The Cameron agenda. The end of freedom.

By: Jack Murphy

 the tories will ban strikes by health workers  firefighters and teachers if less than 40  of those eligible to vote take part © press
The Tories will ban strikes by health workers, firefighters and teachers if less than 40% of those eligible to vote take part.
David Cameron is about to deliver an agenda of cuts that could see almost four million families £1400 a year worse off. But he claims new laws will offer “security and opportunity” for all and promised the ‘good life’ with 2 million new jobs, free child care and no income tax on minimum wage.It seems that the Tory Government have been very quick to get of the mark with the new cuts, here is what you should expect in the coming year.Terrorism, Housing and Education bills are also expected, including an in-out EU membership referendum. To much of the public dismay, the Bill on the scrapping of the Human Rights Act is expected.

There has not been such a shake up in Government since Margaret Thatcher was in power, the Tories will ban strikes by health workers, firefighters and teachers if less than 40% of those eligible to vote take part.

Thos working 30 hours on a minimum wage will not pay any income tax.

David Cameron said: “Behind this Queen’s Speech is a clear vision for what our country can be. A country of security and opportunity for everyone.”

The IFS said, Child Tax benefit cuts could mean 3.7 million families losing £1,400 a year.

Housing Benefit cuts could also mean anyone under 25 years of age will not be eligible.

A raid on child tax credits could mean 3.7 million families losing £1,400 a year, said the IFS.

The IFS also said that taxing disability benefits would raise £900million and axing child benefit and switching eligible families to tax credits would cost each household £1,000 per year.

Here are the list of Tory Bills that are more than likely to appear:

EU Referendum: In/Out poll on Britain’s membership of the EU by the end of 2017.

Tax: Law to stop the PM raising income tax, VAT or National Insurance before 2020.

Scotland: New powers for Holyrood over tax, welfare and benefits.

Welfare & Jobs: Welfare cap down by £3,000 to £23,000 to fund 3 million apprenticeships.

Counter-Terror: Draconian new powers to silence hate preachers and censor the media.

Anti-Strikes: New thresholds to prevent workers going on strike.

Childcare: 30 hours a week free childcare for working parents of three and four-year-olds.

Education: Huge expansion of the Tories’ Free Schools project.

Enterprise: Save small business £10billion by slashing red tape. Details are scarce.

Cities Devolution: New powers to urban areas such as Greater Manchester which agree to install directly-elected Mayors.

Immigration: Illegal immigration blitz. Police able to seize pay of illegal workers.

Other Tory Bills to watch out for are:

Human Rights Act Repeal: The Tories have pledged to replace the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights.

Communications and Data: Snooper’s Charter giving new internet surveillance powers to police and security services.

NHS: Seven-day NHS. 5,000 more GPs.

Policing: Cops face clampdown on the use of bail for suspects and the use of cells to detain people with mental illness will be banned.

Hunting Ban Repeal: Tories have pledged a free vote on ditching Labour’s fox-hunt ban.

Wales: New powers for the Welsh Assembly could be granted to Wales in a separate Bill.



44 Responses to “The Cameron agenda. The end of freedom.”

  1. steve hill says:

    this is another nail in the coffin for us and of course the sheeple will think it,s good for them.we live in the orwellian times and folk still talk about it coming? they will never wake up! praise the lord for CHRIST JESUS,our only salvation from the wretched times upon us

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Don’t worry Steve. Jesus Christ and other positive forces too, are on our side. The key in these End Times to not get drowned in disinfo , and let the False Prophet in
      Is not follow and monitor every scrap, every fulford update. Know the main players. Know the cover ups, like Tesla Free energy. Know theres an SSP. Realise SSPs might have been created by ancient civilisations too that brokeaway, like Mayans, and Ancient Egypt, and others. And theyre still out there now, operating, interacting with the 20th century SSP that got created.
      The truth is so huge, the lies so huge, humanity could simply not digest it all straightaway. So even the good forces, who have the upper hand, are having to spoonfeed.
      One things for sure. Humanitys about to take the matrix red Pill, whether they want to or not.
      These End Times are actually good for us. Just bad for the bad people

  2. Bill says:

    “Tax: Law to stop the PM raising income tax, VAT or National Insurance before 2020”

    This has to be a ‘scam’? This will take best part of two years to implement, half current Parliament? Unless they want to ‘write laws in’ that hand powers over to EU, THEY HAVEN’T ALREADY GOT?
    The Welfare CAP, merely promotes cheap labour, as those in low paid employment aren’t capped? We should be looking at Rent’s that reflect wages and wages that reflect cost of living!

