Tony Blair to head European council on anti-Semitism

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair (Reuters/Amr Abdallah Dalsh)


Following his decision to stand down as the Quartet’s Middle East envoy, former Prime Minister Tony Blair has announced he is taking up the position of chairman of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR).

The council’s aim is to tackle prevailing anti-Semitism in European countries, ultimately making Holocaust denial a criminal offense, defining racism and anti-Semitism and paying for security at Jewish schools and synagogues.

In an article in the Times, Blair and new associate Moshe Kantor warned that Europe was at a“dangerous” turning point.

“We live in dangerous times. There have been three periods in the past hundred years when the annual GDP growth in Europe went below 1 percent: first in 1913, just before the First World War, second in 1938, just before the Second World War, and third in 2014.

“Economic decline fuels instability,” they wrote.

Tony Blair allegedly dropped as world hunger forum speaker over £330,000 fee
Tony Blair to become Israeli/Arab ‘unofficial liaison’

Their joint article refers to a recent report on anti-Semitism from the Kantor Centre at Tel Aviv University which found that 2014 saw the most anti-Semitic incidents in the past 10 years.

The center recorded 766 violent anti-Semitic incidents last year, which the pair said was“one of the worst years” over the last decade.

“As has been said before, but is worth repeating, prejudice and racism often starts with the softest targets, be it Jews or others, but it never ends there. Anti-Semitism is not a Jewish problem, but one infecting the whole of society and needs to be tackled for the sake of us all.

“Globalization is pushing us closer together so the effects of racism and discrimination increasingly undermine the fabric of society as a whole.

“Our individual success depends on that of the collective, which is why states, international organizations and other actors must join together to tackle hate and intolerance.

“If we wait for our armies to act, it will be too late,” they add.

The former prime minister announced his resignation from the Middle East Quartet last month, amid speculation of a deteriorating relationship with the Palestinian representative.

Blair insisted, however, that he wished to remain an integral part of the Middle East peace process.



47 Responses to “Tony Blair to head European council on anti-Semitism”

  1. Men Scryfa says:

    He should be the man on trial.

    Not the one plotting to try the innocent.

    The EU/UK, a nation of sheep, governed by queers for the benefit of paedophiles.

    ‘Freedom’ and the ‘Rule of Law’ only applies if you hate White people / Britain / Islam / the traditional Family / Jesus Christ.

    Freedom does not apply if you love Britain / White Rights / the Family / Christ / Truth / Honor / Justice / Decency…

  2. Aldous says:

    TB is insane for sure. It’s not entirely his fault as being married to that ‘thing’ can hardly have helped. I’ve previously read reports of TB suffering from the early signs of Alzheimer’s but these seem to have disappeared and now replaced by Tony Booth suffering from it. Perhaps they both are but is this a ploy they often use to get search engines to bury bad news?

    Tony Blair’s Christmas card is the stuff nightmares are made of

    Former British Prime Minster Tony Blair released a joyless, soul-sucking holiday card Monday, to wish everyone a season filled with death, destruction and general sorrow.

    Blair’s unsettling Christmas card, showcasing an empty gaze and toothy-grin, hit the Internet hard, inspiring the Twitter hashtag #ThingsLessUncomfortableThanTonyBlairsChristmasCard.

  3. Julie says:

    Still waiting for my comment to appear. Off topic, but not directly to do with jews or the banned T word. Puberty blockers are given to 9 year olds. Daily Mail. Transgenders are in vogue – Michael Hoffman, Revisionist History.

    • Truth Hurts says:

      Ditto Julie, I simply named the perpetrators of 9/11 and 7/7. A spade is a spade Tap! Don’t cower to power, simple disclaimer about comments posted being the opinions of the author and not the blog covers your ass 🙂

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Im missing something, can you explain? Are you saying an outside observing force is censoring our comments? Or is it Tap not wanting certain things said? I cant believe its the latter surely. Taps been fearless in things hes said in the past
        The perpetrators I think are the 5th columinists inside America and Israeli mafia too. I cant work out the uks contribution but I think compromised individuals all over the world, will have been in on these things

        Is Tapblog under threat? Can we no longer say things? This T word, is the j Good Book? Why cant we say the word T*****. I know colemanexperience wrote about it, the reveaing passages of evil attitudes

  4. ian says:

    denying the holocaust a criminal offence? Hmm! There is too much good quality convincing information out there now, that they have to stop it getting to the brainwashed BBC brigade. teflon coated pans wear out as do politicians. Teflon Tony’s worn out, any trace of humanity long faded. I can only assume that Mossad has a video of him that he doesn’t want aired on the internet.

