The dying art of conversation

I just returned from the Philippines to the UK.  Without thinking I find myself saying hello to people, or commenting to people as it feels the natural thing to do.  It is really shocking to me the fact that they don’t even reply and just walk past even in our own street.  The UK wasn’t like this fifty years ago, when everyone spoke, or even ten years ago.  I’m not talking about the big city.  This is a small county town of about 60,000 inhabitants.  Yet they’re so lost into their TVs, cars, mobile phones, money and suburban houses, that they can no longer communicate spontaneously with another human being.

This fellow sums it all up very well.

Drop the fear, and say hello when another human being talks to you.


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  1. Nig says:

    Man of few friends has many, I hit troubles many years ago and was on my arse. A friend stepped out from now where and helped me, housed me, I got back on my feet. I didn’t know why and asked him? then he reminded me of how many times I had saved him from the gutter that I had forgotten about, but had just helped him and forgotten about it – and I mean seriously saved from the gutter… Few ‘friends’ appear when times are hard. last year I insisted he took £500 of me to pay the council balliffs off – he;s back on his feet now and so am I. Man of few friends has many.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Good comment Tap. This is absolutely right. The possession level has been pumped up so high that most of them are just literally the walking dead. That is spiritually dead I mean. Like Zombies they are under total demonic control.

    The egregores and evil spirits are working over time 24/7 and it is all our own fault. It happened while the people were sleeping. Quite literally at night time in the case of the brain entrainment

    The MK and spiritual attacks along with dark energy being pumped out via the web and any other portal. Not to mention the ELF grid going over time all night long. The population is being fried.

    Mind fried. Soul fried. Its a Genocide.

    Homosexuality, now Lesbianism, and next Transexuals popping up on every street corner just in the last 5 minutes. It is obvious. So in your face. Let alone Immigration. And not a word. Not a peep from anyone. WAKE UP – IT’S GOT MIND KONTROL WRITTEN ALL OVER IT!!!!

  3. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    Well said Tap. Im going to make effort to go out my comfort zone, to reach out to people I pass, I Newcastle and a Northumberland town
    The colemsnexperience evil ones want to fragment us and make no one trust or talk to anyone elee. Theyre a cancer tryingnto undermine good socirty, light, and goodness, and love

    Margaret hodge oppenheimer. perhaps you can do a Tapblog hedline post about what shes really upto? CThat satanic Zionist hiding in plain sight, I wont say more as I know ppl are watching, thanks Edward snowden

  4. Gordon says:

    I love talking so much so that my tongue takes a big sigh of relief when my head hits the pillow, but as a boy my lips were sealed and spoke few words.

    Anyway, Adam, you’ll have no trouble having a chin-wag with Newcastle folk, they and Glaswegians I’ve always found to be very friendly and chatty, and if you’re “Northumberland town” is Berwick I’ll pop in for a natter.

    • Gordon says:

      I meant to say Tap, I find the very same unsociable behaviour in the village I’ve lived in for years. Give them a wave from the car and they just look at you – so I call them Lookers – say hi them and they just grunt – try to have a conversation with them and its just yes or no.

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        I think, theres a lot of truth in Interstellar, Mathew McConaughey looking behind bookcases, flitting to different time points. Just like the Angels and Spirits do, as they try to help us

        it raises the question in my mind. Am I, are we, being helped and guided by higher dimensional beings, who are actually ourselves?

        Am I , is my Spirit, looking at me now? Because once I die, my Spirit will be roaming round the etheric dimension, able to visit any point in space and time, I choose.

        So does this mean my Higher Self has a presence in my life now? Giving me prompts and clues and help? Am I actually an Angel?

