Why religion?


Did Napoleon actually say that?  If he didn’t, it’s still a shrewd observation, and tallies well with what we now know about the fabrication of the Christian narrative by Josephus Flavius to please his Roman masters.  Even better though, from the point of the view of the rich and powerful than stopping the poor from attacking them, is to get the poor to murder each other, by launching military/religious organisations like ISIS, and then sending armies to fight them.

The other purpose of state organised religion is to hide the spirituality of mankind, and the true strength within us all.  All religions belittle man, and refuse to acknowledge our intuition, intelligence and ability to accumulate experience, organise ourselves and our world to the good of nature, of which we are a part.  Real spiritual knowledge is hidden away from us.



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  1. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    Short very profound article , hitting the bullseye in my view
    I enjoy very much Men Scryfas passionate calls to arms , Spiritual calls to arms where he quotes the bible and feel energised by it

    perhaps what matters in this life, part of Natural Law, or the Law of One or whatever it is, is to feel something positive from someone, Love and Goodness and just good energy, and maybe that affects our DNA. Remember quantum entanglement and etheric energy is real, the ether. Please note David Wilcock has shown how 2 beakers of water
    One with salamander eggs in, the other just water. A certain laser shone through the eggs, but going into the next beaker.

    Theres other strange examples I could quote. Therefore, positive prayer, positive Call to Arms and message against Satanic entities, maybe iots just the sentiment of Jesus Christ. Maybe it doesn’t matter whether the man himself existed or not
    Maybe Henrys friend, could still drive out Demons from people using another Good name, not jesus Christ, . Perhaps its if we feel and think the names on the side of all that’s Good. Maybe that’s what matters.

    Anyway the article aboves short and to the point and powerful and ive copied pasted emailed it on

  2. Mark says:

    ‘We know…’ – emphatic belief in this case. The religion of Isis or the Church, the example. Particularly Jesus and followers. Life and words that gripped, confounded and amazed Napoleon, through and on… yet we’re all fooled by Flavius you contend, sorry, ‘know’. With ‘the Romans pleased’ this fiction would ensure the ‘poor don’t kill the rich’.

    Without Ralph Ellis theory, revelation – you’d say categorical proof of this deception’s roots – the assertion that ‘Jesus’ pacifies the opposition against the unjust, has much in history to back the claim. Yet many saw Christ leading and present in laying down their lives for God and the poor? For the Romans to have inspired this grand ruse they must’ve been concerned beyond their times or made an unimaginable miscalculation. At least in respects to the proceeding two hundred years. Sure, they weren’t led to kill/rich but kill; selfishness, greed, exploitation, notions of inequality and oh… bring good news.

    Ellis I’ll face, when writing on a website, ‘Plant a Seed’ (yet to be), sometime late summer. No doubt you’ll be punching here and there in the meantime, especially, the most often but not always Church/Christian on the sidelines of this battle: duped by dodgy theology and unwitting allegiance to a caesar and their MSM talking heads. The fight ‘we’ recognise and therefore in, aside from early pioneers in the 70’s calling the conspiracy, isn’t often talking Jesus (worthy and wise) – awake from that sheepy slumber. Regardless of even a trace of Biblical influence, true news falls on the masses deaf ears. Having said that, for tacit agreement, Muslim’s generally don’t argue.

    Let us push forward in the Christ is a con or our conquerer debate. It’s fitting. At least you have to admit in this Josephus or God inspired story, the outcome, if convincing, is…

    I can’t think of an appropriate or big enough word.


    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:


      Monday, June 29, 2015

      Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, magic

      Moon in Sagittarius

      Goddess of Wisdom: Bagalamukhi (The Goddess Who Solves)

      God of Wisdom: Ian (God of The East)

      Skill: grasping truth when it glimmers

      True Alignments: evolving mindset, reaching out, shifts in perception, the ability to laugh at oneself, creating harmony, tuning in to a bigger picture, noticing and acknowledging the skills/talents/uniqueness of others, inspiring greater things, connections

      Catalysts for Change: illusions, reactions from instinctual nature, arguments that lead to stalemate, spreading disharmony/fear, distracted from mission, denial, in over one’s head, meaninglessness

      Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “winter frost in the woods”

      Sabian Symbol for Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”

      A beautiful and remarkable thing has begun in the starry skies and is building through Tuesday night. The planets Venus and Jupiter are moving into the same “place,” shining a beacon as they converge at the degree of the Sabian symbol “a carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission.”

