Lee Rigby never existed


Lee Rigby

Chris Spivey claims that Lee Rigby is Karl Whittle, a soldier who died in Afghanistan.Connecting The Woolwich Dots.Karl Whittle was shot dead in Afghanistan in August 2012, nine months before Rigby was ‘murdered’.



1 Dec 2013 – The trial has begun of Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, the two men accused of killing soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich in London.


1 Dec 2013 – Michael Adebolajo (above) is on trial for the alleged murder of soldier Lee Rigby, in Woolwich, in London. Michael Adebolajo was brought up …


31 Dec 2013 – ADEBOLAJO WAS PAID BY MI6 Lee Rigby Michael Adebowale is the person who allegedly killed soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich in London.

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24 May 2013 – Aimee West is reported to be Lee Rigby’s mistress. …. Lee Rigby, allegedly killed in the Woolwich incident in London, has a girlfriend who has …


4 Dec 2013 – Chris Spivey has noticed that we are being given two different times for the attack on soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich in London. The Old Bailey …


17 Dec 2013 – Russell Brand According to Russell Brand: 1. Michael Adebolajo, the alleged killer of soldier Lee Rigby, “is severely mentally ill”. 2. Michael …


9 Dec 2013 – On 9 December 2013, in the trial of Michael Adebolajo, who is accused of killing soldier Lee Rigby, Michael Adebolajo (or his body double) …

Chris Spivey convicted ……. gasp emoticon

Chris Spivey, 52, from Rochford, made a string of outrageous claims about the soldier, including that his family were involved in a conspiracy with M15 to incite anti-Islamic propaganda.

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  1. ferryt says:

    Spivey is pulling his site after midnight.

    Tap readers please grab what you can.

  2. ferryt says:

    When I told my French neighbour about the woolwich hoax he didn’t bat an eye lid.

  3. Gillian says:

    In his final blog post Chris Spivey is blaming lack of support for his conviction in court!

    That seems a little churlish to me because he’s had loads of support from visitors to his site and elsewhere. What did he expect?

    A particularly nasty piece in the Mail On-line – as to be expected, but I see the red-arrowers are out in force. That’s got to make at least some people question what is really going on.

    • Digitalis says:

      Hi Gillian. You are correct Chris did say that on his last post, however he was ordered by the Judge to shut the site down before midnight on pain of arrest.

      It is worrying do you not think that firstly there was a Judge sitting at a Magistrates Court for four minor charges?
      Chris was NEVER questioned about three of the charges one of the charges related to a complaint made fourteen months AFTER the alleged offence when the time limit in law to make a complaint is six months, Chris was NEVER formally charged with the offences, ALL of those who alleged harassment were allowed by the Judge at a previous hearing to not have to appear in court and therefore be cross examined and subject to perjury laws, to which Chris still has an appeal outstanding but not withstanding that appeal the Judge pressed ahead regardless with the trial and allowed their witness statements to be used as evidence…….oh and ALL of those witness statements were either not signed by the complainant or not counter signed by the interviewing officer. All of which makes the show trial a complete farce and should worry us ALL very, very much.
      There is also a lot more I could say about the case and as to why those making the complaints were purposefully kept away from court and the witness box and which Chris wanted reveal but for the last six months he was restricted from doing so by draconian bail conditions…….what I will say though is that one day the truth will out and all four of those who alleged harassment and a few others will be exposed for who and what they really are and when that happens and it will then not only will Chris be vindicated but also the whole world will be shocked at what really happened in Woolwich in May 2013 and who was behind it.

      • Dkblue says:

        Thanks for more details. People need to know this.
        Best wishes to Chris and love and thanks to dogman, wolfie, lisa, gallows etc for making the site so special

      • ian says:

        Smacks of NKVD days in the old Soviet Union, or an Antipodean marsupial event.

      • TH says:

        I honestly believed that with all of the pre-trial anomalies that Chris would have turned up in court to hear the judge dismiss the case due to insufficient evidence. I was astonished that it went against him.
        How can he be found guilty of charges that hadn’t been made against him? Where were the complainants? If Chris was so sure of his evidence he could surely have insisted that they be called as material witnesses (or not).
        We were told that he had access to a barrister. Who is he, and why isn’t he screaming ‘mistrial’ from the rafters?
        How could the judge order the site to be taken down. Surely all that he could order would be to remove the offending articles? What if the site wasn’t in Chris’s name? What if he wasn’t physically capable of closing it down (the Guido Fawkes isn’t registered in St Kitts – Nevis for nothing).
        Once upon a time Chris was boasting that his site couldn’t be touched because it was hosted in Iceland.
        Now he’s rolled over, which seems very unlike him.
        Unless he’s had a visit from The Men In Black….

      • Digitalis says:

        I’ll put a little meat on the bones for you TH and for everybody else here.

        Firstly though please re-read my original post;

        Chris DID insist that the complainants were present and therefore answerable to anything the defence threw at them but the Judge refused this!
        His barrister did/ has launched an appeal against this but again the Judge pressed on regardless and the appeal is still yet to be heard.
        Chris’s barrister, whilst putting up a good fight, told Chris BEFORE the trial began that the was going to be found guilty and therefore they were only doing the groundwork for an appeal.
        The Judge, in fact any Judge, can say what they want and if you do not comply then you are held in contempt of court….as Chris would have been if he did not shut the site down.
        And finally Chris did not and has not ‘rolled over’ he has had the shit kicked out of him by bullies who think they can win by using the ‘system’ to serve their needs but one day the FULL truth will come out and when it does then not only Chris but all of those who have done their own research will be vindicated and all those behind the Woolwich hoax (for that is what it was) will be exposed as the lying shits they really are.

      • NT says:

        I posted the following to the Essex Chronicle report on Chris Spivey’s conviction:

        I was at the two-day trial as a supporter of Mr Spivey and to watch British justice in action. Your report fails to mention that the evidence given by the witnesses was in written statement form; there was no personal appearance. As such, the evidence was hearsay but the Judge had agreed to the Prosecution’s request that the witnesses should not appear in court to be cross-examined. The reason given by the Prosecution was that it would not be in the interests of justice for the witnesses to be present in the courtroom. Just in case you missed it, I really did use the word ‘not’.

        The Defence barrister argued unsuccessfully against the ruling, pointing out that, without the opportunity to cross examine the witnesses, Mr Spivey could not be guaranteed a fair trial. During his cross-examination by the Prosecution, Mr Spivey denied the charges and complained that he was being denied his right to prove where the statements were incorrect – a fundamental breach of the right to face one’s accusers. The denial of that right appeared to me to be a strategy employed to place Mr Spivey in an untenable position.

        This suggests to me that there was a necessity to keep the witnesses out of court, rather than to have them appear in person to refute everything that Mr Spivey had written. A tearful, emotional appearance by the female witnesses, together with definitive, confident words from the two male witnesses would have made an unarguable case for the Prosecution; yet it chose not to take that route. It makes no sense.

        I saw your reporter (or was she from the Echo) making copious notes. The art of reporting, in my view, is to present the public with a balanced picture of what occurred during the trial. To my way of thinking it doesn’t fulfil that requirement. Mr Spivey, in the minds of the Public reading your report (and those in other parts of the media) comes out of this a seemingly evil, uncaring person. Yet if I try to put myself into the position of an unbiased observer (difficult for me, I know), I still have the impression that there is far more to this than we know.

      • Emm Jay says:

        Digitalis, thank you so much for putting some FACTS out there. So much horror that Chris has had to endure that is being witheld from public view. I feel sick when I read the lies that are being told by the media. Chris will get there, I have no doubt. Much appreciated and many thanks once again. x

      • Digitalis says:

        NT I know from others who were there you are a star mate and one day we will regroup and help the dead eyed masses see the truth. Big respect to you for being there and all you have done for Chris.

        Emm Jay many thanks for your thanks….but somebody has to tell the truth and if Chris has gone then sod it I may as well be the one! Don’t feel sick Emm Jay, feel angry for your kids, your family and everybody else’s kids and family for what has happened to Chris can and WILL happen to all of us if we don’t shut the fuck up and tow the line….but believe me there are many like me who are going nowhere and therefore please do get ready for the new fight ahead, for there will be one and when it happens those of us who know the TRUTH will be able to enlighten those who have spent their entire lives with their heads up their arses! Sleep well Emm Jay for tomorrow is another day and one when we can start to reclaim the TRUTH, our lives and our country.

      • NT says:

        I compiled this summary and posted it on Chris Spivey’s website just before the hearing at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court on 30th and 31st August. I figured that it would help new visitors to his site and clarify the sequence of events for established readers. The links will fail now that the site no longer exists. District Judge Wellan issued a directive, at the request of the Prosecution, that all material associated with the named individuals, and all references relating to Lee Rigby and Woolwich, had to be removed by Midnight of the 31st July. I believe the only way to ensure complete compliance was to delete the site – anything left in other articles would have caused problems.

        Having met Mr Spivey at two court hearings, my opinion is that he is a genuine, dedicated individual who lived for writing on many subjects that he believed should be brought to a wide readership. During his investigations into Woolwich, he has found material of considerable significance, material that no one else has managed to identify. In that respect, the Mainstream Media has failed miserably. Some of those seeing pictures of him in the media will, possibly, find it difficult to believe that such a distinctive individual has the ability to produce that kind of research. Do not be fooled by appearances.

        Mr Spivey was, understandably, devastated by the verdict, which was entirely predictable once his right to confront his accusers was removed.


        1 Chris Spivey is a prolific internet blogger who publishes his own analyses on matters of public importance via http://www.chrisspivey.org , the content of which could be described as extremely controversial. His writing-style is ‘direct’ and contains many expletives that, to many, would be excuse enough not to persevere with the reading of his narratives. Some of the images he uses are graphic and others may be considered by some to be inappropriate. It would be a grave mistake to ignore the vast majority of factual content because Mr Spivey has a curiosity and perceptiveness that it lacking in most journalists reporting for the conventional media outlets. His website makes for compulsive reading and averages about 11,000 views every day. He is well known to the many who follow the Alternative Media.

