A revolutionary water purification system

TAP – Gordon, this is a product tested by the person selling it.  It’s interesting, but I’d prefer third party verification.  The best way to take metals out of water is filtration.  Down to half a micron.  The filters work and are not slow if plumbed into the mains.  Filters don’t remove fluoride however, so I’d be interested in how this system is able to remove Fluoride as it claims to do.   The water filtered still contains all the good elements and is nutritious.  Bottled water has less regulation than tap water, and can contain preservatives as well as toxins that it doesn’t need to declare.  Filtered water carried around in a glass container is OK, bar fluoridation, which needs other kit to remove it.  If the water has bacterial/viral problems, you need a UV add-on to neutralise such pathogens.  These will not be around in public water supply in rich countries as a general rule, but might be a problem in a private water supply, or in third world public water supplies.  Read this advertorial as it is interesting, but use your discretion.

As far as I can see the only difference between this system and others is the pump.  Plumbed in systems don’t need a pump and can filter the whole water supply for the house so you’re not washing your kids in toxic metals in the shower.  This is just a kitchen work-top device.

There is no substitute for a whole house filtration system, with filters in line starting at around 15 microns and ending at half a micron at the sink.  In fact it’s the first line of defence you need to make to hold back the toxic tide being directed at you, and is always money very well spent.  Nothing else can improve the quality of your life so directly and quickly, and they’re getting cheaper and more common.  It’s a good post from Gordon as it gets us thinking again about this important topic.


Health Ranger: The revolutionary water purification system I’ll soon be using in my own kitchen

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Dear NaturalNews readers,

I’ve identified a breakthrough countertop water filtration system that I think you need to know about. It’s not out yet, but I got my hands on a prototype and tested it in my lab for its ability to remove heavy metals and elements with radioactive isotopes (such as Cesium-137).

I’ve done a lot of testing of various off-the-shelf water filters, and I’ve identified three that work very well (including the Big Berkey). But they all suffer from the challenge of being very slow. They’re gravity filters, and they can take hours to filter a couple of gallons of water.

TAP – most filters work on water pressure pushing the water through the filters, not gravity.

The AquaTru water purifier that’s about to be released purifies water rapidly, using a fascinating countertop reverse osmosis technology that also removes toxic elements down to single-digit parts per billion levels. It’s blazing fast because it benefits from a small, silent pump that pushes the water though a four-stage filtration process with sufficient pressure to speed the entire process.

Remarkably, the AquaTru system doesn’t require any plumbing at all. You simply add water into a removable tap water reservoir, place it on the machine and it filters the water automatically, producing ultra-clean water in a BPA-free receptacle (with its own dispenser) that you can detach and put into the refrigerator, if you want, to chill the water.

The system removes 128 toxic chemicals and heavy metals from your water, including most of the fluoride found in city water. I don’t yet have the exact fluoride removal testing numbers because I’m waiting for our Ion Chromatography instrument to come online. Once that’s up and running, we’ll be able to confirm the fluoride removal for all water filters with scientific accuracy.

TAP – most filters don’t remove fluoride so that will be interesting.

Here’s the removal percentages of the AquaTru system for toxic elements, as documented via ICP-MS instrumentation in my own lab:

Aluminum reduction = 92.99%
Copper reduction = 99.79%
Arsenic reduction = 99.90%
Strontium reduction = 98.80%
Cadmium reduction = 100.00%
Cesium reduction = 100.00%
Mercury reduction = 100.00%
Lead reduction = 99.90%
Uranium reduction = 100.00%

The AquaTru water filter system is so new that it’s currently in pre-production. The tooling is being completed and units will be shipped to all pre-order customers before year’s end.

I’ve arranged for Natural News readersto get a special discount of 40% off the retail price but only if you order before June 12th, via this link, but (after which the pre-order price goes up):

CONSERVES water instead of WASTING it

Another important benefit of the AquaTru system is its remarkable ability to conserve water. Unlike other RO systems that waste more water than they produce, the AquaTru system uses a patent-pending water conservation technology that is around four times more efficient than professionally installed under-the-sink RO systems.

The result is LESS water wasted (by far), and MORE fresh water to drink.

While it’s saving you money on your water bill, it’s also saving you a small fortune compared to buying bottled water! Did you know that bottled water costs more per gallon than gasoline? Did you also know that Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestle water bottling operations all run on TAP WATER that’s merely filtered and “polished” before it’s bottled into plastic?

Now you can make your own better-than-bottled water for just pennies a gallon. Even better, you avoid consuming and throwing away all those BPA plastic bottles that end up in landfill or worse polluting our water ways. And did you know you could power 1 million cars for a full year with the petroleum used to make those plastic bottles?  And that’s before trucking the water all over the country to your local store or home delivery. Besides, do you really want to hand your money over to corporations like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestle?

No matter how you look at it, it just makes more sense to purify your own water. It’s less expensive, more environmentally sound, and it produces a better quality water when you’re using technology like AquaTru.

One note about AquaTru: It uses a small amount of electricity (about $2.00 a year for the average family of four), meaning it’s not an off-grid water filter. For emergencies you could run it off a single solar panel but I still suggest you own a non-electric gravity filter like the Big Berkey for emergency use. But for routine use to quickly produce the water you need day to day, the AquaTru system is the perfect combination of speed, filtration effectiveness and affordability.

Pre-orders placed before June 12th receive a 40% off discount, via this link:


AquaTru is the home water filtration system I’ll be using from here forward! I’ve placed my own pre-order for the system, and I’ll be using it for everyday drinking water, cooking water and water for my pets. (Your dogs and cats deserve clean water too…)

No matter how the water quality provided by your local city keeps plunging, you can always make your own better-than-bottled water in your own kitchen using the AquaTru system:

– No plumbing required.
– Filters out heavy metals, fluoride and toxic elements.
– Conserves water compared to traditional RO systems.
– Filters water FAST.
– Is virtually silent.
– Removes pharmaceuticals, chlorine, pesticides, fluoride, bacteria and much more…

One more benefit: Every pre-order of the AquaTru results in a small but significant donation to our Consumer Wellness Center non-profit, which donates food grow systems to schools across America. (In the first wave, we donated 250 such systems. A second wave of donations is already gearing up with a new, improved Food Rising grow system that I’ll reveal soon…)

So by helping yourself enjoy ultra-purified water, you’re also helping us teach children how to grow food from seeds and save those seeds to plant the next generation of food. It’s one of the many projects I feel really passionate about, and it’s why I continue to invent new food production technologies to share with those who are ready to learn.

Thank you for your support! And I look forward to us both enjoying ultra-clean water for years to come thanks to the AquaTru system.
– Mike Adams, the Health Ranger


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  1. Cobalt says:

    When you have to ‘eat’ your water rather than drink it then you know you have a problem:


    – Cobalt

  2. RabbiT says:

    Having spent time researching water filters I opted for a home made Berkey system using two home-brew fermentation vessels (one with spigot/tap):



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