7 Responses to “Car tries to run Ian Crane off the road – number plate OIL 6(3)66”

  1. rich says:

    Contact the dvla and pay there fee and they will provide the address details of who the car belongs to.

  2. THE HUNTER says:

    Make BMW
    Model 318D SE
    Colour BLACK
    Year 2014
    Engine Size 1995 cc

    • Tapestry says:

      good details. presumably a false plate?

      • sovereigntea says:

        Is the plate fake ? check it out … £15 quid


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    • Tapestry says:

      Everyone in the alternative media gets accused of being managed at some stage. All you can do is listen to and follow your instincts. If you like the work, then you have to trust the author. Crane’s work is excellent and consistently high over a long time. Also think how much would we know about fracking if it wasn’t for him. We owe him a lot as opposition to fracking in Britain could yet be in time to stop it, and save many lives. He can be as slick and oily as you like. He’s good whichever way he does it, matters not. I’ve met him a couple of times, and speak to him occasionally by phone. Of course there’s stuff out there trying to undermine him. He’s hurting them, and costing them dearly. There’s nothing oily about him as far as I can see, just a very brave and straightforward man dedicated to his cause.

      Ian Crane’s reply –

      PUBLIC NOTICE OF MESSAGE SENT IN RESPONSE TO LIBELOUS WEB POSTS: For the Attention of Melani Spencer (aka Mel Ve). In my message to you a few days ago, I wrote, ‘please be sure to produce the irrefutable evidence to support your fantastic claims!’ I have now been advised of your outrageously libelous posting on Freedom Central. I am apparently required to request that you remove all statements, which you know or suspect to be factually incorrect, prior to initiating legal proceedings. Consequently please accept this as due notice of that request. If you should fail to acknowledge and acceed to this request, please be advised that I shall reserve the right to initiate legal proceedings for libelous defamation. If legal proceedings become necessary, recovery of all costs all costs incurred in pursuance of the claim will be sought along with appropriate compensation for damage caused. It has also been noted and recorded that you have been spreading libelous falsehoods amongst friends and colleagues within the community with which I work. This information shall also be presented to support the claim that you would appear to have an agenda to perpetrate knowingly libelous falsehoods. Consequently, I hereby request that the offending and offensive libelous post be removed with immediate effect. If you should elect not to comply with this request, then please be advised that I reserve the right to initiate legal proceedings without any further communication. Regards, Ian R Crane.

      The internet being the internet the post is still around the place, and some people are dumb enough to believe it.

  3. Arbroath says:

    I fully support Ian Crane and the outstanding contribution he has made to raising our awareness on a multitude of issues. He works tirelessly and in service to others. Thank God for him, and Hats off to him. He has my absolute gratitude.

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