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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    ZG: “A cover up. A conspiracy”

    Yes indeed it was as you know from the letters you have been getting.

    Turning to the small matter of procedure. It is a serious concern that alleged witnesses to serious crimes are being put up on Television to face leading questions and have photographs of alleged abusers placed in front of them.

    No semblance of concern for ongoing police cover-ups, er sorry I mean investigations. No concern about approved witness handling techniques and procedures. No thought for the risk of witness testimony contamination or causing prejudice to any future jury trial.

    No worry that it might be partial and prejudicial to point the figure at certain individuals by simply putting forward single photographs of one man. Yes making this kind of point may seem by some to be overly cautious and kind to the alleged perpetrators but the law must be upheld. We must think first and act second.

    If we do not follow the Rule of Law then how can we be critical of others for failing to do so?

    The media and official handling of all of this from 60 minutes, Sky, Ch4, BBC, PANorama through to ExaroMi5News stinks. And the smell is beginning to resemble another McAlpine (NotAPaedo) psyopera with bells on…

    In other news: A Jewish owned and run newspaper (The Times: Editor Daniel Finkelstein) announces that the part Jewish PrimeMinister of the UK (David Cameron) has declared that it will soon be illegal for a British person suggest Jewish involvement in 9/11 or 7/7 or to hold British views in the sense of views that uphold honesty and truth and the primacy of the British people in their own land over ethnic and religious minorities who have swarmed here because of political policies promoted and encouraged by many Jewish political leaders over many years (some of whom have since been exposed as paedophiles, and some of whom are yet to be..lol). Of course no one I know is suggesting that all Jews or even most Jews are evil or are involved in illegal activities like paedophilia, but it does strike many of us as interesting that laws are being enacted to protect this specific and small group.

    I have not heard of laws being passed recently to protect or promote the rights of Britons and British people in their own land of Britain. I have not seen any non-European or non-White countries being over taken by a pro-Jewish elite and then being overrun by Mass Immigration.

    I have seen many companies and groups that support Jewish people networking and courting other Jewish people, Asians with Asians or Muslims with Muslims. Look at J-Date. Look at ‘Shaadi.com’. Look at the NAACP. Look at all of these ethnic minority groups. But what about White Dating or “Families for Real Britons” ‘British Christian Alliance’ what of these?

    Why should it not be permissible if we truly live in a free society for these special interest White British Groups to Exist?

    Is the answer because we do not live in a free country and is that also the real answer why Cameron is now out to criminalize what is totally lawful dissent against a criminal elite that has colonized this once great Nation?

    No what we are witness to is a genocide and if the genocide is of the White European peoples then we must legitimately ask who is behind it.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    As this is a Battle, and anyone who thought it was not got off at the wrong station, it was always going to involve engagement with the Enemy.

    This is no time for weakness, vacillation or indecision.

    You are either committed or you are lost.

    Therefore in response to Mr Cameron’s announcement (don’t worry buddy I think about your wife every night even when you do not…) I have a statement to put forward. It is not a statement of my own but it echoes most precisely my sentiments at this time and in regard to this issue.

    It comes from an author. A controversial author called Harold Covington. It was drafted in response to his own silencing and the banning from publication of his books in America, the so called land of the free. Books I should add that I have never read and know nothing of but do not let that detract from the immediacy intensity and insight of his words:

    “The highest compliment that one man can pay to another is to attempt to silence him by force”

    “To have one’s books banned and suppressed by a tyrant is perversely one of the greatest honors that any author can receive, and I feel honored. I am in good company now”

    “No kidding, guys, in a perverse kind of way, this is a victory. I have forced the United States of America into a humiliating expedient, one seldom availed of in the past because it was not thought necessary—but in my case, apparently it is.

    Basically, I have beaten the U.S.A. They have now admitted that their laws, their society, their system is too weak, too confused, too quavering with senility to withstand my words and my ideas. And they’re right, of course, to be afraid of me. America isn’t strong enough to allow Harold Covington’s novels to be read. My words and my ideas are more powerful than America.”

    I think I have made my point and yes don’t worry tonight I shall be thinking about somebody’s wife ;

    NOTE: If any so called ‘Christians’ of the sanctimonious, holier than thou kind find anything written herewith to be offensive, then good as that was partly the intention. The intention was to expose your ignorance, your lack of knowledge study and understanding of what is to be found in scripture. Prepare to meet Thy GOD

    No Forgiveness without Repentance
    No Justice without Retribution
    No Redemption without Blood

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