Corbyn knew about child abuse in his constituency and did nothing

It does make you suspicious when an admitted Marxist gets maximum media exposure just in time for the Labour Party’s ‘election’ of its new leader.  Add to that the whiff of suspicion that the very same person has possibly assisted paedophiles to escape justice, and the alarm bells are ringing.  The Illuminati are clearly desperate to stop the anti-child abuse wing getting control of the party, and Corbyn could well be their horse in the leadership race.  Non-child abusers are not getting the media they deserve, as per usual.


Open Letter to Jeremy Corbyn from John Mann MP.

23 July 2015

Dear Jeremy,

As you know, for decades there was widespread child sexual abuse taking place in the London Borough of Islington. The extent of the abuse was only uncovered through the tenacity and bravery of whistle-blowers, journalists and survivors which led to a number of independent inquiries and the damning Ian White report in 1995.

As with the rest of the country, the reality is that child abuse was rampant, ignored, covered up and the extent of it is only just beginning to come to light. The attitude was that of the Head of MI5, who was revealed yesterday to have written about a paedophile MP to the then Cabinet Secretary Sir Robert Armstrong in 1986: ‘At the present stage…the risks of political embarrassment to the government is rather greater than the security danger’

At an event I hosted this year in Parliament of 200 child abuse and exploitation survivors, we received public testimony of the scale of abuse in Islington from a whistle-blower who was a leading light in uncovering child abuse in Islington during the 1980s and early 1990s. This social worker confirmed to me that she and others met with you in the early 1990s to raise her concerns about child abuse and cover-ups in Islington. You said that you would raise the matter with Virginia Bottomley, then at the Department of Health, but no indication of whether you followed this up was ever given.

In 1986 MP Geoffrey Dickens raised serious concerns about child abuse in Islington.

Your response was to complain to the Speaker about him visiting your constituency without informing you. I have faced such complaints myself in pursuing corruption issues.

There are many people who also rubbished the idiosyncratic Mr Dickens. They have been proven to be wrong, indeed I have just received details of another list of names of alleged and now proven paedophiles that Dickens provided to Leon Brittan as Home Secretary, not related to Islington, but further corroboration of the scale of the cover up that has taken place.

On February 17th 1986 you had called in Parliament for Geoffrey Dickens to “unreservedly withdraw his allegations of the existence of child brothels in the area (in Islington) and make a public apology.” You further called Mr Dickens ‘irresponsible’’.

You inadvertently helped the rubbishing and the cover up of all of the Dickens allegations. Indeed your actions encouraged others, because a week later the Islington Gazette published a letter attacking Geoffrey Dickens over his allegations from Roger Moody, a prominent pro paedophilia activist.

On May 30th 1995 the Independent reported that: “The Labour Borough (of Islington) has finally put its hands up. Last week an independent report confirmed that pimps, paedophiles and pornographers had for years preyed on children in Islington’s homes.” The reporters highlights the inaction of the council and notes that: “Some social workers met Islington Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn begging him to influence the council, then still denying everything. Soon after, I met him. He did make inquiries but was reassured. There the matter rested.”

You might wish to read, if you have not had the time already, the superb speech made by Ann Clwyd in the House of Commons last Thursday in which she painstakingly explained the insidious role of insurance companies in ensuring that councils’ refused and refuse to accept liability or responsibility for children they looked after, including in North Wales, but which can also be extended to my own in Nottinghamshire and nearby Nottingham.

Perhaps most worrying of all are the implications of your question to the Home Secretary on November 3rd 2014.

You stated that ‘Finally in my own borough of Islington there have been complaints about Islington children’s homes in the past and the council has investigated them.’  This statement at first glance is non contentious. However on reflection is an extraordinary statement considering the representations made to you in the past that the council was in fact covering up abuse and not listening to the survivors, issues you were challenged on at the time.

Repeatedly across the country, institutions investigating allegations about themselves over child abuse have heard nothing, seen nothing and known nothing. This is at the very heart of the cover up culture.

