The story of Hitler’s escape to South America is going mainstream

NPP (Ned) sent this email today.  As he says, the story of Hitler’s escape is no longer in the deny deny camp by the mainstream media.  It’s breaking out.  But notice the subtle spin being put upon the new narrative.  Hitler was in fact got out with the help of the British and the Americans, and the cabal who controlled the war from the very beginning right until its end – the Illuminati as Churchill called them.  The whole war was choreographed, with all sides controlled by the same higher cabal with Churchill, Hitler and Stalin all being agents controlled by the cabal.  That story is still being well and truly hidden.  The Hitler escape is as a result being labelled a ‘Nazi plot’.  The recent revelations by Moscow that Hitler’s body wasn’t discovered in Berlin is probably why the deny approach is now being abandoned, and Hitler’s escape at last being admitted.
How many more revelations will Putin make?  And how much credibility do second world conventional historians have left?  Not much.  Sharkhunters (Harry Cooper) is following the story of the Russian revelations, and the recent release of two million new historical documents from WW2.  Website URL below.  There must be a general awakening to what really lay behind WW2, being fostered by Putin and Moscow, who are apparently no long controlled by the cabal, although Putin must have played a double game to have survived this far and got to where he has.  Once people realise that all wars are created by the same agency for the same purposes, destruction of nations, political control and depopulation, then the current system of world control being employed to create chaos across the Middle East and many other places, could yet be frustrated and brought to an end.  Truth has a power that could halt the bombs and the other instruments of the killing machine.  Blogs have their purpose.  Keep looking and keep reading.  Hitler’s escape is merely the first domino.
Hitler spent much of the war in the high Alps, a place he could easily have been assassinated by a determined attack from the air,  yet he wasn’t.  None of the war makes any sense.  The Germans defeated the British and French at Dunkirk, yet allowed them to escape.  They won the Battle Of Britain, then stopped attacking airfields and started bombing cities.  They never attacked the radar masts on the south coast.  Had Doenitz been given as many submarines as he asked, he could have closed off the Atlantic in 1941, and the war with Britain ended.  German Intelligence was compromised all through the war which is why the Bletchley Park myth is endlessly propagated and Allen Turing was assassinated.  The Germans were supposedly fooled into thinking the D Day attack was coming at Calais.  After D Day Patton closed around the German Army at Falaise yet 250,000 were allowed to escape when the gap wasn’t closed – just one mile.  In 1944 his fuel supply was cut off to stop him capturing the Ruhr and ending the war.  He was ordered not to cross the Rhine despite it not being defended.  The Germans were ten miles from Moscow in 1942 well in time for winter, but were ordered to turn South to Stalingrad.  None of the battles make any sense.  Will Putin start spilling out these truths?  Russians would find it hard it to believe, yet in his determination to stop NATO, he will need to expose the real history of WW2 to the world.

This programme based upon Gerrard Williams may well piss you off. My first thought is why don’t they ask Harry? Ah Harry, you can only do your best and if others do not come to you, be aware and keep doing your best. It is bizarre that Williams is not referencing Sharkhunters. Is this is a controlled expose?

I have posted on Richie Allen’s FaceBook page.
Please Richie, interview Harry Cooper. If Cooper is peddling nonsense, let’s find out. David Icke has published:…/hitler-did-escape-germany-in-19…/
It’s the Daily Express, Gerrard Williams and ‘claims due to be aired in an explosive television expose’. A ‘controlled expose’? I do not know. My ‘gut feeling’ is the Express are dodgy; if I were a journalist I would at the very least be investigating Sharkhunters:
Why is it so difficult for Harry Cooper to secure interviews on a wider basis?
I assume you and David take Jeff Rense seriously… Rense supports the work of Harry Cooper:
Time Out: Shark Hunters Intro Show:
FYI TAP blog again published your newsletter. It was not me. This is good:
I will Cc this to TAP too.




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  1. Fred says:

    For Hitlers faith read: The Interrogation of Heinrich Muller and Conversations with Crowley by Gregory Douglas.

  2. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    what a fucking fantastic article. So good, ive had a hard choiceknowing what tocopy and paste intoan email to tease and coax and seduce and prick the many peoples email inbox consciousness, I email. Whoever wrote this article I like it

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