  3. Bill says:

    What people don’t realise, we have been taken over by Corporates, dressed as Politicians, LibLabCons have fooled you all. The TTIP will be the icing on their cake, as all powers will be handed to them and we all become slaves again! Corporates are looking for new ways to ‘make money’ as their old way has crashed, what better than to deal in Slaves, as they control Jobs, Prices and Wages and government can’t do anything, that will affect their profits?

  4. Lynn says:

    Very true Bill..they are mere agents of corporations bought and paid for. That is how they have conned the country forever. They are disgusting for hire whores. We have been taken over by an evil so big no-one can stand up and speak out for fear of being whacked. This is a power that has enslaved all the unsuspecting citizens of every country they have preyed upon. Time to wake up people..!

    • Aldous says:

      “Time to wake up people..!”

      Don’t hold your breath Lynn. The brainwashing goes deeper and more poisonous than a venomous snake’s ass in a wagon rut.

      Like one in-the-know oncologist said: “Most people would rather die than think”. Life – and death – in the big city of non-thinking retards I suppose.

      I’ve virtually given up on family and friends who refuse (often point blank) to listen to any degree of reason. They really are or soon will be better off dead. They lose a friend or loved one to the cancer racket, yet they still adhere to the accepted norms and refuse to accept that it was Big Pharma’s chemo that actually killed them.

      We call them the ‘6 millioners’ because they will invariably believe in this BS no matter what you say to them or try to show them by way of evidence – which they will almost without exception refuse to read anyway.

      Depopulation test run? 75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized


      The same truths are slowly becoming self-evident in regards to the dangers and greed behind the release of GMOs, pharmaceuticals, the cancer industry and mandatory vaccines. The only tactic Big Pharma and Big Biotechna can possibly employ is to subvert or block truthful knowledge in order for the majority of society to be inundated with deleterious and misinformed information, keeping the status quo while the masses remained incognizant prisoners of poor choices and disinformation. This can only be seen as a last-ditch effort by these desperate and soon-to-be defunct companies to keep people fearful, controlled and chronically ill. But, as more and more people begin to slowly awaken, the grip of the corporate juggernauts begins loosen as individuals reclaim back their well-being and happiness.

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        See my comment above Aldous. Humanitys going to have to take the red pill soon, whether they want it or not. Im not sure I even want the full red pill. But we will come through it, and be able to cling to our old values and nice way of live. Just that there’ll be antigravity craft everywhere, we wont pay for electricity, and ….things will be different. Lets just say. Thes times are coming. David Frost didn’t die on the cruise ship. This is my inner sense. Hes now on an SSP good faction ship, because hes a cabal defector. hes been a huge media gatekeeper insider. I knew a man like Frost, it was highly odd hed pop off at 73 on a cruise ship. Hes now in witness protection programme, for the upcoming illuminati trials

      • Truth Hurts says:

        Agreed ALdous, Northern Truthseeker ran a piece about just that last week. I to can also speak from first hand experience and of family members who have the same attitude. Just this week my aunt has been given a diagnosis in which the eminent Dr proposed more chemo and stated her time left is “limited”. I have many aunts who if I even mentioned alternatives to would give you that look of derision as if you’re talking utter bullshit, their so wrapped up in the system and their own ego’s they won’t even consider it thereby condemning the sufferer to a guaranteed uncomfortable end. I too was seriously ill as a child and teen, and I can say with absolute conviction chemo is useless. I survived because I adopted the mental attitude that I refused to die. The only drug which was beneficial to me were the steroids which allowed me to eat once again and regain strength, the chemo was useless, I wasn’t even phased after my weekly dose of death, it had no effect whatsoever, positive or negative and i firmly believe this is entirely due to my rock solid mental attitude.
        Adam will enjoy this part, I had an outer body experience when I was in intensive care, it was very short, maybe 10 seconds but I recall looking down at myself from the ceiling and watching a nurse give me a morphine injection, I didn’t feel connected or associated with my body but I knew it was my body in the bed. I know it was genuine as when I finally got out that bed 2 weeks later and went to the toilet, on my return I looked at the back of the room, which was behind my bed and I had no way of seeing, there was a blue basin on top of the cupboard which I had seen during the OBE and that’s how I know for a fact it was a real event. I couldn’t have seen it from my bed as it was directly behind me and the screen section of the individual beds in the ward.
        I have come to accept that those who will not listen or even consider alternatives hold the attitude you outlined which is “rather die than think”, sad but true.