        2 Mr Spivey is in serious trouble over a series of articles he authored on the reported murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich on 22nd May 2013. However, it is not the fact that he has cast doubts as to whether the incident occurred in the way it has been reported in the media; it is that he is alleged to have non-violently harassed four individuals who may or may not be associated with the Rigby family. He denies the claim and his willingness to report on events surrounding him as they happen tends to lend credibility to his not having done so.

        3 The Woolwich incident was widely reported at the time and references are still made occasionally to it. The accepted account of the event is in the public domain and has probably been forgotten by most people following their everyday lives. Yet there are obvious anomalies in the sequence of events that, for some reason, have never been questioned by those who have a duty to do so in the interests of the population as a whole.

        4 Some anomalies are obvious, such as the impossibility of a car travelling at 40mph to sustain very severe front-end damage, yet leave not a scratch on the road-sign support column on which it was alleged to have impacted. The photographic evidence is still on the Internet for all to see. The inescapable conclusion is that the car was placed at the scene in an already damaged state.

        Another example is the reporting in the MSM (Mainstream Media) that one of Lee Rigby’s assailants, Michael Adebowale, had lost a thumb as the result of a police bullet. He appeared in court with his hand bandaged but MSM photographs taken of him after his apprehension at Woolwich showed no damage to either of his hands.

        A third example is non-edited photographs, taken at the scene, showing far too little blood to support the multiple knife injuries said to have been sustained by Lee Rigby.

        5 From the analyses and photographic evidence he provides, Mr Spivey makes a plausible case for the Woolwich incident being a scripted event in which no one was hurt. A very long summary of his previous writings can be found here:


        6 Mr Spivey’s ongoing analysis began to raise doubts as to the persona known as Lee Rigby and led to his conclusion that the published photographs were of at least two different individuals, neither of whom, he claimed, was know as Lee Rigby. Furthermore, his research appears to link a number of apparently random civilian individuals, photographed at the scene, to the same Army Cadet Force training unit. Members of that unit were also shown to frequent the Royal British Legion hall in Hounslow. A senior investigative police officer on the Rigby case was also shown to have social connections with those at the Legion hall, which was extensively damaged by an unexplained fire on 15th March 2014. There is nothing reported to show that the cause of the fire was suspicious

        7 Having established that things did not seem to be as presented to the general public, Mr Spivey extended his investigations to Lee Rigby’s family, its activities following his death and its relationship to other people he is said to have known. More can be read here:


        8 Shortly after writing that particular article, Mr Spivey was visited by officers from Essex Police acting on a request from Greater Manchester Police. They forced their way into his house at 1:30am on the morning of 30th July, without a correct warrant, searched some parts of his house, arrested him and then took him to Southend Police station, along with seized computer equipment. During the search, he and his daughter were confined to a bedroom while two officers remained unsupervised for one and a half hours in the room where his PCs were located.

        Mr Spivey was released late in the afternoon on police bail, with conditions attached. His account of the search and arrest can be read here:


        9 Mr Spivey was arrested again by plain-clothes police officers on 7th October, after they demolished his front door and broke a bedroom window. They had said that they wished to speak to him but he refused to open the door when they confirmed that there was no warrant. He was taken to Southend Police Station where he was presented with indecent images, said to have been found on the PC removed from his house on 30th July. Most of the images were known to him because they had been used in articles exposing child abuse that he had published on his website. All had been published elsewhere previously and were readily available as the result of a simple Google search. A number of obscene images, of which he denied knowledge, had allegedly been found in a hidden file. For various reasons, Mr Spivey believes that they may have been planted.

        An account of his arrest and interview at the police station can be read here:


        10 Essex Police had, apparently, already referred the images found on the PC to (Essex) Castle Point Social Services, who had begun an investigation into the safety of Mr Spivey’s grandson. He lives with his mother (Mr Spivey’s daughter) at Mr Spivey’s house in Rochford. It is believed that the investigation was malicious, with the intent being that of additional pressure to prevent further publication of allegations concerning Woolwich matters. With much publicity and written pressure brought to bear on the Social Services by Mr Spivey and his supporters, it was concluded that there was no case to answer. However, the possession of the images, including that of a popular Led Zepplin record cover, has been classified as an offence. Even though all of the other images are well known and also in the public domain , he is due to face trial at a later date. No photographs from the hidden file are scheduled for use. For the purposes of the impending harassment trail, it is a side issue, although very important nevertheless.

        11 Mr Spivey made a written complaint (checked by a barrister) to a senior officer at Essex Police on 15th December, concerning the manner and illegality of his arrests on 30th July and 7th October and the failure of officers to act in accordance with existing legislation. Copies were sent to the IPCC, the Chief Constable of Essex, the Police Crime Commissioner for Essex and his Member of Parliament – only the IPCC, it seems, sent an acknowledgement.

        A copy of the complaint e-mail text is reproduced towards the end of the following article:


        12 Instead of an anticipated response, Mr Spivey received a postal requisition to attend Southend Magistrates’ Court on 23rd January, to face four charges. The manner of service, of what was a summons by another name, was rather unusual because that method is reserved for those on unconditional police bail; Mr Spivey had conditions attached. Furthermore, the arrested person is supposed to be informed and have a note made on his case file, prior to his release, that he is eligible for a postal requisition. Neither of those happened. The 2011, version of the Essex Police document F0105, indicates (logically) that some discretion may be exercised over who is eligible for release on unconditional bail. However, it is clear that if there are bail conditions attached, a postal requisition is not the correct way to inform the recipient of required attendance at a court. The 2015 version of the F0105 lays down the same procedures but does not highlight the obvious discretion required in determining whether or not to impose bail conditions at the time of release.

        Postal requisitions must be sent to the recipient by first-class post, suggesting that Mr Spivey’s was posted after he had lodged his complaint detailing his illegal arrest. It is not within the scope of this summary to suggest reasons for that timing. Four charges were detailed: two of harassment without violence against named individuals and two of sending “by public communications network an offensive/indecent/obscene/menacing message/matter”. Mr Spivey is of the opinion that all four can be disproved very easily, if cross-examination of the witness in court is permitted.

        Further details can be read in his own account of the receipt of the requisition:


        13 The first court appearance on the harassment charge was on 23rd January, when, on arrival, Mr Spivey had first sight of the documents relating to the case, a stack some two and a half inches high. His duty solicitor seems to have made the position clear:

        “The duty solicitor, a Ms Paula Fell then informed me that it was not a magistrate sitting today, it was in fact a district judge (how convenient, how coincidental) whom – Ms Fell further stated – wouldn’t be happy that I was pleading “not guilty”… And there was me thinking that this was a court of law.

        Ms Fell (in what to me seemed like a concerted effort to get me to plead guilty) also told me, and my companions; Dogman, Pongo and Paul White, that “I wouldn’t be allowed to win, no matter what”.”

        Quoted from : http://chrisspivey.org/where-do-we-go-from-here/

        The Judge gave Mr Spivey four weeks to find a solicitor and scheduled his next appearance for 20th February at the same court (Southend Magistrates’).

        14 Mr Spivey received a letter from Southend Magistrates’ Court, dated 9th February, stating that the Prosecution Barrister would be unable to attend on the 20th and giving times when he would be available. A further letter, dated 16th February, set the next court appearance for 20th March; bail conditions were attached.

        15 On 20th March, the Judge set a case management hearing for 1st July, with a two-day trial to be held on the 30th and 31st July, both at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court.

        16 Mr Spivey arrived at Chelmsford on 1st July well in advance of the specified time, only to be informed that the case had been transferred to Southend Magistrates’ Court; no advance notification had been given. Back at Southend, it transpired that the Prosecution had still not specified the precise charges he would be facing, presenting, instead, about 650 pages printed from Mr Spivey’s various articles. The Prosecution was given until 10th July to get its case in order but Mr Spivey reported on his website that the Prosecution was also making arrangements for the witness statements to be presented as hearsay evidence, potentially giving his barrister no opportunity to cross-examine.

        17 On the 10th July, the Judge agreed that the witness evidence should be given as hearsay, the Prosecution barrister requesting it for the reason that “it is not in the interest of justice that the four witnesses should come to court to give evidence.” Mr Spivey has written of his concerns that he will be unable to cross-examine them, so significantly reducing his chances of a fair trial. An independent observer at the hearing wrote that the nervous Prosecutor also said that there can be no question or debate that the murder actually happened in Woolwich as it is now a matter of public record. The three examples given in Paragraph 4 above seem to cast doubt on that statement.

        18 A further delay in proceedings was notified to Mr Spivey on 22nd July, that his trial set for the 30th and 31st of July had been moved to the 6th August at Basildon Magistrates’ Court. No reason was given for the delay but he is speculating that it may be as a result of his solicitor appealing against the way in which the proceedings are being conducted. Part of the submission contains these words, which suggest a heavy bias in favour of the Prosecution:

        “There is clear public interest in this case and Mr Spivey is being denied the right to a fair trial. There is an inequality of arms in this proceedings due to the financial limitations of legal aid funding. The CPS have instructed a Barrister of 1977 call, who also sits as a recorder. However, the Defence are not even able to obtain a certificate for counsel as the offences charged are summary only. The District Judge has reserved matters to himself and will also be trying the case at the forthcoming hearing. It is imperative that Mr Spivey is grant (sic) funding to challenge the decision of the District Judge prior to the trial date in order that the attendance of witnesses can be secured or a further application be decided upon by a differently constructed tribunal in the event that the judicial review is successful.”

        See http://chrisspivey.org/important-notice-2/

        As the time of this writing (23rd July) the presiding judge is and is scheduled to be District Judge Wellan. There will by no jury because the charges relate to summary offences.