    • nick says:

      It could be interesting to see this attempt put into UK law, because they would have to define the terms ‘deny’ and ‘Holocaust’. This would then involve legal people having to go through new evidence. At the first trial in the UK, the victim would get masses of support for their defence and the trial would get a lot of publicity.

      I don’t believe there is a video of tony doing something he doesnt want shown, I suspect there is a subliminal mind control method, otherwise its too much of a risk to have the target ‘come clean’ on their deathbed

      • Truth Hurts says:

        I believe Tony (or Miranda as he prefers) is quite open about his proclivities although he was convicted of cottaging under his middle names (Charles Anthony). He attended Fettes in Edinburgh and was allegedly very close to known child abuser and headteacher Knox Cunningham who was of course, also honoured by her most vile majesty.
        I think Tony falls into the same category as the likes of Galloway, happy to do anything to anyone as long as he receives a massive pay cheque.
        A truly disgusting mass murderer and war criminal who needs to meet the drop.

  5. Lynn says:

    Tony Blair…a fine statesman and has done a splendid job in the middle east. His peace is there for all to see. What a man of integrity and truth. A great example to all the deniers out there who are reading the wrong kind of truth. His flavour of truth has to be on a par with his peace process. Go to hell Mr Bliiar no one is going to believe a word you ever say again. You fooled us once and you will never fool us again. The racism has to stop with Palestine before anyone will ever believe a word the establishment puts out. Your track record has caught up with you. You have trousered millions of pounds in blood money. And the truth will never go away. You have blown it !!

  6. Cobalt says:

    Oh, he will fit right into the EU:

    He tried to convert to catholicism, and that went pear-shaped:–immigration-means-Britain-Catholic-country.html

    He’s running out of religions to ‘convert’ to to further his sick agenda.

    – Cobalt

  7. Julie says:

    From Morgoth’s Review.

    Tony and the Jews Strike Again

    “Tony Blair’s reign of terror upon the Islamic World and the white British would never have got off the ground if not for a Zionist called Lord Levy. Tony Blair’s radical immigration programme was designed and implemented by Jewess Barbara Roche and Jew Jonathon Portes, his foreign policy was led by David Miliband, another Jew, and further, Tony Blair’s ideological ”War Against Terror” was entirely a product of Jewish Neo-Cons in Washington. So, when a Muslim rapes and tortures a 13 year old white girl from Yorkshire he can take some solace that the girl’s people were the soldiers and pilots who shot and bombed his fellow Muslims. Tony and the Jews are also responsible for dropping fire on his brothers and sisters in the ”Ummah”. At the same time, that white girl can thank Tony and the Jews for allowing millions of racially alien fanatics into her living space against the express wishes of her family and people. Now, however, many people are starting to say ”Hey, wait a minute, Blair is a bastard but have you not noticed that the Jews are always there in the background?. And so now, inevitably, Tony and the Jews are back in action to Shut Down any such Hate Thoughts.”

  8. Mr Rearguard says:

    Ah the man whose own daughter attempted to commit suicide after he raped her. I’m sure his wife is related to Rose West.

  9. Lynn says:

    Good luck with this then Tone….the people are having none of it. We know exactly who is pulling your strings. Its all too late. The cat is out of the bag.

  10. Truth Hurts says:

    @Julie – And they wonder why what they call “anti-semitism” exists, have a gander and wonder, does this individual have an ounce of compassion or empathy? This attitude defines israhell absolutely

    • Cabalt says:

      With the greatest respect, don’t blame Jews.

      Zionism often gets mixed up with Jews. Biggest mistake:

      Most Jews want piece from Zionists like Tony Bliar.

      Here’s another one:

      – Cobalt

      • Julie says:

        @Cabalt. If “ordinary” Jews reject the supremacist and hateful teachings in the Torah and Talmud against all non-jews (gentiles), I have no problem with them. Do you agree?

    • Julie says:

      Thanks for the link, Truth Hurts. The Jewish Chronicle Reporter is pyschopath. His supremacist religion does not care that an Italian gentile activist, Vittorio Arrigoni was been killed. The killers were allegedly Salafists who have links with Jews and Israel.

      “A 2002 Iraqi Intel document reported that Wahhabis (Salafi extremists) are of Jewish origin. Does this link to their cooperation with the West and the House of Saud’s staunch hatred for Iran, Syria and many other Muslims? Also is this history connected with 911, which paved a path for the West to invade all Muslim nations; an event with many terrorists from the Kingdom, supported with intel and financing from Saudi government sources, yet these Royals were granted “diplomatic impunity” by the US government.”