  5. RabbiT says:

    Might as well scrap the Human Rights Act 1998 given the those in all levels of government, the MoJ and the rest of the judicial system ignore it completely or as a police friend pointed out only the crims get their human rights. One used to get only unfair hearings now you don’t even get one and I speak from experience. As for interference by government – well no shortage of that law being violated. Free speech, private correspondence – well had the old land-line tapped for years while they hoped for evidence to support their unfair hearings – utterly pathetic and if you do speak out then – here come the threats of defamation, injunctions, costs and the usual policy of state and judiciary to punish the victims while aiding and abetting the criminals. If you don’t believe me ask Sabine…a country run by extremist terrorists, terrorising the ordinary citizen.

    • andy baz says:

      The courts are rigged for sure. Offenders are favoured over victims and the constabulary withhold evidence. Home Office suppress dossiers exposing cover up scandals. That my personal experience. You’re right and obviously encountered the same.

  6. sovereigntea says:

    So called human rights are not in the gift of any bureaucratic administration they are yours naturally by right of birth whatever the minions of the state declare.

  7. sovereigntea says:

    Quisling Cameron & cronies claim legitimacy and a mandate from the public yet voter turnout was a mere 66.1 % see chart
    The tories got 36.9% Of that 66.1% which is a figure far below the bar they have set for trade unions. ONLY 24.4% OF THE ELECTORATE VOTED TORY/LIKUD. One would of course expect to see such gross hypocrisy and double standards from any of the UK parties. All respresent special interests,organised crime,secret societies and intelligence agencies non are legitimate and non will ever act in the interests of the general public. Democracy is a charade intended to shield the real rulers from the eyes of you the slaves.

  8. Finally caught!

    MI6 complicity in Jihad confirmed in court

    Those who’ve been paying attention know well that Al Qaeda and ISIS were created and supported by the US, aided and abetted by Israel and NATO. Documentary evidence and numerous reports contradict the official narrative that ISIS is a direct result of Islamic fundamentalism. It is rare however for the reality to be revealed in open court as it was on Monday in the case against Swedish national, Bherlin Gildo.

    Jihadist trial collapses on MI6 role: implications re other cases, foreign and intel policy
    Trial proceedings of an alleged anti-Assad jihadist were spectacularly halted yesterday at the Old Bailey in London after it was admitted that the British Government and its Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) had also been supporting/aiding anti-Assad militias, such as the Free Syrian Army. Clearly, had the trial been allowed to go ahead British intelligence (and possibly US intelligence too) would have been compromised. Also, there are implications – in particular, for anyone accused of supporting militias that have also been, or are, supported by the British Government. The outcome could also affect British foreign policy and future activities of British intelligence. There are also possible consequences for any ‘in-transit’ arrests.

    Documents also confirm that when UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair, was courting Muammar Gaddafi, MI6 was instrumental in sabotaging the opposition forces to Gaddafi. Once the policy changed, MI6 switched sides not only to help destroy Gaddafi and Libya but went on foster “Jihad” to oust Bashar Assad in Syria, ie. creating and supporting ISIS.

    Further hypocrisy pertains to the case of Shilan Ozcelik, the British woman who was arrested and charged with aiding militias fighting ISIS. The militias were Kurdish and the defendant argued she had simply intended to offer aid to the YPJ, the Kurdish women’s militia arm that helped liberate the city of Kobani from ISIS. At the time Western media had hailed the efforts of these Kurdish militias (YPJ and YPG) as heroic. Both militia groups had also been responsible for rescuing the Yazidis from Mount Sinjar (another episode Western media trumpeted as heroic). It is understood that Ms. Ozcelik is currently held in HM Prison Holloway awaiting trial. Again, after the Gildo case, arrests of persons supporting militias that the British Government overtly or tacitly support may be unlikely.

    The question remains: how long will mainstream consciousness cope with the cognitive dissonance? On the one hand we’re supposed to be terrified by the images and stories of fabricated terror (false flags and propaganda) while on the other, we’re to place our trust in those arming and supporting “terrorists”, to keep us safe. It is time to awake!

    Read here:

    • G0dAlmighty says:

      Very important x

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Very interesting powerful targeted comment OGT. Ive copied and pasted it to my email to send it onto others at some point. Lots of interesting facts I couldnthave hoped to gather myself, but of course ill cross check them , im sure youre not disinfo though

  9. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    I noticed this interesting comment on Aangirfan just now. Could this mean Aangirfans a controlled opposition. Also, someone said on Tapblog UKColumn is a Zionist infiltration into alternative media. UKColumn might be an inflamer of trouble/?