        19 The Prossecution Barrister is believed to be Anthony Abell of 2, Bedford Row Chambers. His year of call is given as 1977 and he has held the position of Recorder since 2003. His profile on the 2, Bedford Row website is impressive:

        “Recommended in Chambers Directory, an independent guide to lawyers, as a leader in the field of Criminal Law, and as “highly regarded”, Anthony Abell undertakes both defence and prosecution work. He specialises in cases of serious crime with an emphasis on fraud. By way of example, he has led for the defence in a lengthy Serious Fraud Office prosecution. He recently defended, as a junior, a solicitor charged with fraud on the Legal Aid Board, and thefts from the client account. He has led for the prosecution in several fraud trials, including mortgage fraud. He has defended and prosecuted several fraudulent trading cases. He has experience of Inland Revenue frauds. He also regularly acts in cases of murder, manslaughter, rape, armed robbery, perverting the course of justice, drugs manufacture, importation and supply.”

        It is intriguing that such a high-profile barrister would be required to prosecute four summary offences, which hardly qualify for the description of serious crime. There would appear to be much more to this case than meets the eye.

        20 Since writing this summary, there has been a further development. Three days after sending Mr Spivey the letter (dated 20th July) informing him of the new court date of 6th August at Basildon Magistrates’ Court, the same Justices’ Clerk sent another letter (dated 23rd July) informing him that the venue was (again) to be Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court on the 30th July. There is no explanation given for this reversion to the original hearing date and no cancellation of the 6th August date, which, presumably, still stands.

        Mr Spivey has reported:

        “Nevertheless, I managed to get hold of my Solicitor on the phone and she has told me that she knows nothing about the case being adjourned until the 6th of August… In other words, the courts didn’t bother informing her… Very strange.

        She also told me that the court rung her on the 17th of July asking where we were, to which she correctly replied that she hadn’t been informed that there was a hearing listed for the 17th of July.”

        Further details can be found here:


        It is difficult not to form the conclusion – as with the unannounced change of location detailed in Paragraph 16 (above) – that the intention is to cause confusion and inconvenience.

        21 It has been confirmed today (29th July) that the trial at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court will begin tomorrow, even though Mr Spivey’s barrister has written to the Judge that it will not be fair. You can read more here:


        The trial has now taken place and the result is widely known. In my view, having been a witness to all but the first hour of the proceedings, there was a heavy bias in favour of the Prosecution. Subject matter was also raised by the Prosecution barrister and Judge that, to me, seemed to have no relevance to the strictly-defined nature of the charges of harassment and malicious communication. Mr Spivey had no opportunity to respond to those, which would have almost certainly required a hearing of much greater length and depth and in a different court.

        I would like to give credit to Mr Spivey’s barrister, Mohammed Bashir from Thomas Bingham Chambers, who acted with great confidence and professionalism. Unfortunately, he was batting in an unequal game in which, to me, he was guaranteed to lose.

        It’s worth keeping in mind that the charges would fail if it were to be proved that the events of Woolwich did not occur in the way presented by the MSM. That would seem to be the key.

      • Digitalis says:

        Excellent NT, just excellent. Those who said it are right you are a star!

        Like many I am still very sad and extremely angry today over the events of Thursday and Friday, however there are many of us who are determined that one day the truth will out and determination is a wonderful asset!

        You take care and again….excellent!

      • Emm Jay says:

        NT you are a diamond …. I haven’t read the summary in full yet, but I know how hard you worked quietly with tenacity in the background. Will make this a priority to read tomorrow …. this is just to thank you now, from the heart … NT please know how much you are appreciated … and that goes for you all, and Tap, with much love xx

      • ferryt says:

        NT post @8.46 2nd Aug.

        Wow that is an excellent summary of events and a very telling resource which we need to hold on to! Thank you for taking the time.

        Can I repost to scribd? Or can anyone recommend a good place?

        Tap could this be an article on it’s own?

      • Could we all sponsor a gigantic poppy in memory of carl whittle? And publicise it on 11/11? I think the travesty of what happened to carl whittle deserves a poppy in remembrance

  4. ferryt says:

    Star Court.

  5. AkhaldanSolo says:

    Sorry to see you go so abruptly Mr. Spivey, I have been dismayed as the poster above stated I thought that you had lots of support for what you were doing. I thoroughly enjoyed your tenacity and it is a sad day for the truth movement.

  6. Kylie says:

    It’s a sad day for freedom Take Care Chris

  7. ian says:

    I fear a downward spiral approaches.

    • ian says:

      Spivey was courageous in his reporting, and I’m sure he knew the risks. If the stick that beat you with isn’t big enough, they just get a bigger one. Chin up Spiv’ you done us proud.

  8. norse kode says:

    well done Chris and team you certainly gave it your fxxxxxx best!..gone but not forgotten and sure to return i hope….if we can,t beat the governments then lets overgrow them.Happy Lammas 1&All X

  9. ferryt says:

    What are those large pixels in the 2nd photo of Lee Rugby?

    • NT says:

      That pixelated area, this is my take: You need to go to:


      to see the picture from which it was cropped. It is said to have been taken at the wedding ceremony of Lee Rigby and Rebecca Metcalf. The pixellated area is revealed to be the face of someone seemingly standing behind Lee Rigby. I say ‘seemingly’ because there are a number of things wrong with this picture. It is better to look at the uncropped version that can be found here:


      although why it was necessary to pixellate the bride’s face is not known.

      The first thing to notice is that a flash, or diffused flash, seems to have been used to illuminate the newly-wedded couple – everything is bright, and sharp. A flash mounted just above the lens of the camera, where it usually is, will illuminate everything that the lens ‘sees’, except for small areas below the lens, where the lens can see ‘underneath’ so to speak – the parallax effect. Looked at another way, for practical purposes there will be no visible shadows from the flash. Everything else that is in the picture will also be illuminated with the same quality of light, although not to the same degree because light intensity falls in proportion to the square of the distance. That said, there should be some evidence of flash illumination of members of the choir – there isn’t. The female choir-member just to the right of Rigby is wearing glasses, from which there should be some evidence of a reflection from an intense light source – again, there isn’t

      If you look at the face behind Rigby, the left side is apparently illuminated by the flash but seems to have a sharp shadow cast by Rigby’s head. That suggests a narrow rather than a diffused light source to the right of Rigby’s head (as viewed by us). The result should be the happy couple showing some evidence of shadows on their left-hand sides, as viewed by us. There is almost nothing. Rebecca Rigby’s dress shows some evidence of casting a shadow on the carpet but it is going in the wrong direction from a flash located to the right of Lee Rigby. If the flash were located just above the camera lens, the shadow would not be visible.

      There is a weak shadow from Lee’s inside, right trouser leg (as viewed by us) on Rebecca’s dress but it is too weak to be from the flash source.

      It is, I believe, a requirement for Army dress-shoes to be polished to almost a mirror finish and that is just what Lee’s confirm. That’s useful because mirrors reflect light but there is no intense reflection from the upper parts of the toe-caps, which have, in effect, the characteristics of convex mirrors (they curve outwards). There are some low-intensity reflections from low down on the visible toe-cap but they are probably from a source some distance away.

      If we go back to the face behind Lee, the part in shadow is about the same general intensity as the rest of the choir, suggesting that it was in the photograph of the choir – possibly a soloist. Note that the choir has not the slightest interest in the happy couple, for whom, presumably, it was hired to sing.

      I think there are some other things wrong with this photograph but that is enough for the moment. My opinion tends towards that of the couple not being present when the background photograph of the choir and ‘soloist’ was taken. There may be a rational explanation but I cannot think of it at the moment.

      • ferryt says:

        Very much appreciate your excellent detailes reply NT.

        The original photo from the express is all sorts of wrong.

        Anyway do you have a blog? OT but I like your attention to detail. Spot on; what you’ve said.

        (That’s not Chris sans swearing? Haha just
        pulling your leg).

  10. Nollidge says:

    Sorry that you didn’t’ see fit to post my link to a post that casts doubt upon the great Spivey,but,here goes again.Unless you believe in the censorship of opposing opinions.

    • ferryt says:

      Well I just read your outburst to my other comment.

      What’s your beef. You. Yours.

      Please expand. I’m genuinely all ears old bean.

    • Dogman says:

      Excuse me, but that site trolled us what must have been 24/7. It’s strange how it seemed like everybody that we eventually banned for abusive comments, ended up there instead of here or Icke.
      We tended to aggressively defend the site because of some of the disgusting things that were posted, most of which were obviously sent purely to irritate, not intended to be approved. A couple of my old comments on that site were edited to show my real name in full. The pic i sent out when the mods were getting to know one another (we’re all over the country) ended up on some obscure site along with my full name and a few details that could only have come from one source, although they were inaccurately misquoted. Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 23:56:56
      From: txxxxxc@yahoo.co.uk
      Subject: Re: Trash on Comments section
      To: sxxx@hotmail.co.uk

      Great stuff mate. John coughed to being the one who emptied the trash. Was worrying me & Wolfie that we had been infiltrated. Forum Permissions seem to change and we dont think it is our doing. JJ gave you the first tech guy & JJ has no IP address listed against his name so we have banned him from posting until he tells us what it is. Strangely he hasnt noticed or if he has, he hasnt commented. A couple of the things the troll sent recently hinted at things I chatted to JJ about. Hope it isnt him, but….. Will keep you posted.

      • Dogman says:

        From Date: Tue 17 Dec onwards is a copy of an email i sent Chris.

  11. Freeborn says:

    Spivey is a family man and Grandad. The fact he’s jacked it in is perfectly understandable.

    Once he started exposing the PTB with their paedo cults and false-flag terror agenda he was bound to come face to face with the state.

    Essex police broke into his house, planted fake evidence, social workers threatened to take away his grandson.

    To my mind Spivey was a talented researcher who mercilessly exposed the British state for what it is.

    The bloke made enough sacrifices on our behalf and thoroughly deserves a break.

