Abused children have their compensation cut.

My name is Odette, I’m a 38 Degrees member and a lawyer. Every day, I work with victims of child abuse to make sure they get financial compensation after their horrific experiences. They often use this money to access support to help them cope with their experiences, and try and live a normal life.

However, in the past few years, hundreds of victims of abuse have had their compensation slashed, or even refused entirely.The government says this is because they’ve been convicted of drug or alcohol offences. [1] They don’t care that, often, these offences are triggered as a result of the abuse they suffered.

Will you stand with me, and help give all victims of child abuse the support they deserve?


Today, the media sat up and noticed my campaign. I’ve been on the TV and radio this morning, and there are lots of articles in the papers. [2] But I’m worried that’s not going to be enough to make the government change their mind.

Michael Gove is the Minister responsible for how victims of child abuse are compensated. If he sees my petition growing, he’ll understand that people across the UK agree with me – that all child abuse victims should be treated the same. This might make him more likely to listen, and change the government’s policy.

Please will you sign my petition?

One of my client’s stories truly highlights the unfairness of the law right now:

Jane (not her real name) was groomed and abused for more than four years after running away from her South Yorkshire home at the age of 15. She was given drugs and alcohol and gang raped by men she did not know.

Jane was turned down for compensation because she has unspent convictions for theft and assault which occurred after her abuse and while she was still addicted to drugs. She has since given up drugs, has married, and is pregnant with her first child and now also volunteers helping other victims who have also experienced abuse like her. But the government is still denying her any compensation for her abuse.

Can you please sign my petition and help pressure the government to properly protect victims of abuse:


We can never undo the crimes that have been done to these children, but together we can force our government to do the right thing and treat these vulnerable victims of abuse as victims, not as petty criminals.

Thank you so much for being involved

Odette Tovey,
Lawyer and 38 Degrees Member

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[2] BBC2: Victoria Derbyshire (30 mins into the show):
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  1. NPP says:

    This symbolises the mind set of the people that run our communities; apparently psychotic.

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