    1.Anonymous4 June 2015 at 01:07

    2.It is just possible that the exposure of these high level pedophiles has an ulterior motive….that is to tip Britain into revolution…..this would enable the elite Jews to introduce harsh laws “to ensure safety”.
    So far they have not been able to pass laws forbidding contradictory opinion on the holocaust…BUT the crypto Jew Blair has just been appointed to a new job….Which infact is totally focussed on protecting Jewish interests while purporting to be a “concilliation” programme.
    When you look at the number of morons in far right groups…it looks like the Jews will be able to repeat their success of WW2….get the mob incited then pit them against each other.
    Think of the sheer idiocy of these quasi nazi websites you can find on the net.Talking about Hitler the great leader…HE LOST and led Germany to devastation.Then they talk about blond aryans etc…tens of thousands of whom died on the battlefields of Europe…..led by the very antithesis of an aryan Joseph Goebbels with his semitic looks and club foot.They never stop to address these “anomalies”… would never occur to them as to why a top nazi had the renown jewish surname Rosenberg.
    If europe is beset by another upheaval…this will work to the advantage of global jews …if on the other hand their influence and control is gradually diminished via removal of key players…now that would work.
    Can’t see that happening…however the jewish elite will not find it so easy to get another war off the ground in Europe…they had to back off with Syria….because that promised to unleash unplanned chaos on the streets of London….and they knew it.

  10. G0dAlmighty says:


    Everyone knows.

    Please stop distracting the flow of comments.

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Distracting the flow of comments godlamighty?
      I specially chose this Cameron thatcher post, as being relevant, to my above submission
      Everythings related, everythings relevant. Even if I chose to discuss the Tesla Free Energy cover up, that’s relevant too

      I think its very relevant and important, tpblog readers get reminded, like in a spiral curriculum, how the illuminati zion cabal would love to get us all riled up acting violent, acting likerevolutionsits? playing right into their hands

      I don’t think a comment on this matter, can ever be considered as ‘Everyone knows’ . No. I don’t think everyone knows. And any relevant important message, this is what Tapblogs here for. To help disseminate these truths and awareness
      Add to this.
      Tapblog isn’t purely a closed church of the same congregation
      Theres new viewers too, everyday. Awakening people. If one new viewer to tapblog this week , whos awakening, happens to view my comment above about Aangirfan,
      I think its a tremendous helpto the momentum for humanity

      So no godlamighty. Everyone DOESNT know.

    • Tapestry says:

      The problem is too many repeats. If a comment doesn’t go up instantly don’t place the comment three times. Adam’s comments are a bit long sometimes, and a point can usually be made better in brief. Maybe he’s training himself for the launch of his own blog?! As for being controlled opposition, everyone is accused of that from time to time. Casting doubt on sources is everyday fare on the net. You just have to use your own instincts. Do you trust someone or not?

      • julie says:

        It’s best not to trust anyone you don’t personally know, especially political blogs. Read between the lines. Sometimes clever use of semantics is a distraction to the truth.

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        I will bear all this in mind
        I will post a comment only once, and trust and hope it will go up, if it says moderation
        This is I think a characteristic that’s appeared in my past, talking expansively when less words can be used
        So I will now attempt to focus my comments with less words, getting straight to the point. Its a skill ill try to execute now
        I have no ambitions to launch my own blog. Im just grateful a site like Tapblog exists and I hope all the things we talk about, the good truth coming out and future is around the corner.
        By rambling on in comments section, it has helped me develop my own trains of thought on issues. But that could be better done in the pub.
        Ill lasr beam focus my thoughts and thinks I want to say, in comments section from now

      • Julie says:

        Adam “So I will now attempt to focus my comments with less words, getting straight to the point. Its a skill ill try to execute now “. Don’t submit to authority, do what you want to do. Are you having a laugh? How much are your laser beams?

  11. “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence” JFK

  12. JFK was unmercifully murdered to stop his plans which could have helped America greatly just like Hitler was stopped to bring down Germany.

    And we are being forced to believe the events about the holocaust which didn’t happen in the way it was told.

  13. Top 10: Reasons To Believe There Was A Conspiracy To Assassinate JFK

  14. Aldous says:

    The awful truth is now massively hidden (not) in plain sight; Thatcher’s victory(s) was no democratic event but an engineered and fabricated Frankfurt School of Marxist Subversion ‘happening’, no different from the Sturgeon SNP ‘thingy’. Same with Merkel and the Aussie sow porker whose name escapes me and a wiki or google to find out isn’t worth it.

