“White supremacists” next target in “Global War on Terror”

In the wake of the alleged Charleston shooting, which has all the indicators of yet another media PsyOp, the leaders of the virulently anti-White Southern Poverty Law Center are now arguing that “White supremacists” must be targeted in the next phase of the Jewish concocted and engineered “Global War on Terror.”

In an Op-Ed recently published in The New York Times entitled “White Supremacists Without Borders,” Morris Dees and J. Richard Cohen, the founder and current president of the SPLC respectively, advance the notion that “racists” and “White supremacists” are using the Internet to organize globally, which is leading to “lone wolf terrorists” committing violence and murder (such as the purported Charleston shooting said to have been carried out by Dylann Storm Roof). Dees and Cohen argue that the “threat” posed by “White supremacists” writing and organizing via the Internet, similar to how ISIS and other alleged Islamic terrorist groups organize, must be confronted.

We knew this was coming.

A VARIETY of clues to the motives of Dylann Storm Roof, the suspect in last week’s mass shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., have emerged. First, we saw the patches he wore on his jacket in a Facebook photo: the flags of regimes in South Africa and Rhodesia that brutally enforced white minority rule.

Then, a further cache of photos of Mr. Roof — seen in several bearing a Confederate flag — was discovered on a website, Last Rhodesian, registered in his name, together with a manifesto, a hodgepodge of white supremacist ideas. The author (most likely Mr. Roof) calls on whites to take “drastic action” to regain dominance in America and Europe.

These themes, popular among white supremacists in the United States, are also signs of the growing globalization of white nationalism. When we think of the Islamist terrorism of groups like Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, we recognize their international dimension. When it comes to far-right domestic terrorism, we don’t.

Americans tend to view attacks like the mass murder in Charleston as isolated hate crimes, the work of a deranged racist or group of zealots lashing out in anger, unconnected to a broader movement. This view we can no longer afford to indulge.

When, according to survivors, Mr. Roof told the victims at the prayer meeting that black people were “taking over the country,” he was expressing sentiments that unite white nationalists from the United States and Canada to Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Unlike those of the civil rights era, whose main goal was to maintain Jim Crow in the American South, today’s white supremacists don’t see borders; they see a white tribe under attack by people of color across the globe. […]

It has been pointed out by numerous commentators that the photos of Storm Roof posing with the Confederate flag and with patches of the flags of South Africa and Rhodesia under White rule on his jacket appear to be photoshopped. Storm Roof’s alleged manifesto makes a number of accurate arguments regarding racial matters, including the biological differences between Blacks and Whites, the outrageous and underreported phenomenon of Black-on-White violent crime, and the lack of racial consciousness amongst the vast majority of Whites in America (and around the world), but it has not been proven that the manifesto was actually written by Storm Roof, nor does it prove he actually committed this purported mass shooting.

The entire situation in Charleston is extremely bizarre, and it has not been conclusively demonstrated a shooting even took place in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church resulting in the deaths of 9 individuals. The Obama DOJ is already handing out millions of dollars to the alleged victim family members, many of whom have given incredibly scripted and phony interviews to the mainstream mass media. Do you honestly believe these purported “victim family members” are genuine?








The Op-Ed published by the leaders of the SPLC argue that “White supremacists”(read: racially conscious White people who care about the future of their family, children, communities, and nations) see the White race “under attack by people of color across the globe,” a fact which is demonstrated on a daily basis.
White people are the only people in the entire world who are not allowed to have their own sovereign nation states, political parties and lobbies, schools, neighborhoods, media outlets, and any other exclusively all White organizations. “Diversity” and “multiculturalism” (codewords for White genocide) are state sanctioned and enforced. Millions of non-White immigrations – legal and illegal – are flooding into White nations every year. Whites are violently attacked in their homes and on their streets. They are verbally and psychologically abused and slandered in their schools and history books. The mass media and elite political class are openly hostile to the interests of Whites.
There is a war being waged on Whites all around the world. And it emanates from the organized Jewish community, who have always been and will always remain hostile to traditional Western civilization. These are facts that are easily verifiable for anyone who takes the time to do it.
Dees and Cohen go on to lament the fact that pro-White activists, intellectuals, writers, and leaders are developing effective public relations strategies (such as “the mantra”), organizing political parties, spreading information via blogs, radio programs, and websites, networking with other nationalist and racially-oriented groups in Europe and elsewhere, and otherwise connecting with individuals via the Internet who care about the future of the White race. How dare White people challenge and resist their own destruction!
The Op-Ed concludes:
The movement is bound to produce more violence, not necessarily from organized groups but from lone wolves like Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist who killed more than 70 people in his country in 2011 because he wanted “to save Europe from Islam.” Mr. Breivik had ties to American white nationalists as a registered user of Stormfront, a web forum founded by a former Ku Klux Klan leader that has more than 300,000 members (about two-thirds are American).
Europe has also seen the rise of a powerful, far-right political movement that rejects multiculturalism. The anti-Semitic Jobbik Party in Hungary and the neo-fascist Golden Dawn in Greece are prime examples. In Germany, there has been a series of murders by neo-Nazis. Britain, too, is experiencing an upswing of nationalist, anti-immigrant politics.
This month, S.P.L.C. staffers will join activists from the United States and Europe at a conference in Budapest about this transnational white supremacism that is emerging as the world grows more connected by technology. The message of white genocide is spreading. White nationalists look beyond borders for confirmation that their race is under attack, and they share their ideas in the echo chamber of racist websites.
The days of thinking of domestic terrorism as the work of a few Klansmen or belligerent skinheads are over. We know Islamic terrorists are thinking globally, and we confront that threat. We’ve been too slow to realize that white supremacists are doing the same.
The SPLC and other anti-White hate groups expect us to simply accept our displacement and destruction. They are actively attempting to silence us and target us, arguing that we must be viewed as the next “scary boogeyman” in the never ending “Global War on Terror.” This is unacceptable, and a sure sign that the enemies of the White race recognize our time is coming – finally.

