including human beings.
      One of the ways that wave genetics can be used to heal genes is by beaming a laser with epigenetic information toward a specific area of the body. This process can transfer the epigenetic information into the DNA of cells and change its gene expression. By changing the gene expression of cells, it can stimulate cells to regenerate organs and bones, and slow the aging process.

    • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      I hope weve still got reason for optimism, to derive strength from, from somewhere despite this below.

      Throwing the Game: Why the globalists are exposing their own false-flags (and the real agenda behind the Paris attacks)

    • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:


      Using false flags as an example, there are many surface level interpretations that can create fear if we never penetrate beyond them. The first level is the pre-programed concept offered by the Cabal, like the events of 9/11 being only the result of Islamic terrorists, hell bent on destroying America. Then beyond that meaning is the more accurate meaning of the false flag, that a part of the government itself is trying to create more war for various reasons. This conclusion can lead us towards feeling disempowered and generate more fear, because we realize that our world is more insidious than we first thought. Moving deeper, the false flag is an attempt to control our worldviews and perspectives, so we can be manipulated. Once the falseness of it is recognized, we can not be manipulated; this is an empowering realization.

      Moving further, now that we have realized it is a deception, we can empower others by sharing the truth with them, this prevents the manipulation from taking place, and ensures that future deceptions will be less effective. In a grand sense, the false flag literally becomes a catalyst for awakening the masses, and by expanding our knowledge holistically, to incorporate as much of our understanding as possible, we can transmute any fearful reaction into a recognition of holistic interconnectedness; unity, love.

  1. Drifloud says:

    Sent this July 4th

    Mr Hogan-Howe, and Assistant Dicks
    Ex- Commissioner and Ex-Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Farce

    Why are you still here? Addicted to posing for the cameras in your uniforms? Reading aloud the same old script on getting tough on “terrorists”. If you were really serious about that, you would have nicked the royal family, 98% of the MP’s in parliament, ALL the Bankers in the City, and yourselves.
    Don’t you know that the prime minister, his cabinet AND the so-called opposition – as well as you lot, are so obvious now? We can actually see the wires operating you. It’s a bit like watching “Thunderbirds”, or more appropriately, “The Woodentops” – minus the imaginative creativity and entertainment value. Have a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEgg0h2FvFY
    You should have already cleared out your desks and departed. You are not authorised to do the things you have been doing – you are off the public payroll. You are not being paid public money to protect prominent paedo-sadists anymore – surely that point was made clear enough for you? So why are you continuing to draw public money? It’s not as if the filth of The Establishment pay you – or maybe they do too, and they’ve been supplementing your salaries with thirty pieces of silver each month? That would explain a lot. But living off immoral earnings is, well…immoral – and not the kind of example we humans wish to provide for SERIOUS peace-keepers, or the coming generations of impressionable youngsters. Okay, the uniform looks great, especially the ceremonial helmet – IT’S SO BIG! (hands off Dicks! Go and clear out your own desk!). And yes, the medals do look impressive: all those shiny bits of metal, decorations and honours you have received for valiantly and unquestionably following orders dictated to you by the owners of the Banking, Weapons, Child-porn, Snuff Movie, Drugs and Body Parts industries. They are a true testament to your determination in defending the RITES of a fabulously wealthy minority in the face of overwhelming blackmail threats from that same minority.
    However, don’t you think it’s now time to FACE REALITY: the game’s up. It’s time to let go of all that naughty-schoolboy/girl, secret-society, sworn oaths and blood pledges stuff. To step out of the dirty, dark, dank, disturbed, juvenile delinquent bedroom of your mind and into the sunlight. To wake up, smell the coffee and realise the TRUTH: You have betrayed the people – and WE KNOW IT. Time for you to SEE those made-to-measure serge Commissioner uniforms, and all those medals and honours for what they really are: piddly little tokens signifying the level of ignominy you have allowed yourself to plunge to. Or are you going to grit your teeth, and get on with the planning of the next false flag “terrorist” attack in an attempt to distract the people from the Hampstead paedo ring? The paedo-ring that rules them all, and that ropes in Quean Lizzy and hubby PaedoPhil, Brothers Cameron and friends, and the whole cabal of Rothschild ring-kissers in the Khazar community in England (and beyond). Of course, a nasty Mossad-Mussulman attack would also provide you with a reason to crackdown on those internet “terrorists” exposing you and the endangered species you are feeding/protecting at Buck House and Westminster City Zoo, Lambeth Palace Slime Pit and The City of London and Royal Courts open sewers. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Maxine de Brunner, the copper openly caught lying in Princess Diana’s butler, Paul Burrell’s trial, is keen to give the impression the latest police drill is to practise “protecting” the public (and nothing at all to do with deliberately slaughtering them), isn’t she? What’s it to be this time? Anthrax, gas, Israeli-Secret-Intelligence-Services (ISIS) machine-gunning the queue outside Madame Tussauds? Or is your latest “terrorist” attack meant to be a surprise? Only PSYCHOPATHS would do something like that, wouldn’t they? What must have gone wrong with you? Were you all raped, buggered and tortured as children too? Do you hate the world, hate humanity? Or have you simply sold your souls for…for what exactly? Do you actually believe you have prestige, status, success? Are you able to realise that your sons, daughters, grandchildren, family and friends NEED to be able to say: ‘Well at least Bernard/Cressida/Maxine stood up at the end and said, “Enough! I’m not going to help, or protect these vile child pornographers, child traffickers, child torturers, rapists and murderers – or ALL the profiteers of these crimes – ANYMORE. I’m going to do what I can to stop it!” ?
    Take this stance – you might be ex-coppers, but you are still human beings – or turn yourselves in. If you won’t do either, then follow Bill Hicks’ advice in the following video. He’s addressing people in marketing and advertising, but as you have very much CHOSEN to protect Legal Corporate Interests over your lawful duty to protect living human beings, his advice applies just as much to you too. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiukc1yfzCI Hope you appreciate the brilliant, eternal humour of Bill Hicks …. hope that this is not just casting pearls before swine …