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Hello Gordon
        Thankyou for your 14th June comment about the great deception and the advice

        Id be very grateful if you could answer, or provide guidance on some matters. Or we could email if that’s easier. Please realise im not a deep researcher, I don’t have the time, so your help and Taps and others is valuable

        – I guess my first question is. The freemason bible and T book theyre trying to act out that which is prophesised. Henry told me Josphus Flavius was illuminati and wrote fiction in the bible, Jesus didn’t die at the occult age of 33. He was King Jesus exiled to Chester died AD98. My point here is. Does this therefore mean the entire bible is rubbish? An illuminati hodge podge tool of control? Why did the elites rewrite the bible later, to make the King James version? Had Flavius not told enough fictions to control the masses? Did they decide to rewrite more to tell more lies? Therefore where are the truths in the bible? If there are any, why did Josephus Flavius only make up lies about Jesus and the cross? Also Gordon, you talk a lot of knowledge about the bible. Isnt it possible gnostic astrology physics truths could somehow dovetail and complement whatever truths in the bible? This is a clumsy line of questioning so far. So ill be grateful if you could read my email to Henry this morning, pasted below. And grateful if you can answer the points as best you can.
        One other thing – please see my 17th june comments to Julie and Truth Hurts today in private public collusion Gordon thanks


        I know Jesus in the bible was a fictional person written about by Josephus Flavius, and apparently Flavius made up a lot of stuff . Jesus was a king instead who fought the Romans. But theres still something about this king Jesus im wondering about. Why were the Romans so determined to beat him, exile him to Chester till he died in 98AD? Maybe theres still something special about him. Ive read that the actual 2 words together, Jesus Christ said, not one or the other alone, those 2 words, have power to drive out demons and possesions from the body. Maybe the King Jesus was actually a very good man and openly showed others occult secrets, how to do them? Like telepathy and true spiritual awareness and communication as 2 examples.

        Maybe King Jesus openly taught and promoted the astrology physics truths, secrets the elite mystic schools wanted kept just for them. I have read that in 20th and 21st centuries, the medias reduced ‘astrology’ and ‘astrologers’ as a joke to hide the truth from the masses about what astrology really is

        Maybe this is why Rome wanted him banished to Chester? Maybe, we can throw out and dismiss the whole organised religion paraphernalia, which Rome imposed on everyone.

        Maybe its as simple as a man, knowing there is one Source, one Creator, and he has that simple one on one communication and relationship with him. And if a man isn’t deceived by all the satanic deceptions around him, and does this. Maybe there really is some truth that the words king Jesus Christ really do have some power? And the good Higher \Dimensional Beings, Angels, will be on hand to help us in this life? And in this good scenario, Gnostic astrology truths dovetail with this? And maybe the King Jesus was someone good who was sent?

        Im no academic, im no deep researcher. I haven’t the time or patience to study the bible. I wonder if the Old and New Testaments are just complete rubbish by Josphus Flavius and the others, and the King James Version rewriters? Maybe some truths are still in there

        I do know this. They do this at AA meetings etc. This week I have said out loud the 2 words invoked the power of Jesus Christ telling demonic entity attachments to get out of my body. Ive also asked for help from Angels , not just for truth, but help to stop all this drinking. And since ive done that im getting strength from somewhere

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        I also left an interesting comment to Men Scryfa in iron age fort you might like to read

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Its not Berwick its a bit further south but would enjoy a chat with you Gordon if youre ever around

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Heres a 10 min clip, of a man who was in a plane crash. He was lying in hospital bed, near death. Suddenly, like a glove coming off a hand, he said he felt himself pop out his body, and was in the hospital room, but in the after life, the etheric, Spritual dimension. .
      Heres a few interesting points he says about what its like;

      – Its as real a place, as this world were in now

      – everythings more vivid, all the senses, all the colours, everything

      – A big difference is, theres no sense of time in the after life dimension. In our world, time is linear. Theres a past, present, future, we can think ahead to 6pm today. In the Spirit world, time does not exist.

      – I think this means Spirits and ghosts and angels, can travel about not just to different locations, but to different times as well

      – He then travelled through the hospital wall, and went to an amazing place,

      – There was a golden river of light

      – he says his life was changed forever when he came back

      As well, youtube is filled with NDE tales like this. Theyre truthful people, not trying to sell some book or become famous. many NDE survivors , say they meet dead loved ones in the after life. Its a real place.

      I think we can all take comfort in the implications of all this

      Ill say one last thing. This isn’t any longer about a matter of religious belief. One doesn’t have to be religious. This is science, physics. And just like Tesla free energy technology that’s been suppressed, thats going to be made known very soon, these Spiritual truths have also been kept from the general public. because it would mean a loss of control over us by the elites. The same physics that means telepathys a real thing, and it explains quantum entanglement perfectly. And remote viewing.

