Taylor Swift, Sony’s Satanic Princess

Sony claims that an intervention by Taylor Swift persuaded them to charge for music downloads so they can pass revenue to the artists  The Spectator today has an article by Hugo Rifkind, describing her extraordinary role in this saga, which is of course total nonsense.  The corporations create and maintain their Satanic princesses, Beyonce, Madonna, Britney and so on.  Sony a corporation (Standard Oil New York) is of course guilty of occult and Satanic connections, and is part of the network that controls the world.

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 09:  Actress Taylor Swift of 'One Chance' poses at the Guess Portrait Studio during 2013 Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2013 in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

TORONTO, ON – SEPTEMBER 09: Actress Taylor Swift of ‘One Chance’ poses at the Guess Portrait Studio during 2013 Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2013 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

In this video, the voice describes the conversion of Taylor Swift into the latest Satanic princess, and the loss of her into victimhood, the production of endless soft porn set inside a Satanic frame.  Madonna’s getting a bit old to keep young men on the edge of their seats.  Here’s the latest version.  Keep your kids away from all this stuff, says the voiceover.  These people kill.  They are the Satanic cult that has ruled the world for thousands of years.  They are gradually emerging from behind the curtain.  At what point will people awaken and realise?



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  1. Aldous says:

    Taylor Swift! It sounds like some construction outfit like Taylor Woodrow? There are many beautiful girl’s names out there but the Illuminati misfits wouldn’t be interested in those.

    It seems they want names that sound like mechanical diggers. How about Tonka? Or even Tongue her? Then there’s Meccano. Lick-me-o? Jack-me-o? Jerk-me-o? F… -o? I’ll get me coat.

    I doubt we’ll get any more Jewish Amy Winehouses (of such ‘normal’ sounding names that is) who were clearly thrown from the ‘Freedom Train’ at 27 years of age as usual.


    Amy Winehouse Is Honored Posthumously At The 2012 Soul Train Awards


    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      I remember the week in may 2013 I awakened. The first red pill breakthrough into a tortuous path im still on today, but thankfully im a bit higher up and can see farther and clearer and I think my senses are getting better too

      It had been building all week with youtube videos I was watching on a range of things. But id still not had any breakthrough. It was like a before after thing, BC AD. But clearly whatever I was being exposed to was being loaded into my subconscious. One night asleep listening to paul laviolettes superwave talk on youtube, I shot up out of my sleep when he said its possible with existing technology to travel to Mars in 5 days. (obsolete now compared to what SSPs have today)

      Then like dominoes all other things id been reading on 911, you name it, started clicking in the ensuing few days. I went through a fear meltdown.

      My point of this is, before this time. Such as 2011. I remember seeing Beyoncé or similar artists and having an aversion to them. I was completely unawake.

      But I sensed somethingnin Beyonces music and message was satanic, was unnatural, was tempting us all and esp the youth, to be drawn away from good natural values, and into infinite satanic desire and obsession for status and the unnattainable

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Interestingly, that week of my meltdown, my dad when I was trying to explain to him about 911, and how there are evilpeoplein this world who would do such things, etc etc. I remember he said I was a different personality, it wasn’t me. And I remember I didn’t feel like myself. it was as though that week some bad entity attachment happened. But my overall health must have been good enough, after that week I forced it to leave

        interestingly, that week before the red pill moment, id been listening to 528hz on youtube, ‘meditation sounds’ ‘unlock your DNA codons’ new age stuff. it was on all the time. The frequencies the sounds filling the room seemed to resonate at my chest

        ive since discovered the 528 hz frequency isn’t somebeautiful thing, its actually satanic. tapblog readers beware there are these meditation tones on youtube, pretending to be new age, have satanic agendas. I could go on on this topic such as a satanic witch on youtube presenting herself as a new age helper, and when she wails at certain frequencies bloody hell, it hits you in the chest

    • Aldous says:

      Lady Wimpey as an Illuminati name I forgot about – and I’m talking about the builders not burgers. I don’t know if either of them are still going – building future homes or building future heart attacks – but ‘Lady Wimpey-Burger-GaGa-Death-Rattle’ has fat legs, how are they hanging grandma boobs, trout-pout lips Madonna potential for future Illuminati sex slaves imho.

  2. antoninus wilson says:

    taylor hackford is a bloke
    married to israels friend hellen mirren
    taylor swift is a boy that became a girl that i suppose is a sort of woman in image form
    says it all
    never believe the casting
    casting of image spells

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