I know you through your work on Central African and Latin American human rights issues, and am quite certain that you are a man of the highest personal integrity and ethics. I have not the slightest hesitation in saying that.

My concern is about your politics and how that results in actions, or in this case non-actions. As we have seen with the appalling misjudgements of the NCCL and its allowance of membership to the Paedophile Information Exchange in the 1970s, sections of the left were in denial of the motivations of some campaigners and this unwillingness to face up to unpalatable possibilities clouded judgement over the most serious of allegations.

In fact the allegations were true and are true as survivors increasingly choose to speak out. The establishment and sections of the left stood by and allowed children’s lives to be destroyed.

The reason that your response and inactions to these matters is worthy of specific scrutiny is that unlike others who did not see what was happening, or as we saw with Saville, kept their suspicions to themselves rather than speak out or investigate, you are wishing to lead the Labour Party during the period of Goddard inquiry into child abuse and are seeking become Prime Minister.

The so called ‘trendy left’ politics of the early 1980s was a contributory factor in covering up child abuse. I myself saw that repeatedly at first hand in Lambeth. Meanwhile children were murdered and disappeared, were raped and beaten, forced into prostitution, trafficked around and a significant number of lives destroyed and blighted.

Your inaction in the 1980s and 1990s says a lot, not about your personal character, which I admire, but about your politics which I do not. Your carefully worded excusing of Islington Council in the House of Commons equally demonstrates why it is inappropriate for you to attempt to lead the Labour Party at the critical time of the Goddard Enquiry, as child abuse is the issue that will haunt this Parliament.

Yours Sincerely


John Mann MP



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  1. NPP says:

    The Ben Fellows case was just mentioned on BBC R4 4.4pm UK. Clarke spent 30 mins in court. Clarke compared allegations by Fellows as something akin to Martians from space… this was classic BBC not investigating, but repeating the bollocks told to them down the line.
    Of course, as we know, Clarke is above the law!

    Cameron on Lord Sewell… when we know the facts… yeah Dave, just like the law does with Melanie Shaw.

    One rule for them – another for us.

  2. Lee Davis says:

    Another child sex abuse case, this time mainly involving Social Workers.

  3. Men Scryfa says:

    John Mann, just like Corbyn, a very good friend of Israel, so don’t worry it’s all kosher

    • I feel tired and also fancy a quiet life focussing on nature and flowers and going to the pub and finding a nice woman and all the rest of it. In fact im still devoting time to it all, perhaps not as much as I should but life can be beautiful and im bringing more balance in, meditation prayer and peace and quiet is nice too
      Like a splinter in my brain I have lost total respect and faith and regard for the system that surrounds uswere born into. Not just the evil things they do with children as they parade around demanding respect
      The physics lies too. This keeps drawing me back to the computer researching. The physics lies have made me view everything around me apart from nature and innocence and good people and beauty, but I mean official system, as a bad thing

      What will happen if laws soon get passed banning any speech on topics we discuss now? I don’t think it would be that peaceful. I think it would be sinister. Also, we need people like you men scryfa, your fearlessness and ability to stand up and go against the mainstream and say it like it is. Stifling and loss of this voice will be a bad thing for us all

      Theyd love it to become a Fahrenheit 451 I think, more so than 1984, I think the former is more easy for them to implement. I still feel theres some situation coming, or even here now, the cabal are powerless in the face of. Im not sure what it is . Ill post clues of it from things ive read

  4. sovereigntea says:

    None of the above will matter at all if sockpuppet Cameron has his way, WW3 thats you and your children as cannon fodder soaking up missile inventory to save the USA.

    How could the establishment put an end to the abuse scandals and escape the wrath of the public at the same time creating massive debts for the banksters ?

