Day 3 Ben Fellows hearing

Day 3 Exaro are doing a live commentary on twitter. Their journalist David Henke was one of the witnesses in the box today along with Cook report producer who hired Ben for the job Silvia Jones. Also Richard Jeffs the actor in the Cook report sting who played the part of the business man from russia along side Ben. It was a confusing mixture of evidence that had many inconsistencies, too many to write all now.

Henke knocked over his water and seemed to nervously giggle as he spoke.

Silvia Jones said she chaperoned Ben 19 to Ian Greers offices and waited outside whilst he went in with £5,000 pounds to pay for consultancy. Ben i know has always said he went alone and took a memo to Ian Greer when the sexual assault occured. Silvia said she went with him as a “duty of care” ….. None of that made any sense to me.

The man from Ian Greer’s office that received the money, Jeremy Sweeny, who was in the box yesterday said he got the money from Silvia directly and they all said different amounts of money. They all said they had not seen the video only that seemed to get lost amongst all the inconsistencies.

The judge seems to be a fair man and really aiming at getting this right. Such a weird building though… The court Ben is in is normally where dangerous murderers are tried. We have been told rarely has the gallery been so full… If you come to the court and go to the door its court 1 and if the door is shut ring the bell. Its not a very big entrance. So much more i could add dear people only need to get some rest now. “Huge Thankyou for all of your ongoing support” and thats from the horses mouth. May the Truth prevail!

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  1. Nollidge says:

    Court No.1 is THE most important court.It’s where all the most important trials are held.If you’re ever charged with treason,mass murder,etc,INSIST on this court for your trial.It’s a matter of your personal prestige & standing in British criminal history.

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