  12. pauline says:

    Sorry to see spivey’s site gone ,he got us alltogether in Southend to do an all night sleepout on the steps of the civic offices,I still have lovely memories of the wonderful people I met there.
    But can never forgive spivey for the biblical floods we encountered on our way down,we reached Southend to be met by the worst floods they had for years,as we drove to the civic office we heard a large explosion under the car,we thought it was a bomb haha it was the manhole covers of the sewers,came up under the car we thought it had taken the floor of the car off it was so loud.
    All the roads were flooded,and it poured down all night,but we all stuck it out,under the stars ,it was a protest against bedroom tax.
    Thankyou to Dogman for keeping in contact ,and I lost contact with the lovely lady from Edinborough,scotland,but have good memories of our night in Southend,even though we suffered biblical floods,
    Thank you Mr Spivey

  13. Digitalis says:

    For information to everybody the following is what Chris Spivey has had to put up with and is STILL enduring; When reading please do remember that there are some out there who say they are the good guys….but, unlike Chris, they are NOT!

    Once again a spiteful troll (90 comments in 1 day alone) still trying to knock Chris Spivey. Been doing it non stop for more than 2 years, are you obsessed or working for the other side eh? See trollexposure.wordpress.com for their opinion of who not to trust.
    Trolling a site from the inside when supposed to be a moderator…nice touch Outlaw!
    The MSM faked an attachment to a pic pretending that it was from the site and showed the Rigby’s address. The full address was not mentioned in court, but it was claimed as harassment and yet the MSM displayed it and Chris’s full address, but that isn’t harassment?! How does that work?
    Chris quoted as saying several “events” never happened, whereas what he actually said was that these events didn’t happen the way they have been reported. Deliberately exaggerated for effect!
    Chris has decided whatever happens, he has had enough because of the risks to his daughter and grandson.
    Outlaw can enjoy gloating, but we will continue without Chris and obviously with a different style, as his was unique.

    • ferryt says:

      Thank you Dig.

      Huge respect for Spivey. Im surprised he had the balls to take it so far. Hats off.

      All emotions aside, we need Chris’ website back online. Even one without Lee Rigby. Ha.

      It was a vital resource. And should remain so if we’ve any chance.

    • Emm Jay says:

      Digitalis, again thank you so very much. Please will you keep me posted re continuing? Thousands of people feel so strongly and the support to continue IS there for Chris. With heartfelt thanks Digitalis …. and to you Tap for this article x

      • Digitalis says:

        Will do Emm Jay. Keep an eye on your inbox for if may be you receive a mail from Dman with my mail in. Contact me back and I’ll keep you posted. Like you Emm Jay my thanks go to Tap for this article. xx

      • Kylie says:

        Well said Emm Jay, you can count me in x

      • I hear its going to be a cold winter but judging by November so far, its pretty mild, hopefully this good weather will continue

    • Emm Jay says:

      Digitalis thank you so much again, I certainly will. Much appreciated D and Tap. xx
      And here’s one for Kylie x

    • Strapping Lad says:

      This manipulation, collateral control and railroading is only a temporary stay of execution for the deceivers.
      The Woolwich Fiasco has hundreds of anomalies, as any Scripted Act would.
      Woolwich was only the First Act. Chris’s railroaded plight, police and courts drama is the Second Act.
      Do not think for one moment that there are no other Acts to be outplayed.
      The Fat Lady has yet to sing on this whole issue.
      Watch this space.
      Thank you Chris, Digitalis, NT and TAP.

    • Quite pleasant weather this evening I feel, for November

  14. massive helmet says:

    time will tell if he will ever get any justice from this system, but he wouldnt be getting this treatment if he was some insignificant troll or whatever they are painting him as.clearly, he has hit a nail clean on the head. makes my piss boil, cunts.

  15. ferryt says:

    Dunblane exposure next?


    • pauline says:

      Would that be the exposure of the involvement of both broon and blair in the Dunblane killings ,and other British politicians involved in the cover up

      Hamilton used to procure children for people in high places ,and certainly did not act alone in the murder/killings/sacrifice ofthose poor bairns
      Strangly he also had a yacht I believe,and the iceing on the cake the whole affair is locked away from public knowledge for 100 years,there was a lot of info re bliar and broon in national newspapers on the net ,but I suppose it has all gone down the memory hole now

      • ferryt says:

        That would be the one Pauline. Thank you.

        I believe this plus the Woolwich fiasco are enough to bring the corrupt government down.

        More people need to know about Dunblane. Sealed records for 100 years ought to be enough to garner peoples’ interest.

        Unless that glossed eyes look starts up. I’ve seen that so much trying to explain certain events to people. So sad.

    • Interesting, interesting too that earlier this year VT reported with a very long article, the Hampstead goings on, and reported full names and addresses of people there thought to be involved.

      Interesting. Could the people behind VT possibly be good renegade forces possibly acting for the Higher Good? Lets hope

      lets just consider this about VT. its got trong connections to Madison Wisconsin uni in America. I think Nasa have strong connections to Madison uni, and Yale. I think the skull and bones secret society are heavily involved with yale and perhaps Madison Wisconsin uni.
      I read too, Nasa is heaily run, controlled, by Scottish Rite Freemasons since its inception. So we can obviously clearly conclude, nasas a bad lying organisation, lie after lie, a good cover operation

      This therefore causes us to wonder, when we look into how the ‘dead ‘ 1986 space shuttle challenger astronauts, most are alive and well , same names, photos today clealy show its them. Judith Reznick teaches law at Yale. And Michael Smith (I think Smith) is 69 (correct age), photo today is clearly him, and he teaches at Madison Wisconsin
      The question becomes, what kind of psyop are nasa/Freemasons upto with this bizarre astronaut thing? To expose the truth about cloning perhaps? or just to confuse and muddy various waters generally?

      We must remember too, Dick Scobee astronauts also alove and well, runs his own internet firm CEO, and Scobees son is now one of the heads of NORAD that messed up with intercepting the planes on 911. Small world

      So the questions therefore arise, is VT, on the same side as the bad Nasa Freemasons and possibly skull and bones? The VT Phd writers seem to have heavy Madison Wisconsin connections.

      I don’t want VT to be bad though. And theres always the chance some kind of good renegade factions are at work too. And lets hope the Rigby thing above is evidence of this

      its a funny old world

  16. ferry says:

    Apologies repost.

    NT post @8.46 2nd Aug.

    Wow that is an excellent summary of events and a very telling resource which we need to hold on to! Thank you for taking the time.

    Can I repost to scribd? Or can anyone recommend a good place?

    Tap could this be an article on it’s own?

    • NT says:

      Wherever you wish – just mention where it came from.

      • ferryt says:

        Tap could this be an article? It seems to me an excellent summary of the shady goings on.

        Might be you next.

        First they came for..

      • Emm Jay says:

        NT, I’ve now read the summary in its entirety. This chronology of events are so very important. They will open the eyes of many. Very well done you, and yes NT you are a diamond x

  17. ferryt says:

    Q for you.

    I made a snapshot of spiveys site a few years back in apprehension of this happening.

    I’ve lost the backup since.

    Surely others did too and can we get it back online?

    Such a resource.

    And some notoriety now too. Haha.

  18. Dogman says:

    Nick Kollerstrom (Terror the Tube author) sent a request to the Registrar’s Office, for a copy of the birth certificate for Lee James McClure (changed name to Rigby), born 1st or 4th July 1987. He received a reply saying they couldn’t find it and a full refund.

    Plenty more info available here, including some interesting screenshots:

  19. Dogman says:

    The Icelandic hosts say there is nothing illegal on the site, but we do not want to jeopardise Chris and his family, so it remains closed.
    The forum will re-appear although we haven’t decided on what we will call it yet. We would have like to acknowledged Chris in the title, but again we don’t want to cause more trouble to Chris, Stacey and Clayton. A pity because “Spivey woz ‘ere” was a suggestion by Wolfie.
    Trolls reared their ugly heads when we advised people to go to a facebook account to find out details about future plans.
    Apologies for straying off topic.

    • Emm Jay says:

      The hosts are confirming what you/we/all already knew Dogman but I can understand you not wishing to jeopardise in any way Chris and his family. Good to ‘see’ you again Dogman, kind and thoughtful as always xx

      • hi EmmJay
        I know with regards to your msg to me, how awful things are. Im just as appalled and horrified.
        We must never lose our positivity or joy for life emmjay. The Satanists would love it if we do
        I despaired and lost all hope when i realised how this world was run, in plain sight. But please see my recent comment realisations, os a Spiritual Pushback, a revolt underway on this planet
        I truly believe that there is. We must I think, see and sense and consider things emmjay in a much much, wider bigger paradigm, Truman show if you like. An interdimensional spiritual situation and battle and existence. beause I think that’s whats going on.

        And btw ive messaged you here, bcoz I knew yesterday ‘lee rigbys’ ‘mum’ has said on front cover of daily mirror shell go into schools to educate.
        I THINK WE KNOW HE DIDNT EXIST and due to bribery and mkultra stuff and god knows what else, plus photoshopping, carl thwaites if ive got the name right, …….well I thought id say hi tonight to you Emmjay goodnight

      • Sorry,Karl Whittle
        Lets all raise a red poppy to karl whittle

    • Kylie says:

      Hi Dog, VT want to interview Chris, I emailed them to thank them for running the story and they offered Chris air time.
      It appears Chris has gone to ground with his emails bouncing back,and with the rumours going around I’m not surprised. He really needs to get back on the horse soon x

      • Dogman says:

        Hi Kylie,
        I can pass the info on to Chris, but he can’t talk to them about Rigby/Woolwich. They need to be referred to other sites that have covered the “event” and they can then decide for themselves. The crux of Chris’s problems is what is deemed harassment. Two twitter messages and posting on the site the address of the charity (their house) they set up, is enough to get you convicted apparently!
        I wonder if the editors of the 3 tabloids that exposed the Rigby and Spivey families full home addresses will be dragged into court or reprimanded.
        Place your bets…
        Trying to reach Chris may be easiest thru Lisa Pea, although the (little) trolls have tried irritating her by sending vids of their self abuse, I advised her to report them to facebook and the Police as I’d say that constitutes harassment. She said she would in future, but this time “it was no big thing!”

