Deception of BBC Bosses

Deceit of the BBC bosses and the ex Labour minister

July 21, 2015
Katherine Rushton — Daily Mail July 16, 2015

Sir David Attenborough, one of those who wrote in support of the BBC.

The BBC was accused of deceit last night after it denied orchestrating a celebrity letter to the Prime Minister backing the Corporation.

Despite overwhelming evidence that Danny Cohen, its director of television, masterminded the involvement of signatories, the BBC repeatedly refused to admit its involvement.

Last night MPs demanded an investigation into whether Mr Cohen had broken BBC rules by secretly asking a host of its stars to front Tuesday night’s open letter to David Cameron.

James Purnell, the BBC’s head of strategy – who also happens to be a former Labour minister under Gordon Brown – was also linked to what was initially presented as an independent protest.

Signed by 29 actors, presenters and writers – including Dame Judi Dench, Graham Norton and Stephen Fry – it urged the Prime Minister to stop the BBC being ‘diminished’.

The Daily Mail asked the BBC five times where the letter came from. The BBC insisted – repeatedly – that the letter came from the stars themselves, and said it did not ‘know about the origins of writing it’.

‘These are people who clearly want to speak up for the BBC. The letter is from the signatories. It speaks for itself. They have their own strong views,’ it said. However, the Corporation was left severely embarrassed when two of the signatories revealed it was orchestrated by Mr Cohen.

Presenter Michael Palin told a BBC News programme yesterday: ‘I was asked to sign it by Danny Cohen. He knows I’m a supporter of the BBC… so he just asked: “Would you sign? The charter’s coming up. We’re a little bit worried the BBC will become smaller and less significant”.’

Annie Nightingale, Radio 1’s longest-serving presenter, admitted she had not even read the letter but had signed it anyway following a request from her boss Ben Cooper. ‘Ben said Danny Cohen was putting this letter together,’ she told the Times.

In one, he linked to a BBC article about Mr Palin’s comments, which made no mention of Mr Cohen’s efforts behind the scenes. However, one viewer responded: ‘What could go wrong when the BBC instigates a letter to which highly paid people put their name? Huge own goal.’

Yesterday, MPs called for an inquiry into how the letter was orchestrated and whether it broke BBC rules.

The Corporation’s editorial policy states that BBC output ‘must remain independent and distanced from government initiatives, campaigners, charities and their agendas.’ It stipulates: ‘We need to ensure the BBC’s impartiality is not brought into question and presenters or reporters are not exposed to potential conflicts of interest.’

Tory Damian Collins, who sits on the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, said it was wrong for BBC executives to pressure its stars in this way, and that Mr Cohen’s £327,800-a-year job should now be ‘put out to tender’.
Harry Potter author JK Rowling also added her signature to the letter.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling also added her signature to the letter.

‘Clearly it seems as if the BBC broke [its editorial policy],’ he said. ‘This is a blatant attempt by BBC grandees to try to lobby ministers by using TV talent. They made that pompous statement that Britain would be diminished. Do we really think Britain would be diminished if Danny Cohen didn’t get his megabucks salary?’

Tory MP Bill Cash said Mr Cohen’s ‘job should be on the line’ and both the Government and the BBC Trust, should investigate. He added: ‘They even appear to have deceived the people who “wrote” the letter.’

Labour’s Chi Onwurah said: ‘This does seem unnecessary and disingenuous. There is huge support out there. Why orchestrate what’s already out there? It doesn’t do the BBC any favours. It gives the impression of over-management.’

A BBC Trust spokesman said: ‘The genesis of this letter is not a matter for the BBC Trust.’

Stephen Fry, Claudia Winkleman, Miranda Hart, Graham Norton, Sir David Attenborough and Gary Lineker were among 29 celebrities who wrote to David Cameron warning funding reforms will ‘diminish’ Britain.

Many of those who backed it rely indirectly on Mr Cohen for work, while others such as Rachel Weisz are friends.

Yesterday, sources at the corporation claimed that the letter had been circulated by Professor Brian Cox, another one of the signatories. It is unclear whether the letter was written by Mr Cohen, the BBC’s press office, or someone else.
Danny Cohen, Oxford educated BBC executive, famed for introducing programs that seemed intended to dumb down the audience.
Danny Cohen’s ascent to the top of the BBC has been nothing short of meteoric.


At 33, he became boss of BBC3, pedalling ‘yoof’ shows with trashy titles such as Snog Marry Avoid, **** Off, I’m A Hairy Woman, and Hotter Than My Daughter.

It was an odd fit for the Oxford-educated television executive, who is described by colleagues as serious and cerebral.