      • Truth Hurts says:

        The ever distasteful Saudi regime, quite why this “Muslim” country has been entirely left alone while committing some of the worst human rights violations and atrocities is anyone’s guess….
        Well anyone with half a brain can see they are left to their own devices as the actively and entirley support the sickening western agenda of mass murder and genocide.
        Sometimes I wish the UK were as blatent in their actions so those who are missing half their brain wake the fuck up 🙁

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        That’s interesting Julie. I do not remember the actual Z word being used by o Keefe or anyone else. But the man he was sparring with, Fleitz, was clearly a washingto Z acting as the gatekeeper front with the soundbites

        However o Keefe drew blood, talking about fingerprints all over it. The Z Gatekeeper couldn’t let it go unchallenged. And then o keefe drew more blood. O Keefe is clever, he knows not to put all cards on table straightaway. And he knows when to punch hard, he was like Muhammad alihow he didn’t let the Z discredit him with smirks and sounbites

        While painting windowsills before, I wondered about RT, I have 2 theories

        – They could really actually be trying to do as well as they can for humanity, within their Ofcom or is it ofgem constraints. Topics are explored and raised like fracking etc, in ways the BBC just never does, unsurprisingly. Or sky etc etc. So its possible RT has no bad agenda, but acting within Ofgem constraints.

        – My other theory is maybe RT is subtly controlled by another big faction, the Globalist socialist environmentalist One World faction, the Al Gores and hrh etc.
        I notice RT still seems to peddle the global warming MMGW agenda lie. Unless ive missed something.
        Therefore this is a bit of a different agenda, of the more aggressive hawk neocon Zionist faction
        I could have this wrong this is my understanding of illuminati bloodline factions

        However this doesn’t explain how RT wont let you write about the Talmud. Or that RT wont refer to jews.
        (I think I have seen some critical reports of Israel on RT though)

        Another piece of the puzzle – Ben Fulford 2 or so weeks ago said, how RT has been exposed as a western media outfit, pretending to look like its Russian State tv. I don’t know if this is truth or not. Benjamin Fulford has some Agenda im sure, even though he gives pearls of truths somewhere too.

        I mean, look at it this way. Going off Peter Lavelelle last night, how he spoke to O Keefe, and excellent linking points he put to him, did give me some confidence RT is acting for Good

        Anyones thoughts on points ive raised here id appreciate replies to my reply button.
        Whats Fulford on about?
        Whys Talmud and jews not allowed on RT forum? I think its about keeping Ofgem happy while pushing the envelope as much as they can

        Any thoughts?

    • Julie says:

      Adam. To clarify. I wasn’t banned from the RT forum for talking about the Jewish elite etc, I was banned for quoting several passages (including those which condone paedophila) from the Talmud. The predominately Jewish MSM allows comments about the Bible and Qur’an, but not the Talmud, and there lies the secret.

  11. “War is a racket” said General Smedley Butler and the “War on Terror” is a lie!

    The War on Terror is a Lie” By Shenali Waduge

    To those that did not know better, the bombing of the World Trade Center on September 9, 2011 was made to look as if it was the first and only terrorist attack on mankind. It took just 9 hours to bomb Afghanistan without any conclusive evidence. The Plans that had been set well before 9/11 to take over nations was given a knee jerk with the 9/11 from which we can but deduce that 9/11 was likely to have been staged. The evidence to prove so is overwhelming further accentuated by the fact that Task Forces had been appointed to feed the media, to create speeches, stories and articles to justify the carpet bombings that would kill thousands in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The mainstream stands guilty of relaying misleading media coverage portraying them in such a way to give a totally different meaning to the ground situation. This occurred and continues to occur in all the countries US/Allies target.

  12. Sending U.S. Ground Troops to Iraq is Insane | The voices calling for more U.S. troops in Iraq belong to panic-stricken agents of a foreign power who have no qualms about spending our money and wasting the lives and limbs of America’s sons. These alien voices must not be heeded.


  13. The Great Wisconsin Library Wars

    The town said the Grobs could name the library and they chose to name it The USS Liberty Memorial Library,” and the town council approved.

    The Jewish community went berserk when the name was chosen.

    Gideon Goldenholz, rabbi of the Beth El Ner Tamid Synagogue in nearby Mequon, called it a cynical act” which carries “a hint of anti-Semitism” and is therefore “insulting to Jews.”

    Phone calls and letters from Israeli spokesmen in Milwaukee urged
    local donors to withdraw their contributions because of the “anti-Semitic” influence.

    Soon Jim Grant, city manager. discovered that someone was checking into his background, verifying his military record, and otherwise searching for some fodder for a scandal. Librarian Kathy Kafka learned that persons unknown were attempting to verify her academic record.

