Bombing Syria Raping Kids


The BBC tell me Stephen Hawking says it’s time to properly investigate extra terrestrials. The other week a BBC documentary on the Byrds referenced John Lear (for those that don’t know google John lear Project Camelot) taking some of the band for a spontaneous loop the loop in a private jet hire trip… Jesus Ralph Ellis et al, these twerps really are tedious. I did laugh while playing backgammon and hearing John Lear being mentioned on BBC R2. Anyway…

I sent an e-mail the other week, this is my follow up. Sure, the recipients probably don’t give a fig, but….

Matthew Hancock MP West Suffolk
The BBC Today Programme

(in effect
Letters to the Bury Free Press
Letters to the Diss Express

In response to my e-mail ‘Please, NO Invasion Of Syria’ to the above recipients of 04 July 2015, only BBC Complaints responded 08 July 2015 at 09:58:
Today Complaints wrote:
Dear Ned Pamphilon
Thanks for the email. We have taken note of your comments.
Kind regards

Matthew, having previously spoken up on behalf of Leon Brittan…
“Business minister Matthew Hancock blasts the remarks as ‘disgusting…’

… I am sure you are already aware of this TV documentary broadcast in Australia on Sunday evening:
60 Minutes Australia: Special Investigation Spies Lords and Predators:

It seems unavoidable to assume Cameron, Hague, Clegg and a long list of others knew and know of historical and on-going child violation. Indeed, it seems the intelligence services have been using film and audio recordings of child violation for years to manipulate and manage politicians. The mind boggles. This blackmail tool is no doubt used to facilitate support for foreign interventions. Hence the link between child violation and foreign policy…

I draw your attention to this article:
2012 Defense Intelligence Agency document:
West will facilitate rise of Islamic State “in order to isolate the Syrian regime”:
From: Evil Triumphs:
The West’s Hand Behind ISIS Confirmed:
… I quote:
“The evidence is clear and unequivocal: Washington and its allies, working more or less towards a goal of Israeli-approved regime changes in Syria, Iraq, Iran and Lebanon, have fostered and fuelled the ISIS onslaught that is sowing untold chaos and bloodshed across the Middle East.”

Today Cameron is saying this:
Cameron to unveil plan to tackle Islamist extremism:

I understand you, they, who ever does this stuff… may be monitoring who is voicing against the party line rhetoric as per David Cameron’s 2014 speech to the UN:
Let it be known to one and all, I do not believe the Tony Blair/David Cameron version of 9/11, or for that matter 7/7. Excuse my French, but the official version of events is a crock of crap. I do not know who did perpetrate the events, I just know the official ‘stories’ are just that, stories upon which to justify foreign entanglement.

03.04.2009, then Today Programme editor Dominic Groves responded to my enquiry:
“On the issue of 9/11 as Im sure you are well aware there are many theories – some more credible than others – as to what happened that day. Part of our job however is to sift through such material and decide on its validity .This we have done in the past and will no doubt do again if any significant new information comes to light.”
Yes Dominic, what thorough and proper investigative journalists you all are at the BBC! Keep pushing man-made Co2 climate change, EU membership and Newtonian particle reductionist ‘Brian Cox’ science! What, the Big Bang Theory is just that: a theory?! Let’s have more views from Chatham House and the Tavistock Institute!
Trends forecaster Gerald Celente calls you ‘presstitutes’. Naughty naughty Gerald!

If my MP, his prime Minister or the BBC deem me a ‘radical’ or a source of ‘extremist views’ or ‘thought crime’ or a 9/11 ‘denier’… then indeed, you better have the US deal with the likes of General Stubblebine too:
Indeed, you may have to detain a lot of people!
We, members from both the civil and military communities, know the ‘war on terror’ is not as presented by the UK government or as relayed by the BBC. For goodness sake, stop the lies and nonsense.

I hardly know what to say anymore. The lies and misdemeanours perpetrated in and around Westminster are endless. The mainstream media, local and national, are at best compliant in doing nothing to properly address these issues. I guess job security and family responsibilities mean most people are too busy and or too scared to raise awkward questions.