But Mr Cohen, who is also supremely ambitious, knew that it was necessary for him to get ahead.

His plan worked and he was soon promoted to run BBC1, becoming – at 36 – its youngest-ever controller.

A few years later, he became director of television, earning £327,000 a year. The next goal, friends say, is to succeed Lord Tony Hall as director general.

He was at the centre of the Jeremy Clarkson scandal, which eventually ended in the presenter being sacked for punching a Top Gear producer over a steak.

‘He’s quite a moral character, so it is very uncomfortable for him,’ said a friend at the time.

The BBC’s golden boy wanted to suspend or sack Clarkson last year, after he used the racist word ‘slope’ on a Top Gear special in Burma.

However, Mr Cohen was overruled by Lord Hall, forcing him to let Clarkson off with a ‘final’ warning. ‘It was humiliating for him,’ said a colleague.

The executive is married to Noreena Hertz, a beautiful Cambridge economics professor six years his elder.

The pair have spent years living together in Bohemian splendour in North London, forming one of the area’s most impressive power duos.

When the couple married in March 2012, actress Rachel Weisz was a bridesmaid, and the guest list included Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson.


19 Responses to “Deception of BBC Bosses”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    James Purnell former Chair of LFI, MP and Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

    Tony Blair former MP and Prime Minister
    Lord Janner of Braunstone Q.C. Former MP for Leicester West, Former President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews & Current Chair of the British Israel Parliamentary Group.
    David Blunkett MP and former Home Secretary
    Gordon Brown MP and former Prime Minister
    Chris Bryant MP and former Minister for Europe

  2. Jennifer says:

    I should add this little nugget from this morning’s BBC Radio 4 ‘Prayer for Today’, because we need to keep a close eye on the BBC’s little shanagins.
    This is the transcript of what was written/read by one Sarah Joseph.
    But is this a prayer, or is it a Zionist, anti-Muslim, fear-provoking, hate-filled, lie-filled, political rant, maquerading as something ‘spiritual and holy’?

    “Good morning. Ten years ago today, Jean Charles de Menezes was killed by police amidst the fear that gripped London following the 7th July London bombings which killed 52, and the subsequent copycat bombings of 21st July.
    Four years ago today, Anders Behring Breivik, a Norwegian right-wing extremist, killed 77 people in a double terror attack that included a car bomb in Oslo and a gun attack at a Youth Camp on Utoya Island. There were later to be thwarted copycat attacks inspired by Breivik in Poland and the Czech Republic.
    The perpetrators of both the London bombings and the double terror attacks in Norway were fuelled by extremist views, and a sense of superiority of their own position. Both were filled with their sense of right, and held to ideologies of hate which were inspired by the rhetoric of others.
    Two of the London bombers gave their justification in frightening video messages, where they stated that they had taken their actions in the name of Islam, and declared themselves to be in opposition to Western Foreign policy.
    In the case of Anders Breivik he had written a 1500 page manifesto detailing his political position, within which he listed his many right-wing inspirers. Breivik fought hard not to be declared insane, and analysts described him as having Islamophobic views and a hatred of Islam. He himself said he was protecting Norway and Western Europe from a Muslim takeover, and wrote that his main motive for the attacks was the promotion of his manifesto.
    Both perpetrators described themselves as “soldiers”.
    Our Lord protect us from blind hatred. Grant us the vision of a middle path, and make our hearts merciful to all of mankind. Ameen.” [sic]

    • lord charles of drake says:

      did the bbc prayer mention jean charles job in london?
      de menenzes what job did he do to get an mi operation kratos bullet in the mouth.
      what job did he do to get himself whacked?
      mistakes are not made like this anyone care to tell

      • sovereigntea says:

        Menenzes was an off the books electrician who worked on the underground, just prior to the event. Hmmm wonder what he wired in ? Surely not cabling for military grade explosives detonated under the trains, obviously not because that would be a conspiracy theory.

      • ferryt says:


      • Important tobring this comment to readers attention I feel

    • Ian says:

      “or is it a Zionist, anti-Muslim, fear-provoking, hate-filled, lie-filled, political rant,”
      No change then from the ministry of truth.

  3. Barrie J says:

    Jeremy Clarkson was not sacked, the BBC decided not to renew his contract.

    • sovereigntea says:

      All parties gained a lot of publicity and press coverage for their tired old format though.