    Almost immediately Grant learned that the $83,000 federal commitment had been “postponed” because of complaints about the “anti-Semitic”

    Read more: ttp://,_grafton_USS_Lib_library.htm

  14. Aldous says:

    That first image of Blair reminded me of the inept stuttering lawyer in My Cousin Vinny.
    Monster Blair seems to be trying to get the F word out without success. The man is, of course, quite insane and should not be approached. Locking up one’s sons and daughters when it’s in town is advisable.

    The wayward lawyer
    Anthony Charles Lynton Blair married Cherie Booth on 29th March 1980. Just four years out of University, Blair was trying to establish himself as a barrister – but not with much success.

    “He wasn’t very good” says a retired commercial lawyer who hired him [Blair] at the time through Derry Irvine’s Chambers. “Frankly he didn’t listen to the brief, and he caved in to the Judge…to the fury of my clients. So I fired him. I told Derry, ‘Don’t ever send that twat to me again'”.

    My Cousin Vinny – Stuttering Lawyer Scene 2:50

  15. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    Yes he did, he used that term. This was an explosive crosstalk. He touched a nerve with the Zionist, saying we know whos fingerprints were all over 911
    he was relentless. I cant help think RT peter lavelle are acting on the side of Good. Tonights crosstalk is a symptom how much things are changing, the breakthroughs

  16. Jennifer says:

    ‘Chicken hawk’ is also a term used by homosexuals for older men who pursue young men. As you say, haha. Maybe Ken really did hit that nerve.

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Status Quo Act – last nights RT crosstalk . I notice how Peter LaVelle, and David Dimbelby for example, are completely opposite types of anchors. Lavelle doesn’t seem like a Gatekeeper, and he gave Ken o Keefe a very fair balanced exposure and im very impressed with Peter Lavelle too

      • Julie says:

        Adam … I just watched the RT Crosstalk with Ken O’Keefe … O’Keefe must have been on strict instructions not to say that Israel was responsible for 9/11 … he says this on his own videos. The RT Crosstalk show “Stupid Wars” with O’Keefe last year was more enlightening. I remember clearly there were over 100 comments on the RT link, nearly all supporting O’Keefe … strange when I looked today RT has ZERO comments about the show, yet the Youtube copy of the programme has 240 comments.

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      He mentions Larry Silverstein and the asbestos riddled total bad investment of the twin towers. Andhis massive billions of insurance in summer 2001. He mentions the gold tassled flag in the US, and maritime law

      • Julie says:

        Thanks Adam. I’m going to watch it later. Did they say Zionists or Jews? RT never says it was the Jews. RT banned me on their forums for quoting from the Talmud (in a respectful way).

  17. There has been a monumental lie which we call “The War on Terror” waged against Muslims on a global scale aimed at destroying an entire civilization and it’s time that the world puts a stop to the propagation of this destructive deception any further before war criminals destroy one of the ancient and most civilized countries namely Iran which has not done any harm to anyone but minded their own business.

    West and Israel created Wahhabism aimed at destroying true Islam.

    “The West-Al Qaeda-Wahhabis manipulating Muslims and Islam” By Shenali D Waduge

  18. This is very true Julie and thanks for standing up!

    “If “ordinary” Jews reject the supremacist and hateful teachings in the Torah and Talmud against all non-Jews (gentiles), I have no problem with them. Do you agree?”

  19. Zionist created Wahhabism needs to be exposed to the fullest extent by non Muslims because most Muslims are ignorant about who created it or simply not willing to do it themselves!

    “Ban Wahhabism in Sri Lanka to save Muslims and Sri Lanka” By Shenali Waduge

    What is pertinent and needs to be stressed is that while Sinhalese never had second thoughts about admitting the wrongs the JVP committed through its terror period of the 1980s, not very many Tamils were ready to openly denounce LTTE atrocities and it appears Muslims are taking that same path. Admitting and identifying the mischief maker is what is important in the interest of the peaceful existence that needs to prevail

  20. Julie you are a treasure!

    To demonstrate that kind of courage at a time it is most needed – which very few people are willing to do and few people like you can make a big difference.

    And God bless!

  21. salty says:

    Holocaust-denier Caracciolo out of M5S Rome contest

    Anti-establishment movement to suspend mayor candidate

    16 February 2016.

  22. salty says:

    War crime?

    Israel destroys Gaza crops with aerial herbicide spraying

    18th February 2016.

    Gaza farmers have lost 187 hectares of crops to aerial spraying of herbicides by Israel hundreds of meters within the territory’s borders.

    The action, carried out in the name of ‘security’, further undermines Gaza’s ability to feed itself and may permanently deprive farmers of their livelihoods.

    It may also represent a war crime under the 1977 Protocol to the Geneva Conventions.

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