      What fascinates me a lot is, if technology exists where someone can be alive in this life, and go through a portal, and explore the etheric dimension while still be alive now. That has to be the ultimate mindblowing profound thrill? Apart from being in love and sex with a beautiful woman

      • RabbiT says:

        Am not a fan of Patricia King or the 700 club but am intrigued by Ian McCormack:

        At my born-again Christian best friend’s funeral he contacted me from the other side, thanked me for coming and assured me “your’e gonna love it here.”

      • freebornman says:

        An old friend, dead now, told me about a NDE he had. He was in hospital awaiting a triple bypass op. He had a heart attack, and died. He said he became aware that he was looking down from above at his dead body. He said his first thought was “oh, well, that’s that then”. He said he felt totally calm and matter of fact as he observed the situation. Then he saw the crash team rush into the room and revive him. He said he felt a terrible jolt and then sometime later found himself back in his body in the bed. John was an active catholic, but he described this event in human terms. Your last paragraph? Try a large dose of p s y l o c y b i n on a full moon. ;))

      • Tapestry says:

        Is the NDE you describe a joke or supposedly a real event? It’s not quite clear.

  5. Dave Stewart says:

    Tap This is the reason I will not go back to Blighty it really is like this ,,SO happy to be in Peru, 2 year old kids walking the street with no parents flapping and panicking after them , They come to Mission Possible Office for free education and learn about sacred geometry and art the parents ask if they can see their daughter politely , hows that for New Paradigm, These Peruvians are nearly there, when the big change comes Britain will be one of the ugliest places to be , Thanks Peru , Please visit our site at to see what we are doing to make these people rich again, in Light Dave

  6. Cobalt says:

    Facebook and Twitter have a lot to answer for the lack of real conversation between people… ”social networking”.

    It’s easier to type/text something rather than actually come up with something original verbally face-to-face.

  7. Lynn says:

    The sheeple have been engineered by the creeping missionaries, the art of conversation is dead. People dont trust each other or engage anymore. Their own little world is a bubble that is going to burst.

  8. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:


    Hello Dave

    Thanks for your detailed response

    Ill ask a few more questions if I may?

    – Interesting about painting the stones, petroglyphs, workshops. Ill have to look up Platonic Solids when I get time. So, it seems the point of teaching them sacred geometry, is to open minds to ancient Shamanic heritage and history? What im getting at is, what does one do with that awareness, knowledge? Apart from it being an interesting shamanic heritage tradition lesson?

    Whats the point of it? Is it a kind of introduction to shamanism, that opens the door for children and others… practice white magic? Or going through their pineal glands exploring other dimensions, the spirit world? or telepathy? Or communicating with spirits? Does this shamanic heritage, include summoning extradimensional beings at rituals? Do you teach the adults too or just children?

    – Your healing tool Light Mandala, and Scenar. Did you build these? What are they made of? You awoke 5 yrs ago. Where did you get the plans, instructions to know about them? Do these tools get used at a ritual? How do they work, are they similar to a Rife frequency machine?

    – the QEG exercise. So have you built one yourself there in Peru? how hard is it to build? Have you got engineering and electrical training, to be able to make it? Have you got a photo of a QEG you’ve got there in Peru, or a youtube clip? Do you live off free energy with your QEG there now, today?

    – EMs, and EM Ceramics? is that electromagnetic? I cannot watch video clips with my internet at the moment, my internets poor. Do you have a link that has an article explaining what it is how it works?

    – I will study the new Germanic medicine when I can, hopefully it will start to make sense for me. Has this got similarity to Royal Rifes frequency diagnostic/treatment machines? Or is this something totally different? I would think, since you are there in Peru to help, are Rife frequency machines a strategy you use, to give free healthcare to poor people?

    – What work did you do, what career, before you awoke and moved to Peru?

    Apologies again for the incessant questions, I appreciate any answers

    Best wishes Adam

  9. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:


    Thanks Dave

    I will send you a Skype when I am able to, if youre free. ive never used Skype before. Ive always been more of a typer, not so comfortable on cameras. But ill have to embrace Skype sometime

    I have read about Buckminster fuller, and his geodesic dome. Geodesic dome, where each part is equal to the other parts of the roof, is the structure of the new Second Renaissance society that’s coming, with the powerful equalising force of free energy.