    • A Name says:

      Hey Dogman,
      How do those of us not on Facebook get details of future plans? Thank you for the wealth of info you provided in the comments section and forum. Sorry to highjack this comment section but don’t really know how else to find out.

  20. Digitalis says:

    If anybody still thinks Chris was a ‘nut job’ and the only one to see the holes in the version of the Woolwich farce the public were sold and see it for what it really was and that is a hoax…..he wasn’t! In fact there are many of us who can give you a running commentary on the ‘mistakes’ and ‘coincidences’ surrounding the Woolwich hoax plus Lee Rigby and his ‘family’ and if you would like to have your curiosity raised a little more then please look at the attached……there is plenty more out there and they can only keep the lid on the truth by instilling fear and controlling the masses. So do not be frightened and move away from the crowd!

    • Emm Jay says:

      Digitalis, so many unanswered questions eh! Oh, and I’ve still got my eye on the inbox, appreciate you must be busy …… xx

      • Digitalis says:

        Hi Emm Jay….here’s another ‘unanswered question.’ Why would Michael Adebowale, an alleged fundamental Muslim Terrorist expecting to meeting 72 virgins in heaven, be wearing a bullet proof vest?
        My what a wicked web these liars weave!


        Message to the inbox may be delayed Emm Jay as there are tech probs on accessing mail addresses…..hopefully all will be solved soon. xx

        Thanks again Tap for keeping things open. Henry, you are a star!

      • Emm Jay says:

        Yes Digitalis, Henry is indeed a star, and it’s with much respect and gratitude to him that I second your thank you to him for continuing to keepi this open. x

        And yes, see what happens when first we decide to deceive …. a tangled web on a scale so staggering …..

        Appreciate your update on inbox and look forward to seeing you there, thank you and take care D xx And to Henry … xx

    • Strapping Lad says:

      It would be interesting to do a follow-up on the Woolwich hoax and on the 2 “Michael ebolas” to see what “prison” they are actually in.
      Anyone in the Prison Services know anything?

      • Mr Rearguard says:

        Loads of prisoners have facebook accounts, all posing with their fellow cons, but not one picture of the two Mickeys?

  21. NT says:

    Someone on the Icke Forum posted this link


    The content is rather intriguing and was posted the day after the Woolwich incident. I have never seen it before but it does have a feel of immediacy and authenticity that fully supports the view of it being a scripted event. This is what is written


    by Pug on May 23rd, 2013, 9:51pm


    I asked the on-site police officer in our school:

    I bet your briefing this morning at the station was an intense one.

    Officer: I was expecting exactly that, but it was just too odd. I asked why there’s no briefing, believing we’d be told which streets to be in and what to look out for, but no. Nothing. It was as if it hadn’t happened. In fact, the skipper said ‘it didn’t happen.’

    He told me he didn’t recognise any of the officers on his own patch at the scene either nor any of the members of the public, despite always seeing the same people.

    In the school – in class – one pupil (14) said to me: Why isn’t there any mention of the naked woman? – I asked the boy what he was talking about and he said ‘there was a naked woman walking up the street, just all casual-like and then the next minute, there was this smashed up car and a bloke holding a wobbly body against a wall.’

    Now these kids can tell a tale, but you know when they’re lying and this didn’t seem to be one of those times. Another pupil said: The Somali Woolwich Boys (local gang) cut each other up and shoot each other all the time and that never makes the news.’

    Smoke and mirrors. Sleight of hand. Distract the public over there, while preparing something else..

    All very odd. Last day before end of term tomorrow. I think next week will bring more craziness.

    Posts: 116
    Joined: August 10th, 2011, 11:57 am


    It looks as though this is not someone calling false flag from the outset – just someone who is a little puzzled by what he was hearing. From what he says, I get the impression he is a teacher working in the area and well acquainted with the locality. Further on in the thread he shows his knowledge of the youth gangs active in the area.

    The comment from the pupil concerning the naked woman walking up the street seems to make no sense until it is realised what a brilliant diversionary tactic it could be while the props for the main show were being set up. The author himself speculates on the possibility.

    • ian says:

      I remember reading this at the time. Sounds very likely, the naked woman as a distraction. I also remember that the MSM Photoshopped blood onto the knife guy’s hands. It was reported at the time possibly on Truthseeker.co.uk or Rebel.org

      • ferryt says:

        Was t he naked woman reported in the MSM? First time I’ve heard that. Though no surprise at all.

        Chris wrote an excellent article detailing the ‘agents’ involved and included a detailed summary of the stage direction with pics backing it all up. No naked ladies as I recall though..

        Tap comments playing up again. ‘It looks as though you’ve already said that.’ When I
        haven’t as original didn’t get through.

      • ian says:

        Don’t think it was in MSM, but I read the exact passage on here. As I said probably on either of those sites, but no doubt linked to the article as opposed to posted there.

  22. Kylie says:

    spivey’s back !

  23. Gillian says:

    Cheers Kylie.

  24. NT says:

    I posted the following on Chris Spivey’s site, a couple of days before it closed on the 31st July – it’s now up again, minus any Woolwich content. I thought it might be a good idea to bring it to a wider readership and that is the reason I am posting it here. There are a few additions to the original content. Some references are rather vague because there was concern at the time not to infringe any of Chris’ bail conditions.


    There are two inputs into our brains for clues to the events that occurred in South East London on 22nd May, 2013, the visual and the auditory; until now we have all ignored the latter. It came to me a couple of days ago, while watching this video:


    that I should pay the same attention to it as to the Charlie Hebdo policeman shooting video that I analysed on Jim Stone’s Reactor Breach forum last year. I was able to show there that the soundtrack was fake and that there were anomalies strongly suggestive of green-screen content.

    Before I go further, I should mention that I found the same video here, in case investigators have problems with the first:


    The second has a 720 option, the same resolution as the Mirror video; they are an absolute goldmine of information. It’s always good to have at least two sources for the same thing. Having your own copy can be an advantage because it is then possible to use SM Player or VLC Player to step through the entire sequence frame by frame, to see the mistakes in its compilation. Both players are available as free downloads.

    Screenshots from one of the videos were used by Chris late last year in the PG version – sorry to be cryptic. He never touched on the soundtrack, or even how the video was put together (as far as I recall), so perhaps the Mods can bring all of this to his attention if he doesn’t have time to read what I am writing. It’s very important.

    Now it is not necessary make a frame-by-frame analysis to realise that the soundtrack does not match the video content. For example, the microphone is sensitive enough to pick up the sounds of ‘normal’ conversation, yet fails to record the sound of the bus engine as it reverses. When the ambulance arrives, the crew exit and slam the doors – not a sound. Do you remember the video where the policeman approaches the cameraman (after the shooting sequence) and yells, “Get back, get back”? You can see that event on this video and there is not a sound – although someone does shout but it is many seconds before what is seen. There is no wind noise round the microphone. There are also unexplainable audio fadeouts, which shouldn’t be the case with a simple amateur video.

    There are other things I have noticed that may or may not have a rational explanation. In no particular order:

    Wind in the trees but no rustling sounds picked up by the mic.

    Street traffic at the nearby junction, including a motorcycle, that cannot be heard above the sound of the quiet conversation.

    There is a lot of shake in some parts but no motion-blur. In other parts there is very significant motion-blur. Could this be to hide mistakes, or joins?

    Some parts of the scene appear to move relative to others during camera shake.

    Some objects move slightly relative to others during camera shake.

    Significant transient change of content size during pronounced camera shake.

    A massive whiteout masks the instantaneous arrival of the paramedic car.

    Splices in the video with no glitches in the soundtrack.

    Part masking of the moving person during his charge toward the police car. The extent of the masking might be greater than is immediately apparent.

    Part masking of the top of his prone body afterwards, but not later.

    There is a suspicion of masking elsewhere, not near the deceased individual who is the focus of this production.

    Discarded, shiny, non-bloodstained meat cleaver is visible in some frames but not in others. It ends up in line with a very thin black line across the adjacent road arrow.

    Some parts are in sharp focus while others are not (in the same video frames).

    The tree just to the left of the tall lamppost seems to have had its foliage digitally enhanced.

    There is a possibility that some of what is seen has also been added digitally (not just to the tree).

    Double red lines along the far side of the road very indistinct and not much better on the near side of the road – except beyond the pedestrian crossing on the left. Writing on top of the armed response car is sharp-edged.

    In a couple of frames at 1:28, it looks as though the rear of the armed response vehicle is sinking into the road, yet the road arrows are relatively clear.

    Note the unperturbed individual (the director?) standing in the road immediately to the left of the shooting action in the frames around 1:41. He appears to be speaking on a mobile phone (or walkie-talkie?) and moves off.

    Same guy(?) is at the bottom of the frame at 2:44 (and a few previous frames) on the communication device. He makes a pronounced hand signal towards the junction, the camera immediately pans towards the junction and the traffic begins to move.

    And, as they say, there is probably much, much more.

    By now it should be obvious that if the soundtrack does not match the video content, the sound of gunfire will also have been added. That means that no shots were fired on the day, which explains why none of the bystanders seemed to flinch during the operation, judging by what can be seen during the shooting sequence – conveniently masked by the massive camera shake that may well have been added afterwards.

    A good forensic team should be able to rip this video to shreds, if it were on the side of truth. I’m no expert but I learned from the Charlie Hebdo video that it is not only the importance of the content but how it has been put together. If it can be shown that the video is not a genuine depiction of what the Public is being led to believe, the story of the events of that day in South East London will fall apart. The consequences are unimaginable. Is there a qualified video analyst out there who is willing to put his reputation on the line for all of us?

    • Digitalis says:

      Again NT you are a star!
      Re: Charlie Hebdo have you seen this video? Put it on full screen and look at the bottom left hand corner at 1.33 and ask why any highly and expensively trained special forces agent would put his assault weapon on rapid fire and let loose that many bullets past/ through his comrades and into a building containing hostages? I would hazard a guess at none-unless of course those bullets were blanks!