I do not consent to entanglement and invasion of other foreign states when they are not a threat to us. As for the violation of children, I do not trust Lowell Goddard or Cameron or the BBC or any of you to properly resolve this unfathomable matter. 5 years to investigate child abuse? Just like the Iraq inquiry! Do I have stupid wanker written across my forehead?! Oops, there slips my French again.

Sadly, I’m not sure who cares. The Bury Free Press? The Diss Express? (I’m within the cusp of the Suffolk-Norfolk catchment border for local news…) The BBC? Even the majority of my village community probably do not give these issues much serious thought. On the positive side, there is an increasing number, home and abroad, even in my village, that do care and are aware. Parliament we know prefers damage liability, plausible deniability and apparently justifies anything it deems fit to.

Yep Matthew Hancock, you and your buddies can apparently do anything you wish and spin whatever line you see fit… and you wonder why people become ‘radicalized’. It wouldn’t have anything to with bombing their countries and killing them would it?! Afghanistan. Iraq. Libya. Now Syria and the Ukraine are being worked on. Keep droning those ‘suspected’ terrorists without trial nor jury eh! Have our mates the Saudis beheaded anyone this week? What the hell is it with you bloody people?! Let’s not beat about the bush, it is called psychopathic behaviour!

I’m currently working on paintings about Gobeklitepe, down near the Turkish Syrian border (oh no, not Syria!?! Watch out for green screen film crews!) a potential human history time line game changer; a potential catalyst for historical and perhaps even scientific re-evaluation. I guess all things change and even the pattern of awful goings-on will cease at some point.

Goodness help us.

Yours sincerely,

Ned, you should really read Ralph Ellis.  He’s not tedious, but very interesting and has seen all the stuff currently being smashed up by Isis.  He never once references extraterrestrials, but digs deep into ancient history and finds that most of what we’ve been told is deception.  Tap.


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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    It is Time to Talk about the Talmud.

    • Interesting comment today thanks. Ill study and consider then ask questions about at some point
      Initial thoughts and reactions are: it sounds scary and troubling. I say this with utmost respect, how much difference can you make. I know we all want to change things, all feel bad about so many things. But the attacks you’ve experienced, are scary. its no longer some article but someone im actually speaking to, and it hits me, this shit is real. I hope you can stay safe MS. I will pray, however I can, that spiritual protection will be there. The physics of quantum entanglement, and the freaky strange things the psychotronic weapons can do, that scare me to be honest
      The upside also means that the power of prayer is real too, its the same physics.
      Why aren’t they targeting you tonight for example? I don’t expect answers on these things I fire out. But it cant be a nice existence wondering if laughing idiots are going to burn your lungs again. I have many thoughts for discussion with you branching off into health things, health technologies, and other things you mentioned like Skynet and the psi computer but that’s not for now
      I find it all troubling and anxiety inducing. It makes me think too, there is NO way we are going to win. Unless some kind of big game changing external thing happens to upset the apple cart enough to give us an advantage.
      White hats don’t seem to be real do they? So were kind of on our own apart from Spiritual strength. I will read Isiah 27 tonight
      I still hold out hope Corey Goode is real, in his talks with David Wilcock. And that there is an SSP faction fighting the cabal now with parity in technology putting the cabal on the back foot
      Lets put it this way MS.
      We can talk all day, go down various rabbit holes, and chase our tails even

      But one things sure. The Scottish Rite Freemason organisation known as Nasa is orchestrating electric light disclosure on Ceres in 2015. I DONT TRUST SCOTTICH RIFE FREEMASONS OR NASA. But it shows us the wheels are in motion, deceptions on the cards.
      August much closer up orbit images will be seen. December I believe it will be 300 miles orbit. Glass domes of city colonies will usrely be seen of those huge electric lights
      My point here is, it is now GAME ON and this alleviates my anxiety somewhat reading about your attacks today

      I honestly don’t think ive been attacked and I pray Spiritual protection will be there as I don’t want to be attacked.