    Answer start a major conflict

    Britain could launch air strikes on Libya, David Cameron warns

    Cameron says ready to bomb militants in Libya and Syria if plot threat seen


    [ Editor’s note: Today’s Washington Post covered this story with a fictional diatribe of Syrian surrender and collapse. The reality is that Syria, with considerable help, is winning in a war that is one of the most brutal in history.

    America, Israel, Turkey, Saudi and the Gulf States are waging a war of genocide against Syria and Iraq. Assad addresses the real motives that push this criminality, colonialism and ignorance. Those who don’t see a world war looming aren’t looking.

    The world can no longer afford the primitive states of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel and the financial gangsters of Europe and North America that make it all possible… Gordon Duff for Veterans Today ]

    • Men Scryfa says:

      It has been creeping up slowly for some time but it is there and keeps growing and growing

      Like the preliminaries in Manchuria and the Rhineland in the 1930’s it is obvious where the world is going

      The menace of a world conflict increases by each minute, even if the march of time resembles the trickle of sand through the hourglass

      Damascus to become a ruin, Tyre and Sidon. A swathe of death cut across the Occident by an enraged rampant Bear

      Have you prepared?

      • Naturally, I wrote quite a bit about the ET agenda in my old blog, and I recently reposted one of my key entries from March. It is titled An Overview of the Luciferian/Satanic Blueprint. In it, I wrote…

        “Once a crescendo of awareness and fear has been reached, that’s when the surprise will come. As if out of nowhere, military and economic forces will jump into action to bring a dead stop to the unfolding nightmare. Posing as a benevolent alliance, they will commandeer all media to broadcast in-depth exposes of all that has been going on behind the scenes in our world. The public will be both shocked and jubilant to finally hear the truth, and it will wash over them like a tsunami. Unfortunately, this limited hangout truth tsunami is intended to carry them away towards an acceptance of the real New World Order.”

        Then, shortly after I posted it (in March), Cobra posted this graphic on his website…

        …It’s funny that I honed in on the exact word they’d use (tsunami).

  5. Aldous says:

    Any Marxist needs culling – end of. The first paragraph of this article makes no sense whatsoever…

    “It does make you suspicious when an admitted Marxist gets maximum media exposure just in time for the Labour Party’s ‘election’ of its new leader. Add to that the whiff of suspicion that the very same person has possibly assisted paedophiles to escape justice, and the alarm bells are ringing. The Illuminati are clearly desperate to stop the anti-child abuse wing getting control of the party, and Corbyn could well be their horse in the leadership race. Non-child abusers are not getting the media they deserve, as per usual.”

    Sorry but I just don’t get it.

  6. Aldous says:

    Corbyn is as evil as they come.

  7. Lynn says:

    They dont get near the power structure unless they tow the line. Vetted and groomed for office. The whole thing is a huge stench of more theatrics to appease the masses. All BS.

    • Aldous says:

      “They don’t get near the power structure unless they tow(sic) [toe] the line. Vetted and groomed for office. The whole thing is a huge stench of more theatrics to appease the masses. All BS.”

      Absolutely agree Lynn. Corbyn has absolutely no chance of ever becoming PM and it somehow reminds me of the equally unelectable late (96 when he died in 2010) Michael Foot’s successful challenge for the Labour leadership after James Callaghan’s resignation in November 1980.

      They say nothing in politics happens by accident and I’m sure something is going on here. Has the Tory/Conservative party moved so far to the left of centre (with UKIP now occupying the centre/right of centre) that Labour needs to be shifted once again to the far left in order for the LbLabConspiracy/LibLabContrick (1 party with 3 names) to work effectively and hoodwink the sheeple for another generation?

      I doubt UK elections are honest. They’re certainly not fair with Scotland getting 40+ MPs into Westminster with 4% of the national vote whereas UKIP gets 9% of the national vote and gets a solitary MP (and a former Tory MP who defected at that) into Westminster. It’s such a charade, I’m surprised anyone with a single brain cell bothers to vote. As Red Ken Livingstone once infamously said: “If voting changed anything, they would make it illegal.”

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