  25. NT says:

    This is the Public Prosecution Service’s report on the Chris Spivey trial, held at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court on 30th and 31st July:


    Publication permitted under the Open Government Licence for Public Sector Information:



    Essex Man Convicted of harassing family of murdered soldier Lee Rigby


    Christopher Spivey has been convicted today of harassing the family of murdered soldier Lee Rigby after a two day trial at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court, Essex.

    Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS East of England, Jenny Hopkins said: “Mr Spivey posted a number of comments on social media about the murder of Fusilier Rigby which were very upsetting to his family and friends.

    “People can and do post all kinds of comments on social media and are not prosecuted for them, but in this case we were satisfied that the posts crossed the line into criminal behaviour targeted at the Rigby family.

    “The prosecutions case was that the combination of the postings, containing a mixture of grossly offensive remarks about the Rigby family, upsetting assertions surrounding the murder, and the publication of details of two of the familys homes, could not be justified under freedom of speech.

    “After hearing all the evidence, the court has found Mr Spivey’s behaviour in uploading these posts amounted to the harassment of Lyn Rigby and Sara McClure, Fusilier Rigby’s mother and sister.”

    Mr Spivey was convicted of harassment of Mrs Rigby and Ms McClure and also of two charges of sending a message by means of a public electronic communications network that was grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character. Sentencing was adjourned to 27 August 2015.

    Ms Hopkins said: “Everyone should be able to go about their daily lives free from harassment caused by someone deliberately making grossly offensive messages about them on social media.

    “We take allegations of this kind very seriously, especially where there is evidence of a course of conduct which causes fear or distress to someone, and which in this case made the victims feel unsafe in their own homes.”


    1. Fusilier Rigby, from Middleton, Greater Manchester, was murdered as he returned to his barracks in Woolwich, south-east London on 22 May 2013. He died of multiple cut and stab wounds

    2. Michael Adebolajo was given a whole-life term and Michael Adebowale was jailed for a minimum of 45 years at the Old Bailey on 26 February 2014 for the murder of Fusilier Rigby.

    3. Christopher Spivey was charged as follows:

    I) Between 23/05/2013 and 20/06/2014 at Rochford in the county of Essex pursued a course of conduct which amounted to the harassment of Lyn Rigby and which you knew or ought to have known amounted to the harassment of her in that he published the following material on his Facebook page, and/or on his website. a) Assertions that the murder of her son, Lee Rigby, in Woolwich was a hoax. b) An assertion that Robert Sargeant, her daughter’s partner, was in fact Lee Rigby. c) An image of Lyn Rigby and her partner being interviewed in her home, showing photographs of Lee Rigby, with a commentary asserting the pictures of Lee are photo shopped, and comments about the dog tag and poppy which Lyn Rigby is wearing. d) Details of the address of Lyn Rigby’s home, including photographs. e) Details of the address of Lee Rigby’s sister, Sara McClure’s home. f) Photographs of members of the Rigby family, including a Christmas tree in their home and images of her grandchildren. g) Suggestions that either Lee Rigby actually never existed, or that the family are involved in a conspiracy with MI5. h) A suggestion that Lee Rigby was a rapist. I) An assertion that Gavin Vitler had visited Lyn Rigby’s address the week before a posting on 15th July 2014 Contrary to section 2(1) and (2) of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

    ii) Between a date unknown on or before 20/06/2014 and 11/11/2014 at Rochford in the county of Essex pursued a course of conduct which amounted to the harassment of Sara McClure and which you knew or ought to have known amounted to the harassment of her in that he published the following material on his Facebook page, and/or on his website:- a) Assertions that the murder of her brother, Lee Rigby, in Woolwich was a hoax. b) Photographs of her home address. c) Photographs of her children, and their names. d) Photographs of Lee Rigby, and her partner, Robert Sargeant, accompanied by the assertion that the two men are of similar appearance, and that Robert Sargeant was, in fact Lee Rigby. e) A photograph showing that Lee Rigby and Robert Sargeant were both in the same battalion. f) An assertion that Gavin Vitler was seen to visit her mother’s home with a woman. Contrary to section 2(1) and (2) of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

    iii) On 13/07/2014 at Rochford in the county of Essex sent by means of a public electronic communications network a message that was grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character Contrary to section 127(1)(a) and (3) of the Communications Act 2003.

    iv) Between 23/05/2013 and 20/06/2014 at Rochford in the county of Essex sent by means of a public electronic communications network a message that was grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character Contrary to section 127(1)(a) and (3) of the Communications Act 2003.

    4. Read the CPS Guidelines on prosecuting cases involving communications sent by social media.


    The hperlink text in 4 leads to the media, not social media guidelines. I believe the correct link to be:


    I’m not including any other comments in this particular post, other than that my 20-point background summary is elsewhere on this page.

    • NT says:

      The following is a summary of Chris Spivey’s trial at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court on 30th and 31st July, 2015, compiled by John Carey from notes he made during the proceedings. I was also observing in the courtroom and can confirm that this accords with my own recollections. It is believed to be a good overall summary of what took place on both days, subject to the limitations imposed by longhand note-taking and poor courtroom acoustics.

      The Trial:

      The trial started at about 10.20am The next 40 minutes consisted of Chris`s barrister asking for the Judge to postpone the trial until a Judicial Review application had been processed.

      Chris`s barrister argued, very impressively, that the trial would be unfair because he could not challenge the witnesses as they were not there. The allegations that the pictures of the Rigby family and their homes and addresses were not private but already in the public domain and therefore could be downloaded by anybody. Chris is a journalist, he had freedom of expression.

      The judge asked if he could have a copy of the application for J.R and was given a copy by the defence. He noticed straight away that it was not stamped and asked why. The Defence explained that the application for legal aid to pay for the application and legal costs to process such a form had still not been authorised. However it will be lodged either today (30th July) or tomorrow.

      The Judge said I disagree with the J.R application because at every court appearance I have always asked why Mr Spivey wanted the witnesses present and I have never received a satisfactory response to my question. He felt that there was plenty of authority to proceed with Trial, and he would weigh up the Hearsay evidence regarding its merits.

      Prosecution then outlined the case against Chris, quoting from his Police Statement, “they don`t have to read it (Rigby family)………… I have freedom of speech”

      Prosecution informed the court that he had abundant evidence that Chris`s article had caused harm and distress to the family and either he knew it would or should have known. Chris had deliberately targeted the mother and sister, his comments were more than irritating. He acknowledged that Chris had freedom of speech however section 10.2 of the Article informs us that this carries duties and responsibilities. Chris`s comments were `bizarre`, `crank` caused alarm and distress and this all equalled harassment.

      Prosecution then read out the mother’s statement, “how rebuilding our lives (family)…. Her Facebook site is private….. The Sun `hoax’ headlines front page…. Comments regarding her son a rapist….. Destroyed (her) happy memories”

      Then sister`s statement was read out, “Contacted by Chris via Facebook…..he had evidence of a hoax…. Did not accept his `friend’ request` because I thought he was weird…… looked at his website….photos of me/family/home …..how did he get my children`s names?…..at risk, now have to move”

      Mr Amos’ statement was then read out, “I am angry….photos from my Facebook page…..Chris sent messages……answered…intrigued…. (I felt) threatened, in on the hoax….exposing family fraud…. He said that they will kill you not me, I have a high profile”

      Mr Vitler statement was then read out, “contacted… cheap tattooist for bikers… photo`s (of him) freaked him out…somebody watching me”

      The defence barrister then realised that his `bundle` of documents were different than the Prosecution and Judges. The Judge commented that the management of papers by the CPS had been far from adequate since the start of Chris`s court appearances.

      D.C Coomes then was sworn in to give his evidence, reiterated all the points from the four statements to the Court.

      Chris` Barrister then asked about the article regarding the assertion that the soldier was a rapist and it was confirmed by DC Coomes that it was not Chris’ article.

      The policeman confirmed with a simple “yes” that in all his investigations all video`s, pictures, comments were all taken from the MSM or in the public domain.

      Barrister then referred the DC to pictures of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral in the bundle. Asking first did he know that they were her funeral pictures? Answer, “don`t know”. The barrister said, “Please believe me it was”. There were two photos of the funeral one implying a large crowd at her funeral, photo shopped by the MSM. The next one that was in the Alternative Media, of a very sparse crowd. Did he notice Chris`s comments about the pictures? “Yes”

      DC also confirmed that Chris`s publication of the families addresses had not encouraged or incited anybody to commit any criminal activity.

      DC also confirmed with a simple “Yes” that Mr Amos contacted Chris first. DC also agreed that the witnesses did not have to go on Chris`s website (all four witnesses). When asked why they went on the website? DC answered “don`t know”.

      He was then asked, if the family ever asked Chris to take posts down? He replied, “No”. He then said that the family could have got the posts taken down by an Injunction and this was confirmed by DC.

      The Barrister asked why it took over a year for them to complain. DC replied, “Don`t know”

      The barrister went on with questions such as: Why did it take the police two weeks from the instigation of the complaint to Chris`s arrest? “I can`t account for why” In those two weeks before his arrest was the family asking why has he not been arrested yet? “No”

      He asked if there had been any assault, or violence, or harassment to the family since Chris`s arrest? DC replied, “No”

      The next day, Friday morning, the DC was back in the dock. Chris’ Barrister informed the court that Chris was arrested with no search or arrest warrant.

      DC confirmed that no other websites were checked regarding Rigby family material, he said that it was not relevant to check other sites.

      Chris then was sworn in. He was asked by his barrister about his background. The Judge asked about his dealings with the Sovereign Independent Newspaper, “how big is it circulation?”

      Chris` Barrister then asked Chris the purpose of his website, Chris’ response was, “to make comments not published in the mainstream media.

      He asked Chris to go to the bundle – “What was the purpose of Prince Charles (picture) being told by you to fuck off?” Chris replied, “To attract attention”

      He then asked if Chris ever got any negative comments on Facebook. And Chris confirmed that he did. The barrister asked about which subjects received such comments and gave the example of Rolf Harris. Chris replied that the comments were made by “organised trolls”

      Chris then stated that everything he writes is sourced, he analyses the evidence and writes his opinions. His writing style was simplistic in nature, for his target audience which was like speaking to somebody on a building site (a previous occupation in his life).

