Anti-fracking campers move on after farmer refuses to renew his contract with I.Gas

For me and my approx 100 staff sitting just across the field from this camp, the ending of the threat to drill on our doorstep is a great relief.  The campers have sat out through all weathers.  Heat is just as hard to wear as cold, they say.  They’ve occupied the site and blocked access for one crucial year, and kept the drilling proposal in the newspapers throughout that period.  Fortunately the farmer has now seen the light and says he won’t renew his contract with the drilling company which has run out.  He realises that his farm would never be the same again and he’d lose his business, and possibly health and life too.  In the countries where the drilling’s gone ahead, many people are dying, getting sick and having their lives ruined.  The campers are educating the ignorant and doing a great job.   They’re now moving on to other sites threatened with fracking.  This battle is over and luckily for us, the threat’s lifted, but the war goes on, and the result could be horrific as the video below shows.


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