      Clarity about direction, course, senses, intuition, beliefs, information, and assessments is delivered. The energy that is building provides guidance and information — special messages that guide.

      The energy is “exalted” somewhat since Jupiter is involved. Jupiter teaches us things that stretch our minds, so whatever is happening now is designed to bring things to a much higher and expanded level.

      Since Venus is the other planet involved, energy is added to what we value and love, taking those things to new levels as well.

      This lofty event has a caveat. The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter makes an astrological aspect with Uranus. Uranus’ goal is always to change, adjust, or align us with what is in our highest and best interests.

      We are just beginning to grasp the expanded perception, awareness, and insight that is on tap until the Full Moon and the Venus -Jupiter conjunction overnight Tuesday (exact conjunction of Venus and Jupiter is Wednesday, July 1 at 3:33 am ET/7:33 am UT). Until then, the magic of the Gibbous Moon phase continues to flow.

      Thank you for supporting The Oracle Report!

      • Mark says:

        I like you go wading and splashing in other-spheres. Something daring to hit gold. ‘Grasping… when it glimmers’. Knocking over neat tables, the overly measured and restrained from doubt and question. Reminded of P. Hitchens assessment of the SWP, ‘those latchers on to every passing procession, have a stall that looks a little too neat and tidy for the occasion’. Or the more often eclectic and relative hips, most militant against try-to-definers with shuddering dismissal of any using trad labels. If it isn’t positive that the universe is morphing onward better, then it should not be spoken. As though talking of the troubles, causes them. Somehow I believe knowledge through language, written or otherwise, can unlock and liberate. We aren’t necessarily only describing and maybe influencing people. In the Bible this is called Prophetic.

        Earlier you write, ‘maybe Henrys friend, could still drive out Demons from people using another Good name, not jesus Christ, . Perhaps its if we feel and think the names on the side of all that’s Good. Maybe that’s what matters.’ A longest at-it UFO/alien abduction investigator, post-Christ conversion, was prompted to re-listen to the boxes of interviews he’d assumed would were past considering. He noticed what he hadn’t, the prominence and seeming power, that name cried, those sounds and symbols – “Jesus”. Try any good word against evil presence but the name of Jesus comes recommended and claimed, tested. Freely available to all.

        ‘There is a land beyond the spoken word… Communication that only some have heard…’ (Doll by Doll) but let’s not keep it a secret here.


    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      But we must hang on. I have read that the ancient Egyptian Magic Religion, for example, was wicked. Before the time of Gods Wrath
      I still have a feeling something very strange went on 2000 yrs ago.
      And the illuminati Romans drafted in their Alistair Campbell spin doctor Josephus Flavius to control the narrative.

      This is what I think happened
      And I think some powerful force of good showed itself on earth to people at that time

      I say this because the Tesla physics would blow anyones mind. What they must have in military secret black projects, and SSPs, …….tells me why the hell COULDNT there have been some Jesus Christ like figure sent here? (not the Flavius version). King Jesus himself perhaps?

      But some kind of ascended master, messenger from the Source

      I type all this because of what ill paste below. BTW don’t buy mercolas krill oil or any krill oil. And in fact be careful what fish oil source you get. Hemp or Flax might be better for omega 3 http://healthwyze.org/index.php/component/content/article/637-common-frauds-of-alternative-medicine.html

      Im not sure whether this has Truth in it or not

      ”Just Like Magic

      The truth is usually stranger than fiction, and we have been studying alternative medicine long enough to know the truth. There are two main categories of frauds in alternative medicine. One category consists of illegitimate therapies that are emulations of poisonous orthodox medicine, such as the use of radiation.

      The other category of alternative medicine frauds is much more disturbing. This latter category is heavily influenced by dark religions.

      Due to the religious undertones, many of the involved lost refer to themselves as being “spiritual”. They are pagans (witches), who are following the wicked religions of the ancient Egyptians, from before the time of God’s wrath. Many Americans will immediately laugh at suggestions that witches exist, but there are modern-day witches with their own churches (covens), and their own set of “sacred” books. They have infiltrated all American institutions, managed to convince the American people that witches do not exist, and rewritten history to show that the witch trials were conducted against innocent victims of the bad Christians.