      He admitted to photo shopping photos of Lee Rigby to evidence his opinion they matched up with other persons.

      He did not target the Rigby`s, there were numerous sites regarding Woolwich. Chris was asked if he knew the Rigby`s were looking at his site. Chris said, “No”

      Chris said, “Amos contacted me…… Amos said, “Come on big boy”. Chris confirmed that he had never contacted Mr Vitler in any form nor had he contacted anybody to take a picture of Vitler. The Sun `mock headline’ was posted by Matt Taylor as anybody can post on Chris’ Facebook account. Chris had been threatened with violence regarding various posts and subjects on Facebook in the past.

      His website, comments to his articles and his forum page was by subscription. The subscription comprised a valid email address. He had moderators who ran his site, he just wrote.

      Barrister asked how many hits he has had since he has started in 2012. Chris responded, “10 and half million, yesterday I had 15,000 hits”

      Judge asked, “Could the same people make multiple hits?” Chris answered, “Yes”

      Chris was asked by his barrister, if he actively sought or engaged the Rigby family to view the site? He confirmed that he had not.

      Chris said that he only knew that he was alleged to have harassed the family at his arrest. He never wanted to cause harassment.

      The Prosecution then questioned Chris regarding his Facebook account and website and implied that `links` posted on his Facebook page were a kind of advertisement to his webpage. The Prosecution barrister suggested that the `mock` Sun posting on his Facebook page, even though posted by Matt Taylor had been `adopted` by him by not deleting it and asked if Chris agreed with its content. Chris replied that he had, “No feelings one way or the other”

      Chris was then asked if he had attended the “Two Michaels” Old Bailey Trial, or informed the police, or defence solicitors for the “Two Michaels” that he could help the trial by revealing what he had discovered. Chris responded, “No”

      Chris said his intention at one time was to present all his evidence to a Police Station.

      Judge then asked Chris, “Did you ever consider the possibility that you could be wrong?” Then asking, “did you not consider the hurt caused to the Rigby`s if you are wrong?”

      Chris answered that his motive regarding exposing Woolwich as a hoax was to publicise how anti-Muslim feelings were stirred up in the country, plus he wanted to expose the negative prospect of rewarding of the securities service with a multi-million budget to further erode freedoms.

      Judge then said this Rigby conspiracy was, “extremely wide” .He suggested that MI5 must have got everybody on board from the Old Bailey judge to the witnesses of the murder.

      Chris used the example of Pearl Harbour to illustrate that cover ups do occur, in that it is now common knowledge that the Americans allowed this to happen so they could enter the 2WW.

      Judge then asked Chris his views on 9/11, 7/7, Tunisia and the Holocaust. Chris replied he did not believe the Government narratives on all of these occurrences and he informed the Judge that his daughter was Jewish.

      Prosecution then asked Chris if he agreed that the death of a son would upset the parents. Chris confirmed that he agreed. Chris also agreed that such a death would upset a half sibling and would be upsetting if the death was violent and unexpected.

      The barrister then asked Chris what was the purpose of inviting the sister to make contact. Chris answered, “To get a story out…. I am a journalist”

      Judge then said that the sister had received his request, “out of the blue ….didn‘t know you from Adam, don`t you think she would check you out as an Investigative Reporter by checking your site….. Obvious…..”

      Prosecution then asked how come so many agencies of the State have got it all wrong regarding Rigby. Chris said, “My job is for the good of the people”.

      Prosecution then asked about the personal comments regarding the picture of Rigby`s family home and also about Chris` comments about the rapist allegation. The Judge asked about Chris`s comment, “9 times out of 10, I am usually right” in relation to the rapist comments.

      Prosecution then asked about his research for his topics. Chris informed the court that all material used is in the public domain. Chris confirmed that he is an internet campaigner because all our freedoms are being taken away.

      Chris also confirmed that he had a Press Card and he was registered and there was a Code of Ethics.

      Chris then left the dock. Prosecution started his summing up, “…abundant evidence regarding Rigby family…. (That caused) alarm and distress… would have known or should have known it would cause alarm or distress”

      The Prosecution stated that there was targeting by Chris. Informing the court that since the cases in 2001 and 2014 of harassment, the” effect of publishing does not have to be direct”…. You can be found guilty even if you say, `don`t tell the person this`….In terms of Freedom of Speech (Chris) has crossed the line… (he was an) obsessive conspiracy theorist who thinks he can act in this manner”

      Defence then summed up. The prosecution to prove their case had to prove Chris was wrong in his opinion of the hoax. There are difficulties with “big events”, where people question the facts, his example was the Moon Landings. People can analyse the same evidence but come to different conclusions.

      The picture of the Rigby`s at Xmas was available to the public. The home address was sourced by means of Company House.

      The person who took the picture of Mr Vitler was never traced by the Crown to seek his motive.

      There was no evidence on Chris`s computers when checked by the Police that Chris had encouraged or incited anybody to do anything to the four witnesses, plus there was no evidence of the targeting of these individuals.

      Chris had written about the whole Woolwich incident, the Rigby story was a small piece in his essays.

      Barrister stated the legal test for Chris was, “was he made aware, he should not have done it”. Giving the example of the Rapist account which was taken down the next day by Facebook.

      The Defence stated that fourteen months had passed from the first post about the Rigby`s to the date of Chris’ arrest. No action was taken to take down Chris’ publications. Chris has never been asked by anybody to “please take it down” to the present day (31stJuly)

      The mother did not indicate in her statement when she first saw Chris`s site, and how many visit`s she made over this 14 month period when the articles were up.

      Again the test for Chris was whether he knew he was harassing anyone. Mr Amos in his statement never indicated that Chris had “overstepped the line” and he was going to tell Mrs Rigby.

      In the same way the sister was never asked, “When did you view it?”, and how many times over this fourteen month period.

      Chris never asked anybody to, “Go and sort them out” although he acknowledged that Chris contacted the sister, “only once”

      The website was for his opinion only, he is a journalist not a “nut job”. Chris’ comments on the MSM give an alternative opinion which are all his own views and assertions.

      After Chris’ barrister finished his summing up, the Judge immediately delivered his summing up of the case and verdict.

      Chris, in the Judge’s opinion, in the `Reasonable Person` test, had harassed the two family members of the Rigby family. There had been, “a course of conduct to those people, likely to cause distress… (Chris) should have known”

      In the interest of Justice there was no reason for the Rigby`s to attend court in his view.

      In the Judge’s opinion the website and Facebook account was the real issue, not Woolwich.

      Then he stated that Chris considers himself a journalist, who questions stories from the MSM and by, “just looking at photos can say 9/11, 7/7, Pearl Harbour, Tunisia did not happen, Lee Rigby was not murdered or was not real”

      Judge then said, “All in the (Woolwich) case have been seriously misled by MI5…..a massive conspiracy”

      “He (Chris) thinks, “without a shadow of a doubt, I am right everybody is wrong” Judge then said it is not for him to take a view regarding Woolwich, the test for him was just regarding the harassment of the two family members.

      He then said that Chris was a journalist with no code of ethics. He debunked public figures and others, in his view in an “unpleasant manner”.

      He had made personal unattractive remarks about the family and was guilty.

      Prosecution then spoke, Chris had planned this harassment over a long period, it was `high end`. The court costs to Chris were £3,980. He produced a Restraining Order for the Judge to order the take down all offending material by 12 midnight 31st July.

      Defence was then asked by the Judge to prepare a pre-sentence report as custody was an option. He also informed Chris that if he took the whole site down this could be used in mitigation when sentencing him on the 27th August.

      That is the end of the account

  26. yes no interlude says:

    I hope Chris gets a fair trial. Wish I could get there but I am miles away 🙁 I will be there in spirit.

  27. Driver47 says:

    I’m relatively new to this site but have read all the articles and posts.
    Good luck to Mr Spivey.

  28. ferryt says:

    Hi Tap,

    Wondering what’s going on with the page views? This article was well over 6.5k views last time I looked. It’s now below 4k views.

    Has the current top article been viewed nearly 10k times?

    Doesn’t seem right plus the ratio of comments to views is all off, unless I’m missing something.

    • freebornman says:

      Glad someone else noticed, 1984 views last night, it’s fallen off the bottom of ‘current popular’ this morning. Where do the figures come from?

    • ian says:

      Hi Ferryt & freeborn man, is it worth contacting TAP, it may just be that it’s over a rolling week or month so that the figure drops as it gets less views, but worth finding out. I’ll ask the Blog editor and post my reply here.

    • ian says:

      Hi guys, here’s the reply from Mike.

      Hi Ian,

      The Current Popular lists the top posts by page views within the last
      month from now – “viewed” is really “viewed within the last month”.

      So as most posts generate most of their page views shortly after
      posting, it is only to be expected that the “viewed” figure will fall
      away as the posting date moves up to and beyond the month threshold.

      Hope that helps,


      • ferryt says:

        Hi Ian,

        Thanks for that. Appreciate your emailing to enquire.

        No conspiracy there then 😉

        Expected it would be date driven or some such if the numbers weren’t being fudged. I think the subtitle should reflect this however since the title implies a stat that is not bound to a date (to me at least). Maybe it could be renamed to reflect this? Perhaps we could have all time popular stats too? That would be interesting.

        Anyway thanks again for clarifying.

  29. Mike says:

    Current suggests that it is date-bound…?

    • ferryt says:

      Hi Mike,

      Yes I wasn’t clear (ironically).

      It is date bound if I’ve understood.

      I think it’s ambiguous. Open to interpretation, hence people asking why the numbers are going down as in I think they assumed it is an aggregate number not number since x date.

      Maybe you could have an aggregate number too?

      Do you think it’s clear to understand?