      However, and this is a much bigger question which you touched on many weeks ago. My depressions and confusion and body dismorphic disorder when I was younger that really took me out of action I would say. Maybe in some profound extradimensional all knowing way I was targeted. Simply as one of many with the potential to be some kind of thorn in the side. Im now waking up by leaps and bounds. I will stop the message here

      Sunday, July 19, 2015

      The energy waves streaming into the solar system have been up stepping consciousness for some time. According to Corey Goode, the Sphere Beings use their massive spheres to dampen this energy, providing for an easier transition. Recently Goode stated that this dampening phase is coming to an end, and we will see a sharp increase in ‘trigger events’ coming in with more regularity. Everyone’s comfort zone is going to shrink and this will provide a way for consciousness evolution to ramp up

      These cosmic energies affect the material, mindal and spiritual realms simultaneously, each phase of our collective reality will be affected. This will upturn aspects of ourselves that are hidden, so we can reconcile and move forward. The economic situation does seem to be matching the predictions laid out for this year in connection to the blood moon prophecies.

      But there is nothing to fear as these changes are that which will till the fields for what is to come. We can’t move forward as a people until we have looked long and hard in the mirror. This cosmic initiation will destroy the falseness of our age, and reveal the missteps of the past. Those who identify with what was will feel increasing chaos, and with it the possibility of something new.

      ”According to independent sources, the Earth is moving into a region of the galaxy that is leading to increasing cosmic energies impacting our sun and altering human DNA. It is predicted this will lead to many changes in human society including major disclosures of advanced technologies, secret space programs and [extraterrestrial life.?? Adam]
      Dr Simon Atkens is the CEO of Advanced Forecasting Corporation and has made startling predictions about incoming cosmic energies and their impact. Among them is:

      … an acceleration and heightening of electromagnetic energy from the sun and other cosmic energies that will build especially from late August into late September that will cause, circa 23rd-24th September, what he describes as a ‘frequency shift’ in consciousness.

  2. NPP says:

    I do not doubt you for a moment TAP re Ralph Ellis… it’s just a time issue as I know you know… however, your persistent notes made me think – yep, must get his books. Ralph Ellis noted!

  3. Tapestry says:

    The Talmud was substantially rewritten in the 1st century AD by the same guy who wrote St Luke’s gospel, and Acts of the Apostles plus most of The New testament, Josephus Flavius, working under instruction from, and empowered by Vespasian.

    • I like this comment. It seems to suggest that around this time, Flavius and Vespasian launched illuminati control versions of Christianity and Judaism. They sound like Alastair Campbells of their day. It sounds like there was a lot of rewriting going on. Including the official (not king jesus) Jesus version dying at 33 (occult number sacred numerology)
      What are we to make of this illuminati meddling?
      I mean look around now today. Justin Welbys background, and his family, hes no man of God, Hes a crook from family of crooks. The Vaticans riddled with them. People running Judaism with their Talmud passages, seem evil with bad intentions for our world.

      Could it be 2000 yrs ago approx. was when the illuminati moved up a gear getting their control religions into more order to keep the people down/?
      Satanism seems to reside and lives and thrives within these religions. I mean LITERALLY, Satanism and Satanists, even hidden in churches. It infiltrates all our society and establishment
      Could it be Satanists 2000 yrs ago used their Alastair Campbells and created a nice convincing cover vehicle so they could continue to control and take over the world and steal and rape and kill, all hiding in plain sight supported by an ignorant illiterate fooled populace?
      Didn’t ralph ellis say Flavius was a Romanised Jew?

  4. NPP says:

    … PS I still haven’t finished Not In His Image! I’ve listened to hours while painting and indeed this is the latest I found:
    The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt – Guest: John Lash:
    The Kalika Lethal Strike:
    Record Pegida rally in Dresden sparks mass rival protests:

    John Lash is so enjoyably politically incorrect.

  5. NPP says:

    PPS I didn’t mean Jesus Ralph Ellis et al are twerps, rather the BBC mind set, conventional science etc…

  6. NPP says:

    Dear Mr Pamphilon

    Thank you for your recent letter and email to Matthew which I shall ensure he sees.

    Kind regards,


    Sam Evans
    Parliamentary Assistant to the Rt Hon Matthew Hancock MP
    Member of Parliament for West Suffolk & Paymaster General

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