    From a conscious living being,

    Drifloud July 4th 2015 contact address: email

  2. Lynn says:

    We are ruled by a load of fake homosexual ponces.No wonder we are in a lot of trouble. They love nothing more than fooling us whilst dressing up in their finery and acting out their fanatsies. What an utter disgrace they truly are.

  3. antoninus wilson says:

    the thing above is it the son or daughter of ike.
    a little rough around the gills bpa hormone disrupters from plastic bags who knows who is a boy or girl now.
    the lady man needs some dandruff shampoo on the scalp and in her dirty mouth.
    she has the smell mi or plod at the very least g4s or serco prison guard about her.
    g4s and serco smell yes yes vauxhall out source sauce.
    a lovely jewish boy girl.
    what we have here hare here is a jewish chap or chapess talking about middleton another jewish chap or chap hess.
    keeping the goy amused with psy co logic culls war fare what what.
    nlp,common purpose serco cinema
    this girl needs a relight and a new script with better dick zion

  4. Tapestry says:

    No details Liz? That’s trollish, didn’t you know!

    • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      I think Antonius Wilson below could be very astute. Despite me being very interested in what Danielle has said. Colemans also carried article in a similar vein. Can Coleman be also what he alludes to below?
      Surely not

      • ian says:

        Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:
        Don’t over think it Adam. Easiest to trust no-one completely. Does it matter if Coleman or Le Verite or Spivey are for real. There will be more of various degrees, Chomsky and Russel Brand, not necessarily in that order, prison planet, people lying to deceive us or because they don’t want to jeopardise their Paxman salaries. We can trust no-one in the mainstream, and no-one on here might be what they seem.
        For an example, I used to watch loads of videos on Ogrish.com. They had the first videos from Iraq of Yanks misbehaving etc. Changed overnight to Liveleak along with a plug on TV from Teflon Tony, and now showed US soldiers playing football with the kids feeding them. Now you have people online thinking liveleak is a radical anti government site.
        Watch it all except the mainstream, See who creates non important distractions just to keep us occupied. See who really oversteps the mark and gets away with it. The criminal gangsters are happy if we’re tied up talking shite on here, while they rob us. Ever wondered why you don’t get taught banking and finances at school.
        You could be one of the distractors Adam, as none of this matters. Indeed I could be. love ian.