Source: http://www.therealistreport.com/


10 Responses to ““White supremacists” next target in “Global War on Terror””

  1. Rob says:

    The problem is anyone with White Skin, ie ME, is now a target for these morons, we will have to have eyes in the back of our heads whenever we set foot outside our houses from this moment on.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Thinking about it this all starts to stink of desperation.

    Keep exposing the hypocrisy of what jewish leaders insist on for Whites in Europe and what they demand for the Jews in Israel.

    In other words racial exclusivity for themselves but not for us. This contrast exposes those leaders as the hypocrites, liars and genocidal monsters that they most certainly are.

    It is no longer some fringe element of “conspiracy theorists” who know and understand these facts. It is in actuality now an open secret known to many.

    (Only the yet to be de-programmed left elements of the truth movement still cling to a denial to face these facts head on)

    About the proposed new laws,

    If they want to try to criminalize normal people for speaking the truth so be it, it will just hasten the end.

    It even makes one suspect that the jewish community is being lined up for a fall later on. But the reality is that they enthusiastically embraced their leaders rhetoric so it will therefore be impossible to have sympathy with them by then.

    • Adam Lightwarrior SSP solution if Disclosed right says:

      This is interesting

      And it addresses another train of thought I was going to ask about, people like billy graham and various others in America with huge following, its said pat Robertson too. What are they manipulating their flocks with, how? I assume to not let the American public awaken to the truth of the Elephant in the Room threat. Act like sort of gatekeepers. Keep it as a muslim thing if any discussion arises

      I have a sense there are people floating around these comments sections who are not so obvious but I sense their subtlety, yestersay was one, I could be wrong though

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Agreed Adam.

        Most mainstream large or successful churches are riddled with satanists, paedophiles and secret talmudists.

        That is why I will have nothing to do with them.

        However, given that as Henry Makow, Eusatace Mullins, Bill Cooper, Springmeier and many others have pointed out, we are dealing with a Satanic Conspiracy, I am not going to fall into the trap of throwing out God and the Bible. That is what the Talmud and the enemy wants.

        People might not agree with that. Fine. But fight the real enemy rather than fight eachother as that is what the enemy wants. The problem is the Church and many so called ‘Christians’ . The problem is not Christ. As Springmeier said one of the favorite hiding places for a lot of the criminal enemy cabal is within the churches which are now almost all completely oppose what is written in scripture. It is just that most people do not have the time energy or inclination to carefully study scripture and the proper study of scripture is what the powers desperately do not want us to be doing.

        This fact alone tells us where the truth lies.

        Remember we live in the age of deception. The real evil enemy wants us obsessed with aliens, an unseen enemy, ‘End Times’, arguing with one another (our potential allies), wasting our time and energy. Instead of effectively fighting back against the real enemy that is right in front of us. Whilst in the meantime our Culture, our Families, our Youth, our Nations are destroyed around us.

        Aanirfan is a good example. Yeah great reporting (not always but most of the time) a lot of hard hitting truth etc.

        BUT you go there and talk about action. You mention anything that is radical in the sense that it proposes real effective efficient positive change in the short term, then you will find out how welcome your comments and views are.

        There is a lot of this talk on the internet. A lot of noise. But doing something. No I see very little of that.

      • Truth Hurts says:

        I respect your desire to hold on to the bible MS although I personally differ on that path, however, ultimately I know there is more than this flesh and I don’t discount the possibility we return to a sentient singularity.
        Also agree wholeheartedly on Aangirfan, excellent information (mostly) but the real eye opener comes when you break down the name….Aan = Sun….Girfan = vanquisher of knowledge (in Persian), take from that what you will. My own personal observations lead me to believe that Aan is a muslim living in or with very close ties to Scotland. Can’t say I’ve ever bothered reading the comments as it requires opening and I just read the posts however if your observations are correct it’s a rather disturbing revelation for what is considered a primacy truth blog.