    • I wonder if these will start appearing in places like Bangkok , Manila, Malaysia, India this autumn winter Mike

      Keshe Plasma Energy Unit Technology: Gasoline may drop below $1 by Christmas

      We are certainly living in interesting Times!!!

      When Mehran Keshe ( http://www.keshefoundation.org) gives his plasma reactors to the world’s ambassadors on October 16th in Rome, Italy gas price should begin to plummet. Italy has already ordered over 1,000,000 units. China is jumping on this with both feet. The Saudi Prince was told to stop filling oil tankers because he’ll have nowhere to sell it.

      Keshe says 10% of the world will no longer need gas by the end of October. This is divine activity being seen on a 3rd level. Obama was given a plasma unit on the 24th of September with the understanding that if America does not accept peace for energy, Keshe sends his patents out to the world. The illuminati’s backs are against a very big wall.

      The rats in Washington, D.C. are still in shock and are looking for an escape with anonimity. It’s very exciting times and the RV is liable to happen before the meeting, for the currencies in the countries with oil may become even more worthless.

      I am assuming that only the Zimbabwe money may be able to hold up since it is loaded with more gold and diamonds in value, than all of the oil combined in Iraq.


      Mr Keshe shows the final prototype of the Keshe Foundation Power Unit.


      Fellow Earthlings, Keshe has come full circle for humanity with an invention called a ‘Plasma Energy Unit’. In this video, he explains how plasma is going to catapult us into the future we’ve been told that we have awaiting us. I’m speaking of the future on which we are standing at the edge of a precipice. Keshe is virtually closing the gap completely on its arrival. We have to wait no longer!

    • This guy lives in Bangkok Mike or Thailand somewhere. His blogs got loads of interestingtopics and he seems a very perceptive intuitive clever guy

      Eric Dubay said…
      11/18/05 The actual truth that the oil giants do not want anyone to know is that most ‘non producing’ oil fields (for example, Derrick Island off Louisiana) have been found to have mysteriously refilled themselves after closing them down. This is because the vast majority of oil is not biotic but abiotic. The planet’s crust produces billions of new gallons of crude annually and this is refilling the fields pumped out in almost every case. That is why Saudi Arabia just doubled the estimate of its known reserves over its predictions of 10 years ago. The wells keep refilling themselves due to planetary mechanics. Biotic oil is a discredited theory. There was never enough biomass in any prehistoric period to produce the amount of petroleum we have already consumed on this planet to date.

    • December 4, 2014 at 3:53 AM

      Eric Dubay said…
      Well said first Anon:

      The biggest lesson in all this is that we must question our reality. We should not accept things as true merely because the media, educational and cultural systems say it’s true. Truth is that which is always true and is not dependent on our consensus and the media to remain true and we always have to dig deep to find it and endure untold humiliation for holding unto it because it is never popular.

      For the latest Anon, thanks for the support, be sure to leave another comment when you finish the book to let me know what you think! You’re absolutely right and make good points about the official photos of “planets” being clearly CGI and impossible to photograph things like probes in deep space or rovers on Mars.

      For example, through a non-NASA telescope, Jupiter looks like a flat, round dot of light, like all the other stars

      Jupiter Through Telescope

      Through a super-duper CGI photoshop NASA Mason’s telescope, however, Jupiter looks like this!:

      Jupiter By NASA
      December 4, 2014 at 4:42 AM

      Eric Dubay said…
      Mark Knight at Wayki Wayki has just published a timely new article on the subject featuring my NASA Fail Compilation video as well:

      NASA’s Cartoon Spaceship to Pluto
      December 4, 2014 at 7:58 AM

      Anonymous said…
      Very eye opening Eric. We have to stop accepting the dream that we have been spoon fed into believing is real since we were babies and question our so called reality. In case you haven’t already seen it, i recommend that you read this very enlightening article by Bryan Kemila it dwells a lot on how our thought process is manipulated by the elite.


      As you read, I would want you to have what the 1st commenter wrote:”The biggest lesson in all this is that we must question our reality”. Many of the things that he writes are true but I want everyone who reads it to be as objective as possible
      December 4, 2014 at 8:38 AM


    • Hello again Mike. I hope you will read what I put below. I am taking care, not to mess up comments sections on the latest tap posts. Anything I have a burning desire to comment, I use the search bar for something relevant. This Lee Rigby thing I feel is an exception. its more helpful to have the title words visible at the top for a while
      I will just say. Today, yesterday, sunday. I have gone through the same period, same type of profound feeling. I had back in late may 2013 when I was asleep, and then I had a week of ‘awakening’. I took the ‘Red Pill’ then. I have developed, moved, on, been through ups and downs. And yes im usre swallowed a few, lies TPTB lay as traps for the awakening ones.

      Nevertheless something in me is burning, maybe my Higher Self or whatever. And through thick and thin, I continue forwards.

      And Mike, I have arrived at this point on Sunday. And I am very shaken just like in 2013. However with less physical fear and symptoms. Because today, I understand, far much more about how this world works

      I have no shame being duped by the Spielberg nasa freemasonic conspiracy. yes ive done their bidding and perhaps furthered their agenda. But maybe mike, maybe, ive goe thru the eye of a needle recently and have come out the pther side. if my instincts mean anything I think this Atlantean blog is good

      As a side note ill add. Even if this bizarre realithy suggested, is real. That Geocentric is where its at. And stars and planets and sun are far closer than the ‘scientists ‘ say. it still might be possible to fly up and put an electrogravitic free energy Townsnd Brown craft, on the Moon. Even if its flat. But I sense, something very basic weve been brainwashed with since birth, and hollywoods a major villain. Is wrong

      Ive lost my train of thought now. Heres a quick suggestion. Still keep 5 commenters visible. But a right hand small ‘scroll down ‘ bar, to see perhaps the most recent ten, or twenty commenters, that suddenly come into view. That’s if wordpress software permits this

    • It:

      God, Consciousness, Intelligent Design, Duality, Satan and the Ego
      December 6, 2014 at 8:10 AM

      Lance said…
      Nice. You and Kemila are 2 of the most unique so called ‘conspiracy theorists’ (better word would be truthers) that I’ve come across online and I always look forward to your posts. You are both very sincere and are not new age charlatans like Icke and co.

      This is peculiar to you alone. Unlike the owners of most conspiracy blogs, you accept diverse opinions which shows that you have nothing to hide.

      I think the main difference between you and Kemila is that in the mind of Kemila, what you refer to as “an objective, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient conscious intelligent awareness, God which separates into the packets of subjective awareness” is merely a thought generated consciousness/energy/light hologram that exists ‘inside’ our minds .

      He calls this : Hypnotic subliminal manipulation or the trance state induced by what he calls the luciferian mindset and he believes that any state that we perceive or attain when we are attached to the consciousness within us is merely a hypnotic suggestion of the luciferian light of consciousness in our minds and that the key to stop being manipulated by the mindset is to connect to what he refers to as our awareness state that has no thought, suggestion, energy, holographic consciousness or color.

      But like I wrote earlier, he never explains how his so called awareness state became ignorant. Awareness by definition will always be aware. Ignorance by definition will always be ignorant. But people can ‘become’ ignorant or aware and that is why I thought that the better theory would have been that we were once ‘made’ aware but became ignorant by the thought process.
      December 8, 2014 at 3:04 AM

      Eric Dubay said…
      Great comment, I really appreciate that, I’m impressed how deeply you’ve delved into all this. Most of what you expressed regarding Kemilla’s philosophy resonates with me, and I think you may be better at expressing it than he is! I have the same reservation as you, however, and can never make it through one of his posts without feeling like he’s the waiter in that Monty Python sketch leading far away to the middle of nowhere and then leaving us stuck… in this case with the ever-present, inescapable, mostly inexplicable, all-encompassing “Luciferean Mindset,” which is the cause of all things wrong in the world. Thanks again for the encouragement! Peace
      December 8, 2014 at 4:52 AM

  30. ferryt says:

    Maybe total views + viewed since

    What do you think?

    • Mike says:

      Initially this “widget” started out as all-time popular posts although I cannot remember its exact title. But that proved “too sticky” and I was asked to make more of a latest popular posts widget which is what it is – that is the posts most viewed within the last rolling month – currently popular. I think we can live with it as is. But “Latest Popular” and “Viewed recently” may improve things?

      • ferryt says:

        Yes I think that would be good Mike.

        Just to avoid ambiguity I guess.

        Thanks for the replies and clarification.

        (Trouble replying with duplicate comment detected twice).

    • I think I understand now, why you ve suspected I am a shill
      But don’t worry, I have an open mind and will re-examine ANYTHING. I am on a journey for TRUTH

  31. Mike says:

    I will do that tomorrow then. If we post any more comments here – this post may recapture its popularity…

    • freebornman says:

      Thanks to all for clarification, it’s hard being hyper vigilant and hyper suspicious.
      ‘Lest we forget’ how cynically we are lied to on a daily basis.
      Brian Gerrish gave good advice on UK Column the other day, you cannot convince the ignorant in one go, but you can plant ‘seeds of doubt’.

      • ferryt says:

        I just endured c4 news, so I reckon suspicion is required.

        Mike would you consider an aggregate # next to the current # ?

  32. freebornman says:

    What with Spiv being silenced on this issue, I think it important to keep this article alive. If they try to play ‘whack a mole’ with the truth, we just dig more holes.

  33. freebornman says:

    Proposal. Some say, ‘music is the food of love’. This album is iconic to me.
    Everyone must have that song or album that says truth to them. Me, for one, would be delighted to hear it. Beat the widget!!

  34. freebornman says:

    This one sent shivers down my spine. System of a down 1st album

  35. Mike says:

    ferryt said: ‘ Mike would you consider an aggregate # next to the current # ?’

    Maybe we need a VIP widget for Very Important Posts – or something similar. And some kind of voting system. So that readers can flag up posts that deserve to be “sticky”.

  36. Mike says:

    This post has received 94 comments and not counting this one.

    Rather than a VIP widget maybe one for Most Commented Posts? That would be easier to implement.

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