      • ian says:

        I can be a cynical bastard sometimes, sorry Adam. It’s usually when I read a load of articles that tell us they know when we breathe or fart, and can watch every move we make.
        They portray themselves as the new God, “We’re watching you”, and to be honest, I believe to a degree, they’ll probably try, because we must frighten them, but they would still need an awful lot of people to make sense of it all, machines are emotionless and all the best writers of algorithms in the E world, they’d still need people. I think that a lot of what they say is a bluff, a psy op. I could start my own site up, only posting material that I believe is true, however I don’t have the money or the balls for it, so I just float around being cynical, or drunk. I write better drunk. No offense intended in my previous post Adam. Take care ian.

      • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme says:

        Hello Ian no worries mate, this is a crazy world and were all trying to interpret it as best we can, sometimes it gets on top of me, I retreat to nature outside and also yank my mind and enjoyable habits back to the 1990s and before, any of this shite existed.
        One thing now is I simply refuse to give the time of day to virtually all TV channels, never the news now not even RT, it puts my BP up, load of rubbish it all is. I resent being led around like a horse with a ring through the nose.
        Instead I watch old films and tv shows and relax. The I dip in, in a very limited way to the alt media and try and put the jigsaw together, and try and plan and sense truths, and sense solutions, and I look for Achilles heels to expose, that could throw a serious spanner in the works. Or look for who I think is speaking truth, and help expose them. Hence the SSP. Ive dropped the alien agenda as I think its jewish lies, for now. In my heart I think there actually are alien civilisations etc. But its dangerous for us to think like this since the cabal are trying to pull huge deceptions, they don’t want the truth of how the ssp formed, the human scientists that made it possible like Townsend Brown that got classified.

        You wont hear Ian alien ET messengers talking about Townsend Brown and Tesla.

        I haven’t the money or discipline or ability or even inclination Ian to set my own site up. Im grateful to Henry and Tapblog setting this up. And do my best to play whatever small contribution I can.
        I also have gone on huge complex interesting trains of thought typing while drunk. Im now trying hard to drink less as its ruining my life and robbing me of a better existence. Ill still enjoy a few ales out socially, but no more drinking in the house on loads of lagers and vodka and oranges, enjoyable as it is.
        It was luckyi saw your message Ian as I just visited this article again by accident, since you didn’t use reply button, reply buttons always best , take care Ian Adam

      • ian says:

        Thanks Adam will do.

      • ian says:

        Meant to put it here, sorry.

  5. Men Scryfa says:

    “Kate’s little cutie entrances a nation”


    “Kate forks out £60,000 to move her court just 36ft”


    All you need to know is in those headlines from the Daily Smut.

    It is all a Big Con.

    Anyone denying it is simply “covering for the cabal”

  6. ian says:

    Thanks Adam will do.

  7. fred says:

    The Windsors should all br placed on the scaffold.
    But that is not going to happen..the English are a beaten people…many if the towns are filthy and awash with drugs.Tge English have not got it in them to revolt.
    The Jews control and own everything worth owning and controlling.They even set up their own opposition like that bald headed fuckwit Spivey (a Jew..but he lies and says he is not)
    Like ancient Rome England has been overrun with foreign peoples…next the country will lurch from crisis to crisis and its all over.Scotland is wise to separate because they would be dragged down with the pommie bastards as well.

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