  3. Men Scryfa says:

    The question is can there be any genuine discussion about international terrorism or Child Abuse in the UK without having a genuine and open discussion of Judaism and the Talmud?

    That is now a key question.

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      another good comment not too inflammatory so email inboxes will switch off and delete but perfectlypitched to get straight shoting truth said, in short form, that seriously will provoke the reader to maybe google. And maybe come up with colmenaexperience. And start reading

      There may not be constant victories. There may be defeats along the way. But I sense we can really do good attacking and spreading truths , and acting like Trojan horses in peoples in boxes , for a moment getting their non cognitive dissonant attention

      • Men Scryfa says:

        What you are doing Adam is really ballsy.

        That is real action. Take from what most of the commenters here say and what you say and what Gordon says and what Jen says and what Lynn says and what you think is good and keep doing those mail shots.

        That is real action. What you are doing takes real guts.

        We know there are so few places like this left, what Henry has created here at Tap is like an oasis and it may be that some of us live in different quarters of that oasis of truth and have slightly different views of the water but we are all close to the truth. Beyond the oasis is the vast endless desert where the people wander desperate and are dying of thirst and lack of knowledge.

        We salute what you are doing by bringing others to knowledge of a place where they can come and drink and be revitalized by tasting the truth instead of the lies that abound in the mainstream.

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      I hold no fixed beliefs. If I saw evidence the entire SSP thing was a psy op id drop it totally, I wont defend anything out of ego or pride or attachment, on my exploration. However evidence seems to be the opposite, there is an SSP. Ill reply more precisely to interesting things you said in another reply. But yes I think its helpful, on the balance of things, and considering the urgent gravity of the situation we find ourselves in, to ignore aliens. I think the vast bulk of it is a psyop. As you say it wastes time and energy debating whether they exist or not. If after some big event or thing happens, we will know if there are millions of civilisations out there with motherships. But its not helpful and a distraction for us here now. Because regardless, we know theres a satanic conspiracy/spiritual war in our midst, and that must be dealt with.
      Of course it does raise the question, could extradimensional/interdimensional spiritual beings who inhabit the etheric plane and exert their influence on us all in the proxy war, as they try to pull the timeline towards good or evil….an argument could be put forward that these types of beings are ETs. Maybe these are the aliens, maybe the satanic conspiracy itself, is all the aliens we need be concerned about

      Anyway whats prompted this message is a few interesting comments I read

      ”I’ve spent some time on social media sites of all types and there does seem to be a great deal of incendiary and wild arguments that fall down into bitter fights, but at the same time I have had some of the most rewarding discourses with others. It is a fine line between trying to share the truth with others and being run around in circles. The energy wasted on a close-minded debate seems to be part of the goal of the Cabal and we are programmed to defend our beliefs aggressively as part of societal conditioning.

      The time we have, where we focus our attention, is essential for our growth and development, and while trying to share our knowledge with others is of benefit, knowing when to pull back is also advantageous.”

      ”Some of the best researchers have been kept from getting too close to sensitive information by the insertion of very likable people who are often whistle blowers or financial contributors (Among others) who also become “Trusted Advisers”. These people are actually Agency Handlers who steer them in certain directions or even cause conflict in organizations/teams in a way that they come out smelling like a rose and keep their credibility in the field.

      In the past I spent quite a lot of time on Internet Forums and there are a lot of really intelligent and well-meaning people on them. They would never want to admit that they have been manipulated by infiltrators out of sheer ego.

      Those who run Internet Forums would not want to admit that their staff has been infiltrated in the past or present by agents out of pride. I know of one former Moderator that was ordered to obtain his position in a Forum as an infiltration (He told me this himself).
      It is an unfortunate fact that not only is the field of “Ufology” completely infiltrated but Online Forums are even more so.”


      • Men Scryfa says:

        Adam great comment again. So much you have said i get and agree with.

        I will keep this short so then its concise.

        I am still working on the Sitsshow blog working through the information and will get back to you. But I can say: had not seen that place before; it is very very interesting; a lot of cross fertilization with where I feel I have got to; many thanks for pointing the blog out!

        Re SSP i am definitely with you and agree 100%. I also agree that it totally blows the whole thing wide open. Not with you re ETs BUT maybe we just agree to refer to them as Inter dimensional entities though this could be semantics some might argue.

        I always kept away from the forums (anti-social maybe?!?) that stopped me getting sucked in to many of those debates but most people enjoy the social stuff though which I understand.

        What do you think of David Icke forums?

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