    As opposed to the pyramidal hierarchical society structure we have now, or had, as this structures imploding. Of illuminati psychopaths at the top, and below, powered by the petrodollar economy

    Part of this changing paradigm Dave is this I saw today on Cobras blog .

    Chinese Firm Reveals World’s First 3D-Printed Five Story Apartment Building

    Also look at this, in Brazil

    Brazilian Firm Goes To Market With Free Energy Generator Capable of Powering Two Average Size Houses

    I will look at your website some more when I have time

    Thanks Adam

    On Wed, Jun 3, 2015 at 5:07 PM, David Stewart wrote:

    Best to skype Adam

    mipperu is mine or send me yours.
    Rife just like tesla and Buckminster Fuller is part of our learning curve.
    So we are all on a spiritual learning curve just that we see the youngsters are less toxic minded than their parents.
    SO best to start with them as Human Design suggests Kids are affected by fucked up parents only on at least the mental and emotional level being that the spiritual level is ignored by most city folk here it remains with most jungle people and the Quechuan people who I like immensly.
    So our new paradigm way of light is Show the kids who can teach the parents.
    Quite funny really but true .
    Call me on skype I am free now but have some sessions later in the day.
    In Light Dave

  10. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:


    Sorry to disappoint we have the QEG here as a workshop with out some parts SO a workshop in waiting.

    Cobra and the Dragons society have been to see our works here in varying capacities.

    I held the Portal 2012 conference in the Caribbean with Cobra in Dec 2nd 2012 and had a week with him and Isis, they are terrific people.

    IT was Cobra and Akmal who built the Tachyon Light Mandala we have to use with our new center.
    Akmal ( Cobra’s Security officer of the ethers) has one in his hotel in Thailand an amazing healing modality.
    So I will invite you to our next show which but it is done in Zoom room which needs skype
    In light Dave

  11. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:


    Yeas Adam

    Untwine is delightful too his star girlfriend is with us Morgaine equally delightful creation.
    She has been on some of our shows.
    His grid work with Cobra is essential learning and I want to do some of it here.
    Sounds to me like you are fully on the great path of our learning curve and detox.
    Peru is amazing for the extension of this because we have the spiritual vortex now we created with Giza people who came with Akmal last month,
    The new center will be with technology and with ancient technology too.
    So we begin now to implement these new changes for real.
    When you do hook up to skype I can give you a fast track human design session.
    It can switch some of those dormant lights on that we all possess.

    I use it to cure cancers and remove dark energies amongst many other enlightening uses.

    Thank you for your genuine interest and there will be much more coming from us in the near future so best get connected to keep in touch with good news on the ground even if it is in Peru.
    In Light Dave

  12. bruce says:

    Hi there – I’m in the Philippines – and yesterday I met a 21 year old Saudi who just successfully completed his degree in Canada and it was his 2 day out of the country and we had a one hour conversation, and I told him where to go while he spends his week here before going off to Korea then to visit friends in Japan. We both appreciated the chat about life, travel and experiences. Then I spoke to an Australian guy for 40 minutes who is currently involved with setting up communication towers in Myanmar. Then I spoke to a guy from the US who who has been scuba diving all over the Philippines and told me all about what he saw on some 30 of his dives – this was fascinating stuff and we spoke for nearly an hour. What great knowledge and learning curves these meetings were, and “conversation” was the name of the game! I would love to have a conversation with Aung San Suu Kyi about her life and involvement with human rights and life for the peope of her country Myanmar, but I guess that would be a chance in a million, so instead I have written a book dedicated to her to celebrate her 70th Birthday on Jun 19th …her political party gave me her private address so I am posting her the first printed copy that I am collecting today. Then I will be bumping in to people and showing them this book “Romancing the Spirit” and having many a conversation that will no doubt be inspirational and eye opening at many levels so that all our chats will romance our spirits and fuel our life’s journeys! Go well, stay well and enjoy life’s journey…and weave in loads of conversations face to face and feed the soul!

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