      The greatest trick that the Devil ever pulled was convincing people that he does not exist. In much the same way that Christians worship “The Father”, these people worship the “Great Mother”, who is also known as “Mother Earth”, “Mother Nature”, and “Gaia”. They flaunt their religion; whilst hiding it from us in plain sight. It is one of the methods wherein they mock the better people. Upon inspection, the breadth of corruption that they have had upon our society should become obvious. They ironically worship nature, despite the fact that nature is God’s handiwork. Following their satanic tendencies, they put all of nature in dominion over man, in opposition to God’s earliest commandment that humans rightfully have dominion over all nature. So witches play a big role in the environmentalism movement, and they started that work in 1970, when pagan groups manipulated the U.S. Government into creating Earth Day. The commands of God specifically forbid such idolatry. ”

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      ”Every part of the pagan religions are meant to mock God. Instead of prayer, they have spells and magic. Instead of teaching the virtues of celibacy before marriage, they have demonically-inspired naked rituals in the woods that we really should not describe here. For the upper level and old-school covens, these rituals sometimes involve child molestation and child rapes using their own children. That’s part of their “religion” too, once a person has obtained enough “priesthood” to have these “religious mysteries” revealed. Their infiltration of churches is the reason for the child molestation cases, in order to malign the church, like they have done with their new version of history. It is why our forefathers burned and tortured these people to death, because no earthly punishment could be bad enough. The end game of the so-called “mystery religions” is to eventually migrate lower-to-mid level witches into full-blown Satanists. It goes without saying that none of these people can be trusted to even the slightest degree. They are everywhere, and their greatest power is in their manipulative ability to blend in, and to make us believe that they do not exist. They are in control of our laws and institutions. You will find them in the leadership of every major church, in fact.

      Where they enter into alternative medicine most directly is in their promotion of magic. They no longer in public call it magic — anymore than they call themselves witches (“Wiccan” etc.) nowadays. The terms “witch” and “magic” tend to be very bad marketing for them, because both are truthful descriptions. They delude themselves that they have magic-energy healing therapies and “faith healing” that is entirely absent of the faith component. Their “spiritual healing” is an attempt to seduce us away from God and into their fold.”


      • Mark says:

        There are Pagans and Pagans, as there are Christians and Christians. In amongst are the more or less, decent, honest, kind – genuine seekers of goodness and light. There’s obviously also those who live and even promote, without restraint or sense of conscience, the opposite. As far as Satanists go, it’s a muddied term, albeit concerning why someone would want this name and association.
        The human enemy elite’ elite, they use these various public beliefs and peoples to spread sophisticated confusion and hostility. They operate a kind of false flag religion, at times infiltrating and manipulating, always media deceiving, all for their own religion: death and destruction.
        Their views, they aim to keep secret, yet they have their own challenging divergence within. I believe Luciferian is probably an accurate tag. Egyptian mystery religions, Kabbalah, Gnostic… and on to the ‘bones, to the circles of abuse and slaughter, rituals, they’re compulsive to maintain.
        These bandwagons they claim their heritage, secret documents, advance research and technology, acts they’re fooled into a sense of power, methods and activities revealed, is all for their deluded hope: hidden historical notoriety in the defiance and attempted defeat of the face of God in humanity and creation.
        Losers wound up that demons exist, who consider their engagement and experience a privilege.
        Wanna know what – I believe – pisses them off? The power of the blood of Jesus. Apply in prayer, recommended. Know what’s going to beat them? To quote LR: ‘One of these days some simple soul will pick up the book of God, read it, and believe it. Then the rest of us will be embarrassed.’
        And for those who don’t ‘get’ Jesus, you for his ideals and ethics, on earth… for peace, love and a lot more understanding:
        ‘John answered and said, “Master, we saw someone casting out demons in Your name; and we tried to prevent him because he does not follow along with us.” But Jesus said to him, “Do not hinder him; for he who is not against you is for you.”‘

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Mark im going to read all your comments in detail, and try and understand them when I can, thanks for them. Im also not that clever, I get confused. In Plain language to start me off….are you saying jesus and the bible are where its at? I think theres considerable truth in these too. If I felt under threat, I know my natural default reaction would be ask for help from Jesus Christ (not the josephus flavius bullshit version)
      I also not Gnostic Physics, astrology, theoraclerport.com

      Im hoping to reconcile and dovetail Jesus Christ and Source with these Gnostic physics. Yes I k ow the Egyptians and freemasons have messed beautiful neutral physics up, taking physics inton evil by signs and symbols and deception. We can fight back though and take back territory

      I mean, I want to believe on the bible. But from where im standing. its a buncj of sickos, paedophiles, child killers, depraved priests, Satanists, a hiding in plain sight satanic contoil and infiltrating psyop on humanity. I think Josephus Flavius has a lot to answer for

      • Mark says:

        Thanks Adam, I’m also not so clever and certainly can confuse. I am saying God is where it is at. The Bible the signpost and a connector, Jesus the one, the way, the face and person of the all in all… triune living God.