    Wherever you see a woman in high office – and Sturgeon in particular is incredibly inept and lightweight-looking for the job – you can be certain that a Jew cuntroller is never far behind.

    The Frankfurt School – Western Subversion by Design 12:14

    • Truth Hurts says:

      I can state without equivocation that Sturgeon is utterly against the state of Israel. If you think she’s lightweight Aldous you’ve clearly never watched any FMQ’s in Holyrood.
      Why you conflate socialism with marxism I couldn’t say.
      Are you referring to Julia Gillard in Australia or the real fat porker mining magnate Gina Reinhart?

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        I hadn’t done any research on this Truth Hurts. And Frost didn’t get mentioned on colemanexperience, or annirfan
        Perhaps a year ago on my intenet travel, I came across a list of elite names, don’t ask me what blog I saw it on
        To do with Satanism, and rituals. James Bolam comedian was one. Which kind of fits, as I think hes quite talentless largely. I do like him for sentimental reasons the Likely Lads. And Boat comes In, well acted, but that was the script and director too.
        I read Jamed=s Bolams one of Them
        Virginia Bottomleys name was also on the list. Cant remember who else, my menorys hazy
        But I defintielty remember, seeing david frosts name there too, as a satanic ritual ‘abuser’. Or at least witnesser
        ‘abuser’, ‘abuse’, ‘exploitation’, benign sounding terms that don’t jolt the bbc viewing public, are used a lot. I can think of a lot more explicit descriptions than the bbc use
        So yes, David Frost.
        If you have any link Truth Hurt about what you say id be interested to see.
        It might seem strange but,
        this could…..could…support my thesis, or hypoithesis, that David Frost is a cabal defector , very valuable one, now in a witness protection programme.
        Im not saying he hast been party to or done or seen evil things

  15. @Truth Hurts
    Thanks for the nice comment you wrote in another comment section!

    Here is a very informative and interesting program with Professor James Fetzer!

    “ISIS a CIA creation” to take down President Assad says Professor Fetzer and he also discusses several other topics.

    Thurs 05/28/2015 False Flag Weekly News

    • Truth Hurts says:

      No worries OGT, good information requires positive affirmation 🙂

      Personally I feel the jury is still out on Fetzer and Webb. Such a long association with VT and G.Duff (or Bob Foote if you prefer) really demands serious consideration.
      It’s fairly obvious ISIS is an utter pisstake of us Goy once again by McCain et all in their drive to create greater israhell, I do so wish they fail in spectacular fashion.


  16. Here is the Radio Schedule at the Veterans Truth Network and there are several interesting hosts.

  17. USS Liberty survivor and Navy veteran Phil Tourney tells how the US ship was bombed by Israel in 1967.

    Veterans Truth Network (5-21-15) Stew Webb, Gene Tatum, Phil Tourney

  18. Truth Hurts I agree about ISIS!

    Here is very good information from a reputable website run by former CIA Phil Giraldi:

  19. Here it is revealed the plan to destroy Christianity as well as the plan to expel all Christians from Israel!

    Should Christians Support Israel?

  20. Truth Hurts says:

    @Adam – A quick google will still show you the many links he had to the satanic cabal, simply “David Frost satanic sexual abuser” will pull up the document you’re referring to published by Spivey. However the simple fact he married the Duke of Norfolk’s daughter should be all the proof required. The D of N is the premier peer, need we delve further?

    • Adam says:

      Ok cheers TH, interesting. Frost could very well be up on a Solar Warden spaceship now being witness protected
      If you could please use the reply button if you ever reply, as I could easily miss your comment, thanks

  21. Adam says:

    Ok cheers TH, interesting. Frost could very well be up on a Solar Warden spaceship now being witness protected
    If you could please use the reply button if you ever reply, as I could easily miss your comment, thanks

    • Julie says:

      Adam. The Solar Warden Spaceship is a theory. I am open-minded, but I like to focus on facts. Isn’t all the alien info being pushed at us, especially by David Icke a distraction from the very real corrupt banking cabal in the Corporation of the City of London (aka the Jewish mafia), who are creating wars killing millions of people, who are drug trafficking, who know doubt (but yet proven) are involved in human trafficking and pederasty.

      Read The “Talmud, facts are facts” … this is where we are now … and Noahide Law may well become a reality for all mankind, EXCEPT JEWS.

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