Ben Fellows ‘Not Guilty’ verdict at Old Bailey

I know your the Ben Fellows man so here’s the link to the latest news at 3:49pm.
Listening to Melanie’s detailed accounts of life at Beechwood children’s home as a young teenager, a culture of institutionalised rape, violence and murder emerges.

“When you’re being maltreated, if you put up a fight against it, if you’re not passive, you get it worse,” she says.

She recalls the terrifying moment when a senior care worker (now deceased) assaulted her in the grounds of Beechwood, holding her hostage for an hour, and her lucky escape from death thanks to a passing gardener who confronted the man. She was sixteen years old at the time.

“I was held hostage under the giant rhododendron bush with a leather belt held around my throat, forced to carry out a sex act… I ‘d already been raped at that point. He said: ‘Keep your mouth shut or I’ll kill you like the others.’ ”

During the attack, which lasted an hour, the worker, nicknamed the ‘cellar rapist,’ confessed to killing children at the home, the intelligent ones who talked.

The body of a young boy is allegedly buried under a multi-surface football pitch at The Lindens, one of two residential units within Beechwood’s grounds. Other bodies may lay hidden in other areas of the site, recently demolished by bulldozers.



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  1. NPP says:

    The Needle puts the needle into Ben Fellows in the link above…
    This is the BBC link within the post:

    Mickey Summers has no issue calling out Ken Clarke for unsavoury behaviour.

    Today the BBC are going on about compensation for victims:

    The treatment of Melanie Shaw appears entirely disproportionate and unacceptable.

    Yes Needle, it is a mess. Why is The Needle so sure Ben Fellows is a fantasist?
    The video of the police saying Ken Clarke is above the law seemed clear enough regardless of any accusation. Why would the police say such a thing?

    I half expected a guilty verdict. This not guilty verdict is interesting. Will Ben fellows continue to discuss the grope ‘assault’?
    Still, only another 5 years to go for the Lowell Goddard inquiry plus any extension Iraq inquiry style… who needs laws when you have inquiries?!

    Yes, it’s a mess Needle, and probably a welcome mess that further clouds the issue for perpetrators.

    • Tapestry says:

      I did read it. It’s how the news came in to me. The Needle’s Gojam is quite a confused person. Ben’s courage has been incredible to take on Ken Clarke. Let’s hope he feels in his soul that he’s extracted some justice from the evil system, and he stands yet taller from hereon.

      • NPP says:

        Thanks TAP.
        What do I know?
        I ‘feel’ Ken Clarke is some one I’d prefer out of the decision making process of my community/country. Like the Hampstead case, Hollie Greig case, other cases, if the ‘system’ wanted to properly investigate I suspect it quite easily could. Instead, the examination is vague or avoided or deferred.

        Indeed, taking on Ken Clarke was a courageous thing to do.

  2. Covenant Woman says:

    Ben, warmest congratulations, Ken, if innocent, got off if not. Ben, wise decision, move on. I Spartacus

  3. Covenant Woman says:

    Ben, warmest congratulations, Ken, if innocent, got off if not. Ben, wise decision, move on. I Spartacus

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