Dart/IGAS pulls out of the Dudleston site



The anti-fracking protectors pull down ‘Castle Dudleston’ and prepare to move on

Update from Frack Free Dudleston

Frack Free Dudleston is delighted to announce that the planning application by Dart Energy (now owned by IGas) for a CBM test drill at Dudleston has been withdrawn. Furthermore IGas have decided to withdraw from the entire licence block thus further lifting the threat that has been hanging over the area.

During the past year we have seen the effectiveness of a united community. It has been thoroughly heartening to see everyone showing themselves willing to speak out against this unreasonable threat. We are overjoyed by the news that our fight is over and we wish for similarly good news for other communities that are being threatened by this polluting industry. We are very grateful to the Councillors at Shropshire Council who listened to the reasoned arguments from the community and showed that democracy does still exist.

At a national level it is now well recognised that we are at increasing risk of electricity blackouts over the coming few years. Unconventional gas extraction won’t play any part in addressing that shortfall because the industry needs at least 10 years to reach production volumes. Energy efficiency measures, energy storage and additional renewable energy could be deployed quickly enough to address the problem, however the current Government is cutting back significantly on these areas. Instead they are spending greater amounts of money (approx £1Bn per year) on asking the big six utilities to run the old power stations for longer, as well as diverting the investment money into unconventional gas and a new nuclear power station. We hope that there will be another change of direction, back towards clean energy and supporting communities instead of corporations.

A huge thank you to all of you for your consistent and wonderful support.

Best wishes
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