      • Aldous says:

        I too have similar suspicions but my reply to Barrie on this thread explains it fully 🙂

    • Aldous says:

      What’s the diff when all is said and done? If Top Gear had been on the slide in popularity/viewer ratings and past it’s shelf life, a contract not being renewed is tantamount to being ‘let go’. However, with the programme seemingly as popular as ever and syndicated worldwide – one of BBC’s best money earners, if not THE best money earner – Clarkson was effectively as good as sacked but with no legal ramifications as his contract was up for renewal anyway. Some lawyers would argue that he still has grounds for constructive dismissal as employment law is a legal minefield.

      Let’s face it, he was a hideously White and straight fly in the politically correct, cultural Marxist LBGT BBC excrement, I mean ointment. To announce to the world that he was on his ‘final warning’ sounds borderline illegal to me in these days of company confidentiality and their employees. Did this seriously compromise and undermine the often delicate employer/employee relationship with such high profile entertainers? I would certainly think so.

      Whatever happened at the hotel – assuming it wasn’t all a well planned publicity stunt – was absolutely nothing in the big picture of things at this level.

      Certain it is that if I had been offered a cold meat platter instead of a nice juicy 12 oz sirloin after a hard day’s filming followed by a few bevvies in the pub with a waiting helicopter to take me back to the hotel several hours late, I would have kicked the producer all around the restaurant instead of just giving him a bit of verbal and slapping his face.

      The BBC has now lost three of its best assets because of this fiasco and I’m sure Chris Evans will bomb spectacularly in trying to replicate Jeremy Clarkson – who I believe still owns/part owns the copyright to the current format of Top Gear. I’m sure advertisers/sponsors would have intervened over Clarkson being ‘let go’. Just watch for some diversity and cultural enrichment of the new(sic) Top Gear line-up.

    • Actually Jennifer, that blatant copying pasting editing. Is no worse at all, than the blatant MSM lying, deception, blanket coverage of silence and lies on important issues. Such as the floor of the pacific ocean being dead. Bastards at the bbc I really don’t like them. That youtube clip is perfectly legitimiate. its no worse than the shit the Freemasons beam out to us all daily

      Crop circles and UFO sightings are becoming more frequent and getting increasing attention from both the mainstream and alternative medias. The History channel just did a big series on Ancient Aliens, Southpark did an Ancient Aliens spoof, and Masons like Zechariah Sitchin have been propagating the idea for decades. The Disclosure Project and so-called “exopolitics” are being pushed into the mainstream. The UN already has an “alien ambassador” for when first contact is made. Various governments are opening up “UFO files” which always hint at aliens. The Vatican officially believes in aliens now. Combine all that with what Rik Clay, myself, and many others have been saying all along and it appears we are in the final preparatory stages of a huge “alien” deception due to arrive soon

  4. NPP says:

    Racist word ‘slope’? Is it slopehead? This is so bizarre, it’s hilarious…. by the way the rudest word on Planet Gnog is gnoggernat…. I mean, offense by word is becoming ludicrous.

    • Aldous says:

      I think it’s to do with their sloping eyes and not head NPP. Personally, I always use the term slant or slants – in an affectionate sense of course and not a derogatory one. You should hear some of the things they call us!

      I’ve had quite a few drink-fueled run-ins with slants in my much younger days, yet 10 minutes later we were all good friends happy and smiling at same bar – when we weren’t thrown out that is. The trouble is, arguing with a slant is like eating a Chinese meal, half hour later you want to do it all over again. Then we were thrown out.

  5. lord charles of drake says:

    not sure what the story is
    mr cohen is irish not jewish.
    the cohens are an old rural group from killarney i believe.
    the cohen are not rabbi royalty just simple oirish folks.
    i have met alan yentob many times and his son daniel cohen many times.
    blood oaks farm event run by vanessa felts and ester ratface.
    mi5 film crews in all the bedroom walls and mirrors like being back at kincora and elm or the basement of the hoist bar in vauxhall.
    cohen is a good egg just because his mother may have been jewish does not make him not irish stock just like bob geld f off

  6. Ian says:

    Is Cohen related to the O’Rotshields from de South.

    • lord charles of drake says:

      i tink you been doin enough diggin
      now dere bee no needs for der anti oirish die a tribes from you fella.
      day ares der o’ rothshovels from der south
      lets call a spade a spade in dis talmudic matter

  7. Aldous says:

    Cohen’s handlers/stranglers won’t be happy with that image of the ever repulsive Danny sat in front of the BBC sign with him right in the middle, covering the ‘Broadcasting’ C.

    BC normally refers to Before Christ which the likes of Cohen and its tribe have tried to get changed to BCE or Before Common Era.

    He wants to be careful or they will cut off his appendage. Apologies, I forgot. His parents already did.

    Political Correctness/Cultural Marxism gone Mad, Bad and Sad – as it always was anyway:

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