        Of course this throws up a number of questions, and for at least 95% of Tap readers, heaps of qualms. To attempt some perspective, I’ve lived a shabby and somewhat wretched life naming and claiming Christ for a very long time. No excuses, just blindness and failure to get a grip. I don’t blame the unseen opposition, and without particularly concentrating at all on their activity around me, I’ve pushed it… and the unseen positive, (‘angelic’ is a term), have had to work overtime. In amongst all – the gracious, grace giving, Holy Spirit, has managed to keep my ticker from being stopped.

        For God the word is crystal clear: A Tap and co’s direction, information and activism, wake-up and turnaround. The church flounders in a fog of trivial-compared avoidance or ignorance. Although prayer and some social action aside, are still the significant buffer against evil, the potential to be a dynamo of socially affecting light and liberty is patently missing. In the overwhelming safe to gather countries, songs and raised arms have almost exclusively become an escape from reality, a cosy comfort with little engagement in the battle humanity faces. It’s a later-day idol. The teaching is all business as normal (and worse) and for those up for prophecy, ever-bland and unfulfilled (and worse). On the other hand, and moving on, the evangelical-type ‘progressives’ suck up to the establishment collectivist’s in reaction to conservatives, having oh so gentle, endless ‘sensible’ sounding conversations, normally online. It’s sickening and deaf to the cries of God calling one and all to WAKE UP. There is no public word from God with any conviction or bite. The evangelical’s are moving ever-more into exile and liberals, helpful as sometimes can be, are not, in their giving-up influence, joining the wider body with any sounds of grit or salt. Balls is the other word.

        History has some brighter examples and overseas in the persecuted church there’s doubtless authentic glory in the struggles and suffering i.e. God turns up. God speaks, a true word is received. Miracles without a stage and showtime. That magnificent presence, hype-free. All consistent with the Bible’s promises. The Beatitudes alone explains.

        On this Adam, give the Bible a go? Give God a chance? Speak out like Jesus is… see what happens? Hunger helps.

        Thanks for the opportunity to rap (and of course, thank you Tap)


    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Hi Henry

      the Manila bank building you walk around. If its a wealthy bank I would not be surprised if its elite board members looked for real estate where leylines intersect creating a kind of vortex point. Where heaven and earth , the 2 worlds, become closer etc.

      The Freemason board members will have wanted this so they could hold rituals in the bank. And incredibly you discovered yourself the healing energy at thatplace. Its enough to make me want to goto Manila myself to experience it. I wonder what places likeit are in UK or even city where I live

      My point is this. It seems that in esoteric physics, ‘spinning to the right’ is important, in a yin and yang sense. And I think this means walking clockwise round the building will be better than anticlockwise. As well, you could walk round it either 11 times, or 22, or 33, sacred numerology. This I feel too will make it even more powerful. I have read too on Lawrence wilsons website the importance of healing downward moving etheric energy, using the mind to let Source energy in through the top of the head and down the front of the body into the ground. This is apparently very healing and rejuvenative. I wonder if you felt a kind if energy coming in your body from head down to the ground

      Apparently too another tactic you could use is to either do it barefoot, or wear leather soled shoes, for more grounding effect.

      I mention 11, 22, or 33 times around because (and you know im no fan of his at all) uri geller pretending to be a Newcastle football fan (like Times Finkelstein, that’s what they do for cover and to ingratiate themselves here) he appeared to have recently used black magic to help Newcastle avoid relegation. One of the things was running round the stadium clockwise during the match 11 times

      Can you expand any more on beneficial things you felt in Manila? was it relief from pain, or symptoms. Overall improvement in health/ Better digestion perhaps. If you were feeling in low mood, would walking there transform your mood? Do you think walking there could have helped manifest changes and solutions to problems elsewhere in your life, not to do with your body? You might have been having some spiritual communication

      best wishes Adam

  3. Lynn says:

    And instead they have murdered us. They intend to fool us for as long as the stupid let them. We have seen no justice for anyone in the power structure…And until we stand up we never will. How many Millions have been sacrificed and how many more !!!!

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